Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/1/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

The female purp with the short dark hair is sitting in a chair at the station.  Mallet leans over after she motions that she wants to whisper something in his ear.  She then elbows him really hard and takes off running.  Harley catches up to her and slams her across one of the police desks.  Some other officers come and handcuff her.  She looks at Harley.  “Hey lady, can’t you tell he’s still hot for you?”  Harley turns to Mallet and they kiss.  The kiss becomes more passionate.  Mallet scoops Harley in his arms and lays her across one of the desks as they continue there passion.  Harley then wakes up suddenly in a panic and discovers that it was just a dream.  She looks around and she is still bare chested with the blanket from the night before draped over her.

Harley and Gus are draped in white robes back at the suite.  They are getting some juice from the breakfast tray.  Gus comments that Harley must have had some dream to wake up like that.  Harley grabs Gus and ushers him towards the bed as she begins to kiss him.  She straddles him on top of the bed.  Gus still questions her about the dream.  He says that he wants to know what it was about.  Harley tries to play it down and tells him that she does not remember what it was about.  As she nibbles on his ear, she sees Mallet sitting on the edge of the bed looking at them (her imagination).  The look on Harley’s face shows that she is clearly tormented.  She intensifies her passion with Gus.

Mallet and Frank are having coffee at company.  Frank wants to know why his sister was helping Mallet bust a purp. Frank makes it clear that Harley is no longer a cop and should be no part of official police business.  He also makes it clear that he does not like the chemistry that he sees between Mallet and Harley when they are in a room together.  Mallet tells Frank that he has moved on.  He then heads to the bar and plants a kiss on a fresh faced Dinah’s cheek.  “We’re dating,” Mallet declares.  Dinah is blank faced and speechless. Frank is surprised and says he had no idea that Mallet and Dinah were an item.  Dinah says that neither did she.  She then covers for Mallet and plants a passionate kiss on him.  When Frank leaves, she smacks him on the butt and tells him that she just wasted one of her really good kisses.

Josh is sitting in a mall on a bench thinking about how much Cassie has been through.  Sandy approaches him and wants to talk.  Josh tells Sandy that enough liars have hurt his family.  Sandy tells Josh that he loves Tammy and as far as he is concerned, they are still married.  Josh is very annoyed and tells Sandy that he blew it.

Tammy and sandy arrive outside of the farmhouse.  Tammy knows that her mom is probably freaking out by now, after not knowing where she is.  Jonathan asks her if he should go in with her.  Tammy tells him that she needs to go in alone and talk to her mom.  Jonathan turns to leave.  Tammy grabs him and kisses him on the mouth.

Harley and Gus arrive outside of company (Harley dressed in a tweed pink skirt suit).  They get in a couple of smooches before they have to go in and pretend that they are having problems.  Harley enters company and is caught off guard when Mallet taps her on her shoulder.  He puts her even more on edge when he tells her about a dream he had of a bunch of high-schoolers seeing him naked. This makes Harley very uncomfortable.

Sandy questions Josh about whether or not he has ever gotten a second chance, and tries to make an analogy by asking how many second chances he has given Reva.  This makes Josh even angrier.  He blasts into Sandy and tells him that he has already had a second chance with his family.  Josh angrily gives Sandy a shove and walks off.  Sandy is upset and Jonathan approaches with a wise crack. 

Jonathan then tells him that he and Tammy were very comfortable at the Bauer cabin last night.  Sandy is livid and punches Jonathan and continues to give him a series of licks.  Sandy finally stops and Jonathan gets a napkin to wipe the corner of his lip.  Jonathan’s demeanor is still unaffected.  His pride is evident.  Sandy demands to know what Jonathan did to Tammy.  Jonathan tells Sandy that he didn’t do anything to Tammy that she didn’t want he to do. Jonathan tells Sandy that he knew for months about him and Ava, but he wanted Tammy to make her own decision.  “And she did, she chose you.  And you blew it anyway.” Jonathan smirks as he walks off.

Cassie is happy and relieved to see Tammy when she enters the farmhouse.  She gives her a big hug.  Jeffrey is also relieved.  Cassie tries to take care of Tammy.  She suggests that Tammy take a bath.  Tammy does and changes clothes.  Tammy hesitates before she goes back into the kitchen. She asks he mom to put the necklace that she always wears on her.  When Cassie inquires about the pearls, Tammy tells her that they broke.  Tammy wants to tell her mom about Jonathan, but changes her mind when Cassie apologizes for putting so much pressure on her and expecting so much of her. Jeffrey interrupts and asks if Tammy has spoken to Sandy.  Tammy says no, and he suggests that she at least listen to what he has to say and the reasons why he did what he did.  Cassie agrees.  Tammy decides to go talk to Sandy and suddenly takes off.\

Tammy arrives at Sandy’s hotel room.  Ava answers the door in a robe.  Tammy shoves past Ava and tells her that she wants to know everything.  Ava gets a sly smile on her face.  Ava goes over the reasons that she thought Sandy left her.  She then concludes that he must have been overwhelmed and just left.  Ava tells Tammy that she better be sure if she is ready to let Sandy go, because she wants him back.  Tammy is a little stunned.  Ava tells her that she can’t have it both ways.  She tells Tammy that it least she has Jonathan.

Back at the farm, Jeffrey and Cassie cozy up in the kitchen.  Cassie tells Jeffrey that he has always been there for her.  Jeffrey tells Cassie that if she really feels that way, then he wants them to move in together.  Josh is lingering outside of the front door looking at the white envelope in his hand.  He enters and is caught of guard that Jeffrey is there.  He says that he didn’t see his car.  Josh then makes an excuse that he was there to check and see if Tammy had made it home because he was driving by.  Cassie agrees that she and Jeffrey should live together.  Josh tells them congratulations and that he will give them their moment alone.  Cassie hugs Josh and thanks him for his concern.

Back at company, Harley and Dinah talk about Mallet.  Dinah feels her in on the earlier events with Frank.  Harley suggests that Dinah and Mallet would make a cute couple.  Dinah goes to the bar and Harley follows.  Dinah thinks that Harley is just trying to push them together so that Gus will stop being jealous.  Harley denies this.

Meanwhile, outside, Gus and Mallet bicker about work and Mallet’s nose in Gus and Harley’s relationship.  Back inside, Harley and Dinah sit down.  Harley gets serious when she tells Dinah that Mallet is a great guy. “He’s one in a million.”  She warns Dinah that she would be crazy to let him get away.  Dinah asks Harley if she would marry Mallet if he was single.  Harley says that she would.  Just in this moment, Gus and Mallet approach the two at the table.  Gus has a questioning look on his face.

Jonathan tells Sandy not to get high and mighty with him.  Sandy tells Jonathan that he will be divorced by tomorrow.  Jonathan warns Sandy that by then Tammy will be his.  Outside of the farmhouse, Tammy has a daydream of telling Cassie in the living room that she is in love with Jonathan.  Cassie is shocked and slaps her across the face.  Tammy snaps out of it and hears her cell phone ringing.  It is Jonathan.

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