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Outside, Coop thanks Buzz for coming to his rescue and helping him wash dishes at Towers. Buzz tells him that he didn’t see how Coop was going to finish all those dishes and still get to see Lizzie. Coop is obviously worn out and could use some sleep. Coop tells Buzz that he needs to find a girlfriend. Buzz scoffs at this, but Coop is serious. He knows his father is tired of being alone. Buzz tries to blow him off, but Coop won’t let up on the subject.

Inside, Josh joins Olivia at the table with Emma. Josh helps feed Emma some ice cream as Olivia tells him that she has found the name of a man that may be able to help him find out if Jeffrey was ever in San Cristobel. Olivia doesn’t know exactly why Josh wanted this information, but she did want to help if she could. Josh tells her that he just wants to make sure that Cassie won’t get hurt again. Olivia knows that is just part of who Josh is, to want to protect the ones he loves. Josh thanks her for the information and takes off. Buzz and Coop are coming in as Josh is leaving. Coop is still on his father’s case about finding a girlfriend.

He stops pushing the issue long enough to call Lizzie to tell her that he is off work and they can now do something together. Lizzie promises to meet him outside of Company. After the call, Coop is right back at badgering Buzz. He points out that Olivia is sitting alone at the table with Emma and thinks Buzz should go and talk to her. Buzz reminds him that Olivia is a married woman. Coop blows that off, knowing that her marriage is caput. He playfully teases Buzz to get off his behind and go and talk to Olivia as he goes outside to wait for Lizzie. Buzz watches Olivia with Emma for a bit before getting up the nerve to go and talk to her. Olivia is happy to see him. She asks him if he thinks it would be awkward for her to ask someone else that has been invited to Tammy’s wedding to go with her. Buzz gets a hopeful look on his face as he tells her he doesn’t think it would be awkward at all. She tells him good, she is thinking of asking Josh to the wedding. Buzz is obviously embarrassed at his own thoughts and quickly walks away to gather dishes at the bar. Olivia doesn’t understand what is wrong.

Buzz asks her why she asked him. She tells him that she considers him a good buddy and she values his opinions. Buzz explains that he isn’t the right one to ask about relationships. He knows about bikes and burgers, but not relationships. He gathers the dishes and heads to the back as a confused Olivia gathers her and Emma’s stuff up to go. Buzz secretly watches her from the back.

Outside, Josh stops long enough to call the man that Olivia told him about and explain that he wants to know if Jeffrey was ever in San Cristobel. The man promises to find out all he can and give Josh a call back.


Tammy corners Ava and wonders how she would know that the antique watch would be the perfect gift for Sandy. Ava is temporarily saved when Sandy finds the girls and joins them. Tammy is happy to see Sandy, but won’t be detoured from her question. She asks Sandy how Ava knows him so well. Sandy starts to stutter, but Ava comes to his rescue by explaining that she saw Sandy with his laptop when she was working and just noticed every time she walked by him that he was looking at a different antique watch. Sandy looks perplexed that Ava is covering for him, but doesn’t have time to contemplate long before Lizzie rushes up happy to see Tammy. Lizzie tells Tammy that she is going to throw her a bachlorette party. Tammy is a bit reluctant, but Lizzie persists.

Marina joins them and thinks Lizzie’s idea is a wonderful one. Lizzie also insists that Ava come to the party too. Sandy manages to get Ava off to the side while Tammy is busy with Lizzie and Marina planning the party. Sandy wants to know why Ava covered for her. He worries that she is up to something. Ava tells him that she really does want him to be happy. If she wanted to tell Tammy that they were married, she has had several opportunities to do so. Sandy decides she is telling the truth and grabs Tammy out of the group to take her home.

The Beacon:

Reva and Jonathan continue to argue about his feelings for Tammy in Tammy’s room. Jonathan is upset with his mother that she wished Tammy and Sandy a happy life together. He thought that he could count on her. Reva tries to explain to him that he put her in a bad position by asking her to help him be with Tammy. Jonathan doesn’t care, he wanted to be able to count on her and now he sees that he can’t. He sees an invitation to the wedding on the table and quietly slips it into his jacket before storming out to the hall. Reva follows him out as they continue to argue. Blake finds them and also lays into Jonathan for scaring her customers away from buying the house earlier. The three of them walk back into the room as Blake continues to complain about Jonathan bullying her customers. She knows Jonathan wouldn’t be buying the house anyway. Reva sticks up for her son reminding Blake that she was no pilar when she first came to Springfield. She claims that Jonathan has changed. Blake tells her that she sincerely hopes so, but for now he is messing with her paycheck. Blake leaves in a huff. Reva turns on Jonathan again and demands to know why he was looking at a house. She realizes that he wants to buy this house for Tammy. Jonathan argues that he and Tammy will be together, no matter what anyone thinks. He accidentally drops a page of the house listing before he storms out. A frustrated Reva checks the messages on her phone and finds a message from Cassie saying that she wants to talk to her. Reva leaves also.

A little later, Sandy and Tammy return to their room with Sandy obviously in the mood for a little loving. Tammy notices the paper laying on the floor and picks it up asking what it is.

When she realizes that it is house listing, she asks Sandy if he has been looking at houses. She realizes that he probably hasn’t because he would never do that without talking to her about it first. She looks at the paper longingly though, and talks about how nice it will be to be married to him and have a home that she will always know she can come home to. Sandy realizes how much this means to her and tells her that he has been looking at houses and that this is the one that he thought she would like. Tammy is excited about the house and asks when they can go and see the house. Sandy tells her they can see it right now. The two take off to look at the house.

The Farmhouse:

Cassie is cleaning up when Jeffrey comes in carrying two bags of groceries. He tells her that he went to the store and asked around what all he needed for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Cassie is pleasantly surprised and jokes with him about being the chef for the week. She reminds him that Thanksgiving is two weeks away and that most of this food will go bad by then. Jeffrey tells her that this is for the practice run. He wants to make sure everything is perfect for the real Thanksgiving dinner, so he thought he would ‘practice’ this week first.

The two of them joke around about his cooking abilities as they put the food away. Jeffrey gets serious and tells her that he wants this Thanksgiving to be perfect because he has so much to be thankful for. He realizes that Cassie has something else on her mind and asks her to talk to him about it. Cassie admits that she was thinking about Richard. She knows how much Richard loved Tammy, and Tammy loved him. She wishes that Richard could be there to walk Tammy down the aisle. She apologizes for talking about Richard in front of him. Jeffrey tells her that he doesn’t think she talks about Richard enough. She needs to talk about it so that she can move on. Cassie tells him that she wishes he had been able to meet Richard, she is sure he would have liked him. Jeffrey gets a very guarded look on his face. Just then, Reva knocks on the door and looks very worried asking Cassie what she wanted to talk to her about. Cassie calms her down and tells her that she only wanted to ask her to celebrate Thanksgiving with them at the farm. Reva thanks her, but tells her that she thinks she should spend Thanksgiving with Jonathan. Cassie tells her that she wants Jonathan to come too. Reva tells her that she doesn’t think this is where Jonathan should be at all. Cassie thinks Reva is worried because her and Jonathan have such a bad history. Reva continues to try to make excuses, but Cassie doesn’t let up. She finally convinces a skeptical Reva to agree to celebrating together.

Outside, Jeffrey finds Josh coming up to the house to check on Cassie. He tells Josh that Reva is inside and Josh decides not to go in. Jeffrey tells Josh how happy he is to see Cassie happy these last few days. Josh listens intently as Jeffrey talks about how happy Cassie has made him and how blessed he feels to have her in his life. He only wants to make sure that Cassie is happy for the rest of her life. Josh’s phone rings. When he sees that it is from the guy he called for information on Jeffrey, he excuses himself and takes the call. The man starts to tell him what he found, but Josh tells him that he will no longer be needing the information. Josh has changed his mind about Jeffrey. When he finishes the call, he tells Jeffrey that he has to be going and he will see him at the wedding.

Back to CO2:

Jonathan finds Ava there still planning Tammy’s bachlorette party and teases her about hanging with the ‘girls’. Ava tells him that she got roped into attending Tammy’s party. She tells him that she is actually starting to like Tammy. Jonathan asks her what she knows about buying a house. She is surprised that he is interested in buying a house but admits that she doesn’t know much about it at all. She figures out that Jonathan wants to buy the house for Tammy. She thinks he isn’t being realistic because the wedding is only days away. Jonathan is sure that the wedding will not happen. He just knows that Tammy will not go through with it. Ava isn’t so sure. She is convinced that it is going to happen, no matter how much she and Jonathan don’t want it to. Jonathan will not let her spoil his plans, he shows her the listing that he has realizing that he lost one page of it. He thinks he doesn’t have a chance getting it though because he pissed Blake off so badly. Ava tells him that Blake isn’t the listing agent so he does still have a chance. She doesn’t know much about real estate, but she does know that. Jonathan decides it is time to go and see the house in person. Ava rolls her eyes and walks away with Jonathan smiling knowingly after her.

Outside Company:

Lizzie and Marina arrive to find Coop sitting on the bench, fast asleep. Lizzie knows that he has been working very hard lately and is exhausted. Marina asks if Lizzie is going to wake him. Lizzie tells her she is just going to let him sleep. She sits down next to him and pulls him over to her shoulder. Coop sleepily cuddles up to her and continues to sleep. Marina comments that she thinks that looks like a perfect date. She kisses Lizzie on the head and takes off.

New House:

Tammy and Sandy walk around checking out the house. Tammy walks through the house smiling and nodding to herself. She can see herself being happy here. She looks at the view through the window and smiles. She then walks out to the front porch and is very happy with what she sees here.

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