Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/12/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Cassie returns to the farmhouse, looking confused when she doesn’t see anyone home. She yells out looking for Mrs. Chitwood and is surprised when she sees Dinah, who collapses into her arms.

At Cedars, Edmund looks shocked as he is handcuffed by Mallet. He makes it clear that his questions will be answered, or Edmund will spend some time at the police station. Calmly, Edmund demands to know what he is being charged with, and laughs when he’s told that it is ‘suspicion’ on many different counts. Mallet doesn’t back down when Edmund threatens to sue Mallet, and the police department. The two continue to argue over who started the fire. Edmund maintains that Dinah began it, while Mallet thinks the former prince not only started the fire but also kidnapped Dinah as well. Mallet finishes handcuffing Edmund, who is ranting about the importance of finding Dinah. They begin to leave when they run into Jeffery.

Jeffery asks Mallet to head to the farm and check on Cassie. He reasons that she may have heard from Dinah, and informs Mallet that he will take care of Edmund. It is clear that he wants some alone time with Edmund. Mallet leaves, and Jeffery steers Edmund into an empty hospital room.

In their apartment, Olivia toasts her husband. She is confident that he will be able to do a great job, and that the clients won’t know ‘what hit them.’ She’s all smiles, whereas Bill looks a bit uneasy about everything. Bill walks away from his wife doesn’t understand why his father dropped the ball on something he wanted so badly.

Inside Outskirts, Billy is completely trashed as he begins talking to a liquor delivery man. He claims that he ordered six cases, instead of the five that are being delivered. The delivery guy shows him the paperwork, in Billy’s handwriting that said they only needed five. He makes a smart aleck comment about Billy drinking the sixth case, which only causes Billy to get furious. He warns the delivery guy to get out, and looks like he’s going to punch him. Ava is at the bar, witnessing everything when she picks up her phone. Looking worried, she immediately calls Bill, and tells him that he needs to rush back to the bar as soon as possible. She explains that Billy is in trouble, and doesn’t say anything else.

Bill rushes out of the apartment and only tells Olivia that something is wrong with his father. He leaves, and she looks concerned. She thinks back tow hen she switched the olives once more. Someone knocks on the door, knocking her out of her daydream. She seems surprised to see Reva standing in front of her. Seeing the drink in Olivia’s hand Reva asks what they are celebrating.

Jeffery directs Edmund into a patient room, and sits him down on a bed. He handcuffs him to the bed, and mentions that he’s lucky he hasn’t been through out the window. “I really want to show you some mercy.” He tells Edmund, who looks skeptical.

Cassie drags Dinah back into the living room and throws her on the couch. She’s barely moving, and only mutters the word ‘baby.’ Cassie gets close to her, and demands to know everything. Mallet knocks on the farmhouse door, wondering if everything is ok. Cassie drags Dinah to her feet and hides her in a back bedroom before answering the door. “What’s up?” She asks looking nervous, and he picks up on this.

Olivia welcomes Reva into their house, and tells her that they are celebrating that her husband is the new point man on the Venezuela project. Looking confused, Reva wonders when all these changes happened. She explains that this project meant a lot to Billy as Olivia claims that the potential clients asked for Bill. “It happens all the time.” She says assuring Reva that things will turn out ok. She goes on to lecture Reva on business, and that emotions can’ have a place at Lewis. “It’s not like the company lost out.” Olivia reminds her.

It’s clear that Reva isn’t appreciating her flip attitude, and is quick to explain that the company is what it is today thanks to a lot of blood, sweat, tears and raw emotion. Olivia pretends to understand and then mentions that perhaps the clients thought that ‘we’ could be different. Reva picks up on this and is quick to remind her that Bill is on the job, not the two of them. “Bill is my husband, we’re a team. Kind of like you and Josh used to be.” Olivia says snidely. Reva “I guess Bill got exactly what you wanted him to have.” She remarks, clearly thinking there is more to this.

Bill walks into Outskirts just in time to see his father throwing back shots with some young women. He turns to Ava at the bar, who offers to help. Obviously upset, Bill asks her to get some coffee and asks how long his father has been this way. She tells him that it’s been a while, and Bill walks over to his dad. “What are you doing?” He asks, trying to keep his anger at bay. An inebriated Billy jokes that he’s working on public relations.

Edmund reminds Jeffery that he hasn’t done anything wrong, and that his biggest mistake was thinking that Dinah could change. He claims that he had no clue how deranged and obsessed with Cassie that she really was. Jeffery shakes his head and tells Edmund flat out that it’s a bit hard for him to think that Dinah is the root of all the problems. Jeffery sits down, wondering why Edmund thought that purchasing a baby was the only option. Edmund methodically pokes holes in any story that Dinah may potentially tell the authorities. He reminds Jeffery that he only found out that Dinah suffered a miscarriage right before her due date. He also mentions that she clearly lost her mind, as evidenced by the house she built to look like the Jessup Farm. Jeffery listens and then reminds him that the faux farmhouse was built in a building owned by Edmund. Nodding, he reminds Jeffery that it was all part of Dinah’s plan to set him up after he made it clear that they couldn’t be together. Jeffery continues to listen to everything Edmund is saying and even goes so far as to admit that it makes sense. However, he ends the conversation by letting Edmund know that he doesn’t care about the truth.

Dinah listens in as Mallet explains to Cassie that Dinah escaped from the hospital. She feigns a surprised look, and then assures him that she is fine. She even tells him that she’s not had any contact with Dinah since the hospital. Cassie even goes so far as to apologize for being rude to him at the hospital. He tells her that it’s fine, and that it’s clear that they both want one thing – to get to the truth. He also offers to leave a cop at the farmhouse, just in case Dinah shows up. Mallet mentions that it might make Jeffery feel better about things and she reluctantly agrees. He decides to leave and mentions that he’s headed out to question Edmund once more. He looks around the house throughout the conversation, and agrees to stay a bit away from the front door. He leaves, and Cassie waits for him to leave before going to Dinah. “I want you all to myself.” Cassie explains.

Billy says goodbye to the women he was with, and then mentions that he thinks Bill should head home as well. Bill is stubborn and refuses to. He wants to know what happened that caused his father to throw away over a decade of sobriety, and vows to help his father get past it. Billy looks ashamed and makes it clear that he doesn’t want his son’s help with this. Bill continues to try and due the right thing and get some coffee into his father, who refuses. Billy looks upset and makes it clear that he doesn’t want help from a son who pities him. He shakes his head and tells his father that now as an adult, all he wants to do is help him.

Olivia doesn’t deny wanting her husband to succeed in business, though Reva wonders what lengths she will go to. “No price is too high for Bill’s happiness.” She tells Reva, who thinks that this is more about Olivia getting what she wants than what her nephew wants. Olivia also makes is clear that she doesn’t appreciate Reva sticking her nose into their business. Shaking her head, and looking angrier by the minute Reva tells Olivia that she’s not going to sit back and watch her destroy Bill the same way she destroyed Josh. The two are beginning to really get into it, and Olivia makes it clear that there is nothing Reva can do about her suspicions. She begins to rush her out just as Ava walks in.

Ava looks confused by what is going on and tells Olivia that her husband is still at the bar with his father. “Billy had a little too much to drink.” She explains. Reva’s jaw drops. In shock she asks “Billy was drinking?”

Edmund looks confused and asks Jeffery to explain what he’s saying a bit better. “Well, I could bring you up on charges, and I would most likely make them stick. But what would be the point?” He says. Edmund still looks confused and reminds Jeffery that it would be a good way to get revenge. Jeffery walks over to Edmund and takes the handcuffs off. He mentions how much time a trial would take, and tells Edmund that he has no problem letting him go under one condition. “I want you out of Cassie’s life and out of Hope’s for good.” He tells Edmund looking very serious. Edmund thinks that Jeffery is being ridiculous and Jeffery smiles. “Keeping you out of jail is ludicrous.” He replies.

Cassie tells Dinah that she was lucky no one saw her, and that she wants to hear the truth from Dinah. She wonders how another woman could sit on her couch and talk about a baby, while not even being pregnant. Cassie can’t believe that she was naďve enough to think that Dinah wanted to change. “I was fooled too, by Edmund” Dinah tells her. Cassie shakes her head she doesn’t know what to believe any longer.

Billy tries to explain to his son that he was drinking water all night, and that all of a sudden he had a sip of water. ‘The first sip was a mistake.” He tells his son trailing off. Bill doesn’t understand as Billy explains that he didn’t even grab the wrong glass with two olives. That, he seems sure of. Bill realizes that his father is in trouble and wouldn’t have stopped drinking if he hadn’t shown up. He wants to call hi dad’s AA sponsor. Billy explains that he no longer has the phone number. “I threw it out.” He tells his son. When Bill pushes the issue of finding the number Billy gets mad. He reminds his son that he always has been and always will be a drunk. He claims that he is tired of fighting the person he thinks he is. Bill shakes his head, he doesn’t want his father to give up, and refuses to leave. Reva shows up and lets her nephew know that she can handle things from here on out.

Reva pulls Bill aside and lets him know that it might go over better if she deals with Billy. She explains that his father is probably really embarrassed as to how his son found him. Billy butts into the conversation and lets his son know that Reva, like always, is right. Turning back to Bill, Reva assures her nephew that she will call him with any news. Billy and his son hug one another, and tell one another how much they love each other.

Olivia is rattling off things fro Ava to do. She has to call the oil commission and approve a press release. Ava hints that although this is great chance for Bill, that it is kind of sad about his father. Olivia takes the chance to explain a few things to her assistant. She mentions how important drive is and that sometimes having passion for something is the most important thing. “I don’t know what you’re getting at.” She tells Olivia who looks frustrated. Ava is dismissed even though she offers to stay later. The two women say goodnight to one another.

Jeffery cautions Edmund that his offer is only good this one time, and warns him that if it’s not taken that he will be out for revenge. Edmund scoffs at the idea, and reminds the DA that he’s done nothing wrong. Mallet then walks in, wondering if Jeffery has had any luck with Edmund. Jeffery turns to him, wondering what his decision will be. “No.” Is all that Edmund replies. Looking mad, Jeffery tells Mallet that he can arrest Edmund on whatever charge he wants. He leaves, and warns them that he will see them later.

Mallet begins reading Edmund his rights. Angry, Edmund vows that he will get even with Jeffery. As they are leaving, Edmund informs Mallet that he wants to take him somewhere before heading to the police station.

Dinah seems to still be suffering from the fire. She’s coughing and is weak. She admits to Cassie that everything she did was because she loved Edmund. “He used my feelings to take advantage of me.” Dinah tells Cassie. She continues talking and confesses that her original intent was only to hide the fact that she lost the baby until she got pregnant for a second time. Cassie shakes her head still shocked at what she is being told. She wonders why Dinah would leave Edmund alone, to buy a child. Looking confused Dinah wonders where exactly Edmund told her he got the baby from. It’s at this time that Cassie lifts Hope out of her chair. Looking into her child’s eyes she admits that she loved the baby from the moment she first laid eyes on her. Dinah looks enthralled with Hope as well.

Jeffery suddenly walks in and wonders what Dinah is doing at the farmhouse. He wants to arrest her, and send her to prison with Edmund, but she gets into another coughing fit. He thinks she is faking, but Cassie gives her the benefit of the doubt. “She was just in a fire.” Cassie reminds Jeffery. Dinah heads into the kitchen for a glass of water and stares at Hope.

Edmund and Mallet stop at the gift shop in the hospital. Mallet picks up some snack food and makes it clear that he’s the one in charge. Edmund looks like he’s getting more and angrier by the minute.

Billy looks at Reva and lets her know that she won’t be the first in the family to lecture him. Looking at him sadly, she tells him that she’s not going to judge him. “I thought we’d sit here until it was time to go home.” She tells him. Billy begins talking and mentions that he doesn’t really know what happened. Reva assures him that they have one another, and that’s what counts. He begins to cry as he mentions that the worst thing was when Bill walked in and looked embarrassed. Smiling, Reva lets him know that she can relate to that. She’s had people be embarrassed by her for the entirety of her life. They agree to stick together and head home laughing.

Bill walks into his apartment looking mad. He explains to his wife that once more his father is drinking. Olivia nods and tells him that Ava was the one who told her. Bill paces around. He doesn’t understand what happened to set his father off. Olivia begins to hand him a celebratory glass of champagne and explains that neither of them can understand what his father is going through since they haven’t been there themselves. “What are you doing?” He asks her looking annoyed. Realizing what she has done, she apologizes for not thinking and mentions that she wanted their night to be about him. Shaking his head he tells that he doesn’t understand why, with all that is going on, that she still is worried about business. Olivia becomes defensive and reminds her husband that Billy will recover from this set back. “He’s tough and strong.” She reasons. She clearly doesn’t want family life to get in the way of his new position at Lewis. Looking worried, he mentions that he feels odd about leaving his father with Reva and decides to leave.

Outside the apartment, Bill picks up his cell phone and calls someone. He tells them that he has some questions about what happened with his father.

Reva helps Billy into his room at Towers, and then into his bed. She tucks him in, and then lies down next to him in a motherly fashion.

Back in her apartment, Olivia calls someone named Kirk and informs him that Bill is now the head of the Venezuelan Operation at Lewis. She smiles and tells him that of course the two of them will be working together.

Bill walks into Outskirts clearly looking for his father. Ava tells him that he and Reva left not too long ago. He nods, and then wonders what happened with the drinks. She explains that she was told to put one olive in the ones with water, and two in the one with alcohol. He nods and then notices that it looks like she might want to say something. Grimacing, she tells him that she saw Olivia eat one of the olives, and that she’s sure it was a mistake. “I think she might have had an olive from the glass your father picked up. And I’m sure she would be horrified if that’s what happened.” She tells him. Clearly she doesn’t realize that it was intentional. Bill, on the other hand, looks crushed.

Mallet continues eating in front of Edmund who looks disgusted. He reminds Mallet that if he truly wants to crack the case that he should allow Edmund to show him something.

Jeffery seems completely annoyed that Dinah is still at the farmhouse. Cassie promises him that she will call Rick and get her back to the hospital. Suddenly they realize that they don’t hear any noises from the kitchen. The two rush in, and see that both Dinah and Hope are gone. They run out onto the porch calling out Dinah’s name.

On a roof, Dinah holds Hope. Looking into the baby’s face, she tells Hope how much she needs her.

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