Guiding Light Update Friday 12/23/05


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Tammy and Jonathan are outside Reva’s ready to go in.  Inside, Reva is assuring Cassie that Tammy will show up.

The Coopers are getting the Christmas party ready (outside).  Mel & Rick show up to help, and they mention that Leah is spending Christmas with Danny & Michelle.  Coop asks Ava if she’s ok, and she tells him that she’s worried about Gus.  Then we see Gus imagining that Alan is out and dressed up like Santa with Harley’s boys on his lap telling them he’s getting their mommy something she really deserves for Christmas (with an evil laugh, of course).  Harley comes up to Gus and snaps him back to reality.

Alan is in the institution telling himself he’ll be home for Christmas when he hears a knocking at his door.  He tells them he’s already had his meds.  Lizzie opens the door.  Alan is happy to see her.

At the Beacon (maybe Towers though—either way, at a hotel), we see Dinah in bed with her cookie crumbs while Mallet is coming to his room with his bags of groceries and new pj’s.  Mallet drops his bags and beer goes rolling.  Dinah opens her door (right across the hall from his door) to see what the commotion is.  Mallet opens a beer and it spews all over her. 

Inside Reva’s, Hawk, Rusty & Josh are talking about Tammy being with Jonathan.  Josh suggests that they make the best of it.  RJ hears singing outside and everyone goes to hear the carolers.  Outside, everyone sees Tammy & Jonathan kissing.   Tammy tells them Merry Christmas.  Cassie looks mad, but then goes to hug Tammy and tells her that she’s glad she’s there.  Everyone seems very happy to see Tammy.  Reva goes to Jonathan and tells him that she’s glad he’s there too since that’s where he belongs—with his family.   He tells her that he did it for Tammy.  Reva and Jonathan have a nice bonding moment when she gets him to admit that he wanted to be with his family too.

Alan is thrilled to see Lizzie.  She’s reserved and doesn’t appear that comfortable to be there with him.  She tells him everything is different now outside, but changes the subject and gives him a present. It’s his favorite kind of cigars, and he loves that she remembers them.  He tells her that he’ll see her soon as she’s leaving.

Dinah is mad about getting drenched with beer.  Mallet tells her they can make a new holiday tradition—the wet t-shirt contest.  The waiter shows up with one turkey dinner which both of them ordered.  Dinah tells the waiter that Mallet will have the corned beef and she’ll have the turkey.  Mallet tells her that she can have something else since he always eats turkey on Christmas.  She ends up getting another beer out and dousing Mallet with it. 

Back at Reva’s, Hawk & Rusty are putting Jonathan through the ringer.  Reva tells them to get it all out on the table, and tells them that he did some crappy things when he first came to town, but he’s done some really great things too.  Jonathan tells them that it’s Christmas and that they should all just get along and that they’ll be plenty of time for a “horse whipping in the pen” in the new year.  Hawk laughs and thinks that he has the Shayne sense of humor.  Tammy rescues him from them, and then kisses him.  Jonathan asks her if she’s trying to get him shot.

Back with the Coopers, Buzz and Frank both notice Olivia arriving.  It seems that Buzz is realizing that Frank has a crush on her too.

Mallet tells Dinah to keep the turkey dinner and he’ll just starve.  She offers to share it with him.  The waiter thinks that it’s a Christmas miracle.  They take the meal into Dinah’s room, and Mallet discovers the cookie crumbs in bed.  She tells him that after he was going on and on about it, she got curious and thought she’d give it a try.

Billy shows up at Reva’s.  He’s not happy to see Jonathan there with Tammy.  Tammy notices, and makes sure to say hi and to tell him that Jonathan is her boyfriend.  Billy tells Tammy that Mindy used to date bad guys too.  Tammy tells them that they should give him a chance because he’s really a good guy.  Jonathan finally tells them all to back off and leave Tammy alone.

Beth, James, Alex and Lillian visit Alan in the looney bin.  As they are leaving, Beth tells them that she needs a minute alone with Alan.  After they are gone, Alan tells Beth that the Spaulding’s with be a family once again next Christmas.  Beth looks REALLY worried. 

Frank goes to talk to Olivia.  She tells him it’s a great party.  He mentions that it’s jazz night at the Crown Theater.  Olivia tells him that the guy playing is her favorite musician.  He tells her that she shouldn’t miss him then.  She agrees.  He asks if he’ll see her there, and she says sure.  Olivia leaves to talk to someone.  Frank goes to Buzz and tells him that he just asked Olivia out on a date. (This is just my guess, but I’m thinking that Olivia doesn’t see it that way.) 

Dinah and Mallet are having a really nice conversation over their turkey dinner.  She tells him that for the first time in a long time, she feels like everything is coming together in her life and that he has a little control over it.  Mallet’s phone rings, and its Gus asking him to come to the party to help him protect Harley.  Mallet tells him that he’ll get back to him.  Gus isn’t pleased.  After he hangs up, he tells her it was Gus and he wants him to come to the Main Street party.  Dinah looks hurt, but tells him to go since it’s getting late anyway.  He tells her he doesn’t want to go.  She tells him that it’s ok and that he should give Gus and Harley a big hug from her.  After he leaves, Dinah is sad and goes to lie in bed and forget its Christmas.

Back at Reva’s, Billy and Jonathan are in a heated discussion about how much they are hurting Tammy by acting this way towards Jonathan.  Jonathan ends up punching Josh when Billy ducked to miss the swing, and then Jonathan stumbles into the Christmas tree.  Reva tries to get him to stay, but he says that he doesn’t belong there and leaves.  Tammy tells her mother that she’s sorry, but she has to go and follows Jonathan out.

Buzz asks Olivia if she’s moving on (as he sees her mailing her divorce papers). She tells him that she’s taking it one day at a time.  Buzz tells her that he wants to make a deal with her.  He tells her that they will meet there in 6 months and if she’s not incredibly happy with a handsome man on her arm, he’ll give her his restaurant.  She laughs.  He tells her that he’s that confident.  Olivia thanks him for cheering her up.  A woman brings over mistletoe and she give Buzz a Merry Christmas kiss (one the cheek). 

Reva is sad and has tears in her eyes.  She tells everyone that she’s sorry and then she suggests they all pray for peace.  They all gather around the tree and start singing carols. 

Jonathan and Tammy come back to the boathouse, and find it wrecked.  Jonathan finds “little Petey” and fixes him back up so that they’ll at least have a Christmas tree.

As the caroling continues, Buzz makes a toast at the party. 

Dinah hears a knock on her door.  She thinks it’s the waiter and tells him to go away and they can get the cart tomorrow.  The knocking continues, so she gets up to get it, and Mallet is standing at her door in his silky pajamas with THAT look in his eye.  They quickly move to the bed and we see the start of a VERY nice Christmas for both of them.  ;o)

Alan-Michael shows up with a gift for Marina.  She feels bad because she didn’t get him anything.  She opens it and it’s a gorgeous necklace that she loves.  He tells her Merry Christmas and tries to leave.  She stops him and insists that he stay for the party. 


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