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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/5/06

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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

Jonathan grabs hold of the bars from the inside of his jail cell and begins to yell loudly about when he will get a bail hearing so that he can get out of this place. Of course there is no one around to hear him. Tammy runs into her uncle Josh at the court house. They greet each other. He looks a little concerned and asks her what she is doing there. She responds that he doesn’t want to know, and then tells him that maybe there is something that her can do to help Jonathan. Josh tells her that he doesn’t think there is anything that he can do to help Jonathan. Tammy suggests that he could talk to Cassie, or Jeffrey, or Frank. Josh tells her point blank, that if there was something that he could do to help her, he is not sure that he would help Jonathan get out. Tammy quickly gets disgusted and walks away from her uncle and gets on the elevator. She visits Jonathan in jail, and as usual, they excitedly rush to the bars to hold each other and make weird faces. They sit on the ground with Tammy’s back to the bars as he holds her through them. Tammy tells him that when they are apart she feels like she is incomplete. Jonathan begins to cough and Tammy is concerned that he might be sick. He jokes that he is just allergic to this place. Tammy rushes to go get him a cup of water.

Mel meets Reva at CO2, who has called her for some legal advice. Reva gives Mel a short and incomplete rundown on what is going on with Jonathan. Thinking that the case sounds simple enough, Mel agrees to represent him and they head over to the jail to see him. Walking in with Mel, Reva is concerned when she hears him coughing, but he tells her that he is ok and that Tammy went to get him some water. He acknowledges Mel and greets her as a pretty lady. Mel nods her head. Tammy returns as Mel takes out her notebook to get Jonathan’s side of the story. Reva tries to keep it simple and tells Mel that the bottom line is that Jeffrey is dragging his heals with the hearing. Mel is perplexed because Jeffrey usually likes to keep things moving, and she questions why this time would be any different. Reva tells Mel that Cassie and Jeff want to keep him locked up. Mel is even more confused. Tammy jumps in and tells Mel that her mother is upset about their feelings for each other. Mel repeats the words “feelings” as if there is something wrong. Jonathan spells it out for her and loudly states that he and Tammy are in love. Mel asks to speak to Reva alone. Reva rolls her eyes and agrees. Mel tells Rev that she thought this case sounded pretty simple. Reva tells her that it is, but Mel disagrees. Reva points out that Mel and Rick had to face their own barriers (referring to her being black and Rick being White) when they first fell in love. Mel does not think that her situation compares to Tammy and Jonathan being blood cousins. Reva goes into a speech defending there relationship, and Mel buts in and tells her that it is not her place to judge. She says that it is obvious that Cassie is not on board with their relationship and that she loves both of them, but she will not get in the middle of it.

Cassie sits in a chair in the living area and reminisces while looking at pictures of Tammy when she was younger. Jeffrey comes in and Cassie talks about how Tammy was always the smartest kid in her class, but she seems to have changed. Jeffrey assures her that she is still smart, but she is a young woman finding her way. Cassie pleads with him to keep Jonathan in jail for one more day, after he tells her that he can’t keep dragging his heels with the hearing. When Jeffrey leaves, Sandy startles Cassie when she calls her name from the door. He overheard her conversation with Jeff and he wants to help her. He says that even if Tammy is not his, he doesn’t want her to get wrapped up with Jonathan. Cassie refuses his help because it could push Tammy away even further.

Next, Sandy pesters behind Josh in the shopping center. Josh is very annoyed with him and angrily tells Sandy to let Tammy go and leave her to her family. Mel runs into Josh at the shopping center. Josh tells her that he ran into her husband earlier. Not thinking, Mel starts to tell Josh that she ran into his…… Reva. In good humor and understanding, Josh asks her what his Reva was doing. Mel approaches the subject about Jonathan and Tammy. She doesn’t understand it. Josh says that no one can. Mel really wants to talk to Rick. She calls him and tries to ask him if he knew about Tammy and Jonathan. Rick is at the morgue working on a dead body and brushes Mel off the phone. She is not pleased, and heads over to speak with him in person. Mel is upset, and Rick can’t understand why. She tells him how Reva tried to compare their issues with Tammy and Jonathan’s. She questions if they have been avoiding all of their problems by working four jobs between the two of them ever since Leah left. They have a tender moment as they talk about how great Leah is and how much they love her.

Jeffrey arrives to tell Jonathan and his crew that he can go home tonight if he agrees to go to anger management classes. Jonathan is not happy, but Reva buts in and says that he’ll go. To Tammy’s surprise, Jeff tells her that Cassie is responsible for Jonathan’s release. Tammy rushes to the farm and greets her mother with a big hug. As they embrace, she goes on and on hugging her mother and telling her how glad she is that she is supporting Tammy and giving her what she needs. She is glad that Tammy is there, but Cassie looks confused as to what Tammy is thanking her for. Tammy tells her that Jeff says she is responsible for getting Jonathan out. Cassie tells Tammy that it is not the truth. Tammy gets really upset and feels like an idiot for thinking that her mom changed her mind. Jeffrey runs into Tammy sitting on the porch and she tells him that it was a nice try. She is understanding of what he was trying to do and tells him that she is still angry with her mom. Even though she is mad, she asks him to take care of her, because she needs her mom to be ok. Jeffrey enters the kitchen, expecting Cassie to be mad at him. She is not mad, and understands. She hugs him and tells Jeffrey that maybe Tammy will talk to him now. She repeats the exact same speech that Tammy did about needing her daughter to be ok. Jeffrey gives a little laugh and hugs Cassie.

Josh walks up to Reva who is sitting on a bench, and hands her a cup of coffee. He tells her that her sister needs her. The two sit on the bench sipping coffee. Josh realizes that the reason that she is fighting so hard for Tammy and Jonathan is because of them and the fact that they didn’t make it. There theme music plays in the background.

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