Guiding Light Update Friday 10/14/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Tammy goes into Sandy’s room and remembers figuring out that he saw her and Jonathan. She quickly leaves the room but while getting on the elevator, literally bumps into Jonathan. He pulls her into the elevator and the door closes behind them. She tells him that she can’t do this and he tells her that wherever she goes, he will be and he likes to think of that as a good thing.

Cassie storms into the hospital and demands Dinah tell her where Hope is. Danny turns around and he is holding the baby.

Michelle and Robbie get off of the plane and Robbie celebrates their being home.

Cassie asks Danny if she can have Hope and he tells her that they have a situation. She asks again for Hope and he tells her that Dinah told him that the baby was Michelle’s and that he believes her.

Michelle gives Robbie his suitcase and says he is happy to be home so she guesses she made the right choice. Rick calls to them and Robbie goes running into his arms. Michelle has Robbie to go and check out the planes coming in and when he leaves asks Rick to take him back to Danny. She says that he is missing everyone too much and Rick asks if she isn’t missing them too. Rick deducts from her answer that she is not coming home, only Robbie. Michelle tells Rick that no child should see its mom depressed and she doesn’t know how to answer Robbie when he asks her what is wrong. Rick asks if this is about the baby and Michelle admits that she can’t get over losing her. She tells Rick that what she misses is her little girl.

Cassie tells Danny that he can’t trust Dinah. Dinah asks why she would like about this and Cassie says because she stole her baby. Dinah tells her that she told Danny everything and that Edmund admitted to her that Hope was Michelle’s baby. Cassie tells Danny that she knows what Michelle is feeling and feels bad for her and Dinah says that she knows that feeling also which is why she is doing this. Cassie swears that Hope is her baby. Danny tells her that he has to make sure that Hope isn’t Michelle’s. Jeffrey steps in and says that they will get to the bottom of it but asks Danny to give the baby back to Cassie for right now. Marina says that what Dinah is saying makes sense since this is what she pursued anyway. Dinah asks why Marina dropped it and she says that Jeffrey said that there was a DNA test that proved that Hope was Cassie’s. Danny asks to see the tests and when Cassie asks why he says that he wants to be sure that there wasn’t a mistake. Cassie asks why he is doing this and Danny says that it is because Marina never saw the tests, only Jeffrey did. Cassie asks why he doesn’t trust her and he says it isn’t her that he doesn't trust but that he needs to know the truth. Cassie begs Jeffrey not to make her go through this again but Danny insists that the tests be run once more. After Cassie begs to have Hope back, Danny asks why he gets the feeling that this is not a total surprise to them. Jeffrey tells Danny to give Hope back to Cassie and he will explain but he instead hands her to Marina and then tells Jeffrey to explain what is going on. Jeffrey tells him that he was examining the evidence and ran a test to see if Michelle was Hope’s mother. Marina says she doesn’t understand why he ran that test if they already had the test showing that Cassie was the mother. Danny figures it out and says that the test showed that Cassie wasn’t Hope’s mother and when Cassie says that it didn’t matter Danny insists that it does. Jeffrey says that it doesn’t matter also since the second test proved that Michelle was not Hope’s mother.

Tammy tries to get out of the elevator and Jonathan asks if she hates being alone with him or if she hates the fact that she likes to be alone with him. Tammy says she can’t be with him and he tells her that it is like a mantra with her, she can’t, she can’t, she can’t but then she does. He asks why she can’t admit how she feels. Tammy says she can’t again and Jonathan says that he knows why she is there and asks about the wedding. Tammy says that there will be no wedding and Jonathan asks why. Tammy tells him that he broke off the engagement and Sandy doesn’t want to marry her anymore.

Jonathan asks why Sandy dumped her and she answers why do you think. She says that he saw them together in the barn, that he was waiting to propose to her and then he saw them together. Jonathan says that it is where she wanted to be and she tries to disagree. Jonathan says that it is still where she wants to be and Tammy says that she wants to be with a guy who loves her and wanted to marry her. Jonathan points out that that was before he saw the truth between them. He apologizes to Tammy for everything being so hard on her and says that it is their wake up call. Tammy says that he is right, it was her wake up call to realize what she has in Sandy and Jonathan asks what that is, just a safe bet? He asks her if she really knows everything about him and she answers that she knows how she feels when she is with him. Jonathan says it is not the same thing as knowing who a person is and where you stand with them. He asks her if she really thinks she has that with Sandy and tells her that at least with him she knows what she is getting and where she stands. Tammy says she belongs with Sandy and Jonathan asks her if she is saying that because she believes it or if it is because her family says so. He points out again that even Sandy isn’t sure that they are going to live happily ever after. Tammy asks him why he just can’t realize that this is what she wants. Jonathan says he doesn’t want to realize it and because every time he is in a room with her, it scares him. He tells her that he knows that she is scared what people are going to think of her but that he promises her that he will protect her and that he will do everything he can for her to make her happy. He goes to kiss her when the elevator doors opens and Tammy runs out. The door closes again before he can go after her and by the time it opens, she is gone.

Tammy goes onto the rooftop where she tells God that she knows that she made a promise to him and since he kept his end of the deal, she will keep hers. She promises to stick by Sandy and take care of him and love him. She also promises that she will not let Jonathan back into their lives. She asks for help though to get him out of her head. Ava comes up behind her and sensing someone, Tammy turns around.

Jonathan goes into Sandy’s hospital room and starts playing with the machinery that Sandy is hooked up too. Sandy wakes up and with an evil smile tells him that he bets he knows what he is thinking. Jonathan answers that it is his turn to push him off the mountain.

Rick tells Michelle that he can’t even begin to understand what she is going through, but that she does have another child who is healthy and happy. Michelle says that she knows that and she knows what he is going to say. Rick just wonders why she is going to send her son off to live with Danny so that she can get over the pain of losing a baby that she never knew. Michelle tells him that it is because she is always thinking of it and she can’t get over it. She tells him that she was shopping with Robbie when she saw a perfect little Christmas dress and the first thought she had was that it was a perfect dress to bury her baby in. She says that she should be thinking right now about buying a dress like that for her baby and watching her go through her first holidays and living life. Rick tells her that she is torturing herself with thinking like this and Michelle says she doesn’t want to torture herself but she can’t help it. She says that Robbie saw her crying and wanted to know if she was sad because she couldn’t’ fit in the dress herself. Rick says that he understands that she can’t tell Robbie what really happened. Rick tells Michelle that Robbie is going to be fine and Michelle admits that she doesn’t want to leave him. Rick tells her not to do it then especially since Robbie is helping her to get through this. She says she knows he is and Rick asks why she wants to send him to live with Danny then. She says that she knows that Danny will make sure that he is happy. Michelle says that it is not fair to Robbie and Rick says that it will not help her to go off to California alone. Michelle says she knows that but that is why she is not going back to California.

Danny wants to know why he should believe Jeffrey when he lied to Marina about the baby being Cassie’s in the first place. Jeffrey admits that he did and Cassie says he only did it to give her a chance. Danny asks a chance for what and Cassie says that he gave her a chance to prepare herself and decide about giving her up. Danny asks Jeffrey if the entire time they thought that the baby could be Michelle’s, even through the christening and Jeffrey admits that he did have an idea. Jeffrey says that he couldn’t do that to Cassie at the christening and that she is his top priority. Dinah asks if it meant keeping the baby from where she truly belongs. Cassie gets upset and says that the baby belongs with her and that she was going to tell Michelle before she left town and if the tests would have shown that the baby was Michelle’s they would have told her. Dinah is confused and asks if neither Cassie nor Michelle is Hope’s mother than who is and Jeffrey and Cassie tell her that Edmund bought a baby on the black market. Jeffrey tells Danny that he can produce the DNA test and Danny says that he can’t trust him since the test could have been faked. He asks why he should believe him and Jeffrey asks what choice he has. Danny yells to Jeffrey that the baby is with the wrong mother and that his wife has the right to know that Hope could be his and Michelle’s child. Marina hears Danny refer to Michelle as his wife and looks upset and Cassie looks shocked.

Cassie asks Danny why he said “our baby” and says that she thought that the baby was Tony’s. Danny just walks away and everyone realizes what is going on. Jeffrey apologizes to Marina and tells her that he didn’t realize before why she was digging into it. Dinah asks if everyone realizes that she is the only one telling the truth around here since that has never happened before, although no one pays attention to her. Marina says that Hope doesn’t need to be around all of this and takes her outside. Jeffrey asks Cassie what she wants to do and she says she doesn’t know and needs to think and leaves the area. Dinah excuses herself also and Danny walks away after shooting at Jeffrey that he can’t remember whose side of the law he is on. Jeffrey asks Danny to let it go and Danny tells him to dream on, that Michelle has the right to know that Hope could be her child and that they are going to get to the bottom of this right now.

Rick tells Michelle he is confused since she says that she can’t stay but also says she isn’t going back. Michelle explains that she is not going back to California but she can’t stay in Springfield. Rick asks her where she is going but instead of answering, she says that there is nothing left in Springfield for her anymore. Rick says that he is there for her and asks her where she is going. Michelle says she has a place in mind but when Rick starts to ask questions she asks him not to. Michelle tells him that she disconnected all of her numbers and stopped her mail and Rick pleads with her not to shut the world out right now. She says that until she finds a way to say goodbye to her little girl she doesn’t know how she can move on. Rick says that she can start out by holding on to the people who do love her and letting them help her. Robbie comes running back up at that point and shows them his new pilot wings. Michelle says that that is great but that he doesn’t have to fly off anymore since he is going with Rick and staying with his daddy in Springfield. Robbie asks if Michelle is staying also and she says not this time, she has one more trip to make but when she comes back there will be not more tears, just smiles. Rick tries to convince her to stay one more time and Michelle thanks him as Rick says that she is all of the family that he has left. She hugs him and thanks him again and he asks for what. Michelle tells Rick to tell Danny and then stops herself saying that there is not much else to say. She tells Rick that she loves him and Rick says that he loves her much more. Michelle says that isn’t possible and tells Robbie goodbye.

Ava asks Tammy if she remembers her and reminds her that she works at Outskirts. Tammy asks her what she is doing there and Ava says that she likes the garden, she asks Tammy the same question. Tammy says that she is talking to herself and kind of laughs. Ava says that she does that sometimes also. Ava asks if she wasn’t really talking to herself but to God and says she does that a lot also. She tells Tammy that faith is sometimes all you have. Tammy admits that and a lot of problems. Ava formally introduces herself and for the first time, Tammy actually in a friendly manner introduces herself back. Ava asks Tammy if she can ask what she talks to God about, if it is not to personal and Tammy says that she made a deal with God and was just letting him know she plans on keeping her side. Ava says that she can understand that since she did the same thing before. She tells her that she heard the last part about Jonathan and Tammy wants to know what she heard. Ava says that she heard that Tammy wanted him out of her life. Tammy says that she needs him out of her life and Ava doesn’t understand why since he is crazy about her. Tammy gets upset and says it is the complicated and since Ava only works with him she wouldn’t’ understand. Ava says that she does know since he came through for her when she was in a jam and that although he acts like he is tough he really cares and if Tammy would just give him a chance. Tammy tells her to just drop it, that she doesn’t understand. Ava tells her to make her understand then.

Sandy asks Jonathan what he is waiting for, if he is there to finish him off, he should just go ahead and do it. Jonathan tells him if they are going to square off it is going to be a fair fight since mercy killings aren’t his style. Sandy asks what he is doing there then and Jonathan says that he knows that Sandy saw them together. Sandy says that Jonathan is just there to brag about it and Jonathan says he is actually there to tell him that he did the right thing by cutting Tammy loose since he should save face before she dumps him. He tells Sandy that the family seal of approval only gets you so far. Sandy retorts that he doesn’t even have that. Jonathan tells him that at least he has the knowledge the Sandy isn’t good enough for her and that that must hurt in his heart to know that. He lays his hand on Sandy’s chest and Sandy grabs it and puts it on his heart and tells Jonathan that what she wants is a heart and someone who can give her a regular happy life. He tells Jonathan that he has no concept of that and all he knows how to do is take advantage of people. Jonathan calls Sandy the pot and tells him that it is the kettle that he is talking to since when he came to down all he knew how to do was take advantage of people by pretending to be something he wasn’t. He says that he was looking for something a little bit special in his life and Tammy found him. Jonathan asks how it felt then to see Tammy in the barn with him. Jonathan says he wasn’t taking advantage of her since she wanted it to. He asks Sandy what he cares for anyway since he just kicked her out of his life. Sandy says that he may have let her go but he still cares about her and he will be damned if he will let her go back to Jonathan.

Marina walks down the hall with the baby and tells her that she understands since they are both trying to fit into someone else’s life. She flashes back to Danny calling Michelle his wife and saying that it could be their baby. She tells Hope that both of them are going to make it through all of this though.

Danny tries to dial Michelle as Jeffrey tries to stop him telling him to think about what he is doing by telling Michelle that Hope is her baby when there is proof that it is not. Danny says that Jeffrey is the one saying she isn’t. Jeffrey says that Danny has to believe him and Danny tells him to shut up. He finds that Michelle’s number is disconnected and gets ahold of an operator who tells him that there is no forwarding information.

Dinah comes up to Cassie and offers her cocoa. Cassie refuses and Dinah sits down next to her. She apologizes for losing the baby in the first place and tells Cassie that it was a girl. She says that Edmund was very upset and that she doesn’t have a day when she doesn’t think about it since it was her chance. Cassie points out that everything always has to come back to her and Dinah says it was her chance to do something selfless so that people would start to look at her the way that people do Cassie. Cassie says that everything was built on lies, including the relationship that they were starting to have with each other. Dinah breaks down and says that what was going on between them wasn’t lies. She said that there was actual kindness between them and she had finally came to a place where she stopped hating Cassie because she didn’t want the baby to pick up on that. She tells Cassie that she stopped hating her one night and the next morning she lost the baby. Dinah starts to sob and Cassie tells her that she can’t blame herself for losing the baby because she did the same thing when she lost her baby. Dinah tells her that this is her moment of sadness and that she is so sorry for what her lies did to her. She says that she knows that there is nothing that she can do to make it up to Cassie and Cassie says that there is one thing she can do, help her get her baby back.

Ava tells Tammy that she has also seen the way the Tammy looks at Jonathan and although it may be none of her business, she just doesn’t realize why they are fooling themselves. Tammy says it is complicated, especially since she already has a boyfriend. This surprises Ava and Tammy says that he is in the hospital right now and shows Ava a picture of him. Ava reacts kind of weird to the picture and Tammy goes on to say that she wishes that he wouldn’t have had to almost die to realize how much she needed him. She says that he is whom she wants and whom she belongs with. She tells Ava that she doesn’t know why she is up there and that she has to go and leaves the rooftop.

Jonathan plays with a stethoscope and Sandy tells him that if it is the last thing he does, he will save Tammy from him. Jonathan says that he is not the guy who Tammy needs saving from and Sandy says he wouldn’t hurt Tammy. Jonathan admits maybe not intentionally but points out that there are things about his past that no one knows yet. He tells him that he isn’t going to buy into his excuses anymore and Sandy asks if that is a threat. Jonathan says it is a promise that he is going to find information on him. Sandy tells him to go ahead since he will not find anything. Jonathan says he will see about that and tells Sandy that he was wrong with he said that Jonathan couldn’t give Tammy anything. He says that he can give her the truth, because at least when she is with him he is straight up with her and she knows what she gets. Sandy says that he is still not scared of him and to just try and find something out on him. Tammy comes in at that moment and goes off on Jonathan, hitting him and telling him to get out. Jonathan tells her to wake up since Sandy was the one who told her to get out. He asks her what she is still doing there and she says that she belongs there. Jonathan leaves after almost kissing Tammy again.

Ava prays on the roof and tells God that she still remembers when she made her promise as Jonathan comes storming up on the roof. He asks her what she is doing up there and Ava says that it is a busy rooftop since she was just talking with Tammy up there.

Cassie tells Dinah that she believes her that losing her baby actually did change her and that she really wanted to get redemption out of it but that it will never change everything about her or what people think about her. She says that she has a lot more to do if she really wants to change and Dinah asks if helping Cassie get the baby is really the way to start that. Cassie says it is a good start and that if she really wanted to give Cassie a child then she will help her get Hope back.

Marina tells Danny that it doesn’t make sense that because of Robbie that Michelle would disconnect her numbers and become unreachable. Danny agrees it is not like her and Marina tells him that they will find her. Danny thanks Marina for being there for him and tells her that they will get through this. Marina echoes the sentiment to the baby. He asks Jeffrey if he has found anything out and Jeffrey says no. Cassie wonders what is going on and they tell her that Michelle has gone missing. He tells Danny he has reached out to his people wherever she may have gone and Cassie wonders why she would do this. Rick comes in and Danny asks if Rick got his call and if he has seen Michelle. Rick tells him that he brought Robbie home but that she is gone again with no way to get in touch with her. Danny asks if he let her go and Rick says that he had no choice but that he did everything he could to keep her safe since she hasn’t came to terms with losing the baby yet. Danny says that they need to get in touch with her right now and Rick says that there is no way to do that. Rick’s beeper goes off and he leaves. Cassie tells Danny that she is sorry about all of this but that she needs to take her little girl home and Danny tells her that he can’t let her do that.

Jonathan asks Ava what they talked about and she says a lot of things; God, Jonathan, Tammy’s boyfriend. Jonathan says that that is an interesting trio and asks Ava not to talk to Tammy again. Ava wonders why and Jonathan just tells her that it is complicated. Ava asks if it is about Sandy and Jonathan wonders how long they talked. Ava tells him that if it will make him feel any better she doesn’t think it will last with Sandy. Jonathan wonders why she would say that and Ava says that it is obvious that way that she talks about him. She tells Jonathan that the hardest thing he is going to have to do is get Tammy to admit how she feels about him. Jonathan says that he is up to the challenge and is just going to go at it at a different angle. Ava asks what he means and Jonathan says that he is going to stop trying to make Tammy see that she needs to be with him and make her realize that she doesn’t need to be with Sandy.

Tammy tells Sandy that she knows he keeps asking her to leave and that she keeps coming back but that she is not giving up on them. Sandy asks why she is making it so hard and Tammy doesn’t give him a straight answer. She does tell him that she heard one of the nurses’ say that he was going to be released soon and that she wants him to come home with her. She tells him that she has never wanted anything more in her life. She takes his hand and he tells her that it feels nice. He goes on to say he knows every line of her and that he wants to believe her and when he looks in her eyes he thinks that she is telling the truth. Tammy swears she is as a nurse comes in and hands Sandy a piece of paper. Tammy says that they are going to make it work and ask him what he thinks. HE says that maybe they can and then after reading the note that says, “I found you” he tells Tammy that she should go now. Tammy is confused but leaves. Sandy looks at the note again and crumbles it up.

Michelle talks to herself at the Airport and tells herself not to do it. She says that she just wants to call Robbie and hear his voice one more time and picks up the phone. She puts it back down though and turns away.

Jeffrey tells Danny to just let Cassie take the baby home and Danny refuses again until they know who the baby’s mother is. Cassie says that Hope needs her bottle and Danny tells them that they have him to run the tests on. Marina tells Danny that she knows he is trying to do the right thing but they don’t even know for sure if the baby is his. Danny says at least it is a 50/50 chance that she is and no one is going to leave the hospital until they know.

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