Guiding Light Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At her home, Tammy flashes back to Jonathan asking her to run off with him. Sandy arrives because Tammy phoned him. She thanks him for coming. She gives him a box with everything he left behind in it. He is surprised that is why she called him back. He thought maybe she had forgive him, but she pulls away from him. He apologizes, saying he didn't mean for this to happen. She interrupts, saying she met his wife. She points out that he hurt Ava, too. He says that he didn't mean to hurt either of them and that she doesn't know the whole story. They argue. He yells that he loves her, but she doesn't want to hear it. She says that she knows what she wants and that words only confuse her.

Sandy tells her that he doesn't know what to do and that he loves her. He kept his marriage a secret because he didn't want to hurt her. She tells him that he broke her heart and humiliated her. He knows but says that their marriage is nothing like the one he had with Ava. He claims he was not thinking straight when his mom died. She asked him to take care of Ava, whom she thought of like a daughter. He admits that he cared about Ava and wanted to make everyone happy. He felt trapped until one day he just walked out and never looked back. His voice breaks when he says he didn't give a damn about anyone or anything until he met her. He tried to end the marriage, he swears. She is not forgiving him. He yells that he loves her and is sorry, begging her to tell him what he can do to fix it. She takes off his ring and hands it o him. He cries, begging her not to give up on them. She says "fine, don't' take it" and puts the ring on the table. He wants to know if she is doing this because of Jonathan and whether she's in love with him. He yells at her to say that she loves Jonathan. He talks trash about Jonathan, saying she is throwing away her future. Finally, she blurts out that she loves them both and so there is no way to resolve this. She runs out and he follows, yelling at her to wait.

Outside her house, Cassie comes up and asks Jonathan if Tammy is in there. He tells her that she is but stops her from going in. He thinks she should give Tammy some time alone, but she thinks Cassie needs her. They go inside but don't find Tammy.

Reva runs into Jeffrey outside Company. He has his suitcases, so she asks him about them. He tells her that he and Cassie have decided to live together. Reva is shocked but tells him congratulations. He wonders if she has doubts about it. She is only thinking about Tammy and everything she's been through. He says they've talked about that and figured that Tammy would know there is someone out there for her. Reva comments that she thinks Tammy already knows that. They go inside and find Jonathan and Cassie. Cassie demands to know where Tammy is. Cassie phones Tammy's cell and leaves a message that they are worried about her. She quizzes Jonathan about where Tammy might be. He agrees that she was upset because she's got a lot going on. Jeffrey and Reva try to help put Cassie's mind at ease. Jonathan thinks they should let Tammy make her own decisions because she was feeling a lot of pressure. R.J. runs in and hugs Jeffrey, glad that he is going to be staying with them. Reva tries to question Jonathan about what he knows about Tammy, but he goes outside. Reva follows him. He tells Reva that he thinks Tammy left so that Cassie wouldn't figure out that he and she are leaving town together today. Reva is annoyed and wants to tell Cassie, but he stops her. They argue about him and Tammy running away. Jonathan points out that Tammy and he don't want to deal with the family and the whole town's reactions to their being together. Reva chews him out for only caring about herself. He looks at her in disbelief. She points out that if they run away, it will not help them deal with their problems. She asks him to consider what will happen if Tammy ends up blaming him for taking her away from her family. Reva keeps at Jonathan, trying to convince him.

Josh knocks on Olivia's door, and it opens, but she doesn't seem to be there. He walks in, calling her name. He has blueprints in his hands and expects them to work together. She walks in, rubbing her eyes, just wearing a robe that is open, showing her underwear. She sees him and yells in surprise and closes her robe. He looks at her in shock with his mouth open. She yells at him for getting there so fast, saying she was going to take a shower. He closes the door, saying she should keep it locked. She says she was distracted because of the wedding and all of Tammy's problems, and her own marital problems. He wonders if maybe this isn't a good time and starts to leave, but she stops him, saying that work will take her mind off things. He sits down with his stuff, still not sure. She says she wants to accomplish something today and adds jokingly that it's not as if Josh hasn't seen it before (meaning her body). She smiles devilishly. Josh and Olivia discuss business. She asks him if he found out anything about Jeffrey's connection to Richard down in San Cristobal. Josh says that the man she put him in touch with gave him an envelope, but he decided not to look at it. He doesn't think Cassie needs to know anything, since she's happy with Jeffrey. Olivia admires his friendship and asks him if he wants some wine. He declines, but she decides to have some herself. He asks her to get dressed because he's not comfortable having her lounge around in her bathrobe and underwear. He adds that he will just go. As he gets up, he knocks over a bunch of files. He picks ones up and then asks why she didn't tell him that Bill is divorcing her. He sees that the papers are dated today and asks her if she's okay. She assures him that she is. She doesn't want his pity. He tells her that he is genuinely sorry. She tells him quietly that she would like to be alone right now. He asks her if she will be ok, but she just tells him good night. He takes his stuff and leaves. Olivia looks upset.

Inside the house, R.J. is looking down, so Jeffrey asks him why. R.J. says that Edmund moved in and then went away. He wonders if Jeffrey will go away, too. Jeffrey and Cassie exchange concerned looks. Jeffrey sits down with him and lets him know that he's there for both of them, allaying R.J.'s fears. Cassie comes out and tells them that Ava phoned, saying that Sandy left her a note that Tammy phoned him and asked her to meet him somewhere. Jonathan doesn't look too happy about that news. He says that Tammy and Sandy probably have a lot to talk about. He says that they have worked stuff out before and he's sure they can work this out. Cassie hopes so and then goes back inside, called by R.J. Jonathan looks upset. Reva tells him that Tammy meeting with Sandy doesn't necessarily mean anything. She lectures Jonathan some more, saying that if he loves Tammy, he should know that is her heart and that she has to go see Sandy. He yells at her about how it's great that she and Josh know each other so well, yet they are always ripping on each other. He says, still yelling, that if Tammy can just snap her fingers and walk away from him, then just forget the whole forget the whole damn thing. With that, he storms off, with Reva trying to calm him down. Josh walks up and wonders what's going on, so she replies, "What everything else in this town is about. Pure heartbreak." Josh stares at her, wondering what she means. She thinks he is there to see Cassie. He is not sure why he's there. Josh sits down on the bench, telling her that Bill is divorcing Olivia. Reva lists the people breaking up, adding their name to the list. He asks her to do him a favor and not put them on the list yet. They agree that neither has hired a lawyer yet. He asks her if she would give the lawyers a break, at least for tonight. She is tearful as she agrees, saying it's a beautiful night. Reva leans her head on his shoulder in a sweet way.

Inside, Cassie, Jeffrey and R.J. play checkers. Tammy comes in, so Cassie goes over to her and asks her how it went with Sandy. Tammy is surprised she knows but tells Cassie that she told Sandy it was too much and too complicated. Cassie gives her a hug, then she asks Tammy if she saw Reva and Jonathan on her way in. Tammy says she only saw Rev and Josh. She asks what Jonathan said. Cassie just tells her that Jonathan said she should let Tammy make her own decisions. Looking fearful, Tammy asks her if she told Jonathan that she was with Sandy. Cassie tells her that she did and asks why. Tammy covers and says she needs to make a phone call. Cassie looks suspicious. Tammy phones Jonathan at Outskirts, but he lets the machine get it. She tells him to pick up and that it's her. She tries to explain what she's feeling and how she had things she needed to work out. Jonathan is drunk, crying, and doesn't want to hear it. He turns down the volume so he doesn't hear her message. He thinks she and Sandy worked things out. Tammy tells him to call her back and that there are things they need to figure out. Tammy keeps waiting for him to phone. Jonathan keeps drinking. Later, he goes to phone her but stops himself. Meanwhile, Sandy looks at the ring she left.

Marina phones Buzz from the plane to check in. He asks where she is, suspicious. She tells him that she's in Paris, but he doesn't believe her at first. She acts in a nonchalant manner, as if it is no big deal to just go to Paris. Alan-Michael sits down next to her. Buzz asks some more questions, but Marina pretends that they have a bad phone connection and hangs up. Alan-Michael knows that her dad might put out an APB on them if she didn't call home. She makes sure that he knows that she is just taking him up on his offer to get away from Springfield. He asks her what she wants to see most in Paris, and she tells him about a Van Gogh painting she saw in the third grade. They sit down and look out the window at Paris as they head toward it. They are very close and it is romantic. She moves away from him to buckle up, ruining the moment. Later, they walk around Paris, looking at the sites. Marina has a guidebook and is very excited. She asks him where the museum is, but he reminds her that he has business and can't go with her. He says she can tell him about it on the way home. She remembers his meeting. He smiles and says he isn't sure he would call it a meeting. An attractive blonde, Brigitte, runs up, waving to him. He tells Marina how to use the Metro, brushing her off as he hugs Brigitte. He introduces them offhandedly. The two women shake hands. Marina asks what Brigitte does, so she tells Marina that she is a super-model. Marina makes snarky comments at Brigitte's expense, but Brigitte doesn't understand her. Marina wishes them a good day and they leave. She doesn't look too happy but chides herself for worrying about him when she is in Paris. Marina reminds herself that this wasn't a date and that she doesn't need a man to have a good time. She gets her book and starts off on her own. Later, Marina is frustrated and yelling at a waiter because all of the museums are closed because of some holiday. Alan-Michael returns, so she thinks he has played a joke on her. He says he just found that the museums are closed, but he made some arrangements and tells her to follow him. She wonders what he means, so he says he made a donation and so the museum she most wants to see will give them a private tour. She is amazed. He tells her that sometimes it's fun to be rich, then adds "most of the time". She jumps up, excited. Then she asks him about Brigitte. He comments about her body but says that she's not an art lover. He winks at Marina and then tells her to come on. She smiles and follows him. Later, back on the plane, Marina raves to Alan-Michael about the artwork they saw and how much better it was than seeing it in a book. He tells the pilot they will be ready to take off as soon as he makes them a couple of drinks. She makes him sit down so she can fix him the world's best martini. He says he has had a lot of martinis, so that bar is set pretty high. She says that it makes a difference how much feeling the bartender puts into the martini. As she fixes the drink, she goes on about how she feels toward him and how she has put up a wall because of Danny. She thanks him for bringing her there, saying it was heroic.

As she turns to give him the drink, she finds that he has fallen asleep. She puts the drink down, then goes over and covers him with a blanket. She sits down and tells the pilot quietly that they are ready to leave now. She watches him sleep.

Olivia is pouring some more wine when there is a knock on the door. Buzz walks in, carrying her dinner. She is surprised that he brought her order because he is not the one she spoke with. He says he heard her on the extension and thought she sounded down, so he decided to bring her a special dinner and some company. She is touched that he is checking up on her and invites him to stay for dinner. He wants to know why she's down, so she tells him that she will be a free woman soon. He is shocked, and she shows him the divorce papers. Buzz tells her that he's sorry. Olivia says she thinks she will just drink her dinner and asks him not to lecture her about how it's bad for her. He says that he would like to open his own bottle and drink her under the table. She laughs and pours him a glass. He takes off his jacket and takes the glass. They thank each other and make a toast to "the party of the first part". They discuss what to toast some more, whether to toast Bill or the idea of Bill. She talks about being free again as she gets drunker and pours more to drink. Buzz tells her that Bill doesn't know what he's lost. He asks her if she's survivor, and she agrees that she is. They toast to survival. She adds that she is toasting to "finding the next handsome deeply ambitious, makes-my-heart-pound-every-night man". Buzz is surprised that she's looking for the same kind of guy as Bill but toasts anyway after she says that's what she needs. She offers him more to drink, and he accepts. Before she leaves to get another bottle, she assures him that she is going to find her man soon because she is highly motivated. She adds, "Just watch me", so Buzz says to himself, "Sure, I'll just watch". He looks a bit disappointed. Later, Olivia takes off her wedding ring and drops it in an empty glass.

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