Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/8/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

Gus and Harley both are looking pitiful in their separate bedrooms at the Spaulding mansion. Harley sits at the edge of the bed in her bathrobe while Gus is under the covers snuggled next to a picture of Harley. He calls her and she is surprised that he is still up. He tells her that he misses her and about the plan where Beth wants him to give her and ultimatum between him and Spaulding. There is a knock at Harley’s door. Harley teases Gus that they will get caught as she goes to open the door. Mallet greets her when she opens it. Harley gives him and unfriendly “What do you want”? Gus must have overheard Mallets voice on the phone. He joins them in the hallway and questions why Mallet is there. Mallet informs Gus that there has been a fire that they need to check into. Beth seems to show up at the perfect time to tell Gus that she had the maid put some fresh towels and linens in his new room. Harley goes back into her room to work. Mallet goes to wait for Gus.

Gus and Mallet arrive at the site of the fire. Gus tells Mallet that they need to find the outlet that caused the electrical problem. The two buttheads when Mallet disagrees that there is an electrical problem. Mallet apologizes for walking in on whatever was going on between Gus and Harley. Gus becomes agitated and tells Mallet that they can discuss sports, trucks, and anything except Harley. Minutes later, Gus pokes fun at Mallet for sulking over Harley. Mallet snaps that he thought they weren’t going to discuss Harley. As they bicker again, there is a loud noise. Mallet yells for Gus to get out of the way and pushes him out of the way seconds before a large beam would have fallen on his skull. Gus humbly thanks Mallet and gets a preoccupied look on his face. He tells Mallet that he has to go and take care of something right away.

Harley is leaning on her desk with her head in her hands. She is excited when she hears a knock on the door, thinking that Gus has come back. Once again, it turns out to be Mallet. He comes in and takes Harley into his arms. He removes her robe and begins to caress her skin. Harley shoves him away, but then looks into his eyes and quickly gives into her passion.

Harley snaps out of her daydream and scolds herself for thinking about Mallet again. Harley is pacing her bedroom and is startled when Beth inquires from the hallway if she is alright. She didn’t realize that the door had been open. Beth then goes on with her insincerity as she tells Harley that she underestimated. She tells Harley that she has proven her strength through running Spaulding. Gus enters Harley’s room and tells Beth to get out so that he and Harley can talk. Beth is clearly a little stunned at his bluntness, but leaves. Gus goes over to Harley, gently grabs her face and gives her a sweet kiss. She senses that something is wrong as they sit on the bed. They both confess that they have something to tell each other. They both blurt out at the same time that neither can stand putting this charade on any longer.

Gus tells Harley about the beam almost falling on his head. He tells her that he can’t imagine if he had spent his last night without her in his bed. Harley tells Gus that she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him and that she would have never forgiven herself. The two conclude that their family and their relationship is more important than anything and that Alan and Beth are no longer going to be a reason for them to be apart. Harley playfully tells Gus that he smells like smoke. Gus decides to take a shower and Harley playfully and seductively asks him if there is room for two. They both come out of the bathroom in their bathrobes looking refreshed. They sit on the bed and talk about how things will be different from now on. Gus definitely will be staying the night.

Mallet sits alone on a bench outside looking at a picture of him and Harley on their wedding day. He puts it away and decides to go home to a game and beer to take his mind off of Harley.

Lizzie shows up in a slinky gold dress for her evening with the rich kid. He requested this evening after he had given her a bunch of money. He hands her some flowers for his date and she reminds him that it is not a date. They dance together, and he invites her to join him and some other rich kids up at a ski cabin for Christmas. Lizzie seems excited at the idea at first, but thinks of Coop and declines.

Coop is back at CO2 (Buzzes new coffee shop outside the shopping center). Ava is unloading her financial problems on him. She confesses that she does not make enough at Outskirts alone to live the way she is accustomed to living (with running water and heat). Coop offers a job at Company. She excitedly thanks him and jumps into his arms. He gives her a company t-shirt. She comes back with the t-shirt on and it is clearly very fitted and kind of small. She jokes that Buzz must have ordered these shirts in the summer time. Coop is flustered as he tells her that she looks great. They go to bring in a Christmas tree from the lot. The tree is very heavy and falls on top of both of them. They giggle as they try to worm their way out.

They return to Co2 and Ava spots a piece of chocolate cake. Coop tells her to have at it. He leaves for a second. Ava quickly sticks a single birthday candle in the cake and lights it with her lighter, just as Coop returns. She becomes embarrassed and tells him that she was trying to hurry before he got back. Coop asks her why she didn’t mention that it was her birthday. He then proceeds to sing her a terrible rendition of Happy Birthday the way that they sing to customers at Company. Ava is embarrassed. Coop gives Ava a jacket upon seeing that she is cold. He tells her too keep it and consider it a birthday present. She thanks him and blushes.

Tammy and Jonathan rush away from the fire scene and enter a room and quickly close the door. Jonathan turns the light on to see a winter wonderland scene with a merry-go-round and plenty of snow and Christmas decorations. They playfully throw snow at each other and end up falling with Tammy on top of Jonathan. They kiss. Jonathan talks to Tammy about his childhood Christmas when Alfred smashed all of the presents one year. Tammy tries to reassure Jonathan that things have changed and that he doesn’t have to hurt anymore. They go sit on a reindeer carriage. Tammy coons about how much she loves Christmas. She confesses to Jonathan that the first time she saw his true heart was last Christmas. We see a flashback of her sitting on the edge of Reva’s couch singing Christmas carols with her family. We then see Jonathan on the outside looking through the window with pain in his face. Tammy says, “I saw your heart Jonathan, and now I can’t not see it”. Tammy and Jonathan continue talking about their earlier Christmas memories. Tammy tells Jonathan that you sometimes want something and then you get something else and realize that it’s all that you ever wanted and that you can’t live with out it. She looks lovingly at Jonathan. “It’s you. I love you.” They both laugh that Tammy has said it out loud to him. They lean in to kiss. Jonathan then opens his heart like a child as he tries to express his feelings to Tammy. He tells her that he never really new what love is. All he knows is that he feels a pounding in his chest and that he wants to take care of her and protect her and be around her all of the time. Tammy smiles with tears in her eyes as she whispers to him, “that’s love.”

“Well then ….I love you.” The two have a special moment together. They decide to leave so that they won’t get caught. Jonathan leaves first. Tammy leaves and runs into Lizzie as she exits. Lizzie tells her that she looks to be doing pretty well for someone who just broke up with her fiancé. Tammy smiles and tells her that in fact she is happier than ever. Lizzie’s curiosity is up now. Jonathan listens a little ways away and smiles when he hears Tammy say this. Lizzie asks her if she has met someone else. Tammy tells her that she is not ready to date anyone else. Lizzie offers that she has a rich friend that she could hook Tammy up with. Tammy declines the offer. She then shifts the conversation to Lizzie and Coop. “Talk about true love,” Tammy says. Lizzie tells her that Coop is the one and that she is glad that she didn’t let her family get in the way. Lizzie’s words leave Tammy thinking.

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