Guiding Light Update Friday 11/18/05


Written By Lorrie
Pictures by Boo

Tammy is in the shower imaging that she is with Jonathan, but when she turns around she is really with Sandy. She reminds him that their wedding is in 24 hours.

Reva joins Jonathan outside company, asking where he has been. He informs her he is giving up on Tammy.

Michelle arrives to the Bauer house, looking for Danny. He joins her and she wants to know her surprise. He does not tell her.

Harley and Gus arrive at Towers for dinner. She is on the phone, discussing work. Gus is annoyed at Her for that. They are having dinner with Beth. Beth calls Alan; she informs him that Gus and Harley are still arguing and promises to keep him posted.

Marina brings Ava along to Tammy’s bachlorette party at the bar. Lizzie is nearby talking on the phone with Dean the loan shark; he makes a threat and then hangs up. Marina talks about the scavenger hunt, informing the girls that Reva gave her some ideas and that Cassie is paying for the party.

Reva talks to Jonathan and doubts his sincerity. He proclaims that he wants Tammy to be happy.

Tammy arrives at the party and talks to her friends, she daydreams about Jonathan.

Rick and Mel join Danny and Michelle outside. They ask how the date went last night. Danny says it did not feel right because they were not married and tells them he wants to marry Michelle again. She is surprised at her surprise.

Gus asks Harley to turn off her phone. Beth joins them as the couple starts arguing about Harley’s job. Alan Michael arrives and calls Beth, Mom.

Sandy arrives at Towers for his Bachelor party given by Josh and Jeffery. Jeffery asks where Tammy is, and Sandy informs him that she is at her bachelorette party.

Tammy looks over list of challenges for scavenger hunt, and is unsure about them. Marina reads offthe first item, find a guy with a tattoo and kiss it. Tammy has a flashback to making out with Jonathan. The girls check out a guy at the bar.

Reva and Jonathan are inside company. Jonathan tells her he shouldn’t have made Tammy choose. She admits that part of her wants them together. Reva informs him that Tammy is at her bachelorette party, and that she will be going there.

Mel and Rick congratulate Danny and Michelle on their wedding plans. Rick agrees to be best man and give Michelle away. Mel and Rick go inside and leave the couple alone. Danny proposes and Michelle accepts.

Gus and Harley continue to argue, and Beth and Alan Michael talk to each other.

Jeffery and Josh give Sandy advice on marriage. Jeffery states that if he were Tammy’s father he would be happy that she found a great guy to marry. Sandy promises to take care of her. Josh suggest they go to Company for dinner.

Tammy goes to the guy at the bar and asks to kiss his tattoo, he agrees taking off his shirt. She kisses the tattoo. The girls all have a drink. Lizzie gives Tammy her gift from her, which is a pink thong. She then introduces Tammy to a guy and tells her the next challenge. Give the guy a lap dance. During the lap dance Tammy imagines its Jonathan and gets really into the dance; Marina has to snap her out of it. The girls then have another drink. The next challenge was to dance with the next guy that walked in the bar. Jonathan checks in on the party peeking in the door. The girls start dancing together.

Jonathan walks out of the bar to find out that Reva had followed him there.

Harley and Gus continue arguing as Beth feeds Alan Michael a bite of her chocolate moose. Harley then leaves and Alan Michael takes his cue to leave. When the phone rings again Gus drops the phone in a bucket of water. Beth and Gus talk about his marriage.

Harley gets a surprise in the elevator.

Michelle tells Danny that he picked a good place for the wedding because she has so many memoriesthere. Danny has her promise they will do things right this time. They talk and then kiss.

Jonathan tells Reva he came to wish Tammy good luck. Reva expresses guilt for not being ableto help Jonathan out. Jonathan tells her that he and Tammy are meant to be together. Reva found him an apartment.

Marina drinks and talks with Ava. Lizzie tells her to go after Danny, but Ava quiets her. The girls are dancing when Reva arrives. First arrives a priest and then an old man both are rejected as candidates for the dance challenge. Alan Michael arrives and then dances with Tammy. Ava informs Reva that she is Jonathan’s date to the wedding.

Jonathan arrives at Company and Sandy invites him to join the Bachelor party.

Tammy ends her dance with Alan Michael. Reva questions how many drinks she has had. Reva allows her to drink.

Danny and Michelle dance, and talk about their past. They are interrupted by someone at the door.

The men at the bachelor party make a toast to Sandy. Jonathan informs them he is attending the wedding with Ava. Sandy gets suspicious at this information. Josh talks to Jonathan.

The last challenge is to steal the groom from wedding cake at a local bakery. Marina assures Tammy she will get her out of trouble if there is any. Tammy leaves to do the challenge, Reva then leaves. Alan Michael tells Marina that he knows she liked their kiss during the black out, she tries to deny it.

Reva calls Cassie and leaves her a message.

Tammy arrives at the bakery and finds the groom figurines. She finds one that looks like Sandy and one that looks like Jonathan. She then has a flashback to her and Jonathan. She talks to the plastic bride and groom when Jonathan arrives. Tammy drops the figurines and stares at Jonathan.

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