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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/3/06

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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Reva knocks on the door and Cassie answers. She makes it clear that she does not want to talk to Reva and tells her to go home, as she attempts to close the door in her face. Reva is not going to leave so easily. She lets her little sister know that it is time for them to have a discussion. She forces herself in and she and Cassie begin to have it out. Cassie is upset and annoyed that Reva had been encouraging Jonathan and Tammy’s relationship since before the wedding. Reva defends herself by saying that they needed someone on their side. Cassie begins to rant that people will whisper behind their backs when they are out in public because their relationship is sick. Reva tries to take up for them by saying that they didn’t grow up together and that their relationship is not sick, it’s just different. The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Cassie states that even if they were not cousins, she wouldn’t want her daughter with that “son of a bitch”. Reva rolls her eyes and says that she guesses that she is the “bitch”. Reva gets highly emotional as Cassie continues to down Jonathan and talk about what a bad influence he is and how he has already hurt the family. Reva tries to get Cassie to see that she is not only talking about her son, but Richard’s son as well. Cassie plainly tells Reva that she doesn’t care.

Jeffrey is in the court house on his cell phone when Tammy enters. He quickly gets off of the phone and asks her what she is doing there. Tammy point-blank tells him that she wants him to drop the charges against Jonathan. Jeffrey tells her that he cannot do that. Tammy tries to be understanding by telling him that she knows he is trying to be loyal to her mother, but that she also knows that he feels it is wrong. Jeffrey hands Tammy his cell phone. She looks at him strangely and asks what it is for. He tells her to call her mother. She gets and attitude and becomes defensive when he tries to get her to come home to the farm and stay with them. She tells him that her place is with Jonathan.

At the farm, Jeffrey enters the kitchen and can immediately sense that he has walked into something intense, as Cassie and Reva (who has tears in her eyes) try to play things off. Jeffrey tells them that Allen was released a couple of hours ago. Cassie and Reva are both shocked and concerned about what he might try to do to Harley. As they are talking, Tammy enters the door. Cassie is happy and relieved and goes over to give Tammy a hug. However, she is greeted with limp arms and a cold shoulder. Tammy flat out tells her mother that the only reason she came home was to get her stereo and some clothes. Confused, Cassie asks her what she needs with her stereo. She becomes angry when Tammy tells her that she is going to use it to help pay for Jonathan’s lawyers. Reva chimes in that Tammy doesn’t have to do that, but Tammy insists that she wants to help. Cassie tries to lay down the law and tells Tammy that she bought her that stereo and she is not taking it. Tammy tries to battle her mom by telling her that she will take the VCR and the TV because they were birthday gifts. Cassie makes it clear to Tammy that she is not going to take anything out of her house. Feeling defeated and angry, Tammy looks at Reva and asks if the offer to stay with her still stands. Feeling caught in the middle, Reva tells her that it does. Tammy gets a look of satisfaction that at least her mother can’t do anything about that. Tammy waits for Reva on the porch. Cassie can’t believe what Reva is doing. Reva feels a little guilty and tries to reason with Cassie, but Cassie looks at Reva and tells her that they have nothing left to say to each other. Reva rolls her eyes and leaves. On the porch, she wraps her arms around Tammy who is upset about everything. Tammy says to Reva, “that was so hard”.

Beth and Alex wait impatiently in the court room for Allen to be released. They are concerned, when a young officer enters and tells them that Allen left a while ago. They head off to find Allen. Alan-Michael sits behind the desks at Spaulding. He hears a knock on the door and isn’t expecting to see Marina. She clearly has an agenda. Alan-Michael tries to gently tell her that she has to go. She takes off her coat to reveal the beautiful green, halter dress that she bought for their date. His mouth drops open, and she is satisfied with his reaction. She smiles as she walks closer and continues to toy with him. She grabs his tie and kisses him. He tries to get her to leave and tells her that something came up. She playfully runs around the office looking for a hidden woman. He finally gets through to her, by telling her that their date was nothing more than two friends with nothing better to do, hanging out. Marina begins to realize that he has been playing with her. She is really hurt when he tells her that she is just a kid, and that he thought that they both understood that the flirting was just for fun. In disbelief, she asks him why he would let things get this far and he replies that it was a misunderstanding. She tries to gather her dignity and leave. He feels a little bad and calls out to her as she gets on the elevator. She ignores him.

Mallet and Dinah are in bed kissing when he gets a call on his cell phone that Allen has been released. He immediately sets out to look for Gus. Harley is disappointed as she tries to figure out where Gus is. She walks around the room in her dress and the news is on. She immediately stops in her tracks when she hears that Allen was released. She begins to panic at the realization that he might try to hurt her. At the shopping center, Mallet and Harley run into each other. They are both worried about what Gus might be doing. Harley is on the verge of panic. Mallet tells her about how he locked Gus in jail to keep him away from Allen and how he must have escaped. Harley has tears in her eyes as she worries about Gus. Dinah finds Mallet’s wallet in her room and brings it to him. She feels bad for Harley. Harley chokes back tears as she takes off to see if Gus might be at home. Mallet tries to go with her, but she refuses. Mallet and Dinah end up back in her room. She offers to order some wind, but Mallet is preoccupied. He tells her that he is worried about Harley and Gus. They give each other a few sweet kisses before he leaves. Dinah leans on the door and whispers Harley’s name (she is a little jealous).

Harley wonders around the outside shopping center and finds Marina sitting on a bench alone. Marina tells her that her date bailed on her. They both are having a terrible New Years Eve. Harley tells Marina that years ago, her date bailed on her. Marina twitches when Harley tells her that Alan-Michael was supposed to take her to a frat party and never showed up. He said that it was a “misunderstanding”. “Go figure”, Marina says. Harley tells her niece that she is sorry that she is having such a bad day and Marina tells her the same.

Harley sprawls across the bed in her New Year’s Eve dress. She tells herself that she won’t be able to sleep. When she moves a pillow, she sees a note. She excitedly opens it. Her expression changes to anger, fear, and sadness. The letter is from Gus telling her that the made a vow to protect her and that he is going to do just that. He tells her that he is keeping Allen away from her. Harley is devastated, wondering what Gus has done, as she cries out “what did you do to us”.

Beth and Alex arrive at the Spaulding office to find Alan-Michael in the big chair. They find some cigars and question if he is expecting Allen since those are his favorite. Alan-Michael tells them that he is expecting a female guest. After some careful and charming convincing, they start to buy it. Alan-Michael jokingly tells Beth that if she weren’t married that he would be charming her. Beth tells him that she doesn’t date young men. Alan-Michael makes a wise crack about her dating Bill. He finally is able to literally shove them out of the door. He immediately calls Allen’s cell phone and leaves a message asking where he is.

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