Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/17/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo 

Danny and Michelle go to a bar. They are flirting with each other and Danny comments that it is like a first date for them. They kiss. At the same time, Marina walks in with Frank and comments on what a great idea he had for them to get out. She spots Danny and Michelle and immediately takes her comment back.

Harley and Dinah are seated at a table together at Towers having drinks and going over Spaulding business. They invite Beth to join them and she declines. Harley assures her that they will keep her up to date on Spaulding business. As soon as Beth walks away, they agree that Beth smiles in a way that says “I want to stab you in the back”. Beth makes a phone call to Alan to inform him that Dinah is Harley’s new watchdog. Upon finishing her phone call, Alan-Michael approaches Beth and inquires about who was on the phone. Mallet and Gus enter Towers and Gus spots Harley and Dinah. Mallet seems less than thrilled.

Tammy and Sandy are in the new house. Tammy tells Sandy that she loves it. They kiss and Jonathan sees them from outside and peers through the window.

Danny stands to greet Marina and Frank. Marina is polite, but Frank is clearly not happy. Danny pretends that Michelle and he were about to leave. Marina graciously tells him that it is ok and that she knows that they are seeing each other. She tells him that she knew in her heart all along that it is where Danny wanted to be.
Harley tells Gus and Mallet that she and Dinah are there for work and Gus announces that they are too. Harley (not so discreetly) steals Gus away. Dinah is not happy to be left alone with Mallet. Alan-Michael flirts with Beth and she questions why he is hitting on her.

Sandy tells Tammy that he can’t wait to carry her across the threshold. She suddenly pulls away from him and tells him that she can’t do this. Sandy is concerned, but relieved when Tammy tells him that she can’t let him buy the house just to make her happy. He reassures her that he will do anything to make her happy. Danny tells Frank that he never meant to hurt Marina and Frank warns Danny to stay away from Marina. Outside on the balcony, Harley insists that Gus and Mallet did not arrive at Towers by mere coincidence. She reasons that he must be trying to push Mallet and Dinah together.

Dinah questions if Mallet is bothered by Harley being with Gus. Mallet admits that he knows that he lost Harley and that he has to move on. He is clearly a little reminiscent as he leaves the table to get a drink. Outside on the balcony, Gus comes clean that he would like Mallet to be preoccupied with Dinah.

After seeing Tammy and Sandy leave, Jonathan enters the house and fantasizes that Tammy returns to the house and declares that she knows Sandy has lied to her. She says that this is the kind of house Sandy would live in and that she and Jonathan are different and this is not there kind of house. They begin to destroy the house (symbolic of her destroying her dreams with Sandy). Jonathan snaps out of it and realizes that he has been destroying the house alone. Emotional and teary eyed, he continues to destroy the house.

Frank leaves Marina at the bar. Alan-Michael enters just as she was thinking of ideas for Tammy’s bachelorette party to keep her mind off of Danny. She asks him to buy her a beer. Dinah confronts Gus alone on the balcony and tells him that she knows what he is up to. She will keep Mallet preoccupied to help Harley’s marriage because she feels that she owes her. Danny tells Michelle he wants there relationship to be less awkward and writes down a time and place for her to meet him tomorrow, but won’t tell her why. Harley and Mallet are seated at the table together while Dinah and Gus are still on the balcony. Harley admits that she can’t stand to see Mallet with someone. Gus walks in at that time. He is upset and leaves. Sandy and Tammy make love back at her room.

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