Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/20/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Josh asks a waitress outside of Company if she has seen Tammy. The waitress responds that she hasn’t and inquires if everything is alright. Josh just tells her that he needs to find her. Right then, Josh hears an unwelcome voice agree that they need to find Tammy. He turns and is very annoyed to see Sandy standing there. Josh tells Sandy that he does not need his help. Sandy goes on about how Tammy needs to be saved from Jonathan, because he will eventually hurt her. Josh reminds Sandy that he hurt Tammy as well. When Sandy tries to defend himself by saying that he could never hurt Tammy as bad as Jonathan has, Josh throws him a punch by telling him that in some ways, he has hurt Tammy worse than Jonathan has. Josh continues to tell Sandy that he doesn’t want to see Tammy with him anymore than he wants to see Tammy with Jonathan. He then ends the conversation by walking off, leaving Sandy there looking around wild-eyed.

Ava joins Sandy who is seated on a bench outside of Company. He tells her about the family catching Tammy and Jonathan together in the barn and goes on about how he hates seeing Tammy with him. Ava looks at him with pain and disbelief in her eyes. She finally stands up and tells Sandy that he needs to get over it. She tells him that anyone can see that Jonathan and Tammy have a connection when they are together. If Tammy can’t see Sandy for who he really is, then she doesn’t deserve to be with him. Ava is clearly emotional as she pleads with Sandy to let Tammy go. Sandy looks at Ava and tells her that after he disappointed her and made a mistake, she still cares for him. He then grabs her and tries to kiss her. Ava is shocked and shoves him away telling him that she can’t. Sandy tells her that he needs her and then moves in on her again. Ava yells at Sandy to stop and tells him that he is scaring her. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Coop runs up on Sandy and shoves him against the wall, yelling that stop means stop. Ava is stunned and Sandy is too for a moment. Sandy warns Coop to back off. Coop asks Ava if she wants him to stick around. Ava is still a little shaken up and tells Coop that she would. Sandy accuses Ava of turning her back on him now too. This causes a sudden eruption in Ava. She begins to go off, telling Sandy that he is the one who turned his back on her. She tells him that she realizes that he never loved her and that she was always so busy tying to get him to have feelings for her. She yells at him for abandoning her. Ava hands Sandy the ring that used to be her wedding ring with him. Sandy tells her to keep it, but she doesn’t want it anymore. Sandy looks at Ava and tells him that it is perfect now that she is leaving him when he needs her. Ava steps closer to Sandy and reminds him that he left her first. Sandy takes a swig of beer and is a little drunk. He then leaves.

Lizzie and Alexandra meet at the mall in the tree lot outside. Lizzie is glowing and beaming from ear to ear. As Alex and Lizzie walk down the tree isles, Alex tries to put her finger on what‘s different about her niece. She stops to look at Lizzie from head to toe. She throws out guesses that maybe Lizzie has on a new pair of shoes or a new dress. Lizzie shakes her head no. Suddenly, Alexandra gets a look in her eyes. She exclaims that Coop must have taken Lizzie dancing. The excitement on Lizzie’s face turns to confusion as she repeats the word dancing to clarify what her aunt means. Alex tells Lizzie that it is an old saying, and fumbles over her words as she tries to explain to Lizzie what it means. Suddenly, it dawns on Lizzie that her aunt is using dancing as an analogy to refer to her to the deed with Coop. The light in her eyes confirms to Alexandra, and Lizzie screams yes. She hugs her aunt and tells her that she never imagined that she would be this happy. Alex gets a call on her cell phone from Allen. She excuses herself to take the phone call. Lizzie pulls out her compact and looks in the mirror. Quinn sneaks up from behind and startles Lizzie. He tells her that from the look on her face, everything must have gone well with Coop at the cabin. Lizzie confirms that it did. Quinn then asks Lizzie if she is ready for their ski trip. Lizzie tells him that she will have to decline, but that they should go to dinner. Quinn is disappointed but tells her that they will. He leaves, just as Alex returns from her phone call. Alex inquires if Quinn is a new friend of Lizzie’s. After more probing, Lizzie ends up telling Alex about how Quinn has been giving her money and things. Alex is actually very understanding and tells Lizzie that she just misses her family. She kisses Lizzie on the cheek and leaves.

Ava sits at a barstool at CO2 as Coop pours her a cup of coffee. Ava reflects on how much time she spent on Sandy and how much her world revolved around him, even after they had broken up. She admits that even still, after he left her, every decision that she made was based on her and sandy reuniting. Coop and Ava both rise. He changes the subject and playfully thanks her for saving him from working a life time of 24 hour shifts. Lizzie walks up and spots them, just as they are laughing. She does not look amused. Coop calls her over. He tries to draw Lizzie into the conversation and brags about her missing Ava giving Sandy his walking papers. Lizzie glares at Ava and states that she feels a bit sorry for Sandy because he has been through a lot lately. Lizzie then tells Coop that she wants to speak to Ava alone. Coop says ok, but the look in Ava’s eyes show that she is not looking forward to this conversation. Lizzie takes Ava’s arm in hers and they walk. Lizzie gives Ava false sympathy for all that she’s been going through. She then tells Ava that she notices how she has been leaning on Coop. She gives her an exaggerated story about Coop being overwhelmed right now with his dad’s heart conditioned and having to take care of Zack and Jude because Harley is running Spaulding. Ava can clearly see the point Lizzie is trying to make. Ava tells Lizzie that Coop never mentioned any of this to her, and Lizzie quickly assures her that he wouldn’t. Lizzie tells Ava that if she has anymore troubles, not to call Coop, but to call her. She then takes Ava’s hand in hers and rubs it with false sympathy. Ava clearly realizes that Lizzie is not trying to be friendly, and plays along with her game, when Coop walks up. Coop invites Ava over for Christmas. For a moment her face was exuberant, but when she sees Lizzie’s glare, she quickly declines and excuses herself. As Lizzie and Coop cozy up and talk, Ava looks over at them and feels lonely, like the odd man out.

Cassie has flashbacks of the events that happened in the barn with Tammy. She remembers telling Tammy to never come back if she leaves with Jonathan. Reva tries to get a sullen looking Cassie to see that Christmas is the season to be hopeful and to hope for miracles. Cassie suddenly hugs and clings to Reva, telling her that she is glad that they are in this together. Reva’s eyes shift guiltily behind Cassie’s back. Cassie vents to Reva and tells her that people don’t change. Edmond never changed and Jonathan won’t either. Reva asks Cassie why she’s taking ornaments off of the tree. Cassie tells her that everything is a lie, and that there will be no Christmas without Tammy. Reva is surprised, but then tries to reassure Cassie that Tammy won’t stay away for Christmas, because Jonathan won’t let her.

Cassie then asks Reva if she had any idea about Tammy and Jonathan. A guilty looking Reva only admits that she knew that Jonathan had feelings for Tammy because she is easy to love. Cassie and Reva step outside and Cassie throws out ways that they can get rid of Jonathan. Josh arrives. Cassie tells him that they were thinking of ways to get rid of Jonathan from Tammy’s life. Josh arrives and tries to reason with Cassie that she should let Tammy figure things out on her own. Cassie sits on the bench and asks Josh and Reva how they dealt with letting their kids go. Josh and Reva make eye-connections as they tell Cassie stories of instances where they had to let Marah and Shane do things on their own. Inside, Josh and Cassie talk in the kitchen, while Reva checks on R.J. Cassie starts to see Josh’s point of view. She makes a sweet phone call to Tammy and leaves her a touching voicemail, expressing her love and telling her that she can always come home. Josh apologizes to Cassie about the investigation and they both agree that the matter is squashed. Reva returns and suggests that they finish trimming the tree to get it ready for Christmas.

Tammy and Jonathan get in a car and Jonathan asks Tammy where she wants to go. She smiles at him with nervous anticipation and tells him that she doesn’t care where they go, just as long as she is with him. Jonathan carries Tammy inside of a cheap looking motel. They both make comments on how cheap it is. Tammy tells Jonathan that she and her mother used to stay at places like this all of the time when she was young because that’s all she could afford. Tammy jokes that they can watch TV and eat stale crackers. Jonathan tries to liven things up. He turns the radio on to some rap beat. He begins rapping loudly about how cheap the hotel is and Tammy adds her own beat. The two are having fun with each other. When the rap is over, they fall onto the bed kissing. The neighbors bang on the wall because they were making so much noise. Jonathan bangs back. Tammy suddenly looks sad. Jonathan tells her that he feels bad for bring her to this place to spend Christmas and for taking her away from her family. Tammy tells Jonathan that he is the only gift she needs. After the neighbors bang again on the wall, they decide that they can to better than the ratty motel room and take off.

At the end of the show, there is a montage. We see Reva light the Christmas tree and Cassie put the star up as a sigh of hope. We see Jonathan and Tammy cruising in the car together with nowhere to go, making eyes at each other and just happy to be together. We see Ava watching Lizzie and Coop together and drinking her coffee alone.

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