Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/13/05


Written By Elizabeth
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The first minute of the broadcast was interrupted due to a breaking news story.

Dinah continues to play with Hope on the rooftop. She looks around nervously.

Bill shows up bright and early at Outskirts, and Ava is there as well. The two of them make small talk, and once more Bill questions her about what happened. Again, she tells him that it seemed to be that Billy took a drink that should have had two olives instead of one. “It was totally an accident.” She assures him. As Olivia walks in, Bill wonders to himself how much of an accident it truly was. Olivia looks at her husband, wondering what he is doing at a bar.

Cassie continues to look around the farmhouse for both Dinah and Hope. Jeffery is with her, and they mention that they have been looking all night for the two of them. Cassie is understandably distraught, and doesn’t know what she should do. Jeffery rushes out of the house and warns Cassie to stay put.

Edmund leads Mallet into another place that looks like the Jessup farmhouse. He tells the detective that he has proof that Dinah is only out for revenge, and waves a DVD in front of Mallet. He claims that he secretly taped Dinah while she confessed that all she wanted was to get even with Cassie. He puts it in a player and tells Mallet that all Dinah wants to do is to take everything of Cassie’s and make it her own.

Dinah paces around on the rooftop, and explains to Hope that sometimes life isn’t fair. Smiling, she tells Hope that she once had a baby growing inside of her as well. Dinah hears something, and knows that she needs to leave.

Back on the porch, Jeffery returns. He reminds Cassie that they’ve done everything that they could. With tears in her eyes, she tells him that she’s afraid that Dinah will leave town and keep Hope.

Dinah hides behind a pillar on the roof, just as Frank comes out. He looks around as though he’s heard something.

Marina continues to move in with Danny and jokes around that they should mark this day down. He smiles as she reminds him of how real things are between them. “This is official.” She tells him.

Jeffery is on the phone, checking in to see if anyone has heard from Dinah yet. He hangs up and sees Cassie who looks like she’s headed out of the house again. She wants to go out to try and find Dinah again. She begins freaking out once more, and he grabs her shoulders. Jeffery promises her that he will find Hope, and reminds her that he’s never promised her something and not come through.

Frank looks around the rooftop one last time before heading out. Dinah shakes her head, not believing how lucky she is. Turning to Hope, she mentions how remarkable the baby is. Standing up, Dinah tells herself that they have to keep moving and go someplace else.

Ava offers to get Olivia a drink, and Bill cuts her off. He makes it clear that his wife wont’ be needing anything. Olivia looks confused and wonders what has gotten into her husband. Bill looks angry and decides to rip into his wife. He wonders why his wife only wanted to celebrate last night, despite the bad news about his father. “I’m sorry.” She tells him. “I don’t want to belittle what Billy is going through.” Bill nods, and asks her flat out if she truly feels sorry for his father. He reminds her of all the terrible things that happened while his father was drinking. Olivia nods, telling him that he once told her all this before. She reminds him that his father is strong, and that he will get through it. She refers to his slip up as a ‘tumble.’ Bill begins yelling at her, and admits that he thinks his father had help falling off the wagon. “I think someone intentionally switched the drinks. And I think that someone was you.” He yells at her.

Reva is about to walk into Outskirts when she calls Billy once more. She tells him that she won’t ever give up on him.

In his the backroom of the bar, Billy looks at a fresh case of vodka and warns himself not to ‘do it.’ Ava walks in just in time to see him and is clearly working. He tells her that he wanted to kill some time at the bar, but that perhaps it isn’t the best place. She offers to have him come with her, but he refuses. It’s apparent that he wants to be alone.

Ava walks back into the bar and makes sure that neither Bill nor Olivia wants anything. The two are staring at each other, and it is obvious that Olivia is offended that her husband would accuse her of getting Billy drunk. He shouts at her, letting her know that he only wants her to be honest with him. He even goes so far as to mention the fact that Ava saw her take the olive from the drink. “I hope you like to tend bar, because you’re fired.” She tells Ava without batting an eye. Shaking his head, Bill claims that this is just like Olivia; to blame everyone but herself. Olivia makes it clear that it shouldn’t matter how the drinks got mixed up, that it was his father’s choice to keep drinking. No one forced him to keep downing the alcohol, she reason. “Tell me, did you switch the drinks or no?” Bill screams at his wife once more.

Cassie doesn’t want to sit still, and mentions that it’s a bit odd Dinah didn’t call her father or her brother. Once more she tries to call Ross. At the hospital, Ross answers his phone and mentions that so far no one there has heard or seen Dinah. He doesn’t however know about Hope being kidnapped. Cassie tells him, and he checks to make sure that she’s positive it was his daughter. She tells him about all the precautions that they’ve taken and that she will meet him at the hospital. As she’s about to run out Jeffery stops her. He has her taken a moment to breathe before the two head out once more.

Mallet comments on how weird it is that Edmund seems to tape everything, and even makes a joke about it. Edmund pulls out a DVD player and shows Mallet the video. In it Dinah is dressed up as Princess Cassie, and begins to hit on Edmund. They begin kissing and in the video Dinah is definitely not pregnant. Mallet nods as Edmund points out that in the movie Dinah was most certainly not being forced. Again, Mallet nods. He does, however, want to see the rest of the tape. Edmund looks confused as the detective explains that this was only a portion of the tapes. “I want to see the rest.” He tells Edmund. Taken aback, Edmund mentions that the tapes aren’t with him. He tells them that he can get him the original if given some time. Mallet’s phone rings and he answers it. Frank is on the other end and tells his employee that Dinah kidnapped Hope.

Back in Danny and Marina’s apartment, she mentions that they should work on improving Robbie’s bedroom for his visits. Smiling, he thanks her for caring so much about his son. She smiles and heads into the other room to put some things away. Danny hears something on the terrace and goes to check it out. He opens the doors to find Dinah standing outside with Hope in her arms. “Isn’t that Cassie’s baby?” He asks her looking confused.

Dinah lets him know that she can explain things, and claims that she didn’t kidnap the baby. Just as he lets her in they see a television report that mentions Dinah kidnapping Hope. Danny immediately looks worried, and wants to call the police. “There’s too much at stake.” She tells him as she hands the baby over to Danny. “Hope is not Cassie’s child. Confused, Danny wonders what the hell she is talking about. “I think there’s a chance that this little girl is Michelle’s baby.” She tells a bewildered Danny.

Cassie arrives at the hospital wondering if anyone there has heard anything about Dinah. No one has. Ross promises Cassie, that despite what she may think that he would turn in his daughter if he found her with Hope. He reminds them all that Edmund did some despicable things to his daughter as well. Cassie reminds him that if she never sees Hope again that the only person she will blame is Dinah.

Reva sees that Ava is rushing around getting things done at the bar when she approaches her. She wonders if anyone has seen Billy. Ava tells her that unfortunately, he just left. Reva continues to look worried and mentions that she will find him.

Once more Reva tries to call Billy. She leaves a message on his answering machine, letting him know that she doesn’t want him to throw everything away. In his room, Billy listens to the answering machine wondering what it is that he really has to throw away.

Olivia only tells Bill that she doesn’t feel she has to defend herself. She reasons that it was Billy’s choice to drink the alcohol. Ava walks back in and realizes what has happened. She tries to apologize, but Olivia doesn’t want to hear it. She’s rude to the girl, and Bill ends up apologizing for his wife’s comments. He also makes sure to tell her that despite what his wife thinks that it’s not her fault.

Olivia tries to smooth things over with her husband and mentions that there is no need for him to feel guilty over doing well at a time when his father is having trouble. Shaking his head, Bill realizes that his wife has missed his whole point. He’s clearly annoyed that all she can think about is business and yells at her once more. “Look, I didn't mean for it to turn out the way it did. The guy provoked me. You should have heard what he said to me. “She tells him. Olivia is very flip about all of this and reminds her husband that all he has to do is go back to AA. “I’ll take him there myself.” She counters. Bill can’t believe what he is hearing and tells hi wife that his father had to go to at least one meeting a day for the majority of the last thirteen years. He lets her know that this will be anything but easy, and wonders why she is so selfish. Looking defiant, she tells him that although she may be selfish that it is part of the reason he loves her.

Edmund and Mallet walk into the hospital room, and Ross approaches Edmund. He makes it clear that if his daughter does anything wrong, that he will be blaming Edmund. He gives Ross some line about it being Dinah’s fault, and Jeffery threatens to punch him. Edmund quickly turns to Mallet for help. “I didn’t hear anything.” Mallet replies. Cassie’s cell phone rings and she gets excited. Hanging up, she tells them all that Hope and Dinah were seen at the Beacon.

Danny looks confused and reminds Dinah that Michelle’s baby died. She explains what happened with her pregnancy and mistakenly trusting Edmund. Danny looks shocked when she tells him that Edmund chloroformed her and then held her prisoner. “That’s ridiculous.” He tells her. Dinah continues talking and tells him that most likely Edmund delivered Michelle’s baby and then tried passing it off as his. She begs Danny to look at Hope. “Look into that little girl’s face. Tell me whose eyes those are, and face.” Dinah says. Danny gazes at the child in his arms and whispers Michelle’s name. Dinah nods and explains that if Michelle is Hope’s mother that he could be this baby’s father. “You could be mine.” He tells Hope while staring at her mesmerized. Marina walks in from the other room just in time to hear this.

While the song “The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn” plays we see Billy doing everything in his power not to take a drink. He plays cards, listens to music, stares off into space and even gets a hooker. In the end, sadly he still wants a drink and is alone. Reva begins banging on his door, and lets him know that she wants to be there for him.

Olivia tells Bill that he loves her for being driven and passionate. He is quick to remind her that there should be limits. Shaking her head, she tells him that when it comes to her, and those she loves that there are no limits. Bill looks broken and doesn’t understand how she is willing to hurt those he loves. He makes it clear that by hurting those he loves, that he draws the line.

Bill lets her know that he can’t be around her right now and leaves. She tries to apologize, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He knows she isn’t truly sorry. Bill walks out and the two of them look completely broken hearted.

Frank and another police officer knock on Danny’s door. They open up, and Dinah clearly wants to run. Danny stops her, and lets her know that he will take care of things. He looks down at Hope as Marina begins to speak up. She tells her father that for once she doesn’t want him to don his police uniform. “Be my dad.” She tells him. “Don't arrest Dinah, let's just do like Danny said and we'll go to the hospital and get a DNA test.” She tells him, her eyes pleading. Frank takes one look at his daughter and agrees.

At the hospital Cassie gets off the phone and tells them all that Frank is bringing both Dinah and Hope into the hospital. She lets them know that both are in perfect health, but seems confused herself. Cassie heads to the front of the hospital to meet them and everyone follows. Before leaving the room, Jeffery takes the opportunity to punch Edmund in the face. “You saw what he did. Aren’t you going to arrest him?” Edmund asks Mallet who is smiling about the scene. “What? I didn’t see anything.” He replies.

In the ER, Cassie sees Frank but not Hope and she becomes worried instantly. Danny slowly turns around, with Hope in his arms and Cassie looks crushed.

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