Guiding Light Update Monday 11/7/05


Written By Lorrie  
Pictures by Boo

Danny asks what Marina and Michelle talked about in the elevator. Michelle answers with a kiss.
Danny states that he loves Marina, and he is now with her. Michelle tries to convince him that there
is something between them. They have children together.

A Stranger comes to see if Marina is alright she assures him she is,, and then whips out her badge
saying he is under arrest. Marina arrests him for reckless driving, they get in an argument about the charges, and when she gets a good look at him she is surprised to see that she recognizes him.

Reva arrives at the Beacon hotel room she is sharing with Josh to find Olivia there working on her laptop.
“Charging Josh’s battery is my job” Reva states.

Jonathan carries Tammy to Outskirts, she tries to call Sandy but her phone does not work right.

Cassie arrives at the bridal shop, but finds Tammy not there. She then tries on veil. She talks to herself
in the mirror. Edmund comes out of the shadows, she spins around suprized. Cassie asks if he knows where Tammy is, and he does not know. He requests that she put on the veil. He blocks her way when
she tries to leave. She finally puts on the veil, and he reminisces about their wedding. Cassie tries to end conversation, but he keeps on talking. He puts the blame on Jeffery; she denies that their marriage was
not meant to be. He blocks her second attempt to leave, trying to get her to talk to him. She wants them
to move on, but he can’t. Edmund wants another chance; he wants them to have a honeymoon. He
reveals that they will not return.

Jeffery finds Sandy at Company, and asks why he is not with Tammy. Sandy tells him that Tammy
was not at the Bridal Shop, the place was empty. Buzz interrupts saying that they probably went
home. Neither Sandy or Jeffery have use of their cell phones.

Marina and the stranger arrive at Company; she claims she was craving a donut. She then requests his wallet so that he will not try to escape while she is gone. Marina then goes inside, and checks the wallet
for its ID. She shows Buzz the wallet. They have a laugh over her arresting him, looking outside at him. They both recognize the stranger.

Michelle and Danny are still debating their relationship. He wonders why she is doing this, and she says she is tired of denying her feelings for him. She claims that she wants them to be a family again. Danny states that what they had is over.

Jonathan starts making a sandwich and offers to make one for Tammy. She declares that she can’t while
in her wedding dress. He offers her Ava’s change of clothes to wear behind the bar. Tammy tries to get
the dress unzipped and she has problems. He offers to help her out of the dress. She accepts and he unzips the dress for her.

Olivia packs up her laptop; Reva starts an argument with her, and accuses her of being a home wreaker.
Reva came to see Josh who is not there; she declares that she always win. Olivia then counters that she
does not want Josh. Reva will do whatever it takes to keep Josh away from Olivia, and Josh arrives.

Reva tries to defend her actions by stating that Olivia makes her territorial. While they start their
argument Olivia leaves the room. Reva claims she is tired of finding him with Olivia. Josh figures out
that Reva did not make love to him to get back together, but to send a message to Olivia. Reva denies
this stating that she loves him. He does not believe her, and he does not trust her anymore. He had hope
this afternoon, but now there is not future for them.

Danny brings up the fact that they have hurt each other every time they were together. Michelle states
that there were also good times. He is tired of the ups and downs of their relationship. She declares her
love for him, she hopes that they have a chance together. Hope wakes up interrupting their discussion.

Marina returns to the stranger, he asks if she can drop the charges. She states she’s surprised he hasn’t
tried bribing her yet, calling him Alan Michael Spaulding. She reminds him that the Coopers own Company. He does not recognize her until she calls him Mr. Big Shot, a nickname that Marina’s mother Eleni used to call him.

Jeffery tells Sandy to stay where he is in case Cassie and Tammy show up. Jeffery decides to go looking
for them. Sandy mentions to possibilities that Edmund is involved which Jeffery immediately turns down.
He tells Sandy that they are probably some where worried about the two of them.

Cassie refuses to go with Edmund, and he threatens Jeffery’s life telling her that there is a sharpshooter at the court house waiting to kill him. Cassie tells him that she does not love him anymore. She tries to come up with excuses to get out. Edmund assures here that when they are settled they will send for her children.
He wants them to be a family. The shop owner returns and Edmund introduces himself as Cassie’s husband. The owner tells Cassie that Tammy left already.

Jonathan finishes unzipping Tammy’s dress. She changes behind the bar, and returns to his side. He tells her that because it’s dark they can do anything they want. They then start to make out until she pulls
away, she feels that what they are doing is wrong. He tells her not to think about it. Tammy declares
that she is in love with Sandy and that what they did was a mistake. He yells at her that she does not love Sandy, and that she wants him.

Reva asks what they do now, and that she never thought it would come to an end. She is glad they
made love one last time. He hugs her, and then says goodbye. She calls him Bud. He leaves her alone.

Edmund talks up their family to the owner. Cassie wants to reschedule the appointment. The owner finds that Tammy took one of the dresses with her. Edmund then takes Cassie out of the room. She grabs the
veil to set off the alarm.

Michelle stays with Hope while Danny leaves to go take a walk, and find Marina. She tells him that wherever he goes that she and hope love him.

Buzz walks outside to join Alan Michael and Marina. Lucy is mentioned, and Alan Michael states that
he tried to make their marriage work. Buzz asks him how long he is staying in town. He replies that he
is not sure since his family is a mess right now. He then apologizes to Marina for what his father and brother did to her aunt. She drops the charges just giving him a warning. He tells her she has her
mother’s eyes. He ends things by kissing her.

Buzz goes inside Company to find Olivia. They discuss her marriage with Bill and things with Josh.

Tammy and Jonathan discuss her upcoming marriage. Reva arrives interrupting them, wanting a drink.
She then questions Tammy, and she then leaves to go find sandy.

The bridal shop owner talks with a cop about Cassie, Jeffery interrupts her. She tells him that Cassie
stole a veil, and that she was with Edmund. Jeffery puts out an alert for the two of them.

Edmund takes Cassie to the docks telling her it was brilliant to set off the alarm. Cassie tries to get
away but is again stopped. Cassie declares that he needs help, but he states he needs a bride. She tells
him people will come looking for her. Edmund deduces that she means Jeffery. He points to
something coming to get them.

Michelle talks to Hope about Danny. She tells her that Danny will return to them.

Danny finds Marina at Company, he was worried about her. Marina is glad that Michelle brought out
her true feelings for Danny, and that she is going to fight for Danny.

Olivia and Buzz start talking, but are interrupted when Josh arrives. Olivia and Josh go work at another table.

Reva informs Jonathan that things are over between her and Josh.

Sandy finds Tammy, she wants him to take her home.

Jeffery talks over instructions for search with an officer, and then he finds the veil. A plane flies overhead.

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