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Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

Dinah wines about how her mother could be up for even more shopping as she and Vanessa carry shopping bags through the outside shopping mall. Dinah tells her mother that she has a full life and is very busy with work. Vanessa believes that Dinah is just trying to occupy her time, but that things would be different if Dinah met someone special. Vanessa looks around and spots Mallet looking in a store window. She tells Dinah that she just found the perfect gift for her, and points towards the store where Mallet is. Mallet’s back is facing them, and Dinah moves closer to see what her mother is pointing at. As she approaches the window, Mallet turns around with a big smile on his face. Dinah thinks that Vanessa has set her up and that Mallet was in on it. Mallet defends himself and tells Dinah that he was set up as well. Vanessa plays innocent and insists that she does not know what the two of them are talking about. She insists that she invited Mallet there for a cup of coffee to simply thank him for encouraging her to come to town for Christmas to be with Dinah. Vanessa gives some innocent motherly advice to the two of them about how working does not lead to a full life. She then walks away leaving Dinah and Mallet standing there eyeing each other.

As Vanessa walks off, she literally bumps into Olivia. Olivia is surprised to see Vanessa there and tries to be friendly. As soon as Vanessa realizes that she bumped into Olivia, she angrily tells her that she wished she had bumped into her harder. Olivia realizes that Vanessa’s animosity must mean that she has spoken to Bill. She tries to reason with Vanessa that she has only heard one side of the story. Vanessa snaps at her and tells her that she has heard two sides of the story; from both Bill and Billy. She lights into Olivia for pushing Billy off of the wagon. She is very disgusted with her and lets her have it. She then tells her that she is glad that Bill got away. Olivia quits trying to play nice and tells Vanessa that Emma is suffering and wondering why the man that she loves as her daddy is not coming home. Vanessa softens up for a second and tells her that she is a mother too and understands what it’s like to have to tell your kids that the world is not all sugar and candy canes. Olivia looks at Vanessa with glistening eyes and tells her she doesn’t consider that an apology. Vanessa coldly tells Olivia that it is not and that she will never forget the despicable thing that she did to Billy. She then mentions that she is heading off to Reva’s Christmas party and Olivia quickly glares at her and tells her that she was on her way over there as well because Josh is expecting her. Vanessa gives her a dirty look and walks off.

Dinah and Mallet stand there looking at each other. They both are a little awkward and realize that Vanessa is trying to match them together. They agree to have hot chocolate. They sit on separate benches, sipping there hot chocolate and going on and on about how they are not on a date. Dinah eyes Mallet out of the corner of her eye and innocently tries to be nonchalant as she asks him hypothetically what kind of a girl he would be interested in. Mallet hypothetically tells her that he would want a girl who is beautiful, tough, smart, and has a sense of humor. He smiles slightly, looking at Dinah, and tells her that there is one more thing that she must have. Dinah asks him what that is. He looks at her seriously and tells her that she has to have a mustache. Dinah immediately touches her upper lip and wipes away the hot chocolate mustache and giggles. Mallet smiles too. The two discuss what turns them on. Mallet tells Dinah that he thinks it is very sexy when a woman eats cookies in bed and drops crumbs. Dinah admits that she likes a man who wears pajamas to bed, because then there is something for her to unwrap. As the non-date is coming to an end, they both pretend as if they have big plans for the night. Mallet ends up carrying a paper bag of groceries to his room. He leans down to pick up another bag that has a pair of pajamas in it. Dressed in her pajamas, Dinah munches on a plate of chocolate cookies. She playfully drops the crumbs on her bed.

Reva puts the finishing touches on the Christmas tree in her house. The place is full of lights and very cozy looking. Cassie enters with an apron and a long face. She is wandering if Tammy will be home for Christmas. Meanwhile, outside, Jeffrey struggles to understand the directions of how to put together the bike that he got R.J. for Christmas. Jeffrey covers the bike, when hears someone approaching, thinking that it might be R.J. It turns out to be Josh, who gives Jeffrey some helpful tips to put it together. Jeffrey notices that there is something on Josh’s mind, when he gets quiet. Josh is worried about what kind of Christmas Cassie will have. Jeffrey tries to assure Josh that he is doing all he can to give her a good Christmas. Josh doesn’t look so sure. Looking uncertain, Jeffrey asks if there is something that Josh is not telling him. Josh says that there is not.

Back inside, Reva tries to get Cassie in the spirit of Christmas. She talks about how Christmas is all about family and mentions Jonathan’s name. This agitates Cassie and upsets her all over again. Reva tries to calm her down and tells her that if Jonathan loves Tammy, he won’t let her stay away for Christmas, because he wouldn’t make her choose between them. Cassie is somewhat comforted. Outside on the porch, Jeffrey and Josh are both on their knees putting R.J.’s bike together. Josh makes a snide comment that leaves Jeffrey to think, once again, that he is holding something back from him. Josh pastes a smile on his face and insists that everything is fine.

Cassie is still dwelling, as she sits on the couch and tries to figure out how they missed the signs of what was going on with Tammy and Jonathan. Just then, Josh springs the door open and announces that they have visitors. Reva’s brother “Rusty” and her dad “Hawk” burst into the house. Reva is wildly excited to see them, and her accent goes back to her Oklahoma roots as she hugs both of them. Hawk goes to greet Cassie and can see that her spirit is down. He asks her what she wants Santa to bring her, and she doesn’t respond.

While the adults are busy, R.J. is also busy, snooping around and taking pictures. Jeffrey comes in and Cassie introduces him to Hawk. He stares at Jeffrey wide eyed and comments that they weren’t kidding on his resemblance to Prince Richard. He then warns Jeffrey that he had better be good to Cassie or there would be hell to pay. Jeffrey assures him that he will. Hawk inquires about how Tammy is since her non-wedding. He goes on about how he didn’t like Sandy to begin with. Everyone is quiet and Hawk wants to know what is going on. Cassie flat out states that Tammy’s life has gone from bad to worse. Reva gives Cassie a look. After hearing what is going on between Tammy and Jonathan, this starts a small pow wow.

Hawk and Rusty are both surprised and don’t understand it. Every one is against Jonathan, which hurts Reva and causes her to go on the defensive. Josh comes to her rescue and tells everyone that he believes that Jonathan has changed and that it is Christmas and they should focus on miracles. Reva and Josh both go to pour themselves some liquor. Reva chokes back tears as she thanks Josh for standing up for her. Hawk comes up behind them and inquires about their troubled marriage. He doesn’t mean any harm, as he innocently walks the two under some miscle toe that he has hung, tells them they belong together, and leaves them to talk. When Reva looks up and points out the miscle toe, they both realize that they have been had. Vanessa shows up and Olivia does as well. Everyone is surprised to see her, and Reva makes a statement about it being the ghost of Christmas Past. Olivia doesn’t mind intruding herself and joining them under the miscle-toe. Vanessa greets everyone, and apologizes to Cassie for what Dinah did.

Cassie is gracious and tells her that they were both victims of Edmond. Reva and Vanessa give big hugs and Reva tells her that she will always be family. Billy comes in and his breath is taken away when he sees her. She is happy to see him, and makes no qualms about hating Olivia for pushing him off the wagon. Billy looks over and sees Olivia talking to Josh. He interrupts them and pulls Josh away, wondering why he invited her. Josh admits that she invited herself.

R.J. sits at a desk and looks at pictures. He looks at a picture of Jeffrey and Prince Richard, as well as a picture that he took of Jeffrey putting his bike together. Cassie and Jeffrey go over to check on him, and he has an outburst about not liking Christmas this year because of Jeffrey. Everyone hears this outburst and are concerned. R.J. shows the picture of Jeffrey putting the bike together, and says that he doesn’t believe in Santa. Everyone tries to throw in some reason as to why Santa is real, but R.J. is still sad and angry, and doesn’t buy it.

Finally, the gang gathers around as Jeffrey tells R.J. a story about a little boy who went to court to be emancipated from his parents because they lied to him about there being a Santa Clause. In the end, the jury ends up declaring that there is a Santa, and R.J.’s hope is restored as the family cheers and he hugs Jeffrey tightly. Everyone’s spirits are lifted by the story.

Tammy looks at a map trying to figure out where they are, as Jonathan puts a tire in the trunk. Tammy tells Jonathan that she will always be happy as long as they are together. Jonathan takes some rims out of the car, and the two go sledding in the snow. When they get back to the car, Tammy gets a little down, and Jonathan tries to cheer her up. She wishes that Cassie could understand. The two begin to make-out on the hood of the car, and a patrolman comes up to them and knows them by name. He got a fax from the D.A.’s office and hands them a letter from Jeffrey. The letter pleads with Tammy to come home for Christmas for Cassie’s sake. Tammy doesn’t want to hurt her mother.

Jonathan tells her that he will do what she wants. They talk about the time when Jonathan jumped in the water to face his fears, and Tammy decides to go home and face hers. Jonathan opens the door for her to get in. The two drive off towards Springfield. They stand outside of Reva’s house and hear all of the family having a good time. The two walk hand in hand towards the door.

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