Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/30/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Harley and Gus enter company, and Harley comments on how their plan to make it look like they are an unhappily married couple is working.  They then begin to clamber each other, when Harley’s cell phone rings.  Mallet is on the other end at the station.  He asks Harley to come down because something is up with Marina.  She is concerned and agrees to come.  She tells Gus to come but he declines.  Harley spots Beth looking at them through the window at company and initiates an argument with Gus about him not wanting to come.  She then leaves (pretending to be angry).  Gus pretends to be embarrassed and tells Beth that it is humiliating that she always catches him an Harley arguing. 

Beth tries to once again take advantage of the situation and tries to convince Gus that he doesn’t deserve to come in second to Spaulding.  Gus plays along with Beth. 

At the station, Mallet tells Harley that Marina was caught speeding.  Harley doesn’t believe him because it doesn’t sound like Marina. But she then remembers that Allan-Michael owns a sport scar and asks Mallet to give Marina a break.  He tells her that the kind of behavior could get Marina dismissed from the academy.  Mallet then asks Harley to help him get a confession (for old time’s sake) out of a rough looking, short haired, Latina woman (appearing to be in her early forty’s).  Harley agrees.  Mallet gives her the keys so that she can un handcuff the lady to make her more willing to sign the confession.  The lady shoves Mallet and tries to run, but she is attacked by Harley and 3 other cops, and does not get away.  Harley seems to get a little thrill out of this experience.  She and Mallet begin to reminisce for a few minutes about old times.  Mallet clearly still has affection in his eyes for her. 

She calls Gus and tells him that she wants them to close themselves off in a room at the beacon and not pretend anymore for the night.  He agrees to meet her there, but has to be careful because Beth is listening closely.  Beth picks up on the fact that it is Harley trying to make nice after the argument.  Gus tells Beth that it is just for tonight and that everything is not ok now.  Gus leaves. 

Frank arrives and has a moment with Beth.  He inquires about the kids, and makes a wise crack about her marriage to Allan.  He then gets a serious and caring look on his face and tells Beth to remember that she married Allan for the children’s sake.  His comment seems to catch Beth off guard and for a moment she seems to go back to her old self.  Frank leaves.  As Beth is about to leave company, she is behind the bar when mallet enters.  They are cordial.  Beth takes this opportunity to tell Mallet that the word around the house is that Gus has moved to a separate bedroom from Harley.

Tammy is carried across the threshold by Jonathan.  She thanks him for taking her away.  “But to where,” he asks?  “ “I’m not sure yet.”  They stare into each others eyes again.  There is a lot of sexual tension.  Jonathan helps Tammy out of her clothes.  She is in her strapless white bra and the slip of her dress.  Jonathan makes a fire, but says that if they are going to stay there, the fire won’t warm the entire place.  Tammy looks at him and says that they can sleep next to the fire. They begin to make-out passionately.  They end up on the floor by the fire place, with Tammy’s top of and Jonathan’s shirt off. 

It appears that they are making love, but Tammy stops it and tells him that it can’t happen like this.  She acknowledges that she was reciting vows to Sandy a couple of hours ago.  Jonathan wants to continue, but she reminds him that he wants her to acknowledge him in the light.  Tammy gets dressed and there is still sexual tension.  They leave hand in hand.

Sandy and Ava return to his hotel room.  They are seated on the bed.  Sandy tells Ava that he now knows what it fells like to be left and can’t understand why she doesn’t hate him.  He apologizes and embraces her.  Reva walks in and glares at them.  She tells Sandy tells her that there was a mistake but they did get the divorce.  He says he loves Tammy and he needs to make it up to her.  Reva him that another man has feelings for Tammy, and he is not the only one.  Sandy replies that he is the only one with normal feelings for her.  Reva then tells him that Tammy confided to her that she has feelings for him to.  Sandy is clearly hurt by this blow.  Sandy is now determined that he is not going to lose her to Jonathan because he has hurt her and will again.  Reva leaves.  Ava convinces Sandy to let Tammy be alone and give her time and she will come back.  Ava puts on one of Sandy’ t-shirts.  She undresses in the room, but he pays no attention to her because he can’t stop thinking of Tammy.  Ava gets in the bed and Sandy sinks into a chair with his thoughts wondering to Tammy.

Harley and Gus end up at the Beacon.  They can barely keep their hands off of each other as they enter the room.  They make love.  Afterwards they lay on the bed with a blanket barely covering their bodies. They discuss their charade, and when Gus inquires about what Mallet had to say about Marina, Harley seems a little quiet and reflective with the mention of Mallet’s name.  They intertwine their hands and we can see each of their wedding rings.

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