Guiding Light Update Monday 12/19/05


Written By Sarah 
Pictures by Boo

Gus is concerned that Alan is trying to prove he’s now sane and trying to get out of the nuthouse and is asking Rick if it’s a possibility. Harley joins them, but Gus doesn’t want her to know what they are talking about. Harley’s phone rings, and its Mallet wanting her to go on a stake-out with him to keep tabs on Marina. Harley tries to get out of it, but Mallet insists she come and bring coffee.

The barn scene is a repeat from the end of last Friday’s show. Basically, Sandy convinces everyone to go sledding which of course, will expose Tammy & Jonathan. Cassie is going crazy thinking that Jonathan was forcing himself on Tammy. Jeffrey is holding Jonathan, but Josh tells him to back off and give him a chance to explain. Reva tells him to defend himself. Cassie calls Jonathan (to Reva), “Your rapist son.” Tammy finally speaks up and tells everyone that she wanted to be there with Jonathan.

Harley tells Gus that her phone call was work and that she has to handle it. Gus goes inside Company for more coffee while Harley finishes the call. Marina has pulled a file on a cop killer, and Mallet wants to keep an eye on her. Harley agrees to join him for Marina’s sake.

Back inside Company, Gus asks Rick if he thinks it’s possible that Alan could get out. Rick tells him that he should never underestimate Alan’s abilities when he’s back in a corner. Harley comes in and tells Gus that she has to go to work. He isn’t putting up a fight for her to go either. He doesn’t tell her about Alan. After Harley leaves, Rick tells Gus he’ll ask Alan’s doc about his situation, and then he leaves. Buzz comes over to Gus and tells him that there’s talk from an orderly that comes in that Alan will be out by New Year’s.

Back at the Barn, Tammy tries to convince Cassie that she’s really in love with Jonathan. Cassie is convinced that she’s confused or in shock or something. Tammy tells her that she’s glad that everyone found them tonight, so that they won’t have to sneak around anymore. Jonathan asks Tammy if she wants to leave. They start to leave, but Sandy tries to stop them. Josh breaks them up and insists that Sandy come back to the house with him and Jeffrey so that Tammy & Cassie can talk. Reva and Jonathan stay at the barn. Cassie tells them that a few weeks ago, she used a shovel to kill a snake in the barn to protect her child. She turns to Jonathan and asks why she shouldn’t use it on him.

Harley joins Mallet in the stake-out van. He has chocolate donuts for her waiting. They have their normal banter back and forth about old times and what not. Mallet fills her in on what Marina is up to in the bar across the street, and then he asks what she told Gus about where she was. She quickly changes the subject.

Buzz and Gus talk about how Alan could get out. They even go through the possibilities of how the lawyer would approach getting him out.

Sandy is trying to convince Josh that Jonathan is going to hurt Tammy. Josh thinks that Tammy is not the one getting hurt tonight. Jeffrey suggests that Tammy is too blind to see who Jonathan really is. Josh says, “Well, I happen to think Tammy’s a whole lot like her mom, and then when it comes down to it, she's going to open her eyes and she's going to finally see the truth for what it is.” (an obvious blow to Jeffrey and his secret life)

Back in the barn, Cassie is still trying to convince Tammy that she’s confused and making a mistake. Tammy tells her that after the anger and pain she felt from Sandy’s betrayal, the thing she felt the most was relief so that she didn’t have to spend her life with a man she didn’t truly love. Tammy confesses her love for Jonathan to them. Cassie thinks that Jonathan was waiting to swoop in at Tammy’s weakest moment and take advantage of her. Jonathan finally speaks up and tells Cassie that he loves her and that he’s trying to make up for the mistakes from his past. He and Tammy start to leave. Cassie tells her to be sure what she’s doing because if she leaves, she can’t ever come back.

Harley assures Mallet that she didn’t lie to Gus. She tells him that she didn’t tell Gus the whole truth because she didn’t want him worrying.

Buzz asks Gus if he’s really going to keep this from Harley. Gus tells him that he can handle it and there’s no reason for her to have to know.

Harley tells Mallet that she and Gus are perfect right now, and that all the fighting in the past few weeks was just acting. Mallet really thought that she was pulling away from Gus. She tells him that she is just a great actress, and that she was even having dreams to get into character more. She relates it to a famous actress having dreams about her leading men to get into the character more. Mallet slyly asks who her leading men were.

Jeffrey asks Josh if he has a problem with him. Josh says no, but Jeffrey comments on all the looks lately. Jeffrey thinks if there’s something there, they should get it out on the table. Josh tells him that they should focus on Tammy and her needs. Sandy says that she’s confused and that he’s going to talk to her. Josh stops him and tells him that he’s done enough already.

Sandy asks what he means. Josh tells him that he knows it wasn’t just a coincidence that they walked in on Tammy & Jonathan in the barn. Jeffrey says that at least the truth is out and that’s what is important. Josh agrees that it is usually a good thing to get the truth out (another jab at Jeffrey).

Reva tries to smooth things over with Cassie & Tammy. Cassie thinks that Jonathan is pulling Tammy away from her family. Jonathan tells Cassie that the only one trying to control Tammy is her. Jonathan and Tammy start to leave. Cassie begs her not to go. Tammy tells her that she loves her, and then leaves with him.

Cassie is left in the barn sobbing and begging her not to go.

Harley admits that Mallet was a participant in her dreams. He’s getting a little cocky wanting to know his role. She tells him that it’s not a big deal since the dreams went away as soon as they stopped pretending to be fighting. Just then Harley realizes that she’s eaten all the chocolate doughnuts. Mallet comments on her self-control. Gus calls on her cell. He wants to come see her, but she convinces him that he can’t. She offers to come there. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. She thinks he’s talking about himself, and she plays it up so that Mallet will hear how much she wants her husband. Gus is talking about chocolate doughnuts. She tells him she’ll be right there. Mallet comments on her ex and her current husband both getting her chocolate doughnuts in one night. Mallet tells her that everything will be fine tonight and for her to go to Gus. She thanks him for taking care of Marina. He tells her that he’s a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Jeffrey asks again what’s going on with Josh and the comments. Josh says he’s just trying to keep what’s left of his family together. Jeffrey tells Josh that Cassie and the kids can lean on him. Reva and Cassie come back in from the barn. Cassie tells them that Tammy is gone.

At the boathouse, Tammy keeps reliving the night in her head. Jonathan asks her if she really wants to be there. After all, they are not a secret anymore. They can get a nice room somewhere. She tells him that she feels safe there with him and doesn’t want to leave. Tammy says they are up against everyone and that it’s scary for her. He tells her that he’s used to it, and that they’ll get through it together.

Gus is waiting outside for Harley. She suggests they go home, but he asks if she’s hungry after working all night. She “remembers” that she’s starving, and then Gus finds some chocolate on her cheek and asks what it is. She suggests they go home.

Buzz tells Mallet he saw him parked there and figured out what was going on. Mallet thinks he and Harley are busted. Buzz goes on to talk about how Mallet is looking after Marina and how much he appreciates it. Mallet is relieved that he doesn’t know Harley was with him that night. Buzz thanks him for watching over Marina and apologizes for Mallet having to freeze his butt off all night for nothing. Mallet tells him that the night wasn’t a total waste.

Sandy is mad that they let Tammy leave with Jonathan. Josh tells him to back off and suggests they leave. Cassie asks Reva to stay, and she agrees to. As they are leaving, Sandy tells Cassie that when Tammy comes to her senses, he’ll be waiting for her. Cassie desperate and doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Back at the boathouse, Jonathan has brought in a tiny little Christmas tree. He tells Tammy that “little Petey” doesn’t really measure up, but she says that it’s theirs and she loves it. He tells her that he always knew she was beautiful and perfect, but tonight she was brave. She tells him that he gave her the courage. He tells her that is what she gives him too. They exchange “Merry Christmas” to each other.

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