Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/29/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

An upset and heartbroken Tammy is standing on the steps of the church in a daze. Jonathan pulls up in the car that she and Sandy were supposed to ride off in.  He gets out of the car and their eyes meet.  He walks up to her and scoops her up in his arms.  He places her in the car and gets in.  They stare at each other and smile.  Tammy rolls down her window and throws her wedding bouquet on the ground.  They drive off with wedding can decorations dragging from the back of the car and the words “Just married” spray painted on the back window.  Tammy and Jonathan go to what was supposed to be her wedding reception at the beacon in Olivia’s bar. Tammy loses it in front of Jonathan and the staff at the reception.  She is in a rage and screams at the staff.  “Don’t you recognize me?  I’m Mrs. Sandy Foster.  Ok, well there are two of us.”

Tammy continues to rant and rave, while Jonathan lets her, but at the same time try’s to reassure her.  Tammy announces that only two people are coming to her reception, but she will still have a party.  Her and Jonathan toast with a glass of campaign.  Tammy asks Jonathan to take the pearls that Sandy gave her off and when he hesitates, she demands that he do so.  Tammy then helps Jonathan out of his tuxedo jacket and bowtie.  Tammy is quiet all of the sudden when a particular song comes on.  Jonathan asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that this is the song that she and Sandy were supposed to have their first dance to.  Jonathan grabs Sandy close and tells her that it is their song now.  They dance closely and seem lost in each other.  Tammy lets her hair down and we see her and Jonathan dance, eat cake, and have a party with each other.  Tammy appears to be completely care- free, as if only the two of them exists. 

When the music stops playing Tammy tells Jonathan that it feels like a dream being there with him.  Her phone rings and he tells her not to answer it, but she insists that it might be her mom worrying about her.  She looks at the caller id and sees Sandy’s name.  She ignores the call, and when Jonathan inquires about who it was, she says that it was nobody.  Jonathan begins to stroke Tammy’s face and she kisses his fingers.  He tells her that he wants her to enjoy every minute of this evening.  Tammy looks into his eyes and apologizes for the ways she reacted to him in the past.  He tells her that he deserved it after what he did to her when he first came to town.  They lean in to kiss each other and bells chime.  They pull back slowly.  Tammy tells Jonathan that the bells were supposed to signal when she and Sandy were going to leave the reception.  Jonathan gives her a sly smile and tells her that she should still have her honeymoon.  He picks her up and they leave.

They end up outside of a cabin in the woods where she was supposed to have her honeymoon.  Before Tammy can enter the cabin, Jonathan stops her and tells her that there is only one way that she can cross that threshold.  He then scoops her up and carries her over.  Jonathan is about to leave, but Tammy looks into his eyes and tells him that she wants him to stay.  He asks her for what, and she replies that she is not sure yet.

Sandy tries to clear up the confusion back at the church.  He tells the officer that she and Ava were divorced weeks ago and Ava backs him up.  A stern Josh glares at Sandy and tells him that he has hurt his family again.  Reva tries to comfort Cassie who goes from angry to being in a daze.  Buzz stops Olivia from comforting Josh.  He tells her that it can wait and that Josh has enough on his plate.  They leave together.  Josh tells Jeffrey that she will take Cassie home if he needs to go to the station with Sandy and Ava. 

Sandy tells Jeffrey that Vince Russo performed the divorcé from Ava, which makes Jeffrey skeptical.  Jeffrey tells Sandy that if it is all a mix-up then he will help him to stay out of jail, but if he and Ava were just playing the Lewis’s then there would be hell to pay.  The officer escorts Sandy and Ava outside and they stop in their tracks when they see Tammy’s bouquet lying on the ground.  Sandy tears up.

At the station, Jeffrey discovers that no record has been found of the divorcé.  Sandy is all over the place and insists that they got one and Jeffrey says that he believes him. However, Jeffrey tells Sandy that he must abide by the rules, because there is a warrant out for his arrest.  He tells Sandy to empty all of his possessions.  Sandy slowly takes his wedding ring to Tammy off of his finger.  Jeffrey ends up getting bail for Sandy which is posted by Ava. 

Josh and Cassie arrive at the farm.  She tries to clean up all wedding preparations in case Tammy comes home, so that she won’t be sad.  Josh tries to get her to relax. A messenger appears at the door and Josh answers it.  He tells Josh that he has the information that he has requested on Jeffrey. Josh is confused because he told the man to call off the investigation.  The messenger says that Olivia wanted him to have it.  He sticks it in his back pocket before Cassie can see what it is.  She tells him that she needs to be alone, and he heads to the station.

At the station Josh tells Sandy that he and Tammy are finished and that so is there business.  Sandy is clearly shaken up.  Meanwhile Ava gets a phone call from an unemotional Olivia who tells her that she deliberately hurt the Lewis’s and that now that she is a part of the day to day operations, she cannot put up with it and that Ava is fired and she must vacate her suite at the Beacon.  Sandy tells Ava that she can stay with him because it is the least that he can do. 

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