Guiding Light Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Lorrie
Pictures by Boo

Buzz, Mel and Rick are outside company. Buzz invites them inside but Mel turns him down, stating that they are looking for Danny. Buzz suggests look at the Beacon. Mel tells him the only reason they are there is because Rick wanted to come there first, Rick states he was hungry. He then states that Mel wants to get involved in getting Michelle and Danny back together because she misses Leah who is away at boarding school. Rick then asks Buzz about getting a sandwich to go, but Mel rushes him off.

Danny and Michelle at his apartment. Michelle assures Danny that Marina will recover from losing Danny.

Marina is at Towers Dance doing security as part of her job. She weaves her way across a dance floor of couples.

Coop and Lizzie exit company and are outside. They are both dressed up to go to the Dance. Coop expresses worry about Marina; Lizzie tells him that Marina can join them during her break. Coop then informs Lizzie that despite having two shifts at Company he was unable to pay for the tickets. She wonders how they are going to get in without tickets. Coop then tells her that he has a friend who can get them in and evades her question of how. He states the important thing is that the will be together.

Olivia and Josh are meeting at Company. Josh wanted to question Olivia about Jeffery, Olivia thought he wanted someone to talk to about Reva. He informs her that he and Reva are over. He then changes the subject back to the topic of Jeffery and has a flashback of Edmund. When Olivia asks him why he wants to know he claims he wants a different perspective of Jeffery.

Cassie is with Jeffery at the farmhouse. She wants the party to end so she can be alone with him. He asks about Jonathan leaving and she assures him that Jonathan would not hurt them.

Sandy is with Jonathan at the farmhouse. Sandy is looking at the wedding invitation while Jonathan stands nearby. He asks Sandy if doubts and receives an answer of no. He then asks where Tammy is and Sandy tells him she is outside with Reva, he assumes they are planning wedding details.

Reva talks with Tammy outside, she is in shock by Tammy’s confession of love for Jonathan. Tammy states she can not help the way she feels. Reva tells her that she can and that she must but her feelings aside and move on away from Jonathan. She then gives the positives of marriage, such as children and a future of the stability that Tammy needs. Tammy informs Reva that Jonathan loves her.

Danny and Michelle are on the bed making out when Mel and Rick knock at the door. Danny tucks in his shirt and Michelle leaves the room. Mel and Rick come in the room with Rick blaming Mel for the reason they are there. Michelle re-enters the room, surprising both Rick and Mel. Rick then states that they are making a mistake.

Coop and Lizzie arrive at the dance at Towers, a friend of Lizzie’s comes over and invites her to his  table with some friends of his. She gets out of the invitation but claiming that Coop and her have friends waiting for them at another table. Coop then confesses to Lizzie that his friend is a waiter there and then leads her outside to the terrace where there is a table set for two.

Buzz joins Olivia while Josh is taking a phone call. He teases her about being after Josh and suggest she date other men. Olivia assumes that he is trying to set her up with Frank. Buzz denies this and then leaves when Josh returns. Josh asks her if while in San Cristobal if she ever ran into Jeffery. She is suspicious about his questioning.

Cassie is thankful for her family and Jeffery. Jeffery asks Cassie how he got where he is now with her and her kids. She remembers how he used to be jaded and would not even celebrate Thanksgiving.

Jonathan drinks a beer from the fridge while Sandy continues to look at the invitations. Sandy assures Jonathan that he will be getting an invitation and then hints at him to leave the party. Jonathan refuses to leave.

Reva wraps arm around Tammy and tells her that inside the house is Sandy and the wedding invitations. Tammy tells her she wants to marry Sandy but she has a love and passion with Jonathan. Reva advises her to marry Sandy and not to look back. Jonathan watches and listens from the kitchen, he looks shocked at what Reva says.

Danny and Michelle sit on the bed while Rick and Mel try to convince them to get back together. Rick then puts in the pairs wedding video. After viewing a few minutes of it Danny and Michelle promise to consider what they have said. Rick and Mel leave.

Rick and Mel seem pleased with themselves for what they accomplished.

Marina is covering the party for her job when one of the guys from the party comes up and flirts with her. He tries to get her to dance or have a little fun with him but she refuses. She then hallucinates seeing Danny and Michelle dancing but it is really another couple.

Coop and Lizzie enjoy their dinner on the terrace. Coop leaves to get the next course of dinner and Lizzie gets a call from her loan shark. She lets the voice mail get it. Her friend joins her and informs her that everyone at the club knows she got cut off by her mother and that she can drop the act of having a good time and being poor. She informs him that she is having a wonderful time with Coop.

Josh tells Olivia the truth about what Edmund had said and asks her to Do some investigating. She informs him that she will make a call the next day.

Tammy goes inside to join Sandy. Jonathan comes outside and is angry with Reva. He asks her why she told Tammy to marry Sandy when she knows that he loves her. Reva was the only person he had told about his feelings for Tammy, he feels betrayed. Reva tells him that Tammy loves him too and he seems surprised to hear this. He threatens Reva telling her not to get in the way.

Sandy shows the wedding invitations to Tammy and is excited about their meaning. He then suggest that instead of mailing the invitations they deliver them personally. Cassie and Jeffery agree to help out.

Reva regrets telling Jonathan about Tammy’s feelings for him, she did it to prove a point. She tells Jonathan to step aside and let Tammy have the happiness she deserves with Sandy.

Sandy, Tammy, Cassie and Jeffery deliver invitations to Reva, Jonathan, Olivia and Josh.

A Song plays in the background and there is a music montage: Danny and Michelle make out while the wedding video plays in the background, Marina is at her job at the dance, Coop and Lizzie enjoy their date.

Jonathan tosses invitation on the ground and Reva picks it up informing him that this wedding is going to happen. He then crumples the invitation up.

Sandy and Tammy talk at Company, Sandy tells Tammy that he wishes they could just go elope.

Jonathan tells Reva that he has never asked anything of her since he arrived in town, but that he is asking her for something now. Reva asks what he is asking her for. He asks her to help him stop Tammy’s wedding to Sandy.

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