Guiding Light Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

Danny and Michelle say their vows to each other in the Bauer kitchen and Rick has a little bit of trouble with the ring. Father Ray is about to pronounce them husband and wife again when Danny says that there is something that he wants to say to Michelle. They give him a hard time saying that they have waited long enough, but he says that it is something that Michelle deserves to hear.

Beth sits on the phone at Towers and brags to Alan that it is going to be a lot easier than they thought since she is eating desert alone and Gus and Harley stormed out after their fight. She says that this rate Harley should be out of Spaulding by Christmas.

Harley and Gus passionately kiss in the elevator at Towers. Harley wants to know everything that Beth said after she left the table and Gus tells her that she rubbed it in a little bit that she told him so, but then she actually acted like she felt sorry for him. She says that Beth said Spaulding would tear them apart again and jokingly says that she was right, and they are so good. They continue to kiss and Harley asks if he actually did mean anything that he said and wonders if he is really jealous of Mallet hanging around. Gus agrees that it is silly.

Reva sits at the bar and orders a bourbon. She flashes back to Jonathan saying that if he could just talk to Tammy alone he could convince her that she was making a mistake marrying Sandy and her telling him that it was too late. Cassie joins Reva at the bar and says that she got her message and asks what is going on. Reva asks if Cassie knows that she only wants what is right for her and Tammy and Cassie agrees that she does. Reva says that all that matters is that she knows that.

Tammy talks to the groom for the top of the cake, pretending it is Jonathan. Turning around when she hears a noise she asks if it is really him in the cake store. Jonathan says that it is really him and asks what she is doing there since she should be at her bachlorette party. She says that she had to get a groom as her last task of things to do. She stumbles and Jonathan catches her and asks her how many drinks she has had. Tammy admits she doesn’t know and asks what he is doing there. Jonathan says that Reva sent him there to look at an apartment and when Tammy says that there is no apartment there. Jonathan says that Reva set them up since she knew that Jonathan needed to see Tammy before the wedding.

Danny tells Michelle that he loves her and that he wants to marry her and take care of her, Hope, and Robbie. Michelle says she doesn’t know what she did to deserve it but that she will never forget how lucky she is again. Danny makes her promise that she is never going to forget and they all laugh. Ray says that it sounds like they finally figured it out and pronounces them husband and wife.

Harley says that parts of what Gus was saying in front of Beth felt real like the suspicions of her and Mallet. She swears that he has nothing to be suspicious of but says that he doesn’t like him hanging around her 8 days a week. She tells him he is overreacting, just that he hasn’t connected with anyone else since he has been back in town. Gus tells her to introduce her to other people, and Harley says as long as it is not Dinah since she needs her focused on Spaulding. They both agree that they are wasting time talking and go back to making out. As they kiss the elevator doors open and Harley looks up to see Alan Michael standing there. She pushes Gus away and tells him he isn’t going to kiss his way out of this one.

Cassie says that for the first time something good is happening in the family that they can all celebrate. Reva tells her not to put all of the hopes for the family on the wedding and Cassie wonders why Reva is sounding so weird and if there was a reason that Tammy shouldn’t marry Sandy.

Jonathan tells Tammy that this was the best thing that Reva ever did for him. Tammy wonders why she would do this and Jonathan tells her that Reva never was around to give him things that other children got, but that she gave him one last chance to show Tammy how he felt. Tammy tells him that this is the night before her wedding and Jonathan says it is their last night to be together and say how they feel to make things right since after she walks down the aisle it will be to late. He pushers her up against the table.

Sandy goes to the church to talk to the Reverend and make sure everything is set. He tells the person sitting in the pew that he can’t wait to marry Tammy. When the person stands up it is Ava and she says that as his previous wife she thinks that Tammy is one lucky girl, as long as he is marrying her for the right reasons.

Tammy runs her hands up Jonathan’s body and as it looks as if she is going to kiss him, she pushes him away. Jonathan makes fun of the “perfect life” that they are going to have. He tells her for one night to not worry about what she is supposed to do but what she wants. Jonathan says that they are the only two people around and for her to tell him what she really wants. She says she wants him to stop talking and when he asks her what she means, she says that there is one last thing she needs to do that is on no one’s list but hers. She pushes Jonathan up against the wall and starts to kiss him.

Everyone toasts to Danny and Michelle and then realize that they all need something from another room. After they leave, Danny grabs Michelle and they sneak away.

Harley tells Gus that he promised her that they would deal with their issues in other ways than between the sheets. Gus looks up into the security mirror and sees’ Alan-Michael so he plays along. Harley pretends to just notice him and asks how long he has been standing there. Alan-Michael says long enough and Gus assures him that things are fine and leaves. Alan-Michael says he knows it isn’t easy being married and Harley says that they were so good together before Spaulding and says that she can’t give up so he doesn’t win. She asks Alan-Michael to hug her and gives Gus a look over his shoulder. Gus goes out onto the balcony where Beth tells him that he doesn’t look happy.

Reva just tells Cassie that they both know that love is not always enough. Cassie asks if Reva is warning her and Reva says she wouldn’t call it a warning. Cassie assures Reva that she is not trying to live through her daughter, that she is just happy that she has found the love of her life. Reva tells her to go home and get some sleep before the wedding and says that as long as Tammy follows her heart she will be fine.

Sandy tells Ava that out of all of the chapels she had to come to the one he was getting married in. Ava says she had a feeling he might show up since she knows him and he tells her he knew a very different person, many years ago. He says that they got married for the wrong reasons and hopes that she finds someone that loves her the way that he loves Tammy, and that Tammy loves him. Ava asks why she breaks into a sweat every time she sees Jonathan then.

Tammy and Jonathan continue to kiss and Tammy tells him that she wants him. She says it had to happen and that she has been good too long and needs one last chance to get it out of her system before she gets married. Jonathan stops kissing her and tells her that he is not something to get out of her system. Tammy says that isn’t what she meant and asks if he doesn’t want to be with her. Jonathan says that she knows that he wants to be with her but he tells her he wants her to admit that she wants him in front of everyone and not in the dark.

Danny and Michelle go back to Danny’s apartment and he welcomes her to their temporary home. The babysitter come out and they ask how Robbie’s fever is doing, she says that it has broken and leaves. Michelle wants to go check on the kids but Danny says that they are fine and that he has other plans for them. He calls her Mrs. Santos and she says that she likes the sound of that. Danny tells her that they need to have it tattooed to her so that if she ever loses her memory again she can find it. Michelle swears that she will never forget who she is again because when she looks into Danny’s eyes she knows who she is. They tell each other that they love each other and begin to kiss.

Gus tells Beth that his life is like a joke right now and that he is living the sequel to Blake’s awful book. He starts to light a cigarette and tells Beth not to lecture him since he has had such a bad day. She lights the cigarette for him and says that he has had a hard day. Gus tells Beth that she is turning out to be a good friend and Beth, spotting Alan-Michael and Harley says that it looks as if Harley has found a friend also.

Alan-Michael tells Harley that he knows what she needs, attention, sun and round the clock sex. Harley is shocked and stares at Alan-Michael.

Sandy tells Ava that the only reason that Jonathan still gets to Tammy is because he hurt her. Ava tells Sandy that Tammy may be too damaged to give Sandy what he needs. He swears that she makes him better and Ava cries that after tomorrow she will be out of his life. Sandy tells her that it isn’t fair since the only reason he married her was because his mother asked him to while she was dying. Ava asks if he ever loved her and he tells he that he cared about her. Sandy tells her that there is someone out there that will love her the way that she deserves to be loved. Ava asks if he really thinks so and he says that he knows so. He hugs Ava as Cassie walks into the church and finds them together.

Tammy asks Jonathan why he is being a gentleman all of a sudden and tells him to take what he wants while she is offering. Jonathan tells her no again and Tammy accuses him of being a hypocrite when he calls her a coward. He tells he that he does want her and would love her to say that they can be together and go tell Sandy. She sarcastically asks if he really thinks that they could live happily ever after and he tells her that he would never promise that to her since he knows that they will have troubles but that it is enough for him just to know that he has her. He asks if that is enough for her and when she doesn’t answer tells her that he hopes it makes her happy. Reva comes into the bakery and asks them if she did the right thing.

Jonathan thanks her for what she has done and says that it paid off. She wonders what he means and he says that now he knows where he stands and leaves. Reva asks what happened and Tammy says that nothing happened. Reva tells Tammy that she knows how she feels since at one point in time she was just like Jonathan. Tammy says that Reva went for it and wonders if that is what Reva is trying to tell her to do. Reva says that she can’t tell Tammy anything, that is has to be her decision, she just doesn’t want Tammy to make a mistake. Tammy wonders if Sandy is a mistake and Reva says she has to answer that question herself, but that no matter what decision she makes she will support her.

Sandy tells Cassie that Ava was just helping him with some last minute details. Cassie asks Ava if she is okay and Ava just says that weddings make her weepy. Sandy thanks Ava for everything and she leaves. Sandy tries to explain things to Cassie but she just hugs him and thanks him for marrying Tammy.

Michelle and Danny start to make love in their hotel room.

Harley is uncomfortable with Alan-Michael’s suggestion and wonders where the bartender is.

Gus thanks Beth and tries to cover that things with him and Harley are good. Beth kids that if Harley needs to turn to an ex-husband every once in a while good for her since they are everywhere. Gus tells Beth that he just wants the woman he married back. Beth assures him that she will be back sooner than he thinks.

Harley asks if Alan-Michael is coming on to her and he laughs and says that he meant for her and Gus to take the trip. She says it sounds great but that she can’t take the time off from Spaulding. She then asks Alan-Michael if he would consider taking a position on at Spaulding. He reluctantly agrees but says that if a better offer comes along he is gone and she agrees.

Gus asks Beth if there was something that she knew about Harley and the job if she would tell him and Beth tells Gus it is obvious that he really loves her. Beth assures him again that things will be back to normal soon.

After their love making, Michelle says that this was better than the time last Thursday. Danny reminds her that they weren’t together last Thursday and she says that they were in her dreams but she is glad that this is reality.

Jonathan goes to the church and mocks the purity of the decorations. He sees a plaque of his father and tells Richard that he knows he is out of her league but that if going after Tammy was a good idea to give him any kind of sign. He waits for something but when no sign comes, he says that he knows that if anyone is going to stop this wedding it is going to have to be Tammy.

Tammy says she can’t disappoint everyone and Reva asks her if she is sure. Tammy says that this is the way things have to be and Reva hugs her and tells her that tomorrow will go the way it is supposed to.

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