Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/7/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Olivia is has a look of reflection in her eyes as she tells Josh that maybe she wasn’t meant to find love. She’s screwed up with both him and Bill. Josh tells her that he understands and he has been going through a tough time himself, but maybe love is still out there for them. Josh pulls her into him and they kiss gently. Josh slowly pull his face away and tells her that he shouldn’t have let this happen. Olivia has tears in her eyes as she tells him that she’s not. At this exact moment, Reva is leaving a message on his voicemail. She is at the farm alone, and she wants to talk to him about Jonathan. Tammy enters at this moment and hears Reva saying Jonathan over the phone. She tries to take the phone, thinking that it is Jonathan. Reva quickly hangs up and tells Tammy that it was her uncle Josh. Tammy is insistent on finding Jonathan because she needs to tell him something. She picks up the phone to call him, but Reva stops her.

She tells Tammy that she can relate to loving both Jonathan and Sandy. She reminds Tammy that he has lost a lot of people in his life (Marissa, Alfred, Richard), and that he is terrified of losing her. Reva thinks that she should be the one to tell Jonathan that Tammy and Sandy are going to work things out. Tammy tells Reva that she is not going to work things out with Sandy and that she wants to be with Sandy. Reva is emotional and surprised. Tammy asks her not to stop her from being with Jonathan and Reva tells her that she will not because this will make Jonathan happy.

Jonathan sees Cassie, Jeffrey, and R.J. picking out a Christmas tree at the tree lot. He overhears Cassie speculate that maybe Sandy and Tammy will be able to work things out. Ava shows up and sees the family and comments that maybe Jonathan will have that one day with Tammy. The mention of her name sends Jonathan into a tantrum and he pushes over a bunch of Christmas presents on a cart nearby. He apologizes to Ava for knocking over presents for kids and she tries to figure out what has him so upset.

Jonathan tell Ava that Tammy still wants Sandy and that she went to see him so that they could work things out. Ava is clearly hurt by this. Jonathan becomes upset all over again when he hears Cassie suggest to Jeffrey that they buy a tree for Sandy and Tammy’s new house in case they decide to work things out. Jonathan repeats to himself that he saw the house first. He says that maybe he should decorate for Sandy and Tammy and storms off.

Jonathan begins throwing empty beer bottles around at the house. He is in one of his rages of self pity and anger and turns over furniture. He then lights a match and lights the end of a torch. He waves it around and is startled when Tammy calls his name from the doorway. She is clearly afraid of what he is doing. Jonathan blows up at her when she tries to talk with him and explain to him why she went to see Sandy. He is in an absolute rage as his face turns red. Tammy realizes that he won’t calm down in order for her to tell him so she blurts out that she needed to end things with Sandy. Jonathan is thrown for a loop and is still not ready to believe Tammy. She goes on to show him her left hand with no engagement or wedding ring on it. She then tells Jonathan that she wants to be with him and that she understands that it is hard for him to believe that she chose him over Sandy. He is very shaken up from all of the emotions that he feels as he steps closer to her.

He drops the lighted torch on the floor and he and Tammy kiss. As their kiss intensifies, they realize that the torch has caught on to a curtain and a fire has started. Jonathan is protective of Tammy and tells her to back away as he runs to get a blanket to try and out it out. He is unsuccessful. Tammy urges him that it is not working and that they should get out. They rush out of the house and watch it burn from the window on the porch as Jonathan wraps his arms around Tammy.

Josh and Olivia talk a little about Bill and Olivia is a little affected. Josh invites Olivia to get her mind off of work and join him for a bite to eat. Olivia hugs him and tells him that she should have never let him go. As they open the door to leave they come face to face with Reva who was just about to knock on the door. Josh gets one of those “oh, boy” looks on his face. Reva mentions that she heard about the divorce and she immediately catches on as to why Olivia might be in Josh’s suite. She comments on how it is no surprise that Olivia would run to yet another married man for comfort. Olivia bites back that the only time Reva sees him as married is when another woman is around. In no time, the two are exchanging insults. Reva finally tells Josh that she is there to find out if he has talked to Sandy and he tells her that he does not want to talk to Sandy. Olivia chimes in on their conversation and agrees that Sandy hurt the Lewis’s and deserves no sympathy. Olivia and Josh seem to be on the same page about not giving Sandy the benefit of the doubt about anything and this annoys Reva. Josh gets a phone call and excuses himself outside of the suite. The investigator that he called off is on the phone and inquires if Josh has read the research. Josh tells him that he is not interested. The investigator is watching Jeffrey and Cassie at the very moment and teases Josh that Jeffrey has a very interesting past and that he is lying to Cassie about her dead husband Richard. He then tells Josh that he expects to hear from him soon and quickly hangs up. Josh tells Olivia that he needs to take a rain check and leaves the two women alone. Before leaving, he warns them not to break any furniture. Reva and Olivia are clearly not thrilled to be in the same room together. Reva throw some more insults to Olivia and calls her a charity case to Josh. Olivia is still a little drunk and says that if she is, she will use him for all he is worth. Reva and Olivia exchange battle looks as Reva heads out the door.

R. J. meets a Santa Clause and goes off to talk to him and to both Jeffrey and Cassie's surprise, refers to Jeffrey as dad. Cassie is a little concerned and asks Jeffrey to tell her how he feels about that. Jeffrey tells her that he is actually delighted. Cassie says that R. J. just feels comfortable with him. R. J. comes back and wants to ice-skate.

Cassie is skeptical because this is his first time ice-skating all year. Jeffrey agrees to ice-skate with him and thrills R. J. by surprising him with a brand new pair of ice-skates. After ice-skating, Jeffrey carries R. J. to the car to take his skates off there. They return to the farm and Jeffrey puts a sleepy R. J. to bed. Josh sees them looking cozy through a window at the farm and stares at them as if he doesn’t know what to do with the research.

Sandy has flashbacks of Tammy telling him that she loves Jonathan. He stares at his wedding ring to Tammy. Ava exits the bathroom and short and tank top, green, lingerie set. She is surprised when Sandy that Tammy does not want to be with him. He refuses to be defeated by Jonathan and is about to rush out. Ava stops him. Sandy rants on about Jonathan. He asks Ava if she could understand how someone could love a man who has hurt them and treated them badly. Ava gets a knowing look as she tells him that she can. She calms Sandy down and gets him to lye in the bed.

He falls asleep and she puts a blanket over him and crawls into bed next to him with her back facing him. She is pleasantly surprised when he snuggles close to her and puts his arms around her. She smiles and is content. She thinks about the two of them cuddling and then Sandy calls her Tammy in his sleep as he tells her that this feels so good. Ava tears up.

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