Guiding Light Update Monday 11/28/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Sandy and Tammy are in the middle of their wedding ceremony. Jonathan watches intently from the first or second row. Tammy takes the ring and says her vows. She pauses at the "forsaking all others" part but goes through with it. Right when the priest asks if anyone can have just cause, Reva has a flashback to hearing Tammy and Sandy say how much they love each other, and Jonathan vowing that Tammy will not be married by the end of the night. Sandy also thinks about romantic moments with Tammy. Ava has a flashback to saying she wants him, too. Tammy has the same series of flashbacks, but intertwined are flashes of Jonathan, too. Tammy looks at Jonathan, but nobody says anything. They go through with the ceremony. Ava tries to get Jonathan to leave, but he insists on seeing it through until the end, when Tammy and Sandy kiss and everyone applauds. Ava cries and Jonathan looks glum, but everyone else looks happy for them. As Tammy and Sandy leave, Jonathan looks devastated. Just as the bride and groom are about to leave, someone from the Shrewsbury's DA's office stops them. Jonathan suddenly looks hopeful.

Sandy looks at the papers that the person gives him and says there must be a mistake. Tammy wonders what the papers say. Sandy hands the papers to Jeffrey, who says that it looks like Sandy broke the law. Sandy insists it's a big mistake. Tammy demands to know what's going on. Sandy says he has to straighten it out outside with the guy. Jeffrey explains that Sandy is already married to someone else. (news interruption here, sorry) Tammy wants to know why Sandy won't talk about this. He says it's nobody's business but theirs. She is shocked to hear that it could be true. He admits that he thought he was divorced. She is surprised that he was married because he never mentioned it. He says it was a long time ago and he thought it didn't matter. He thought he was divorced. Ava steps forward and assures Tammy that they went to a lawyer and signed the papers together. Tammy is stunned to find out that Ava is Sandy's ex-wife. Reva asks Jonathan if he had something to do with this, but he shushes her. Sandy assures Tammy that he'll clear this up. He tells her that he loves her and that nothing has changed, but then he wonders if something has changed. Tammy looks over at Jonathan hesitantly. Josh comes over and suggest that they go outside and talk about this, but Tammy demands to know how this happened. She lists all of his lies about Ava. She questions Ava and is further stunned to learn that Ava and Sandy only got divorced a few weeks ago. (another news interruption) Tammy looks down at her wedding ring in tears. She looks over at Jonathan, and then at Ava. Tammy can't believe that Sandy abandoned Ava. Ava tells Tammy she's sorry about how this all came out. Sandy tries to tell Tammy that wasn't the way it happened. He has reasons but begs her to let him tell her in public. Tammy argues with him and demands to know if he really walked out on Ava. He admits that he did. Tammy cries on Cassie's shoulder. Reva tries to stop Jonathan from going over to Tammy, but instead he walks out. Tammy looks a little disappointed. Sandy keeps trying to get Tammy to listen to him, but she won't. Tammy runs out, and Sandy tries to follow, but the man from the D.A.'s office stops him. She goes to a mirror and looks at herself, then she collapses. Outside, Jonathan throws a basket of flowers down on the floor and then goes outs, looking upset.

Tammy takes off her veil, sits down, and cries. She takes off her ring. Jonathan cries and drinks champagne, watching her from outside, through the window. Tammy hugs her mom and then leaves, taking her stuff, but leaving the rings. Outside, she looks disappointed that Jonathan is not there. Inside, Sandy and Ave sit around. Sandy is upset. Sandy is read his rights and arrested. Jonathan walks out from behind a car. His and Tammy's eyes meet. He goes over to her and picks her up, carries her away. They get into the car and leave, smiling. She throws out her bouquet. We see that they are driving off in the car that says "Just Married" on the back.

Gus and Harley go into where the reception is being held. (news interruption here, sorry) Beth listens in outside the door as Gus and Harley joke around and seem to be undressing. Harley stops and says they can't do that there. She shouts as if to say they are fighting, and walks out, pretending to cry for Beth's sake. Beth walks in, offering her consolation. Harley waves at Gus as he pretends to be depressed. Gus drinks champagne as he and Beth talk about his romance problems. She tells him that Mallet is contributing to his problems with Harley. He says that's only true in Blake's imagination. Beth points out that Harley is turning to Mallet when her marriage is under stress, and that Mallet still "has the hots for her". Gus wonders if Beth is really trying to make him feel better. Beth offers her and Alan's help with the company while Gus is having his personal problems. Gus jokes that he would be making with the devil. She asks him to think about it. He walks out, leaving Beth alone.

Mallet stops Dinah, who is peeking into the ceremony, from causing any trouble. He wants to drive her home because she seems drunk. He threatens to throw her over his shoulder, but she stops him and makes him stand on a chair so that she can put him over her shoulder instead. He laughs as she carts him off. They arrive at Company, but it's closed. She tells him to leave her alone, but he sticks around. She wants to get something to eat and drink and searches around for a key. He wonders what's going on with her. She asks him to remember what it was like when he saw Gus and Harley get married. Dinah sets off the alarm as she climbs into a window. Mallet rolls his eyes. Mallet goes inside and tries to get Dinah to leave, but Harley arrives and makes snide comments about why they're there. Dinah yells at Harley to turn off the alarm, so she does. Harley asks if Dinah is desperate for baklava, but Mallet thinks it's the alcohol Dinah was looking for, noting that she finished off champagne at the wedding. Dinah is annoyed that Mallet's making her sound like a lush. He explains to Harley how he found Dinah; Dinah argues with him. He says Harley will have to drive her home because he's through dealing with her. Harley takes him aside and asks him to give Dinah a break because she's been through a lot. She notes that weddings bring up unpleasant feelings for some people, and that even though Dinah has a history with Cassie, she can still be upset. Harley hints that Mallet should know, so he admits that her wedding to Gus was not such a great day for him. Harley tells him that he has to stop dropping these bombs on her about his feelings. She doesn't want to know, she insists. He says she will have to do the same and stop telling him about how happily married she is. She insists that she is, but he thinks that she was a little jealous when she walked in on him and Dinah. She tells him it's fine if he wants to go after Dinah. Mallet says he will and then quickly corrects himself that he doesn't plan to chase Dinah, but he will chase after anyone he wants. Harley agrees and tells him to go find himself someone to make him happy. Gus walks in just then and agrees that Mallet should do that. Harley grabs her coat and leaves with him. Dinah tells Mallet sullenly to take her home.

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