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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/9/06

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Written By Eva 
Pictures by Boo

At the Clayton Arms Motel, Sandy gets forceful with Tammy when she tries to leave and won’t listen to the reason’s why she should give him a second chance.  Sandy gently shoves Tammy against the wall to stop her from leaving the room.  Jonathan arrives and demands Sandy take his hands off Tammy now or he is a dead man.   Jonathan demands that Sandy leave now or he will make him leave.  Sandy refuses to leave until Tammy realizes that Jonathan is bad for her.    Jonathan reminds Sandy that he warned him and lunges at Sandy to start punching him.   Jonathan grabs Sandy and is po9sed to throw a punch but Tammy screams at Jonathan to let Sandy go. 


At the Mall, Cassie, Jeffrey and R.J. are in the process of returning and exchanging Christmas gifts.  Cassie sees Reva and tells Jeffrey to go ahead with R.J. and she will catch up to them later.  Cassie and Reva both walk towards each other searching for the words to say to each other.  Cassie says hello to Reva and Reva says the same to Cassie but it is very awkward between them. 


At Spaulding Enterprises, Marina arrives and tells Alan Michael she has been thinking about their last conversation and she is ready to take a chance again.  Dinah informs Alexandra that Harley and Mallet are searching for Alan and Gus so since they are such good detectives they should have some news about Alan and Gus’s whereabouts soon.  Alexandra agrees that Harley and Mallet always made a good team. 


At A hotel room close to the location where Alan and Gus’s limo was found, Harley begs Mallet to take her to the location of the limo to search for GUs.  Mallet tells Harley that weather conditions are too dangerous to drive tonight and they will begin searching for Gus and Alan tomorrow.  A policeman arrives to tell Mallet and Harley that they had to suspend the search because of the bad weather. Harley begs the policeman to take her to the location of the limo the Officer Parker refuses at first until Mallet persuades him that if the weather is bad they will return to the hotel. 


At the Clayton Arms, Tammy manages to persuade Jonathan that if he beats Sandy up he will go to jail and she needs him to be with her.  Sandy tells Tammy that the whole town is talking about how she is being taken in by her cousin.  Sandy’ tells Tammy he can’t stand to see Jonathan hurt her again.  Sandy’s comment makes Jonathan angry and he gets his fist ready to punch Sandy.  Tammy once again screams for Jonathan not to p8unch Sandy. 


At CO2, R.J. asks Jeffrey if he is going to leave just like Edmund left.  Jeffrey wonders why R.J. would ask such a question.  R.J. explains to Jeffrey that he saw he and his mother fighting just like she fought with Edmund before he left.  Jeffrey explains to R.J. that adults fight all the time but that doesn’t mean they always leave most of the time they make up.  Jeffrey also tells R.J. that he Cassie and Tammy are his family now and doesn’t ever want to leave them.  R.J. tells Jeffrey he is glad that he is part of his family now and he gives Jeffrey a high five. 


Cassie and Reva continue their talk in the hallway of the mall, Reva makes it clear to Cassie that she still loves Tammy very much despite the fact she is also trying to protect her son and keep him out of jail.  Cassie asks Reva to take care of Tammy and make sure she doesn’t throw her entire life away because of Jonathan.  Cassie asks Reva to persuade Tammy to get a lawyer because she doesn’t want to except help from her and Cassie thinks maybe she will accept help from Reva.  Reva agrees to watch out for Tammy and persuade her to get a lawyer.  Cassie tries to explain to Reva she is only trying to protect her daughter in the same way she (Reva) is trying to protect her son.  Reva tells Cassie she does understand but she thinks its extreme to press charges against Jonathan.  The sisters begin to argue again and eventually they both stop arguing and agree to stay away from each other until they both have had time to think about everything that has happened. 


At the location of the limo, Harley arrives with Mallet and Officer Parker; Harley is so excited because she thinks there is someone in the limo.  Harley rushes to open the limo door but the limo isn’t on stable ground and almost falls on top of Harley but Mallet rushes to push her out of the way.  Mallet ends up on top of Harley and they almost kiss. 


At CO2, R.J tells Jeffrey he understands how Jeffrey could get mad at his mom because he also gets mad at her when she tickles him.  Jeffrey tickles R.J. and they both laugh.  R.J. tells Jeffrey he wants to find Cassie because he wants to show her his art project. 


At the Clayton Arms, Tammy stops Jonathan from punching Sandy by telling him she loves him and chose him not Sandy.  Tammy once again reminds Jonathan that Sandy isn’t worth going back to jail.  Tammy screams for Sandy to leave now Sandy obeys but tells Tammy he can’t stand to watch Jonathan hurt her again.  Once Sandy leaves Tammy hugs Jonathan because she is relieved Jonathan resisted the urge to hit Sand. 


At Spaulding enterprises, Marina and Dinah use Dinah computer to search all the properties owned by Spaulding to figure out where Harley and mallet are staying.  Dinah reminds marina that Harley is with Mallet and he would probably want to keep a low profile.  Marina smiles and wonders how Dinah knows so much about Mallet. Dinah tells Marina she has been spending se time with Mallet but makes it clear they are just friends.  Alan Michael successfully dodges questions from the press about Harley and his father’ and Gus’s disappearance.  Alan – Michael tells the press he will be helping Harley move frward with her vision for the company.  Once the press is gone Alexandra tells Alan Michael she has an idea he is planning to take the company away from Harley.  Alexandra also tells Alan –Michael she would be happy to help with the plan.  Alan - Michael tells his Aunt he is happy with w Harley is running the company and has no such plan but Alexandra knows hr nephew too well. 


At the limo site, Harley makes a run for the limo door again but Mallet and officer Parker physically hold her back.  Officer parker goes to open the limo door and shouts back that the limo is empty.  Harley is in shock and goes into cop mode.  Harley begins shouting Gus’s name as well as Alan’s but nobody responds.  Mallet suggests that they go back to the hotel and begin the search tomorrow when the weather is better.  Harley refuses to leave but Mallet points out that Gus is a good cop and former FBI agent so he knows how to take shelter from the cold.  Harley agrees to go back to the hotel but she reminds Mallet if Gus freezes tonight it will be his fault. 


At the Clayton Arms, Tammy tells Jonathan she is proud of him for not hitting Jonathan even though he had valid reasons to hit him.  Jonathan thinks its time that Tammy realizes that there relationship will be a tough uphill battle for them.  Tammy doesn’t want to think about that now so she kisses Jonathan and they make love. 


At the mall, R.J goes to the computer store while Cassie and Jeffrey apologize to each other for their fight earlier.  Cassie explains to Jeffrey that the whole Tammy situation has her under a lot of stress.  Cassie also tells Jeffrey that she truly believes Jonathan could hurt Tammy even if Tammy and Reva think he has changed.  Jeffrey tries to explain to Cassie that Jonathan could change he just needs the right guidance to do it.  Jeffrey explains to Cassie that when he was younger he was a lot like Jonathan until the agency recruited him and showed him he had talents and abilities.  Cassie is glad Jeffrey shared a part of his past with her but insists he could never be as bad as Jonathan.  Cassie and Jeffrey kiss to officially end their fight.  Jeffrey wonders when they can go home so they can make up properly. 


At the Clayton Arms, The landlord calls to inform Jonathan that he is evicted because he doesn’t want an arson suspect in his hotel.  A few minutes later Reva arrives to persuade Tammy to move in with her.  Jonathan thinks it’s a great idea since he has just been evicted from the hotel.  Reva tells Jonathan he can sleep in his old room and Tammy will sleep in Mariah’s room and they won’t sneak out to the other person’s room at night.  Jonathan reminds Reva that he and Tammy are adults and they have already slept together.  Tammy is worried that Cassie will freak when she finds out she is living under the same roof as Jonathan.  Reva tells Tammy they will deal with that problem tomorrow. 


At Spaulding Enterprises, Marina agrees with Dinah that Men and women should just be friends.  Marina quickly adds that she wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular with her comment but Dinah smiles because she knows Marina meant Alan –Michael.  Marina leaves with a long list of places to call in order to track down Harley and Mallet.  Dinah goes inside the office to show Alan –Michael some press releases.  Alan- Michael invites Dinah to go on a fun adventure with him.  Dinah explains that she has outgrown adventure and is ready to settle down with someone who loves her.  Dinah tells Alan Michael it isn’t so bad being with a person who loves you and encourages him to try it.  Alexandra sees Marina on her way out and tells her she knows that she likes Alan- Michael but she won’t tell a soul.  Alan Michael orders take out to be delivered to the office while Dinah leaves a message for Mallet wishing him luck in finding Alan and Gus. 


At the hotel where Harley and Mallet are staying, Mallet takes off Harley’s clothes in order to get her warm but Harley is in shock and doesn’t notice what he is doing.  Harley tells Mallet that when she saw the limo she imagined Gus’s frozen body.  Mallet hugs Harley and promises her they will find Gus. 


At the Gym, Sandy punches a punching bag and grits his teeth as he vows Jonathan will never hurt Tammy again. 


At the hotel where Mallet and Harley are staying, Harley apologizes to Mallet for her earlier melt down and thanks him for saving her life once again.  Harley also thanks Mallet for everything he has done to help her.  Mallet tells Harley she doesn’t need to apologize because he would have felt the same way if something had happened to her.   Mallet also reminds Harley he lost all control of his emotions when she was almost taken to maximum-security prison.  Mallet rubs Harley’s back but clearly has more romantic thoughts on his mind. 

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