Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/29/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

Gus is obviously preoccupied with something, but he doesn’t let Harley in on it. She gets dressed after their beautiful night together at a suite at the Beacon. She puts on a long emerald green evening gown to ring in the New Year with Gus. He kisses her lovingly and doesn’t seem to want to go. Before he makes it out the door, Harley tells him that the tickets that their plane tickets for the trip that they are going to take to Hawaii in January just arrived. She is so excited and expects him to meet her when he finishes with work so that they can ring the New Year in together. As soon a Gus makes it outside of the room, Mallet catches up with him and tells him that they are needed at the station. He then ends up locking Gus in a cell in order to keep him away from Allen’s trial.

Reva finds Tammy alone in the shopping center, looking very depressed. She urges Tammy to go with her to the station to see Jonathan, but Tammy doesn’t think that they will be able to get in. Tammy tells Reva that Cassie is the one who turned Jonathan in. At first Reva is surprised, but then she gets a smile and a get even look on her face. She and Tammy go to see Jonathan. Reva apparently has pretended to be a member of the press to get them to where Jonathan is. Jonathan jumps from his bed and bounces like a kid in a candy store when he sees Tammy. The two give each other kisses through the bars of the jail cell. Reva tells them that they only have a few minutes together before someone catches them down there. Overhearing their conversation, Gus blurts out that he might be able to help. Everyone looks inquisitive as to what he could do. He tells Reva that he has a set of keys that will unlock the door to his jail cell. If she gets the keys and gets him out, then he will tell the guard to take a long walk so that Tammy and Jonathan can ring in the New Year. They are all excited and Reva rushes to get the keys. She lets Gus out and Tammy gives him a grateful hug. Reva leaves Tammy and Jonathan to spend time together. Around the corner, Gus makes sure that his gun is loaded and heads off intently to Alan’s trial.

Lizzie is looking forward to spending New Years with Coop at the condo. He tells her that he has to help Ava out with some supplies and that they can head off after that. When goes to help Ava. Beth and Alexandra approach Lizzie. Beth tells Lizzie to cancel her plans with Coop because she is need at Alan’s hearing. Lizzie refuses to go. Beth plays hard ball and tells her that if she does not, then Coop will find out that their secret hideaway is complements of Quinn. Lizzie hatefully looks at Alexandra and calls her a traitor. Alex tells her that she didn’t tell Beth by choice. They drag her off without giving her a chance to even say goodbye to Coop.

Once they arrive at the court, Lizzie whines about what she is supposed to do other than sit and pretend to support her granddad. Alex tells her that Beth actually had something else in mind for them. Once the hearing begins, Jeffrey O’Neal tells the judge that there are people who know Alan better than anyone and who are going to testify that he is not ready to be released. Alan turns around with anger and disdain on his face when Jeffrey tells the judge that his family is going to testify. One by one, Alexandra, Beth, and Lizzie give heartfelt testimonies against the judge, saying that they don’t want Allen to be released until he is completely whole again. During Lizzie’s testimony, Alan looks like he is on the verge of tears. Before the ruling is maid, Gus bursts through the doors of the courtroom and pleads with the judge to not release Alan. He is sweating and yelling that Alan is after his wife. Officers try to restrain Gus and the judge orders he be sent to lock up. To everyone’s surprise, Alan stands up and asks the judge not to arrest his son because he is hurting over his brother’s death and that the only reason he has a gun is because he is a detective. Alan’s lawyer gives him props for making himself look good. Beth rolls her eyes. Jeffrey bites into Gus and tells him that he might have ruined everything. The judge comes back with the ruling that Alan is indeed of sound mind and that he should be released to rejoin society tonight. Everyone is quiet and worried. Alan is boastful. Later, Alan gets into a limousine with a cigar in his mouth and tells the driver to get him out of there. Gus pulls down his hat and tells Alan that he will. Alan tries to get out of the car, but the doors are locked and Gus speeds off.

Before going to court, back at the farm, Jeffrey wishes Cassie and R.J. a happy New Year. While roaming the mall, they bump into Harley at CO2 and make a comment about them both spending the evening alone. With R.J. nestled between them, eating ice-cream, they discuss the difference that a year makes. A year ago, Cassie was getting ready to marry Edmond and a year ago, Harley was about to go to jail for Phillip’s murder.

Ava asks Coop what he and Lizzie will be doing for the New Year as he gives her instructions about when to close down. She gets a call on her cell phone from the car impound and she finds out that she won’t be able to get her car back tonight. She suddenly gets really upset and tells the person that if she doesn’t have he car, then she won’t have a place to sleep. Coop overhears this and Ava is embarrassed to admit that she has been living in her car. Coop tells her about a spare room at the Company boarding house for $300. She gawks that she can’t afford that. He then tells her that Buzz was going to give her a raise for $75 a week. She exclaims that it equals to $300 and Coop tries to play it off. Ava smiles.

Mallet debates on rather or not to knock on Dinah’s door, and decides against it and heads off to see Gus. Dinah is slumped over a table and some liquor as she reads a letter that her dad sent her. She then makes a phone call and begins to talk until she realizes that it is Mallet’s answering machine. She then begins to talk to it and tells him that she dialed the wrong number. She then breaks down into tears and rants on about how wrote a letter to tell her that he is saying goodbye to her forever. Ross has decided to resign as mayor and move to Washington and Dinah is torn apart that he didn’t even tell her in person. She goes on about how know one in this town gives a damn about her. At the end of the call, she remarks that maybe it’s not a good idea to call someone when you are drunk. She then tries to break into Mallet’s room with a credit card. He catches her. She tells him that she left him a message and was trying to erase it. Amused, he asks her what kind of message. She tries to make light of it, and suddenly realizes that he has already heard it. He tells her that he called to check his messages and could tell that she needed someone. Embarrassed, she runs into her room and tries to close the door, but he weasels himself in. She runs and closes herself in the bathroom. Mallet leans against the door and asks her why it is so hard for her to admit that she needs someone. She finally gives in. She opens the door with tears in her eyes and heads for Mallets open arms. They end up making love. They both comment on how nice it was and end up doing it again, with more tenderness.

As the New Year rings in at CO2, confetti falls to the ground. Harley stands amidst the excitement and looks devastated that Gus didn’t show up. “Gus where are you”, she whispers, looking worried. Tammy and Jonathan sit on the floor and cling to each other through the jail cell. Dinah and Mallet ring in the New Year in Dinah’s bed.

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