Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/28/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Gus makes a phone call booking the Spaulding Jet for two passengers to an undisclosed location. He looks on at Harley, Frank, and Jude laughing together at a table at CO2. Harley asks Frank if he is ready for his date and tells him that she can’t believe she is letting him go out with Olivia. She warns him to be careful with Olivia. Frank and Buzz take Jude away and Gus joins Harley at the table. They share a tender pre-New Year’s Eve moment together.

Buzz has a heart to heart with Frank about his date with Olivia. He asks Frank what he has planned for them. Frank tells Buzz that he planned to take her to a French restaurant. Buzz shakes his head and gives Frank some fatherly advice. He urges Frank to bring himself into the courtship. He tells Frank not to try and be Phillip or Bill, but be Frank. He makes some analogies about Olivia needing to be with a man who can take her on a Harley and wrap her arms around his waist. Olivia needs to be with someone who is real. Frank takes what Buzz says to heart. He gets nervous when he spots Olivia. He goes over to greet her. He tells her that she looks beautiful. The conversation becomes very awkward when Frank pulls some flowers from behind his back and hands them to Olivia. She looks wide eyed as she asks him if he is meeting someone there. Frank stumbles to tell her that the flowers are for her. She suddenly realizes that Frank thinks of this as a date. When he realizes that she didn’t, he tries to make her more comfortable by saying that it doesn’t have to be a date. When the two can not steer this awkward conversation to safety, they both agree to just head to the concert. Buzz looks on in amusement.

When the two return to CO2 from the concert, Frank softly tells Olivia that he had a great time and that he is going to get them some drinks. He heads over to the counter and makes some manly gestures to Buzz about how happy he is. He gets a call on his cell phone from the station, telling him that Jonathan has been arrested and that they need him at the station. Olivia offers to go with him, but Frank declines and tells her that he will call her if he needs her. The two have that first date energy, as Frank tells her that he had a great time and that they should do it again. Olivia smiles and agrees. As soon as Frank leaves, Olivia pulls out her phone and makes a call to Josh. She leaves him a voicemail, telling him that she is all dressed up with nowhere to go. She tells Josh that she would love to see him. When she hangs up her phone, she turns around to see Buzz looking at her. She guiltily tries to give him an explanation. Frank is sweet, but he’s not the kind of guy that she should be with. “Josh is my type of guy.” Buzz looks at her in amazement and tells her bluntly that she wouldn’t know the right type of guy if he was staring at her. He then walks off. Olivia wants to know what he means by that. Buzz walks up to her and tells her all of the beautiful things that she deserves to experience with a man. Ads he talks to her and caresses her hand, he is both passionate and gentle. When he lets go of Olivia’s hand, she is clearly affected. She thinks about his words and tells him that he might be right. Why should she chase after Josh so that he can give her a second chance? She comes to the conclusion that she and Frank would be a welcome distraction for each other. This is not exactly what Buzz had in mind, but he would rather her grow close to Frank than some other scumbag.

Harley, Gus, and Jude spend New Years Eve together as they playfully throw marshmallows at each other and chase each other around. They look like a happy family. Gus takes Harley to a room at the Beacon. To her surprise and delight, when she opens the door, there are candles lit everywhere and rose petals scattered across the bed. He offers her some champagne and she makes it clear to him that she would rather wait until morning as she smiles slyly at him and begins to take off her coat. That is all the hinting that Gus needs as he wildly takes off his coat. Harley laughs at his antics. He then tenderly carries his bride to the bed and lays her across it. After their love-making, Gus looks tenderly at a sleeping Harley and goes to the desk to right a note.

Reva enters the station and asks an officer about Jonathan. The officer tells her that he is in a truck load of trouble and it will be hard for her to see him. Seconds later, Reva is outside of Jonathan’s cell. She grins wickedly as she tells him that she bribed an officer. Jonathan makes a smart comment that he thought she would sleep with him. He accuses her of ratting on him, but she defends herself and assures him that she didn’t, and does not know who turned him in. He believes her story and Frank comes up and demands for Reva to leave. He tells her that her alibi appears phony and that both she and Jonathan will need a lawyer. Reva seems unphased about being in trouble again. Before she leaves, she is touched when Jonathan calls her “mom”.

Cassie shows no regret as Tammy looks at her disgusted that her own mother would turn her and Jonathan in. The two go back and forth for quite some time. Cassie tries to get Tammy to come home with her, but Tammy refuses. She tries to give her mom an ultimatum to ask Jeffrey to help Jonathan, and then maybe she will think about coming home. Cassie brings up the issue of Tammy and Jonathan being cousins. She tells her that it is not right to have a romantic relationship with your cousin. Tammy is quick to throw in that they are only half cousins. Cassie bites her tongue just before she almost blurts out that it is sick. Tammy reads between the lines and is hurt. It doesn’t matter to her what other people think. Cassie tries to get her to see that Jonathan will destroy her and that if they stay together, it will always be them against the world. Tammy doesn’t care. She even tells Cassie that Reva is on their side. Cassie is stunned to hear that Reva supported them since before the wedding. Cassie touches Tammy’s face and tells her that she is her daughter and she has to keep her safe. Tammy pleads to her mom to just support her because she always supported Cassie to be with whatever man she chose. Cassie just can’t do it. Tammy looks her mother in the eye and breaks free of her touch as she tells her that she does not want to be her daughter if she is going to treat her like this. She then turns to go see about Jonathan’s bail and runs into Reva who she hugs tightly, happy to see an ally. Reva tells Tammy that she is going to take care of Jonathan’s bail, as Cassie looks on with a mixture of shock, hurt, and anger. Reva offers Tammy a place to stay with her, but Tammy declines and tells her that she needs to be alone. Reva assures her niece that the door is always open for her. Tammy hugs her aunt gratefully.

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