Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/26/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Alan’s cell, Beth laughs deviously as she watches a DVD of Mallet and Harley at Valesburg. The two are kissing in the warden’s office, and Beth can’t believe it. Alan mentions that he luckily had someone working for him on the inside. Beth begins to stare off into space, and comments that at one time Phillip said something about Alan. “He said that you have a way of making people forget the difference between right and wrong. “ She tells him, mulling the words over herself.

Harley comes out the bathroom half dressed much to Gus’s delight. For some reason they are in a hotel room at the Beacon. He clearly wants to spend some time alone with her before the meeting, but she tells him that she doesn’t have enough time. He whispers in her ear, hoping to entice her away from work, but she won’t budge. She reminds him how important the meeting is. Gus realizes that he’s fighting a losing battle and decides to leave. He walks out the door and they promise to meet up later.

Soon after Gus has left, there’s a knock at the door. Thinking that it is Gus, Harley gives in. She yells for who she thinks is Gus to come in while getting naked. As Mallet walks in Harley throws her underwear at him. She sees him and hides behind a chair quickly. Mallet, on the other hand, has a huge grin upon his face.

Cowering behind the chair, Harley demands to know what Mallet is doing in her room. Waving her underwear around, he reminds her that she was the one getting naked for a stranger, not him. She makes him turn around, and uses the opportunity to grab a sheet off the bed. Wrapped in a bed sheet, he mentions that he came to the room to see Gus, not her.

He clearly does enjoy watching his wife squirm, and even makes a few flirty comments. Harley doesn’t want to hear it, and tries to usher him out as fast as possible. Mallet opens the door, and quickly shuts it. He informs Harley that the gossip columnist from the ‘Springfield Mirror’ is outside. “She must have tailed me.” He reasons. The two talk about how hurtful her gossip has been.

Mallet claims that they have no other choice but to wait things out. They begin to joke about their sex life while they were married, and Harley accidentally refers to him as her husband. Mallet raises his eyebrows as she quickly tries to correct her mistake.

AC’s cell phone rings and it appears to be a call from the police department. He looks worried after hanging up, and decides that the most important thing is for him to leave. He tries to walk out the front door, but she stops him - reminding him of the reporter waiting outside. Looking exasperated, he tells her that he will just go out the window.

Michelle stands on the Bauer cabin porch, and stares up at the stars. She has a wistful look upon her face and lets Danny know that she’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that her baby is alive. She can’t believe it. He hands her a photo, telling her that it was taken right before he left. He even mentions that Hope has some of Michelle’s traits.

Michelle smiles as she slowly realizes that at least there was an explanation of why she liked being around Hope. “It’s because she was mine.” She says wistfully.

Michelle then turns her attention to Danny and his wound. She checks to make sure that he is feeling ok. He assures her that he is fine, and mentions wanting to head back to Springfield. “Edmund took out a couple of tires on our cars.” Danny explains as he comes in from outside looking exhausted.

Michelle turns her attention back to Hope, wondering how he knew their child was still alive. “It wasn’t me, Michelle. It was Marina.” He tells her.

Inside Company, Marina is helping one of the waitresses prepare for the shareholders meeting. She suddenly finds out that Edmund was released on bail. Freaking out, Marina realizes that with Edmund loose that both Danny and Michelle are in danger. She bolts out clearly wanting to find the two before Edmund has the chance.

Michelle looks stunned, and mentions that although she knew Marina was looking into the accident. but that she thought it had been dropped. Danny nods and tells his ex wife that Marina was merely trying to do the right thing. Michelle thinks that over and then comments on how hard everything must be for Cassie. Danny argues that things will be hard. He even mentions how difficult it has been to differentiate between what is right and wrong now. Hugging one another, they agree that no matter how hard it is that they will get through it together. Just as they embrace, Marina walks into the cabin.

Dinah is driving a car fast through the darkness with Edmund as a passenger. He looks worried and warns her numerous times to slow down. Dinah looks anything but rational. Worried, for his life Edmund tells her that despite her hatred for him, that he’d prefer her not to kill him. Dinah feigns surprise and tells her passenger that she merely wants to get them to a safe place. He looks surprised as she tells him that she needs him almost as much as he needs her. Dinah is continuing to drive both fast, and erraticly, which is clearly freaking Edmund out. She tells him that since the baby fiasco that no one believes her, about anything. She goes on to mention how most of the town simply lumps the two of them together, failing to differentiate between stealing a baby and faking a pregnancy. “So I figure if the world is against us, we should pool our resources together. Give them the best fight that we’ve got. “Dinah laments. Edmund obviously thinks she is crazy, and asks her to drop him off on the side of the road, but Dinah refuses. She tells him about the DNA test that confirmed who Hope’s biological parents were, and he looks floored.

Beth mentions how cavalier Alan seems about destroying Harley’s life, and comments on the fact that normally she wouldn’t listen to him. Alan smiles, reminding her that Harley is destroying their family and home. He goes on to mention how unlike Phillip, he only wants Beth to rise up as a powerful woman. They hug one another as Gus walks into the station. He jokes about interrupting a private moment between the two.

Gus goes on to continue to brag about his wife will soon be ‘kicking some butt’ at the Spaulding meeting. “And she’s not falling into any of your traps.” He tells both Alan and Beth. They both pretend to be clueless as to what he is referring to.

Opening the cell door, Gus requests that Beth come out and talk to him for a moment. She does as he asks. Gus pulls Beth aside, and mentions that he has always seen her as one of the few sane people in the Spaulding household. He goes on to explain that it seems Beth has fallen under Alan’s ‘spell.’ She clearly doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, and tells him that perhaps she is sounding more like herself each and every day. Gus doesn’t buy her, and tells her once more that he thinks Alan is changing the core of who she is. He also goes on to mention that he could easily have their marriage annulled, as they tied the knot in a psychiatric hospital. Beth laughs haughtily and lets Gus know that for once she’s not going to be seen as ‘poor, idiot Beth.’ “Did it ever occur to you, that maybe I’m the one using him?” She asks maliciously.

Edmund is demanding to know everything about the DNA test. He demands to know all the details – when it was, Cassie’s reaction, and where Dinah heard the news. The two are on the side of the road, looking at a map and Edmund obviously seems nervous.

Pointing to a spot on the map, she tells him that she thinks she has found the perfect place for them to hunker down. Edmund looks confused, and mentions how far it is from Cassie and the baby. This angers Dinah who warns him to snap out of it. She lets him know that things are most certainly over between him and Cassie. Edmund doesn’t want to hear it, and reasons that perhaps she will want to stay with him if he can arrange things so that Cassie can keep Hope. He goes off on a tirade, mentioning that perhaps he and Dinah can work together once more. He doesn’t even notice that she has backed away from him and is pointing a gun at him.

Beth rips into Gus, making it crystal clear to him that she is her own woman. Obviously she doesn’t like the implication that she is soft when it comes to the male sex. Gus gently tells her that he never meant to attack her, and that he merely wanted to warn her about his father. Looking down at his watch, he tells her that he has to get going - after all the big Spaulding meeting is going to be soon.

Beth returns to Alan’s cell, where he quickly uses the opportunity to mention how little respect Gus seems to have for his step mother. Alan tells his wife that sometimes the only way to gain respect is to do something serious. After telling her this, he hands her the DVD of Harley and Mallet kissing. Beth laughs and promises to keep her husband updated on how things are going.

Dinah can’t believe that Edmund actually thought she would partner up with him again. He looks confused, and reminds her of their conversations in the car. Laughing, she tells him that she lied. “Why would I want to hook up with someone who is a back stabbing, baby stealing, piece of trash arsonist pig like yourself? Even I am not that warped.” She spits out at him. Edmund tries to make light of the situation, and mentions that no one can claim to have never made a mistake. He goes on, telling her how his sole mistake was falling in love with Cassie. He admits that he did some foolish things in the name of love, and likens his situation to when she shot and killed Hart. Edmund continues on, mentioning how there is no way that she could shoot him. Dinah doesn’t seem so sure, and manically laughs at him. She can’t believe that he, of all people, is pleading with her to spare his life.

Just as it appears that she is about to shoot him, Mallet shows up. He too, pleads with Dinah to put the gun down.

Danny looks shocked, and wonders what Marina, of all people is doing at the cabin. She tells them both that she heard Edmund was out on bail. “I was worried about you both.” She tells them. Danny hugs her, and mentions that Edmund was there, and tried to kill the both of them.

Michelle approaches Marina and thanks her numerous times for helping find the truth when it came to Hope. The two are interrupted as Danny mentions that he needs to borrow Marina’s spare tire in order to get home. The two women are alone, and again Michelle thanks Marina for all her help. Marina lets Michelle know that she doesn’t want to hear it. She explains that they both would do anything for Danny. As the two are talking, Danny walks back inside. He lets them know that the car is fixed, and that they can head back to Springfield. The trio leaves, and as Danny turns out the light to the cabin he remembers Michelle telling him that she would have fought for him, had the baby lived.

Mallet orders Dinah to put the gun down, and she refuses. She doesn’t think that any of this is his business. AC doesn’t accept this as an answer, and reminds her of her probation meeting. He goes on, letting her know that if she pulls the trigger that she will be lumped together with Edmund when the news hits the press.

Dinah yells at him to stop talking, he is clearly getting through to her to some extent. The two continue to argue in front of Edmund, and Mallet lunges toward Dinah. He wrestles the gun away from Dinah. Once AC has the gun, Edmund becomes indignant. He wants Dinah to be arrested on a charge of attempted murder. Mallet makes it painfully clear that the only person who may be arrested is Edmund, due to a violation of his bail agreement. Holding the gun in front of Edmund, he claims that it was a toy gun, so there is no crime.

Mallet turns his attention back to Dinah, and reminds her that they have to get going if they want to make her bail hearing in time. As they are talking, Edmund takes off. Dinah looks worried, but Mallet assures her that they will catch him. She looks confused, and wonders why he’s so willing to protect her repeatedly. “Just accept it, Okay.” He tells her. “Call it a gift.”

Harley and Gus finally run into one another at Company after some initial schedule mix ups. She lets him know that she is fully prepared for her board meeting. Gus seems excited that his wife will do well at the meeting, and even mentions that she is a fresh thinker. He shows her the publicity department DVD, and puts it into the projector. He is sure that she is going to blow them all away.

Harley heads out to the courtyard with Gus, just as Beth walks in. She doesn’t notice that there is a clumsy waitress behind her. The two run into one another, and Beth’s purse goes flying across the room. It lands at Harley’s feet, the DVD poking out of the top of the purse. For a second, Beth looks mortified. She gets up quickly, and races over to her bag. Beth stands face to face with Harley, who mentions that they have some unfinished business to take care of after the meeting is over. Harley then turns and walks out.

Alone in the restaurant, Beth switches DVDs in the projector. It is now loaded with the footage of Harley and Mallet kissing.

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