Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/25/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

As Billy is walking into his apartment at the Beacon he runs into his brother. Josh mentions that he merely wanted to see how his brother was doing with AA. Soon after mentioning the alcohol, Billy becomes defensive. He makes it clear that he doesn’t need any of hi brother’s ‘holier than thou’ help. Not wanting to back down, Josh tries to help his brother with the bags he is carrying. AS the two struggle, Josh sees that his brother has a bottle of Jack Daniels that he has just bought at the store. Billy maintains that he was bought for a neighbor. Obviously Josh doesn’t believe this story. Billy becomes defensive, and Josh becomes more mad. He claims that when Bill is drinking that he can’t be trust in any way, shape or form. This just angers Billy even more.

The two continue to argue over alcohol, and Billy reminds his brother that he is the one who has to make the decisions when it comes to drinking. He also mentions that perhaps, if Josh is going to continue to harass him that he should move in Bill for a while down in South America. Josh instantly makes it clear that he thinks this is a bad idea. He doesn’t want something to hurt the deal they have going with the Venezuelan government. Billy looks like something has just dawned on him. “The truth comes out.” He tells his brother, “I’ll embarrass you.” He says. This time, however, he looks more sad than angry. Josh is infuriated. He threatens to take away Billy’s passport and have him thrown in rehab if that‘s what will keep him from heading to Venezuela.

Inside Company, Olivia confronts Reva. She claims that Reva finally got what she wanted in regards to her marriage with Bill. “Why would I do something like that when you are so perfectly capable of trashing it yourself?” Reva says looking very sure of herself.

Olivia gets even angrier when she sees how smug Reva looks. She can’t believe that Bill’s aunt was against them from the beginning. Looking even more mad Reva explains that no matter what she simply wanted her nephew to be happy, and that’s all. Not wanting to drop the subject Olivia claims that Reva has always help a grudge against her, and that she should now be happy for getting what she wanted. “Bill is in Venezuela.” She reminds Reva.

The women are really getting into it at this point. Olivia and Reva continue to yell at one another and it escalates into Reva accusing Olivia of somehow being responsible for Billy falling off the wagon. Olivia doesn’t deny it; she merely mentions that she didn’t pour the drink down his throat. Looking indignant, Reva mentions that it sounds like a confession. She goes on to tell him that she always suspected Olivia of having something to do with Billy’s slip up, but that Bill wouldn’t ever give her any information. “As hurt as he was, he wanted to keep it between the two of you. That’s what I call love. And loyalty.” She preaches. Shocked, Olivia can’t believe that he never said a word to his aunt.

On the hospital roof, Ava and Sandy continue to kiss one another. Sandy pulls away, wondering what she is doing. He doesn’t understand, and wonders why she called him up there. “I came here to talk, that’s it.” He reminds her. Looking sad, Ava tells him that she has a different idea of how to settle their marriage. She’s convinced that they still have a future together, regardless of what he thinks. “I loved you and I still love you.” She tells him. Sandy looks upset and reminds Ava that his heart belongs with Tammy.

Sandy goes on to explain that he and Ava got married for the wrong reasons. She may have loved him, but he didn’t have the same strong feelings for her. “I left because I thought staying would hurt you.” He tells her, clearly wanting to mend broken fences. Ava doesn’t’ want to hear it, and reminds him that he made a promise to take care of her. She goes on to tell him once more how much she loved him, and wanted to be his wife.

Sandy looks at Ava with a sad look upon his face. He doesn’t want her to think he intentionally hurt her. In fact, he left her to protect her. He continues talking about how; shortly after leaving her he became someone else. She doesn’t want to hear what he has to say and reminds him that she found him and that she still wants to be his wife.

Tammy and Jonathan look at one another, and she repeats herself to him. He looks angry and lets her know that he doesn’t think that it will really happen, regardless of the ring or the proposal. “I’m telling you a simple fact. You can’t marry Sandy.” Jonathan tells her. Tammy shakes her head, but doesn’t look shocked. He tells her that despite what she may think that he is trying to help her. “Stop!” She yells at him. “I don’t need help. Not yours.” She says. Tammy continues talking and mentions that for once she merely wants to do what is right for herself, and she informs him that he is making it hard on him. She implores him to let her be happy if he truly doesn’t want to hurt her anymore.

Tammy tells Jonathan all about her dream wedding, and the man she’s dreamt about marrying. She ends her speech by letting him know that her relationship with Sandy is what she has always dreamt about. “He pulled me out of the worst times of my life.” She tells Jonathan, and he finally seems to be listening. He interrupts her long enough to let her know that perhaps she is right, especially since she’s already made up her mind as far as the wedding is concerned. Tammy looks shocked at Jonathan’s quick turn around in behavior.

Lizzie and Coop are sitting on a bench outside of Company making out when Buzz interrupts them. He tells Coop that the restaurant is busy and that he needs a bit more help. Coop nods and promises his father that he will be in soon. The two continue to kiss, and Lizzie tries to convince Coop to skip out on work. He doesn’t look to sure of it, and reminds her that they can’t. Shaking her head, she reminds him that she’s been looking for jobs non stop all week. She thinks that she deserves a break, and laments that not having money is harder than she initially thought it would be. Coop looks at her, and tries to remind her that despite what she may or may not think that money isn’t everything. He mentions that the only reason he has been working so hard is so that he can surprise her with a special gift.

Lizzie looks instantly intrigued and wonders what he has planned. He invites her to the November Charity Event being held at Towers, and she squeals with delight. Her immediate concern is however, what she is going to wear. Coop smiles, and lets her know that regardless of what she wears that she will look fine. He then asks how her job hunt is going. In an attempt to change the subject, she turns her back on him and mentions that she has to make a follow up phone call for work.

Lizzie grabs her phone and pretends to call someone about a job. Coop heads inside where his father, who has witnessed the whole thing is waiting. Buzz mentions that for a young girl that Lizzie is impressive when it comes to weaseling out of situations. Coop looks confused, and wonders what his father is talking about.

Together Buzz and Coop walk inside the restaurant and he mentions that there is something more to his problem with Lizzie.

Back outside, Lizzie realizes she is alone and puts her phone away is apparent that there was no one on the other end. As she’s hanging up the phone, she sees a guy that she recognizes and approaches him. She introduces herself as Ava’s friend and asks about borrowing money from him. He initially claims that whatever Ava told her was a lie, but looks intrigued when she makes it clear that she only wants to do business with him.

Lizzie tells him that she only needs to borrow a few thousand dollars from him as a short term loan. She even uses her status as a Spaulding to help secure her loan. Dean, the loan shark, does warn her that she will have to pay him back in two weeks. He also mentions that there will be some interest as well. Without asking what the terms are of the deal, she agrees to it and takes the cash. Before he leaves, she mentions that their transaction has to stay between them. He nods, letting her know that as long as she pays on time that they won’t have any problems.

Back inside, Coop wants his father to elaborate on his problem with Lizzie. Buzz looks like he doesn’t want to say anything, but agrees to tell his son anyhow. He informs Coop that despite her pleas at wanting to be a ‘regular’ person that she is two months behind on her rent. Coop looks shocked. As Buzz walks over behind the counter he also mentions that Lizzie blew through the money she got when she sold the engagement ring. He shows his son numerous recipes for manicures, boutiques and pet spas.

Buzz looks at his on and mentions that perhaps they should have a talk about whether or not they truly want the same things in a relationship.

Lizzie suddenly walks into the restaurant looking refreshed. She lets both of the Cooper men know that she got a job, which is a lie. They don’t pick up on that though. She tells him that she’s going to be a fashion consultant for a boutique and fakes excitement. Coop is genuinely excited for her. Smiling, she lets him know that although she’s excited about the job that she doesn’t want anyone to know about it. She reasons that if she screws up that she doesn’t want anyone to know. Coop is still excited and calls his father over.

Together Coop and Lizzie tell Buzz about the new job. Lizzie is beaming and even mentions that she can finally pay Buzz for the back rent. She even adds in that with her new job bonus that she should be able to get ahead a month. Buzz doesn’t look too sure of what is going on, but doesn’t say much to either of them.

Josh walks into Company and sees Reva he approaches her obviously looking defeated. He casually mentions something about Billy, but doesn’t offer up any details. Reva immediately wants to know what is going on. She reminds Josh that Bill is her family as well. Sighing, he tells her that he found his brother with a bottle of liquor and was forced to take it away from him. Reva looks sad, and tells him how sorry she is that he had to go through that. You can tell that she truly feels bad for what the family is going through. He looks at her, knowing that she too only wants to help and asks if she’d like to share a cup of coffee. They smile at one another and make agree to have a drink. Josh excuses himself for a brief moment just as Reva’s phone rings.

Billy is on the other end of the line, and explains that he needs her help as soon as possible. He mentions that he needs her to come over to his apartment, but requests that she not mention a word about it to Josh. She tries to figure out what is going on with him, but he won’t give her details over the phone. She promises to be over as soon as she can and hangs up.

Josh approaches Reva, bringing her the apple pie and asks whether or not she wants ice cream. In a lame attempt at an excuse, she tells him that she had a prior commitment that she can’t get out of. Desperate to talk with someone, he asks her to stay with him, and she refuses. Thinking he is getting the brush off, he lets her go. Before she leaves Reva mentions that Josh shouldn’t worry so much about his brother. She reminds him that eventually Billy will get the help that he truly needs.

At a nearby table, Olivia sits alone. She sees Josh looking depressed as well and asks if he too is having as bad of a day as she is. He barely looks up and lets her know that he’s sure he is. “How would you like to have a lousy day together?” She asks him, clearly not wanting to be alone.

Olivia mentions how much she misses her husband and then jokes about her history with Lewis men. Josh looks sad, and mentions that part of her problem might be due to him. She starts to bring up Reva’s name and he quickly puts a halt on that subject. It’s is noticeable that he doesn’t want to talk about Reva. He does however apologize to her for allowing Bill to go to South America without mentioning it to her first. Olivia shrugs his concerns off and reminds him that she was part of the reason he wanted to leave in the first place. Noticeably she doesn’t blame anyone but herself, and Reva. She goes on to mention how she hopes that when he returns to town that they will be able to work things out.

Josh hugs Olivia, and they quickly pull apart from one another. It’s apparent that they both feel awkward. She mentions that she didn’t mean anything by it, and he apologizes for putting his arms around her. Feeling the tension he quickly lets her know that he has to get going. She nods, understanding, but asks for Bill’s contact information before he leaves. Josh writes it down for her, and agrees to catch up with her later.

As soon as Josh is gone, Olivia calls Venezuela. She tries to get connected to Bill’s room, but has no luck. He apparently put a block on his incoming calls. Olivia looks devastated.

Back outside, Tammy is having a hard time believing that Jonathan is giving up on her so easily. He lets her know that although he may care about her that he’s not an idiot. He doesn’t want her to have anything but happiness. He does mention that in his mind nothing could come close to what they have with one another. She looks at him once more and begs him to stop. Tammy clearly doesn’t want to hear him mention their obvious connection. Jonathan stops talking and lets her know that once and for all he is done. “I’m going to go on with my life. You go on with your life.” He tells her.

Looking confused once more, she doesn’t understand his sudden change of heart. “So you’ll just leave?” She asks, looking unsure of everything. He tells her that his wedding gift to her, will be exiting her life. He hopes that she will have a good life, and if that means he won’t be in it then that is something he will have to deal with.

Sandy apologizes to Ava for sending Fallon after her. He admits that sending a lawyer after his wife may not have been the most sensitive, or tactful way of doing things. “But I do still want the divorce.” He tells her. He makes it clear that he wants to be with Tammy, and begs Ava to free him from the marriage.

Ava lets him know that although she wants to help him that she needs to think about things first. Shaking his head. Sandy is convinced that she is holding out just to spite him. He warns her that despite what she may think that he will marry Tammy. Not wanting to hear what he has to say she ends the conversation by letting him know that they will have to talk things out at a later date.

Jonathan surprises Ava on the hospital roof, and lets her know that despite what she may want to do that perhaps she should let Sandy go. “Give him his divorce.” He tells her.

Ava looks shocked and wonders what Jonathan is talking about. She lets him know that regardless of what he thinks that she wants to be with Xander. “I love him and am not going to give up.” She reasons. Jonathan mentions how much Sandy has changed and that by giving him the divorce she isn’t necessarily giving up. Once more, Jonathan has a devious look in his eye.

Jonathan reasons that the only reaction she will get from Sandy by refusing to grant him the divorce is hate. However, if she grants him the divorce, it will become clear that all she wants is his happiness. That, he mentions will be harder for him to explain to Tammy when the time comes. “There’s more than one way to get what you want.” He reminds her.

In her room at the Beacon, Tammy stares at her engagement ring. She can’t’ get over how beautiful it is. Sandy walks in and the two kiss one another. She can barely contain her excitement about the engagement. The two begin to gush on and on about the wedding, and they kiss again, more passionately than the first time.

Reva rushes into Billy’s room, wondering what the big emergency is. He is sitting on his bed staring at a bottle of bourbon and simply point to it. She looks back and forth between the two, and mentions her conversation with Josh. He reminds her that regardless of what happened with her brother that he called her for help. Nodding, she realizes that it’s a good first step and opens the bottle. Reva promptly pours it down the sink.

Billy shakes his head, and mentions how hard it is for him to believe that he’s back at square one with his drinking. He clearly feels shameful, and wonders if Reva pities him. She lets him know that regardless of what she may think that she won’t turn her back on him. She vows to stay with him until his urge to drink passes.

Together Billy and Reva are playing ‘go fish’ in his room. They seem to be having a good time together, and he wonders if he interrupted something important between Josh and Reva. She lets him know that there is nothing for him to worry about.

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