Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/6/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Back at her suite in the Beacon, Buzz and Olivia toast to surviving. Olivia is a little tipsy. She tries to make light of her situation with Bill. Buzz suggests that they have some fun. Olivia agrees and walks towards the door, declaring that there is no sense in wasting a good buzz. She is going to go over to Josh’s suite for some fun. The look on Buzz’s face shows that clearly that was not what he had in mind for fun. Josh and Billy are at Josh’s suite at the Beacon. Billy mentions Bill’s divorce to Olivia. Josh says that he misses Bill too. Billy lightly suggests that Josh must need a little extra help at Lewis now. Josh tells Billy seriously that Billy is not ready. Billy tries to reason with Josh that he is paying for his mistakes and that all they have is each other.

Josh softens a little and admits that he was hard on Billy. He explains that the reason is because he has been making so many of his own mistakes and he wishes sometimes that he had an addiction that he could fall back on and make all of the pain go away. Billy chuckles and tells Josh that he does have an addiction: wild women.

Olivia bumps into the door as she attempts to leave her suite at the Beacon. She chuckles and mentions that maybe she should sober up a little first. Olivia asks Buzz if he sees anything wrong with her going after another man two minutes after she got her divorce papers. Buzz tells Olivia that he is going to leave. She stops him and tells him that she does not want to leave and that he is the only person who can help her right now. Buzz is clearly astonished by her statement and touched. That feeling quickly goes away when Olivia rushes into the bathroom to change clothes and rambles on about she must have been crazy to let Josh see her like this. She then comes out in a sexy and fitted black cocktail dress. Buzz is clearly affected. She turns around for him to zip and knocks his ego down completely when she says “this is where you come in”. She kisses Buzz on the cheek in that friendly sort of way and heads to Josh’s suite, leaving Buzz dumfounded.

As Josh insists that he is not addicted to wild woman. There is a knock on the door. Billy sits on the bed with a knowing look. Josh on the other hand looks bewildered as if he has no clue as to who would be at the door. He opens the door to find Olivia standing there with a smile on her face. She tells Josh that she needs him and is caught off guard to see Billy there. She quickly covers that there is some work that they need to go over that couldn’t wait. Billy heads towards the door, and before he leaves he insincerely tells Olivia that he is sorry about the divorce, hitting her right where it hurts. Olivia tries to cover her hurt as she asks Josh if it is a bad time. He tells her that it sort of is, but that doesn’t mean that she has to leave. She looks at him for a moment and then admits that she came there because she needed some comfort, but now she thinks that maybe she needs to comfort somebody. She looks at Josh and asks him if there is anything that she can do for him.

When Josh doesn’t respond, Olivia quickly apologizes and tells him that she was out of line. She begins to tear up and tell Josh about how she is a failure once again with marriage. Josh tries to comfort her and give her hope that maybe it doesn’t have to be over between her and Bill and that maybe she can go to Venezuela and beg. Olivia loses it slightly and tells him that she will not beg again, that she is through begging. She then begins to talk about when she and Josh were married and how things were so much easier between the two of them. Josh reminds her about their messy divorce. Olivia quietly asks him if she remembers what it was like when they made each other feel good and that she wants to know if he misses it, because she does. Olivia steps closer to Josh and he wipes away her tear. They look into each others eyes and Olivia leans in and Josh does not move back. She kisses him softly, and he begins to return the kiss.

Frank spots Mallet at the mall. Frank mentions that he just saw his girlfriend. Mallet gets a look on his face as if he doesn’t know what Frank is talking about. Frank then motions behind him and Mallet sees Dinah buying a drink from a stand. Frank then tells Mallet that he is glad that he is not pining after Harley. Mallet approaches Dinah with Frank right behind him and gives her a kiss on the cheek as he loudly proclaims that she is his baby. Dinah squeezes Mallet’s hand. When Frank leaves, Dinah quickly drops his hand and tells him to get lost. Mallet asks her on a date and reminds her about why the are doing this. Mallet asks her where they should go on their date, and Dinah tells him that they should have it right there for the benefit of Frank seeing them. Mallet agrees. They walk outside together and Dinah goes back into the mall to get something.

Harley spots Gus about to enter his spare bedroom at the mansion. She is excited to see him. Gus seems less excited and fed up with the whole situation. He is tired of playing the game of them pretending to have marital problems so that they can beat Allen. Harley tries to remain upbeat, but then Gus tells her that he heard her telling Dinah at company that if she weren’t in the picture, she would go another round with Mallet. Harley tries to get Gus to realize that she didn’t mean it the way it sounded. Harley hears someone coming and they both go into their separate rooms looking a little sad. We see a split screen as they both sit on the edges of their beds and turn their lamps on at the same time as we hear their theme music playing in the background. Both of them clearly cannot get any rest or concentrate on anything else. Gus hears a knock at the door. He opens it to see a smiley Beth. She comments that she hopes she is not interrupting anything. She then tells him that she and Allen have come up with a new plan.

Gus tells Beth that he is miserable. Beth tells him to give Harley and ultimatum. She is sure that Harley would choose Gus over Spaulding because he means the world to her. Beth leaves. Later, Gus goes to Harley’s room. He knocks on the door to see if she is sleep. He enters to find her bed empty and Harley nowhere in sight. He goes back to his room.

As Mallet is standing waiting for Dinah to return to their so called date, a pair of feminine hands covers his eyes. He turns around and kisses the person, thinking it is Dinah, but it is surprised that it is Harley. She is frazzled and asks him why he is kissing her and he tells her that he thought she was someone else.

Harley seems a little surprise and is about to asks him who he thought she was, when Dinah walks up. Mallet tells Harley that they are on a date. Harley is even more surprise and tries to act happy for them and leaves. Dinah stares at Mallet and tells him that she know the feeling of loving someone and not having them love you back and knowing that you can never have them. Their constant bickering and cat and mouse game seems to shift gears for a second.

They have a real moment, as Mallet sees the hurt on Dinah’s face and tells her that he hopes that next time the man is the one who looks at her and wants her. She is a little surprise at his comment and tells him that it is the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to her in a while. He is surprised at that. She tells him that it is scary to think of falling in-love again.

Harley is in sleeping with her clothes on in her bed back at the mansion, when Gus wraps his arms around her and snuggles up to her. She smiles as she says his name. His voice quickly turns into Mallet’s and Harley is horrified and realizes that Mallet has interrupted her daydream about Gus. She yells at him and tries to get him to leave her head. She bumps her head against the headboard and Gus who was in bed also hears this.

Marina and Alan-Michael are on Alan-Michael’s private jet headed back to Springfield. Alan-Michael tells her that Frank will be upset and that he needs to get her home quickly. He then goes and pick up a large bag. Marina asks him what is in the bag and he tells her that it is a parachute. She gets up and grabs the bag and taps him playfully when she realizes that it is just beach stuff. He laughs that he was able to get her so easily. She tells him that most women would be swept off their feet by all of this. He looks her in the eye and tells her that most women are and that it is a good thing that she is not swooned so easily. They arrive back in Springfield and Marina tells him that Paris might have spoiled this town for her. Alan-Michael touches her cheek and Marina spots her dad and grandpa sitting at one of the table outside of the mall. She quickly moves and thanks Alan-Michael. Frank tells her that he has left her 50 messages and asks where she has been. She tells them Paris. Buzz still doesn’t buy that she jetted off to Paris for a few hours, but Frank is not so sure. Frank asks her who would have taken her to Paris for a few hours. Alan-Michael walks up behind Marina at this time. She is a little ticked because she does not want them to know she was with him. He covers for her by asking who she went to Paris with. She tells him that it is some rich kid that she met through Lizzie and is relieved that he covered for her.

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