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Spaulding Christmas Party:

A big crowd mingles around, all dressed formally. Beth goes around greeting some of the guests. Frank and Buzz talk about how bored they are. Marina tells them to enjoy the free food and booze. Alan-Michael plays Santa Clause for the young kids. Marina stands close by listening to how he plays with the children. Beth goes to the balcony to call Alan and tell him that tonight is the night their plan comes together. She tells him that she is at the company Christmas party and assures him that Gus is still planning on giving Harley the choice of him or the company. Beth will soon be CEO and they will have their company back. Alan thanks her for the best Christmas present heís ever had.

In the elevator, Harley and Gus are on their way to the party. They are excited that tonight marks the end of them pretending to fight all the time. Harley tries to get Gus to tell her what his secret plan is. He wonít tell her. Harley stops the elevator and threatens to keep them their until he does tell her. He jokingly tells her that is no punishment for him at all. He has no problem being stuck in an elevator with her. The two begin to kiss.

Back in the main room, when Alan-Michael is finished with a little girl that was on his lap, he pulls Marina down on his lap and asks her what Santa can do to her. Marina is shocked that Santa would say that to her. Alan-Michael pulls his beard down so that she can see that it is him. He has a devilish grin on his face. Marina follows him to the back room where he can get out of the Santa suit. She tells him that Santa is not a dirty old man and tries to get him to let her out of being his date on New Years. She thinks it is not fair that she just has to sit around and see if she will be his Ďbackup dateí for the night. Alan-Michael frustrates her when he tells her that he thinks it is perfectly fair before walking out of the room.

Alex approaches Buzz and is amused when he jumps. She asks if he was looking for anyone. It is obvious that he is watching for someone, but he denies it. Frank joins the two of them, making Alex feel a bit uncomfortable, and hands his father a drink. He also asks if Buzz is looking for someone. Buzz denies it at first, but then tells them both that he thought Harley and Gus would have been here by now. Olivia is obviously missing from the party. Buzz teases Frank about not having a woman, which Alan-Michael joins in the fun before Marina also gets in on the fun. Gus and Harley come out of the elevator straitening their clothes. Harley whispers to him that it was fun trying to get his secret out of him, even if she wasnít able to do so. Gus notices Beth watching the two of them and tells her to go be the CEO that she is and he will take care of everything. Harley makes her way to the bar where her and Dinah exchange compliments on their dresses. Gus grabs the microphone and heads into a back room. Beth rushes into the room behind him and tells him that she thinks tonight would be the perfect time to give Harley the ultimatum. Gus turns the mic on without Beth realizing as she goes on to tell him how she is the best person for the CEO position and puts everyone else down. Everyone at the party hears her over the speakers.

Gus shows her to the door and she realizes that she has been had. She storms out of the room, totally humiliated and runs into a drunken Buzz. Buzz hits on her a little bit, to which Beth answers with a hardy slap to the face. Lizzie catches her at the elevator and comments that she should be proud, she is now just like Alan. Beth tells her daughter to remember this conversation when Harley runs the company into the ground and she really is poor. Alan-Michael congratulates Harley and Gus on getting rid of Beth and welcomes Harley back to the Spaulding family. Gus and Harley celebrate not having to pretend to fight with a dance. Frank and Buzz discuss the bash that they plan on having at CO2 for New Years. Marina tells them that she wonít be able to be there, she might have plans. One of the board members approaches Marina and tells her that he didnít like the way things happened tonight. It is all because that Cooper woman and her low-rent Spaulding husband have no class. Alan-Michael joins the conversation and stands up for Harley. He then introduces Marina to the man as Harleyís niece before walking away. Marina is a bit impressed with his actions.


Reva meets Jonathan on the docks and asks where Tammy is. Jonathan tells her that he overheard Tammy talking to Lizzie right after she declared her love for him. When Lizzie asked Tammy if she had anyone else she was interested in after Sandy, Tammy didnít tell her about the two of them. He thinks that proves that Tammy is ashamed of him. Reva tries to reason with him that Tammy is not the same as the two of them. She doesnít face problems head on like they do. Admitting to her family and the world that she is in love with Jonathan will change so many lives. Jonathan knows how he is going to handle it, and takes off.

Main Street:

Jeffrey sits with his assistant going over some papers. He tells her that the rest can wait till morning and tells her to go home for the evening. She leaves as Sandy comes up looking for Tammy. He is frantic and tells Jeffrey that he will do anything to get Tammy back. When Sandy realizes that Jeffrey isnít going to help him, he turns to Josh for help. Josh is obviously not going to help Sandy either. Sandy tells him that once he gets Tammy back, he will be back at the office and working hard. Josh tells him that he no longer has a job at Lewis. Sandy canít believe that Josh is firing him without hearing his side of the story. Josh tells him that his company is like his family. He has no room for people he canít trust. Sandy throws his hands up and walks away. Jeffrey asks Josh if he wasnít a little hard on Sandy. Josh wonders why Jeffrey is taking Sandyís side when he hurt Tammy and Tammy is Cassieís daughter. Jeffrey asks if there is something wrong. Josh tells him that he is just worried about Cassie and Tammy. Jeffrey assures him that he is going to take very good care of Cassie. Josh is happy to hear that. Reva has come up behind them and overhears some of the conversation. She greats both men as Jeffrey takes off. Reva tells Josh that she is glad that he still cares for Cassie and is watching out for her. She tells him that she is worried that this whole thing with Tammy and Sandy is going to lead to more problems for the family. Josh hopes she is wrong, it is time for the family to have some happy times. Jeffrey receives a call and a description of someone seen leaving the burning cottage. He then gets a call from Cassie asking where he is and why he hasnít moved his stuff to the farmhouse yet. He tells her to give him a few more minutes and he will be on his way. Cassie figures that he is getting cold feet and decides that she will go and move his things from The Beacon herself.

Josh tells Reva about the call and that the description sounds a lot like Jonathan. Reva tells him that he really doesnít need to question Jonathan right now. She is afraid that he will not take it well. She wants to talk to him about what is really important, and that is why he is dragging his feet about moving in with Cassie.


Cassie comes into the front room to find Tammy there. Tammy comments that they picked out a nice tree and asks what is up with the one she saw outside. Cassie explains that they had bought that one for the house that her and Sandy were going to live in. Tammy tells her they can put the tree outside and decorate it. Cassie tells her daughter that the house that Sandy was going to buy burned to the ground last night. Tammy pretends to wonder how that could have happened. Cassie tells her that the police think it was arson and asks Tammy if she knows who might want to burn the house down. Tammy tells her that she has no idea who would want to burn the house down and that she thinks it was probably an accident. Tammy tells her mother that her plans for her life has changed. She has made her decision and it doesnít include a white picket fence and 2.5 kids. She tells Cassie to let that dream go too. Cassie tells her that she is not ready to let go of it, but assures her daughter that she only wants Tammy to be happy. The two hug as Jonathan watches through the window. Cassie thinks she heard footsteps on the porch and goes out to see who is there. Tammy follows her out. Cassie guesses that it was just noises of the house and tells Tammy that she needs to finish the laundry and goes back in. Tammy lingers on the porch and calls out for Jonathan. When he doesnít answer, she starts to go back inside, but sees a note left on the rail. It is from Jonathan. She takes off to find him.

Sandy comes looking for Tammy. Cassie tells him that she isnít there and that she doesnít want to see him anyway. Sandy tells her that Tammy is his wife. Cassie tells him that isnít what the police say. She tells him that things with him and Tammy are over. This enrages Sandy. He gets right in her face and yells that she doesnít know anything. Cassie is a bit taken aback and tells him that he should leave. Sandy realizes that he messed up and apologizes. He pleads with Cassie to understand. She tells him that he lied too many times and again tells him to leave. Sandy tells her that it isnít over as he leaves.

Boat House:

Tammy finds Jonathan and asks how he is doing. Jonathan lets her know that he is upset that she didnít tell Lizzie that they are a couple now. Tammy tries to explain that she isnít like him. She does care what other people think of her. She is scared to death of what people will think when they find out about the two of them. Jonathan tells her that he will show her fear. He takes off his coat and shoes and runs out to dive off the dock into the water. Tammy is horrified and helps pull him out of the water and take him back to the boathouse where she wraps a blanket around him. Jonathan tells her that he did that to prove a point to her. You have to look your fears in the face to be cured from them. Tammy is touched by his actions and the two start to make out. Tammy promises to tell Lizzie about the two of them as they slide down to the floor to make love.

Sandy watches through the widow looking like his is ready to kill someone.


Beth cries to Alan that Harley and Gus beat them. She was humiliated in front of the whole company. Alan wants all the details but Beth tells him that it doesnít matter. They have lost the company now and will never get it back. Alan is very calm and tries to calm her down too. He tells her that she needs to go home and have a glass of wine and calm down. He tells her not to worry about things, the two of them will have the last laugh. Beth calms down a bit and allows Alan to escort her to the door. Alan sits down and starts to go over some records from the company. He isnít pleased to see that international sales are down. Harley is truly ruining his company.

Alan-Michael comes in and reminds him that it is Ďtheirí company. Alan tells him that he knows what happened with Beth. Alan-Michael tells his father that it was unfortunate what happened to Beth, but it had to happen. Alan listens quietly to his son, wondering what he is thinking. Alan-Michael tells his father that Gus and Harley think that they got rid of the traitor, when really all they did was welcome him into the fold. Alan is very happy to hear this.

The Beacon:

Josh finds Jeffreyís door unlocked and lets himself in after making sure that Jeffrey isnít there. He tells himself that this is crazy as he looks around the room a little bit. He doesnít see anything important and starts to leave when he sees a box marked Ďshredí. It catches his attention and he lifts the lid off. On top he finds a file that has a picture of Jeffrey and a picture of Richard. He looks a bit closer at the documents in the file. In the hall, Cassie has arrived with a few boxes in hand. She starts to enter the room.

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