Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/21/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Marina walks up to Frank and Buzz at CO2 dressed in her cop uniform. Frank grabs a shopping bag that Marina is carrying. He pulls out a shimmery and slinky green dress from the bag. He jokes with Marina that the dress is to extravagant for the Cooper Christmas party. Marina tells him that she was going to return the dress anyway. Marina sits at one of the tables and Buzz asks her what her plans are for the New Year. Marina jokes that she plans to check out what’s popping at the station. Buzz sees through Marina and challenges that the reason she is burying her self in her work lately has to do with some guy. Marina admits that there kind-of, sort-of was a guy, but that he just wasn’t that into her. Buzz questions what kind of a fool the guy is. Marina tells Buzz that she wasn’t really that into the guy either. Marina insists that she wants to stay busy at work and leaves.

Alan-Michael talks to Alan on his cell-phone outside of Company. Alan is going on about how he will be getting out of the Mental Hospital soon. Alan-Michael rolls his eyes and accidentally on purpose hangs up on Alan.

Inside Company, from the bar, Gus watches Harley spend time with Zach and Jude. Harley laughs as they tell her that they are planning on making dinosaur ornaments this year. Frank enters and the waitress Lynn makes sure to give a special greeting to Frank, who is finally starting to realize that she is interested in him. Frank goes over and jokes with Harley and the kids. Gus has a daydream of Alan running into Company with his hospital attire still on and grabbing Zach. He then takes off with him while Harley, who can’t get up from her seat, screams that he can’t have her son. When his daydream is over, Gus uses a hanker-chief to wipe the sweat from his fore-head.

Mallet comes up to him from behind and asks if everything is alright. Gus looks at Mallet and tells him that he has a chance now to prove how much he cares about Harley, by helping him. Mallet looks confused and questions what Gus wants him to do. He catches on that whatever it is, Harley does not know about it. Gus remains secretive and goes over to Harley to tell her that he and Mallet are going to step out to work on one of their cases. Frank buts in and asks what case that is. Gus lies and tells him a case. After Gus leaves, Harley realizes that she forgot to tell him something and runs outside to catch him, but he has already left. She gets a call on her cell phone from someone telling her that there is a problem with the London division of Spaulding.

Alan-Michael walks up, takes the phone from Harley’s hand, and hangs the call up. He then proceeds to tell her that he has already taken care of the problem. Harley is very grateful and hugs Alan-Michael. She invites him to the Cooper Christmas party that night and tells him that he can have his job back. Alan-Michael pretends to play hard to get and tells Harley that he will need a more sophisticated title. Harley tells him that it is done. She tells him that she does need him and is very happy that she has someone at Spaulding that she can trust.

Mallet and Gus ride in their surveillance van, with Gus in the driver’s seat. Gus tells Mallet that Alan is on the verge of being released from the hospital soon and that he has to protect Harley. He tells Mallet that he needs him to get information from Alan because he can’t. Gus slams on the breaks every time that Mallet says something that he doesn’t like. Mallet jokes that Gus is trying to kill him. At the mental hospital, Alan and his attorney are talking in Alan’s room. His attorney tells him that he thinks he will be able to get the hearing moves up. Alan hears a noise and rushes his attorney out of the room. Mallet enters, and Alan questions why he is there. Mallet tells him that he is interested to know if Alan has plans to break up Gus and Harley when he gets out, because he might be interested in helping.

Alan gets a sly smile on his face. Out in the hallway, Alan’s attorney gets a call on his cell phone. He hurriedly gathers his paperwork and his briefcase and takes off. Gus, who has been snooping around, spots and item that the attorney has dropped. Gus picks it up and recognizes it to be a copy of Harley’s schedule. While Mallet is talking to Alan, Gus bursts through the door, jumps over the bed, and shoves Alan up against the wall. Mallet is surprised, and tries to pull Gus off of Mallet. Gus warns Alan that he will not let him do anything to hurt his wife. Alan is clearly caught off guard, and huffs and puffs as he tries to regain his composure. Finally Mallet and Gus leave the room. Outside of Alan’s room, Mallet confronts why Gus busted into the room when that was not part of the plan. Gus is still hot from the previous encounter, but tells Mallet that he was just trying to scare him. Mallet is in a state of bewilderment as he stares at Gus. He tells him that Alan wasn’t the only one that he scared and that Gus needs to let him know the next time he plans to play psycho cop. Gus casually agrees and walks off.

Olivia enters Company and greets Frank. She makes a little comment about needing to get to the gym. Frank looks at her and tells her that she is beautiful. Olivia tells Frank that flattery will buy him a cup of coffee. Frank smiles and goes to the back to take a box. Olivia strikes up a conversation with an unsuspecting Harley who is walking by the bar. She tells Harley that she is really lucky to have a good man. She also tells Harley that she is trying to get over Bill. Harley feels sympathy for Olivia and tells her that she’s sorry about Bill. Harley then goes up into the attic and pulls out a box. She pulls out a reef looking Christmas ornament and holds it close to her heart as she sits on the floor.

She leans back in a doorway and reminisces about the time when Mallet gave her the ornament on their first Christmas together. She wipes away tears and leaves. Downstairs, she runs into Mallet. She hands him a small paper bag and he opens it and pulls out the ornament. At first he is tickled. Then Harley insists that he keep the ornament because she doesn’t want it anymore. She tells him that she is moving out with the old and in with the new. Mallet is clearly hurt by her words and Harley realizes it. After he leaves, she tells herself that she had to do it in order to get him out of her head. Outside, Mallet walks up to his van looking a little sappy. He hangs the ornament on the front of his bumper.

Olivia glances at the divorce papers to Bill. Buzz pours her a cup of coffee and she tells him that today is the deadline to file the papers. He offers her some support and tells her to take her time and do what she feels is right. Frank joins Buzz behind the counter. They both are glancing in the direction of Olivia’s table. Lynn, the waitress with a crush on Frank, is talking to Olivia taking her order. Buzz notices Frank looking in that direction. Frank tells Buzz that he was thinking of asking someone out. Buzz assumes that he is talking about Lynn and encourages Frank, telling him that she has had a crush on him for months. Frank’s chest begins to poke out more and his smile gets more confident because he thinks Buzz is talking about Olivia. Finally, Frank tells Buzz that he never imagined that he would ask Olivia out. Buzz is stunned and chokes over his words. Frank tells him that he and Olivia have always had a special connection. Buzz chokes on his words, and ends up telling Frank to follow his heart and asks her out. Olivia makes a phone call to Josh and leaves him a voicemail. She tells him that she’s alone on Christmas Eve, and if he is too, then maybe they could get together. She is totally oblivious to the fact that both Buzz and Frank have a crush on her.

Marina looks into a shopping window as she talks on her cell phone about a case. When she hangs up, she hears a familiar voice refer to her as “hot stuff”.

She turns around to find Alan-Michael standing there. She tells him that she though he was leaving town and he informs her that he is now staying. He looks in her shopping bag and questions why she has the fancy green dress. She informs him that she bought it for their maybe date, but now she is taking it back. He informs her that she needs to keep it because their date is back on. The two go back and forth debating on whether or not there will be a date. Marina tells him to wait there for a minute because she has to go insure that she will not be his second choice for New Year’s Eve. Alan-Michael is frustrated after waiting for a while. He hears Marina’s voice and is about to scold her for keeping him waiting, but when he turns and looks at her, he stops talking. His mouth hangs open, and he openly admires how the sparkly green dress hugs her curves. Marina throws her hands up and asks if she is still the back-up date.

He excuses himself to make a phone call, while she sits at the bar of CO2. He calls someone named Pamela and tells her that he has to cancel their date on New Years Eve. He looks at Marina who is shivering. She beckons to use his coat and he takes it off and wraps it around her. Alan-Michael’s cell phone rings and he sees the caller id say Alan. Marina jokingly asks him if it is Pamela, because she heard his conversation. He shrugs his shoulders and states that some people just can’t take no for an answer. While the phone rings in Alan’s ear at the Mental Hospital, he says that Alan-Michael needs to answer his phone so that they can plan his homecoming.

Outside of Company, Buzz overhears Gus talking about having a body guard on Harley and extra security at Alan’s room. He asks him why he hasn’t told Harley. Gus reassures Buzz that he will lay down his life for her. Harley walks up and joins them. She begins to coo about how she never thought last Christmas that they would all be together like this. She hugs Gus tightly and tells him that this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

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