Guiding Light Update Friday 11/11/05


Written By Lorrie
Pictures by Boo

Jonathan and Ava are outside Company, Ava offers him some soup which he refuses, worrying about Cassie and how she is. He paces around not standing in one spot. Ava assumed that Tammy would have called him but Jonathan says no. Ava sounds discouraged, doubting his plans since Tammy and Sandy
are getting married and getting over them. Jonathan assures here that there is still time, but Ava reminds Jonathan that she gave Sandy a divorce. Reva then arrives to inform them that Cassie is safe back at home, and that Josh and Jeffery went and rescued her. Jonathan is relieved at this news, stating that Tammy should be happy. Before leaving Reva asks him to keep things the way they are.

Cassie arrives home and Tammy and RJ run to her thrilled to see their mother. They both hug Cassie and claim they missed her. Jeffery then enters the farmhouse, followed by Sandy who welcomes Cassie home. Jeffery then thanks Sandy who his help and Tammy calls Sandy her hero.

Harley excuses herself and Mallet from Dinah’s office. They go into her office next door. Harley is surprised that Mallet is still there, he claims he had things to finish up with Dinah. She then rushes to the door and closes it. Mallet looks surprised and they are both on the offensive with their arms crossed. She asks if he finished his time with Dinah and then asks him to leave. She defends that request by stating she
is suffering from book and video paranoia. He tries to get a word in the conversation and she talks about blake’s novel. She tells him that until all the hype from it is gone she does not want people speculating that there is truth to the rumors about them. Mallet agrees with her wanting the book off the bestsellers list.
She agrees with him that she wants it gone. She then walks to her desk. He calls it crazy the idea that they are still in love, they both call it insane. Dinah then enters the office commenting on the sexual tension between both Harley and Mallet. She suggests getting it out in the open. Both Mallet and Harley look uneasy.

Alan is in Jail and is visited by Alan Michael. Alan hugs his son, welcoming him home. Gus then arrives.
Alan is happy to see both his sons and introduces Gus to Alan Michael. Gus states its nice to finally meet him and they shake hands. He asks Alan Michael why he is in Springfield. Alan answers for him, claiming that Alan Michael is dealing with a divorce from Lucy Cooper. Alan expresses his dislike for the Coopers stating that mixing of Spauldings and Coopers is like oil and water. Gus assumes that Alan Michael is here to get his dad out of Jail.

Michelle arrives with Hope at his apartment. He is surprised by how quick she arrived; she reminds him that when he called he said it was important. He then invites her in, and informs her that Marina is gone.
Michelle looks a bit surprised at this news.

Josh goes to Company and is picking up an order. While waiting for the order he remembers what Edmund told him about Jeffery. Reva arrives and hugs him, thanking him for bringing Cassie home.

Tammy joins Sandy’s side and asks what Edmund was thinking kidnapping Cassie. Cassie hugs RJ again.
She does not want to talk about Edmund. Jeffery claims that she needs rest but Cassie claims she is fine.
“Sometimes it’s the bad things in life that make you appreciate what you really have.” She then suggest having a party, Jeffery tries to dissuade her from this. They all go into the Kitchen.

Jonathan starts use his Phone. Ava asks if he’s calling Tammy and he answers yes. He wants to tell here that he’s happy for her. Before he can call her his phone rings, it’s Cassie asking him for a favor. He is surprised to hear from her so soon and asks if Edmund is gone. She assures him that he is. She then invites him to the family party, informing him that Reva is also invited. He starts to ask about Tammy but then changes his mind. Ava asks if he’s going to the party and he says no.

Tammy tells Jeffery that he reminds her of Richard. He suggest it may be being without facial hair but she claims that it’s the way he makes Cassie happy like Richard did. Jeffery asks her if she is happy. She acts surprised at this question.

Jonathan and Ava are still outside company and they exchange a silent glance.

Josh is happy that Cassie is safe. Reva is thankful also. Josh says that he would have rescued Cassie no matter how things were between Reva and him. The order comes up and they are both laughing that they ordered the same thing. They both ordered grilled cheese and tomato for Cassie. Josh suggests that they
take their orders to Cassie together. Reva is pleased by this offer and accepts. She then asks how bad it
got in San Cristobal. Josh states it could have been worse but that Cassie is now safe cause of Jeffery.

He then stops mid sentence to ask Reva when she first met Jeffery. Reva answers around the time of the fundraiser at the Beacon for Richard’s memorial. He does not answer why he asked that and gets her to leave with him instead.

Alan Michael states that he has some things to catch up on with Alan. Alan Michael is thrilled that Alan is right where he deserves to be. Alan tries to get him to feel some compassion but Alan Michael refuses to.
He then tells Alan he will be leaving soon since Harley has business under control and he’s out of the loop.
Alan asks him with is more important than his family and friends. Alan Michael tries to get Gus to answer for him but Gus tells him to keep going he’s on a roll. Alan accuses them of ganging up on him, Gus states they have a lot in common like a father who kills. Gus decides to call Alan Michael little AL and then proceeds to hug him.

Dinah gets between Harley and Mallet, she asks Mallet if he wants Harley. He answers no. She then asks
if he wants her, he answers he doesn’t know. Harley asks if Dinah believes him, she is not sure about that but she is sure that Mallet wants Harley. Dinah states there’s nothing going on between the two of them
and Mallet and they should move on.

Michelle asks if Danny broke up with Marina. He states that Marina left him while he pours himself a drink and then offers one to Michelle. She asks why and he replies that Marina feels that Danny will always be in love with Michelle.

Alan assures both Gus and Alan Michael that he never meant to hurt them. Alan Michael reminds him about Phillip. Alan tries to get a chance to explain but Alan Michael cuts him off and Gus agrees with
him. He states that Alan can gain back some respect by leaving Harley alone. Gus tells Alan to take that offer, Alan reminds Gus of Alan Michaels marriage to Harley. Alan Michael states that they were young and that she is a charmer. Alan is angry and tells them both that Harley is the worse thing that happened
to the family. Alan Michael and Gus leave and Gus asks what happened between Alan Michael and Harley. Alan Michael calls it a mistake.

Danny sits on the couch telling Michelle it took him a long time to get over her. She tries to give him encouragement about them. But he informs her he gave up on them and that he learned how to live without her. He then gets up. She tells him that he doesn’t have to live without her. He cuts her off and says Marina was wrong.

Mallet “How come when you get a bunch of women together it starts to be like high school” he then sits in Harley’s chair . Dinah teases him right back. Harley states that Dinah working for her is the best thing that’s happened since she started running Spaulding, Dinah thanks her. Harley decides to give Dinah some lessons on handing Mallet since they will be working together on Ross’s campaign. She kicks Mallet out of her chair and then tells Dinah tells her that she can trust him, he’s loyal like a mule. Mallet takes that as his cue to leave. Gus and Alan Michael then arrive and Gus finds out that Alan Michael and Mallet are old friends. Dinah teases Gus about meeting another one of Harley’s exes

Jeffery brings drink for everyone at the party. Tammy thanks Josh and Josh tells her to marry Sandy. Reva makes a toast welcoming her sister home. She also toasts the three heroes: Jeffery, Josh and Sandy. She then toasts to Sandy and Tammy. Jonathan arrives Tammy answers door. Tammy asks Jonathan what he is doing there and Cassie joins him saying that she invited him. She invites him to stay for the party but he declines welcoming her back and using the club as an excuse to leave. Reva watches worried. Cassie tells Jonathan that he is part of the family and to have a drink and stay awhile.

Reva asks Jonathan why he is there, she does not look very happy. He admits he can’t help himself or stay away from Tammy. He then looks across the room at Tammy, who is looking back at him. Sandy and Josh then bring her attention to the gift that Josh and Reva gave them, a pair of silver candle sticks. Sandy thanks Josh as he walks away from the pair. Josh then joins Jeffery in the kitchen who is eating some of the food asking how he’s doing and if he’s recovered yet. Jeffery assures him he is. Josh then brings up Jeffery’s old career and San Cristobel. Again Josh does not answer Jeffery’s question of why. Sandy tells Tammy they could pass the candle sticks down to their children. Tammy gets uncomfortable, and makes
an excuse to put them away, stating that she is clumsy. She exits the room and runs is alone with Jonathan.
She passes him and almost drops the candle sticks Jonathan catches them and there hands meet, he sends her longing looks while she looks confused.

Beth visits her husband Alan, she wants to know where she stands in regard to Spaulding enterprises with Alan Michael back in town. Alan reassures here that she’s at the top everything that Spaulding stands for, he informs her that Alan Michael is not their friend and is very bitter. He also tells her that Alan Michael thinks that Harley is a good CEO. Beth then looks straight at him and tells him she will never abandon him.
She then hugs him.

Harley kisses her husband and then welcomes Alan Michael who is confused about why Mallet is at Spaulding. Dinah informs him that Mallet is working with her on her father’s campaign. Mallet adds
that Ross is running for congress and he is heading up security detail. Alan Michael brings up the
police force. Harley tells him that Gus and Mallet work together. Alan Michael finally gets things straightened out and takes it as his cue to leave feeling confused. Gus then escorts him out. Gus and
Alan Michael have short talk regarding Harley and also about Mallet. Alan Michael tells him he might
end up staying in town. Gus admits that Mallet is in love with Harley.

Danny tells Michelle he moved on because she was gone and that Marina and him fell in love. He also
tells her that Marina doesn’t deserve to be hurt. She reminds him that they always had love. He counters that they also had hurt and pain, he sounds defeated. She tells him again that she loves him and that they have children together. She claims she wants their family back. He reminds her that she’s the one who
gave up on him and he doesn’t want her love. Danny then leaves her stunned.

Mallet tells Dinah that she is interested in him and Dinah denies that. Gus gets something to drink while Harley sits at her desk she apologizes for her ex-husbands and all the drama. Gus then shows his jealousy for his Mallet. Harley tries to give Gus reassurance that Mallet is into Dinah. Dinah, Mallet and Alan Michael all wait for the elevator. Alan Michael teases them about being in a fight and to just ignore him. Mallet and Dinah then get into an argument. Alan Michael then takes the elevator and disappears.

Alan Michael sees Beth in the elevator and gives her a hug. He tells her she looks fantastic and she thanks him. She asks how long he will be in town and he invites her to dinner. He’s flirting with her. He doesn’t seem to care that she is married to Alan.

Jonathan tells Tammy to smile because her mother is home, Tammy just looked at him speechless. He asks
if he’s ruined the party and she says no and thanks him for saving the present from breaking. She then goes outside with Reva following her. Jonathan watches from the window. Reva informs Tammy that she can ask Jonathan to leave. She says she’s ok but Reva retorts that he’s causing her pain. Tammy reminds her that it’s a family party and that Jonathan is family. Reva tells her that she loves her son, but that he should not be there and that he should not he coming after her. Tammy tries to end the talk but Reva will not let her, she warns Tammy about his real feelings for her. She tells Reva she already knows that.

Alan Michael tells Beth that by marrying her Alan shows that he wanted her. She informs him that Alan wants to put the family back together and that Gus and Harley have taken over the company. She sounds threatened by all of this. She tells him that the family needs him and to make peace with his father. Alan Michael tells her he likes things the way they are now with the company and that unlike Phillip he is not seeking Alan’s approval. He tells her that he has always liked her.

Harley finishes up her work and joins Gus. Gus suggests a double date.

Dinah tells Mallet it’s strictly business between them. He believes civil is a bit to far. She then goes back
to her office.

Harley informs her husband that Dinah hates Mallet. Gus reminds her that she hated him when they first met, he suggests they ask Dinah and Mallet to go out with them. Harley does not want to.

Michelle stays with Hope talking to her. Danny returns to the apartment and Michelle tells him that Hope and her were leaving. She feels a bit awkward. Danny then kisses her and tells her he lied. When she left town he tried to move on but he could not. He still cares for her. They start kissing again.

Cassie tells Jeffery that she feels completely safe around him. Josh watches from a distance, he then calls Olivia to set up a meeting with her.

Reva continues her talk with Tammy.

Jonathan and Sandy are in the kitchen at the farmhouse. Sandy tells him he can leave now and thanks him for coming. Sandy says he’s happy and that someday Jonathan might be happy too.

Reva tells Tammy that she has a life with Sandy and her family. She tells her to focus on that and not on Jonathan. Her voice sounded sharp and a bit angry. Tammy informs Reva she’s prayed to hate Jonathan
and then blurts out that she loves him.

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