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Jonathan insists that if Reva really loves him, she will help him get Tammy away from Sandy. Reva tries to reason with Jonathan and asks him if he realizes she is asking him to destroy the whole family. Jonathan sees things as black and white. She either loves him enough to help him, or she doesn’t. Reva reminds him of Tammy’s whole life. How much heartache she has been through, reminding him that he was part of that heartache. Tammy needs stability and security in her life now. She grabs a magazine and shows him a picture of a house. This is what Tammy needs now. She reminds him that he can barely stand on his own two feet right now. There is no way that he can hold Tammy up too. Jonathan gets it! Reva just doesn’t think that he is good enough for Tammy. Reva continues to try to get through to Jonathan, but he is hurt and angry and is not listening. Jonathan reminds her that he is her real son, not Sandy before storming off. Reva is hurt and frustrated also.


Buzz arrives with a box full of stuff and almost drops some of it. Ava helps him gather his things together and asks what this place is. Buzz explains that it is his new franchise. He is calling it CO2 and explains that the name really means Company Two. He was hoping the new name would sound hipper to the younger crowd. Tammy and Sandy come onto the scene talking about all the invitations they handed out. Sandy sits on a bench with Tammy on his lap. They talk about how happy they are and how wonderful their lives will be after they are married. Ava watches from the bar with a dreamy look on her face. Buzz asks her if she knows the couple. Ava admits that she does and asks Buzz if he is going to the wedding. Buzz tells her that he is and shows her the invitation. Ava takes the invitation and examines it as she tells him that her boss is also going to the wedding. Buzz thinks she is talking about Jonathan, but she corrects him and tells him that she was talking about Olivia. Buzz is interested in that bit of news. Sandy tells Tammy that he has something that he needs to do and he will meet her back here in an hour. He tells her she can think of it as a wedding present. Buzz gets a call from Coop and takes off. Tammy sees Ava standing by herself at the bar and asks her to help her pick out a wedding present for Sandy. Ava tries to get out of helping her by explaining that she really doesn’t know Sandy that well. Tammy tells her that Olivia has mentioned that Ava has very good taste and that is why she asked her to help her. Tammy knows that Ava isn’t really on board with the wedding. Ava says that she doesn’t understand the rush. Tammy explains that they are in love and don’t see any reason to wait. Ava finally agrees to help Tammy find the perfect gift. Jonathan is passing by and overhears what the girls are talking about. He tells Tammy that Sandy is already getting her, which should be a good enough wedding present. He offers his services to help her find the gift for Sandy. Tammy declines and says she is going to stick with Ava. Ava watches the interaction between the two closely.

Jonathan asks if all the invitations have been handed out, realizing that he hasn’t received one yet. Tammy confirms that all of them have been delivered to their intended recipients. Jonathan asks if she has any second thoughts. Tammy tells him that she has none; Sandy will be able to give her everything she has ever wanted. Jonathan makes a crack about security and white picket fences. Tammy tells him that Sandy can also give her the most important thing, which is love. Jonathan gets the hint and excuses himself telling her that he hopes she is happy. Tammy begins to window shop a little when Ava brings up the relationship between her and Tammy. Tammy admits that they are half cousins, but things are complicated between them. Ava can see how much Jonathan cares for her, and how much she cares for him every time they look at each other. Tammy gets a bit upset at this, but explains it away by saying it is just nerves about the planning of the wedding and stuff.

Ava asks if she is having second thoughts. Tammy tells her that Sandy is a wonderful man and she is lucky to have him in her life. Ava reminds her that Jonathan is a wonderful man also and obviously cares a great deal for her. Tammy thinks that Ava has feelings for Jonathan and tells her that she wouldn’t mind seeing the two of them together. Ava is quick to remind her that her and Jonathan are just friends. Tammy admits that her and Jonathan did have a thing when he first came to town, but it is over. Ava isn’t so sure. Tammy tries to convince herself, more than Ava that she has moved on and just wants Jonathan to move on also. Ava lets the subject drop and the two start to window shop again. Ava points out an antique watch and comments that it would go perfectly with Sandy’s collection of antique watches. Tammy grows suspicious now. Sandy hasn’t worn any of his watches in a long time, how does Ava know about his collection? Ava has the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on her face.

The Beacon

In Olivia’s Bar, Jonathan is at the bar starting to drown his troubles when Blake comes in with a young couple. She tells the couple that she is happy that they like the house. It is a perfect starter house for a young couple like themselves. Jonathan hears the ‘perfect starter house’ part of her speech and becomes interested in the conversation. The young couple tell Blake that they need to think about this decision for a minute.

Blake tells them that she has a few phone calls to make, and she will give them time to talk about it. The house will not last long on the market, she tells them. The couple go to a table to talk about the house as Blake comes to the bar. Jonathan asks to take a look at the listing. Blake tells him that she doesn’t think it is his type. He takes one look at the house and tells her that he wants to buy it. Blake is shocked and tells him that she knows he blew through his trust fund. Jonathan explains that Nate left him some money and the bar. He is going to buy this house. Blake tells him that it doesn’t work that way. The nice couple she brought to the bar has first dibs on it. She gets a call on her cell phone and goes outside to take the call. Jonathan takes the opportunity to grab the young man and slam him up against a wall, telling him that he needs to find another house. Blake returns to find the couple doing their best to get out of the building. She asks Jonathan what happened. He ignores her and tells her to put his bid in on the house. Blake just can’t believe that Jonathan is really wanting to buy the house and is very angry at him for costing her the sale. Jonathan can’t understand why she won’t listen to him and just yells at her to put the bid in on the house for him before he storms off.

Sandy is alone in his and Tammy’s room when Reva comes to visit. He shows her a pamphlet on Hawaii and tells her that he is going to take Tammy there for their honeymoon. Reva is thrilled to hear this, but tells him that she came there for a reason. She then tells him a story about the first time she got married.

She tells him that it is a Lewis tradition to talk to both the bride and the groom separately before the ceremony and offer them an ‘escape route’. Sandy assures Reva that he has no second thoughts, he loves Tammy with everything he has, and he is certain of her love for him. Reva tells him that she is happy for him and she just wanted to make sure. Sandy tells her that he is off to find his fiance and tell her of his surprise trip. Reva walks him out to the hallway and gives him a hug. She tells him that she loves him and wishes him and Tammy a happy life together before Sandy takes off. Jonathan has walked up and seen the tender moment between Reva and Sandy. He is non too happy about what he saw and heard, and lets his mother know exactly how he feels. He and Tammy will be together, with or without her help. He doesn’t care who gets hurt!


Lizzie and Coop’s date is winding down and Lizzie just wants to go home and lay in Coop’s arms. Coop is pleasantly surprised by this. He tells her that he really wants that too, but he promised his father that he would help with CO2 tonight. Lizzie misunderstands and thinks he just doesn’t want to be with her. Coop tries to reassure her. She tells him it is okay and that she will get her own cab home. She leaves Coop on the patio and heads inside with tears in her eyes. A man joins Coop on the patio and Coop thanks him for making all of this possible tonight. The man was glad to do it, but reminds Coop that his part of the deal was to wash dishes all night in return. Coop thanks him again and heads inside to start bussing the tables. He calls his father and tells him about his deal to wash the dishes and asks him to cover for him if he happens to run into Lizzie. Buzz tells him that he should have just told Lizzie the truth, but Coop doesn’t agree with him. Buzz reluctantly agrees to cover for his son. Coop starts bussing the tables. In the background we see Lizzie re-enter the room. Quinn approaches Lizzie and reminds her that she owes him a dance.

Lizzie is a little reluctant, but agrees to the dance. She is still a bit down because she believes Coop didn’t want to be with her. There are a few near misses while Lizzie dances with Quinn before she comes face to face with Coop. They are both shocked to see the other one still there. Coop comes clean and explains why he is still there. Lizzie admits that she thought he didn’t want to be with her and that she had gone to the bathroom to clean up her tears. She explains that Quinn was making her feel a bit better. Coop is upset that he hurt her feelings; Lizzie is upset that she hurt him by dancing with Quinn. They agree to always be totally honest with each other. Lizzie offers to help Coop with the dishes, but he doesn’t want her to ruin her dress. They kiss and agree to meet up at home later. Coop goes off to get started on the dishes as Lizzie heads to the balcony to answer her cell phone. It is Dean on the phone demanding that Lizzie come up with the money she owes him by tomorrow. Lizzie tells him that he doesn’t have to threaten her, he will get his money. Quinn overhears the last part of the conversation and joins her on the balcony. He tells her that he hopes he didn’t cause any problems between her and her friend. Lizzie corrects him and reminds him that Coop is her ‘boyfriend’. Quinn wonders if someone like Coop can give her what she needs considering they both come from the opposite sides of the track. Lizzie wonders why it is always about money. Quinn comments that it is only all about money when you don’t have any. He puts a huge wad of money in her hands and tells her that now she does have money. Lizzie realizes that he must have overheard her conversation with Dean and tells him thank you, but she can’t accept the money. She needs to take care of this herself. Quinn won’t take no for an answer. He figures that she hasn’t told Coop and promises her that there are no strings. Quinn leaves with Lizzie staring at the wad of money in her hands.

Back inside, Coop is surprised to see Buzz there. Buzz tells him that he is there to help him wash the dishes. Coop is happy for the help. Buzz tells him he wants to help so that Coop can get back to his girl.

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