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Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Mallet is eating breakfast at Outskirts when Gus walks in. They say hello to one another, and it’s clear that Mallet is still one of his partner’s least favorite people. AC doesn’t pay any attention though and comments on Harley’s newest employee, Dinah. Gus looks startled and makes it clear that unlike his partner that he doesn’t think everyone deserves a second chance.

In her office, Harley is busy with her assistant, Steven. She rattles off a list of tasks for him, and then asks about her messages. He mentions that only the tabloids have called. She looks crushed, and mentions that she wished she could have gotten some good publicity over the stockholders meeting. As they’re talking Dinah walks in, ready for her new job. Harley on the other hand, looks like she may be regretting her decision to hire the convicted killer.

Harley introduces Steven and Dinah to one another. Dinah realizes that she may no longer be wanted at the company and seizes the moment. She sits down at Harley’s desk and enumerates the qualifications that she has to make her career a success. Harley smiles, glad once more about her decision to hire Harley. Steven excuses himself as the two women being talking. He returns briefly to announce that Mallet is in the building to see Harley.

Mallet walks in and seems excited to see the two women working with one another. He mentions that Gus is back in town, and Harley looks nervous. She asks Dinah to leave, and then closes her office door. “Gus saw the videotape.” She tells him. He looks confused, and she explains that someone recorded the two of them kissing inside the prison.

Mallet is mad, and immediately wants to know why Gus would see such a thing. Harley tells him that Alan and Beth were behind the stunt. Looking angry, he finally understands why his partner has been acting so strangely towards him. “This is my fault.” Harley says. “I swore up and down that nothing happened between us.”

In the outer office, Steven is on the phone with someone from the tabloids. He mentions hat Harley is alone in her office with ‘Hammer.’ Dinah comes out, hears what is going on and immediately hangs up the phone she’s mad and clearly has heard everything.

Steven is evasive and pretends to get back to work, hoping that Dinah hasn’t heard anything. She demands that they talk immediately and makes it clear that she has heard his betrayal to Harley.

Coop delivers a salad to Lizzie inside of Company. He’s made it just the way she likes it. As they’re talking, her cell phone rings. Dean is on the other end of the line, and reminds her that she has to pay him back very soon. Lizzie looks worried, especially when she realizes that he’s watching her from the outside patio. She assures shim that she will pay on time and quickly hangs up.

Coop notices that she’s looking frazzled, and wonders what is going on. She lets him know that it was merely a telemarketer. He seems to accept this and begins asking her about her new job. She informs him that she has the day off, and wants to spend it with him. She offers no further information about the faux job.

Dean is looking in the window of Company when Gus arrives. “What are you doing here?” asks Gus as he realizes that he knows who this man is. Dean lies, claiming that he ate and now merely wants to leave. Gus doesn’t buy the story and assumes that he’s doing business. He looks inside the restaurant trying to figure out Dean’s true motive for being there. He sees Lizzie sitting alone, and nods. While his back is turned Dean uses the opportunity to take off.

Coop comes outside, garbage in hand and sees Gus. They say hello to one another, and Gus immediately asks how his niece is doing. As they walk inside, Coop mentions that his girlfriend has a new job and is doing much better financially. Gus sits down with Lizzie while Coop heads off into the kitchen.

Gus immediately asks Lizzie all about her new job. She lies to him, and he doesn’t seem to be buying her story. She makes up the name of her company, along with other details about her fake job and looks very worried. Gus lets her know that he will always be there for her. “If you are ever in trouble, you can come to me.” He tells her. He then mentions casually that he wouldn’t ever want her to have to turn to someone such as a loan shark. He does this to simply see her reaction and it seems to work. Immediately she gets flustered, though Coop returns in the nick of time. He urges Gus to find Harley and spend some time with his wife.

With Gus gone, Lizzie is by herself when a young man walks in. He calls out her name, and the two hug. She identifies him as Quinn and they begin talking about going to boarding school together. He urges Lizzie to catch him up on everything as Coop comes over. He dismisses Coop, without even looking up. Lizzie explains that Coop is her boyfriends, and begins to mention that he was accepted into a writing seminar at Oxford. Quinn looks like this whole thing is amusing to him and then mentions that they should all get together at the Towers dance. Hugging Lizzie closely, Coop promises that they will meet up there.

Quinn leaves, and Coop doesn’t hesitate to let her know that he’s not fond of him. He is noticeably threatens and wonders why she had to bring up his Oxford seminar. Lizzie explains that she wanted to let him know how important her boyfriend is, and then bring sup the dance. Looking uncomfortable, he tells her that he hasn’t bought the tickets yet. “They cost a grand. I am saving my tips.” He tells her. She looks worried, reminding him how fast they sell out, and he assures her that he will get them.

Quinn returns to Company and pays Coop. He gives him a hundred dollar bill and tells him to keep the change. Coop looks confused until he mentions that he overheard the conversation about money. Quinn mentions that he merely wants to help a friend out. Coop thanks him, but refuses the money. At the counter, he approaches Lizzie and wonders why she doesn’t simply buy the tickets herself. Biting her lip, Lizzie confesses to Quinn that she was cut off from her family’s money. He looks sympathetic and offers to pay for their tickets himself. She looks tempted, but tell him no. She doesn’t want to step on Coop’s feelings. Quinn nods and gives her his phone number before leaving once more. He urges her to call him if she ever needs anything.

On the docks, Jeffery is on the phone with some of his Washington contacts. He is franticly trying to locate Cassie when Josh arrives. They both vow to find her. As they’re talking Josh becomes cognizant of Jeffery’s sheer determination when it comes to this. “She is everything to me.” He explains to Josh.

Josh mentions that he’s already picked RJ up from his basketball game and that he will do anything to help out. As the two men are talking RJ comes out of the car to see Jeffery. He asks where his mother is, and neither knows what to say to the child initially. Jeffery bends down and informs him that Cassie will be home very soon. He also makes a pact with RJ to make Cassie as happy as possible when she does get home.

Sandy kisses Tammy inside the farmhouse. It’s apparent that neither of them knows that Cassie is missing.

Jonathan gazes in at the happy couple from the porch when Reva arrives. She taps her son on the shoulder, and warns that he should simply let Tammy be happy. As the two are talking, Sandy and Tammy come outside looking surprised to see the two of them there. Reva mentions that the two of them merely wanted to see if they needed any help with planning the wedding.

As Tammy, Sandy, Jonathan and Reva are talking about the wedding, Josh and Jeffery walk into the farmhouse. They get everyone worried when they ask if anyone has heard from Cassie. Realizing that something is going on, Jonathan rustles RJ out of the room. Reva demands to know where her sister is. Jeffery explains to all of them that Cassie was kidnapped by Edmund. He then asks for a recent photo of Cassie to give to the authorities. Tammy finds a picture of the family with Hope, and laments on how quickly things have changed in their family. Jeffery heads off to find a photo of Edmund when Jonathan comes into the living room. He begins to console Tammy. Reva approaches her son, and lets him know that if he wants that he’s more than welcome to leave.

Jonathan looks his mother in the eyes, and informs her that he’s staying. He wants to help out. Jeffery heads outside to get some air, while Jonathan helps calm Tammy down some more. Josh approaches Reva who is keeping a watchful eye on her son. She thanks Josh for helping out with RJ and begins to break down. He hugs her close, and promises to bring her sister back safe and sound. Sandy comes in, and walks over to Tammy who is crying. He hugs her and looks at Jonathan with a menacing look. Reva moves toward her son once more and wonders if he truly does love Tammy.

Reva warns Jonathan that if he truly does love Tammy that he has to give her up. She urges him to fight his feelings, because that is what is best. He tells her that he can’t and reminds her that she isn’t one to talk when it comes to fighting feelings. “I am not going to let her go.” He warns his mother.

Inside the farmhouse, Sandy has retrieved Edmund’s laptop from upstairs and is working on it furiously. Jeffery is on the phone and tells Sandy to look for a file called ‘portal.’ He finds it, and Jeffery mentions that he has a good idea of where Edmund has taken Cassie. He, Josh and Sandy begin to leave. Jonathan offers to help, but is told that he would only get in the way. With all the men gone, Tammy is a mess once more. Jonathan approaches her once more and consoles her again.

Back in Harley’s office, she rationalizes that she should have told her husband about it all from the beginning. As they’re talking, Dinah drags Steven into her boss’s office by the ear. She explains that the mole inside Spaulding Enterprises was none other than Harley’s assistant. Harley promptly fires him and lets Dinah be the one in charge of making sure that he never returns. She also makes sure to thank Dinah for all her work.

Mallet shakes his head, he can’t believe that people are that interested in what is, or isn’t going on between them. Gus walks in, and Harley rushes toward him and hugs him. She begins talking a mile a minute about what has gone on since he left. Mallet realizes that he’s not needed and leaves. Alone, Harley explains how sorry she is about what Gus had to witness on the videotape. She tells him that at that time she needed to be close to the outside world, and Mallet was the only way for her to do that. She reminds her husband that regardless of what they both want that Mallet is part of her past, and that is something that she can’t change.

Gus smiles and agrees that they will be fine. He then mentions that perhaps they should move away and start a new life somewhere. Harley shakes her head, she confesses that she likes her job and doesn’t want to leave it. Gus agrees to have her back, even if it means staying in town. “Nobody can stop us.” He tells his wife as they kiss one another.

Near the elevators, Dinah sees Mallet waiting to leave. She approaches him and makes it clear that he has to stay away from Spaulding Enterprises. Mallet looks confused, wondering why she would ban him from the building. She explains that the last thing Harley needs is him hanging around stirring up trouble.

Dinah then heads into Harley’s office. She interrupts the two of them and mentions that Mallet has been barred from the property. She looks frazzled and mentions that she’s going home.

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