Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/27/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

As Tammy and Jonathan are rolling around and making out (at their special place by the dock), Frank bursts through the door without knocking with another officer and announces that he has to taken Jonathan into the station. As Tammy tries to protest, Frank cuts her off and tells her that he is taking her in as well. At the station, Jonathan urges a talkative Tammy to keep her mouth shut. Jeffrey sees the two of them at the station and walks towards them to find out what’s going on. Tammy gives Jeffrey a hug and is relieved that he is there, because she thinks he can help straighten out the mess. Frank tells them that they were bought in because of the accusations of Jonathan starting the fire. Jeffrey is confused, because he thought that there was no evidence. He then asks to speak to Frank alone so that he can get to the bottom of this. Tammy and Jonathan hear Frank tell Jeffrey that someone called in on the two of them. Tammy and Jeffrey wonder who it could have been, because Reva was the only one who knew that the two of them were there, and she wouldn’t rat on them because she is on their side. Tammy hugs Jonathan tightly and whispers “who did this to us?”

At the farm, Cassie has visions of Tammy being handcuffed and getting fingerprinted at the police station. The images are in black and white. She hears a knock at the door. When she opens the door, Josh can see that something is wrong. Cassie tells him that she did something wrong. The two sit down to have coffee together and talk. Cassie admits that she called the cops to arrest Tammy and Jonathan. She feels guilty and questions what kind of a mother turns her own daughter in. Surprisingly, Josh tells her that she is a good mother and that she did the right thing because she turned both of them in, which shows that she is not trying to stand in their way. Josh tries to assure Cassie that this will be a wake up call for Tammy. Facing jail time will show her what kind of a life she would have with Jonathan. Cassie starts to feel more confident about her decision. She grabs Josh’s coat and innocently walks to the door, causing Josh to ask if he is leaving. Cassie tells him that she needs sometime alone to process everything. She thanks Josh and kisses him on the cheek before he leaves. When Josh leaves, a Christina Aguilera song plays as Cassie stares out the window, hoping to see Tammy, and has flashbacks of the recent events and her recent conversations with Tammy. Cassie has to get out of the house, and the song continues to play as Cassie wonders aimlessly through the shopping center, thinking about Tammy.

Gus smooches Harley aggressively on the lips in the middle of the shopping center. He tells her that he is looking forward to spending New Years Eve with her. The two part ways. Harley walks close to a wall to make a phone call. Her back is turned as a young and suspicious looking man steps up close to her. He looks around, and is suddenly grabbed and shoved against a wall by Gus. Harley whirls around to see what happened. Gus demands for the guy to tell him who sent him. Harley rushes and tries to pry Gus off of the young man who is terrified. Harley looks at Gus as if he has lost his mind. He doesn’t budge until Harley explains to him that he is an intern who is shadowing her. Gus is caught off guard by her explanation. He releases the guy and awkwardly tries to apologize to him. Harley gives Gus a look and tells him that he is really starting to worry her. He explains to her that he was concerned that Alan might have sent someone after her. Harley tells Gus that Alan is not on her mind and that she is not worried about him and is not focused on him. They say their goodbyes and leave. Gus reaches over the bar at CO2 and grabs a slip of paper and puts it inside of his coat. He says to himself that he needs to make sure that Harley is ok.

Beth visits the Mental Hospital to find Alan in high spirits as he pronounces to her that he will be getting out on New Years. Beth stands there with her mouth open, looking a little shocked. As Alan goes on to tell her that he has a hearing coming up, Beth tries to tell him that he might not be getting out. Alan remains un-phased by her negativity. Beth asks Alan if he is worried about Harley when he gets out. Alan replies that Harley will have to take a permanent vacation. Beth is concerned and questions what Alan plans to do to Harley. She gets serious and makes it clear that although she does not like Harley, she doesn’t want her hurt. Alan shifts the subject to picking out a tie for his hearing. When he mentions how much power he and Beth will have when he gets out, Beth gets a wicked grin on her face and her mood becomes more upbeat.

As Beth leaves Alan’s room, she passes Gus who is just coming. The two exchange unpleasantries. Beth turns and stops Gus. She tells him that they have had a lot of battles yet, but warns him to be careful. She then turns to leave, but Gus wants to no more. Beth tells him that she would tell him if she new more. We see the hatred in Beth’s eyes when she tells Gus that Alan murdered the love of her life and she will never be the same. She then tells him that she would not wish that pain on anyone, not even Harley and Gus. Gus enters Alan’s room. Alan gloats about how much Harley will pay when he gets out. Gus tells Alan that he will have to go through him to get to Harley, and before leaving; he turns to Alan and tells him that he will not breathe fresh air and that’s a promise. Alan has a little smirk on his face. Outside in the hallway, Gus makes a call, and reserves the Spaulding Jet for him and one other passenger. He tells the pilot that he will have to announce the destination on board.

Cassie sees Harley sitting on a bench ending a call. She approaches her and Harley is happy to see her best friend. She tells her that she was worried about her. Cassie joins her on the bench as the two catch up on the recent events of Christmas. Cassie is shocked when Harley tells her that Tammy and Jonathan were there, proclaiming there love for each other. Harley sympathizes with Cassie as she tells her about her Christmas. The two move over to CO2 for some coffee. Harley tells Cassie that they are both warrior women and that Cassie will get through this. Harley’s words seem to get to Cassie and she seems to feel a little more confident.

Later, Jeffrey roams the shopping center, and makes a phone call to Cassie as he passes the book stand. He leaves her a voice message, telling her that Tammy wants to see her at the station. Josh, who was nearby, hears the call and offers to go to the farm and tell Cassie. Josh is a little surprised when Jeffrey brushes him off and doesn’t want his help.

At the station, both Tammy and Jonathan try to take the blame for the fire. Jonathan is very protective of Tammy and says that he started it alone. Tammy tells them that she was with him and that it was a mistake. The two are talking over each other, as Jeffrey tries to get Tammy to shut up, so that he can help her. Frank finally tells Tammy that she can get off, but that she would have to give Jonathan up. Jonathan looks pained, but is completely willing to take the full rap. Tammy refuses to do so, and Frank orders an officer to book the both of them. Tammy and Jonathan cling to each other as the officer tries to grab Tammy’s hand to drag her off. Jonathan warns the officer to watch the way he deals with her, but the officer becomes even more aggressive as he tries to pull Tammy away from Jonathan. Jonathan gets belligerent as his face turns red. The officer teases Jonathan and asks him what he is going to do about it. He can’t stand to see Tammy hurt in any way, and when Tammy begins to complain that the officer is hurting her arm, Jonathan loses it and punches him. Other officers, including Frank, rush to restrain Jonathan and take him away, with Tammy crying in the background that it’s not his fault. Cassie walks in and Tammy runs to hug her. Before she can get her explanation out, Cassie flat out tells her that she turned them in. Tammy’s face goes from shock to disgust as she stares at her mom in disbelief.

Harley strolls through the shopping mall with Jude. She tells him that they are going to have the best New Years ever.

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