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Inside Company, Harley comments to Beth that she still needs to talk with her about something. Looking sure of herself, Beth mentions that it won’t be a problem. She will be at the restaurant for a while. Harley heads outside with Gus as once more Beth changes the DVD that is in the projector.

Outside, Harley turns to Gus and admits how nervous she truly is. He assures her that she is going to do well at the meeting. As they are talking, Buzz brings Zach and Jude out in their costumes. Zach is dressed as a cop, and Jude as a prisoner. Together the four men comment on how convinced they are that Harley is going to ‘knock ‘em dead.’

Back inside the restaurant, Beth hears them outside reassuring Harley. She smiles deviously.

In the courtyard, Olivia is on her cell phone. She is yelling, in an attempt to get Bill on the line. The person on the other end eventually hangs up. Alex watches the whole thing from afar and comments on it. She clearly isn’t too sad about the fact that things are looking bad for Bill & Olivia.

Marina runs into Mallet in the courtyard, and he tells her that he’s there to show support for her aunt. Marina nods, and then mentions that she’s there so that Danny and Michelle could have some alone time. They both lean back, realizing that they don’t fully understand why the other is really there.

Danny and Michelle return to his room at the Beacon. They have numerous bags with them, and have apparently been shopping. They pull out numerous pink dresses, blankets and toys for Hope. Michelle mentions how hard it is going to be for Cassie to give up her child. Danny tries to talk some sense into her, remind her that Cassie has known that she would have to give Hop up for some time. Michelle continues to struggle with the idea of removing a child from the only mother she’s ever known.

As the farmhouse, Cassie looks down at Hope who is on the couch. She’s dressed as a pumpkin. Jeffery walks in, as Cassie tells him that Halloween is by far her favorite holiday. Softly, Jeffery reminds her that Danny went to get Michelle some time ago. He tells her that they could return soon. Cassie doesn’t want to hear what he’s saying, and tells him that it could be days before Danny finds Michelle. He shakes his head, clearly thinking that she is living in a dream world. With tears in her eyes, Cassie admits that she merely wants it to be days before the Santos clan return to town. She rationalizes that pretending they’re not coming back is a self preservation mechanism.

“How are we going to do it, Danny? Are we going to show up at Cassie’s door, and say that we’re here for our daughter?” Michelle asks, clearly knowing that it is not the answer. No matter what solution Danny comes up with, Michelle dismisses them. She’s not sure that there is a way, right or wrong, to prepare Cassie for taking Hope away from her mother.

Cassie hugs Hope close, thankful for the time they have together.

Olivia rushes into the restaurant to wash off her face. She’s crying, and convinced that Bill won’t be able to avoid her forever. As she is washing her hands, her wedding ring slips off her finger and down the sink drain. “Oh no!” She tells, looking down the drain. Olivia gives in, not wanting to deal with anything and cries harder. She takes it as a sign and runs out of the restaurant.

Beth continues to stand by the projector, when Harley and Gus come inside. She immediately asks if the kids are going to stay for the meeting. Harley rationalizes that Spaulding is a family friendly company, and didn’t see a problem with it. Zach walks over to the projector, and wants to see the DVD that Beth has in her hands. She’s uncomfortable, and explains to him that it would be boring for a child to watch. She snatches it away from him, and Harley looks worried. Harley ushers her children out of the restaurant, and when returns makes it clear that she is the one in charge. She also uses the opportunity to warn Beth that Alan is using her. Beth doesn’t want to hear this, and makes a rude comment about Harley and her love life.

Mallet comments that Danny and Michelle must be extremely thankful for her help in finding Hope. Marina nods and mentions that the real problem now is in ironing out the details of having a newborn child. Mallet quickly mentions to her that sometimes, the hardest part is in the details.

Michelle and Danny continue to discuss Hope. This time they talk about where she is going to live. Danny naturally assumes that she will live with Michelle at the Bauer house. She reminds him that he could move in as well. Before he has a chance to say anything, she runs across some of Marina’s things. Feeling like an idiot, she quickly apologizes for forgetting that Marina is now a part of his life. Danny lets her know that it is all understandable given the stressful circumstances. Again, he assures her that things will work themselves out given time.

Cassie continues talking about feeling as though her days with Hope are numbered. Jeffery seems understanding, and lets her know that she has every right to feel the way she’s feeling. He lets her know how amazing he thinks she is. He even suggests taking a vacation with all the kids to get some peace. “It hurts.” Is all Cassie replies as she hugs him close. For a moment while they are together, she smiles. Whispering to Jeffery she mentions that the only good part about having to give Hop us is the fact that she knows Danny and Michelle will love Hope as much as she does. Cassie just prays that she doesn’t have to give her daughter up on Halloween.

Olivia returns to Company, only to find Buzz beneath the dink. He has his head underneath the sink, and ask Olivia (although he has no idea who he’s talking to at the time) to hand him a wrench. She hands him what he needs, and looks like he’s ready to bolt. Buzz mentions that he’s working on unclogging the drain. “I need some help.” He tells her before she gets the chance to leave completely. She stays and soon he has the drain ripped apart. He finds the culprit – a wedding band. Olivia initially blames it on one of his waitresses, until he notices the inscription. He comments that it has both an “O” and an “L” on the inside, and points to her bare ring finger.

Buzz asks why she didn’t tell him about it sooner. Olivia laughs nervously and mentions that she took it as a sign. “You know, my rind went down the drain, and so is my marriage.” She rambles over a glass of wine that he’s poured for her. Alex watches on as the two talk, clearly looking interested in what is going on.

Buzz and Olivia re now talking on the patio. He reminds her that sometimes things are more important than work. As they are talking, she seems to have gotten an idea. She calls him a genius and picks up her things. As she’s’ leaving she mentions how she shouldn’t be lamenting over the loss of her husband. “I may not have Bill, but there are other Lewis’s. All is fair in love and business.” She tells him before running off.

Inside, Gus reminds Beth of a time before she was married to Alan. She apparently doesn’t want to talk about it, and reminds him that she doesn’t regret her marriage to his father at all. She claims to know what she is doing. Shaking his head, he mentions how his father wants to destroy Harley because he’s a terrible man. “No matter what spin he puts on it, it’s still a horrible deed.” He tells her looking very sure of himself. Then he looks down at the DVD that is still in Beth’s hands. Gus seizes the moment and grabs it out of her hands; he demands to know what is on the disc. Beth pretends to warn him, and merely informs him that it is something he won’t want to see. Gus doesn’t listen, shoves it into the computer and pushes ‘play.’

Alexandra approaches Mallet in the courtyard and refers to him as ‘Hammer.’ Smiling, she reminds her that despite what she may think that he’s there only to support a friend. Alex laughs at this notion as Harley walks by with a board member. Alex interrupts their conversation and wishes her luck. Harley shrugs it off, claiming that her meeting will not be disrupted as she’s had it well planned from the beginning.

In the hallway at the Beacon, Jeffery, Cassie, RJ and Hope are going door to door trick or treating. RJ runs to Danny’s door and knocks on it before Cassie has a chance to stop him.

Michelle and Danny are busy looking over the clothes they have bought for the baby when they hear a knock on the door. He opens the door to find Cassie and her crew standing there. “When did you get back?” is Cassie’s initial thought. Though she can’t mask the fact that she’s anything but happy to see Danny and Michelle home. The adults have an awkward conversation until Jeffery sends RJ out to the hallway. Michelle asks to hold Hope, and Casssie has a difficult time letting go. She rattles off numerous facts about Hope in an effort to tell Michelle everything as quickly as possible.

Danny and Michelle let Cassie know that this is something that doesn’t have to be done immediately. They are even more than willing to give her the time she needs to say goodbye.

Cassie takes a moment to tell Hope how much she loves her, and that she will always be there for her, no matter what. She’s crying and soon hands Hope over to Michelle once more.

“Cassie, thank you. We really want you to be a part of this.” Danny tells her. He lets her know that their main concern is making sure that Hope feels secure and safe. They even mention that they’re planning on leaving Hope’s name as it is.

Jeffery suggests that they attempt to catch up with RJ, and Cassie agrees. She just takes a moment alone with Hope first. She wants to say goodbye.

Back inside, Gus looks shocked as he watches the video of Harley and Mallet together at prison. Beth is clearly pleased at his reaction and plays off his insecurities. “If this much is true, what other chapters in Blake’s book are right on the money?” She asks before Harley walks in.

Harley appears nervous and lets Gus know that she’s no longer sure about how her presentation is going to go. She hugs him, and it is noticeable that he’s now uncomfortable with her now. “You can do it.” He tells her, and she walks out of the restaurant ready to tackle the world.

Beth looks smug as she warns Gus once more to stop attacking her about her marriage to Alan. “You need to work on your own love life.” She yells at him.

Mallet stands at the back of the courtyard with Marina. They joke about how fun one another is. Marina becomes serious for a moment, and asks him if he and Harley are truly friends. Smiling he tells her about the many reasons he still likes Harley. As he’s talking about her, Marina looks like she realizes something. She takes off, leaving Mallet at the meeting.

As the Sarah McLachlan song, “Answer” plays in the background we see the following images. Cassie gives Hope up to Danny and Michelle, despite the fact that her heart is clearly breaking. Cassie and Jeffery leave the Beacon with one another. Gus, Buzz, and Mallet all look lovingly at Harley as she does her presentation.

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