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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/4/06

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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

This entire episode is a new project that Guiding Light is doing every Wednesday called “In the Light”, where one character’s storyline is featured throughout the entire show. This week the focus is on Harley dealing with the absence of Gus.

Harley wakes up to Gus’s arms wrapped tightly around her and placing kisses on her face. She smiles and exclaims, “you’re here”. The alarm clock sounds with one of Harley and Gus’s songs. Gus gets up to turn it off, and Harley sits up in the bed to tell him not too. Once she sits up, Gus is no longer there. She begins to scream out his name. Harley wakes up out of her dream. The alarm clock says 7:00am and that same song is playing. She looks at his empty side of the bed with loneliness. She walks into the bathroom, pulls her head into a ponytail and washes her face. She looks at the two toothbrushes hanging side by side in the toothbrush holder and touches Gus’s gently. The song “One Day without you” is playing in the background as Harley goes about her morning routine without Gus. As she is making up the bed, Zack bursts through the doors. Harley happily greets her little one and asks him about his science project. He tells her that Gus is supposed to help him with the volcano and wants to know where Gus is. Harley tries to make light of the situation and tells Zack that Gus is on vacation doing some very important police work. Harley pours Zack cereal and glances at a picture of Gus holding Zack and Jude. She slowly gets ready for work. She stays strong for Zack and kisses him off to school. She heads to CO2. She runs into her father, and then Mallet. She tells Mallet that she needs his help and his interrupts her and tells her that he wants to find Gus too. Harley has is concerned at why Mallet wants to find Gus so bad. She is worried that he might try and do something permanent to Allen. Harley asks Mallet if they work together to find Gus, will he turn his head the other way if she needs to break some rules for Gus. Mallet looks at her and flat out says that he would not put his career on the line for Gus. Harley looks down as if she understands, and then Mallet tells her that he would do it for her. Dinah walks up and inquires if they’ve heard anything. She is disappointed for Harley. Harley tells her that she was just asking Mallet if he would help. Dinah, unaware of their conversation before she walked up, quickly volunteers Mallet. Harley heads off. Her next stop is at the courthouse, where she talks to her brother. Frank tells her that they are doing all that they can to find Gus. He tells her that they are checking all of the morgues and hospitals. Harley looks upset when he says this and he apologizes and tells her that it is just routine. Harley has flashbacks of her and Gus throughout the day. In the court room, she has a flashback of them arguing and him telling her that one of these days she is going to have to get through a day without him and she will realize that they wasted so much time. At the end of the day, Harley lies in bed alone, missing Gus.

On the second day, she wakes up to the same alarm clock, at the same time, with the same music playing. She looks over and touches Gus’s pillow. She goes through the same routine. Once again, Zack bursts through the doors and wants to know where Gus is. Harley makes up another story and says that he is still away working, and she is at a loss for words when he asks her when he’ll be back. Harley attempts to get through her day. She goes to the office and gets a bright idea. She knows that Gus takes Pepto-Bismol and smokes when he is stressed. Her and Dinah tear out pages from the yellow book and call every store within a fifty mile radius, looking for Gus. They come up with nothing, and Harley is disappointed. Dinah hugs her and offers support. Harley pretends to be fine. She sits at her desk and has another flashback of Gus. She stares at his picture. Alan-Michael walks in and asks her if she is ok. She finally admits to someone that she is not. With tears in her eyes, she gathers some things and tells him that she has to go find Gus. Trusting him, she looks him in the eye and asks him to handle things there. She tells him that he has to have her back because there are people trying to steal the company from her family. She is a wreck as she leaves. He assures her that he will take care of her. Harley enters her bedroom. She leans against the door and turns the light off. She cries for Gus.

The next day, the same alarm clock goes off. Harley is a wreck and at her wits end. As she looks in the bathroom mirror, she curses Gus for leaving her alone and becomes irate. She gathers all of his things and places them in a garbage bag. She storms around angrily stuffing pictures of him in their and his clothes. She finally breaks down and falls out on the bed. Just then, Zack knocks on the door. Harley tries to quickly get it together, but she doesn’t have the strength to face him. She kneels by the door and tells him that Rick will take him to school. He asks about Gus and if they are still going on a trip. Harley is exhausted and doesn’t have the answers. She tells him through the door that she loves him and that they will talk about it later. Harley spends a miserable day in her room as the time goes by. Sometime in the afternoon, someone knocks on the door. She tells him to go away. Her dad responds that he won’t. He knocks the door down, to find Harley sitting on the floor by the bed, still in her pajamas. She is a little distracted that he knocked the door down. He boasts that he still has it. She tries to act like she is fine, but then breaks down and begins to cry. She tells her dad that it hurts every time she breathes and she just wants him to come home. Buzz tries to gently tell her that he might not, but Harley is not hearing it. Later that night, she has a flashback from when she was in jail. She is lying on a cot in a jail cell and Gus comes to visit her. She blankly asks him why he still comes to visit her because she is never getting out and they are never going to be together. Gus begins to yell at her. He passionately tells her that he has to drag himself out of be and get ready just for her each day. He tells her that sometimes he has to have faith even when he doesn’t want to. This memory puts a smile on her face and gives her strength.

The next day, she is out of her bed before the alarm clock rings. She gets Zack ready and actually appears to be in good spirits. She calls Mallet and tells him to go through all of Gus’s credit cards to make sure that they didn’t miss anything. She goes into the office. Mallet arrives to discuss Gus. Harley finally admits to Mallet that he is not the only one who has been harboring feelings. Mallet is surprised and emotional. Harley tells him that she loves Gus and she will put those feelings away and not act on them, and asks if he can do the same. Feeling hurt, Mallet changes the subject. He tells Harley that they found out that Gus rented a limo without a driver a couple of days ago. Harley feels hope once again and hugs the paper excitedly. In her bathroom at home, she leans near the garbage can and picks up the Gus’s toothbrush that she through away. She smiles and says that she will just by him another one when he gets home. She looks at a picture of him, and before leaving her room, she says “see you soon babe”.

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