Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/11/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus continues to read the book as Beth comes in and interrupts. She says she is just checking on dinner, which is Duck ala Orange, and Gus asks who ordered dinner. Beth says that she did but if Harley has someone she would like fixed just to let them know. Gus says that he is sure she will since Harley is not shy. Beth asks how they are doing, if they are getting settled in and Gus answers that they are. Beth comments that Harley has seemed off the last couple of days as Lizzie and Coop come in. Beth says that it is a surprise to see them and Lizzie wonders why since Harley invited them. As Harley walks in the room, Beth shoots her a look.

Marina is throwing a fit to Buzz, at Company, telling him that what he has done is not okay. Frank frantically runs in asking if everything is okay since Marina called him and said that she needed him. Marina says that they always taught her that family came first and tonight they let her down and more importantly, they let Harley down. Both men make excuses on why they couldn’t go to the Spaulding house for dinner and Marina tells them that she wonders what is happening to the family.

Ross is sitting in Outskirts, waiting for someone, when Ava comes up to him and asks him if he is the mayor since she recognized him from the newspaper. Ava introduces herself and Ross says it is always nice to meet his younger constituents. Ava tells him that she didn’t vote for him since she just moved to town and Ross says he hopes she likes it. She tells him that she likes it so far and says that she wouldn’t have this job if it weren’t for Jonathan, whom she asks if Ross knows. He says he does since he is friends with his daughter, Dinah.

Mallet asks Dinah if she can hear him and wants to know how the fire started and if Edmund was with her when it started. She lies unconscious in her hospital bed though and Mallet gives up and walks out of the room just missing Cassie and Edmund. Edmund begs Cassie not to go in and says that Dinah probably just set the fire to get attention. Cassie replies that after everything she did she doesn’t need to get her attention since she already has it. Edmund asks her to reconsider one more time but Cassie tells him to get out of her way and barges into Dinah’s hospital room. Edmund follows and Cassie is shocked to see Dinah’s state. She says that she came into get the truth from her but looking at her, she doesn’t know. Dinah opens her eyes and looks at them.

Ross asks Ava if she is in school and Ava tells him not at the moment but that she is hoping to be next year to study business. She tells him about her assistant’s position with one of the owners at the Beacon. Ross guesses she is working for Cassie and Ava corrects him with telling him that she is working for Olivia. Ross mentions that it must be interesting and exciting to work for both Jonathan and Olivia. She says that she feels lucky since Olivia has a real nose for business and Ross says that he has heard that. He tells her that her parents must be proud although a bit worried. She asks why they should be worried and Ross says that parents always want to prepare their children but sometimes it is never enough. He mentions how he still worries about Dinah and Ava says that it is nice to have someone looking over you, as his cell phone rings. Mallet is on the other end and tells Ross about Dinah’s accident. Ross tells him that he will be right there and quickly leaves.

Beth says that when Harley calls Lizzie goes running. Lizzie says not to make a big deal and Beth says that she is just glad to see her and that Harley must have the magic touch. Harley asks if they can excuse her and Beth for a second and Lizzie tells them if they are going to argue they can do it in front of them. Both women say that they are not going to argue and Coop gets Lizzie to leave. Harley asks if there is a problem and Beth says no, just that she had been asking Lizzie to come for months and the first time Harley calls she comes. Harley sarcastically says that she is glad she can help and Beth just as sarcastically says that she is glad that Harley is part of the family. Harley retorts she is too as she takes step towards Beth. Gus pulls her back and says that this isn’t awkward at all.

Outside Lizzie can’t believe that Coop pulled her away from everything. She tries to look in the windows to see what is going on as he tells her that he felt things would go smoother if she wasn’t in the mix. She wonders why and he tells her that she has a habit of sticking it to her mom and if she would have taken Harley’s side she would have done just that and tonight isn’t about that. Lizzie asks if he really thought that this was going to be a nice normal evening and Coop answers he did. He also says that it means they are getting a free meal, which comes in handy when you are on a budget. Lizzie agrees and is surprised when Coop remembers their anniversary of their first kiss and brings a small wrapped box out of his backpack for her. She opens it and it is a pretty butterfly pendant that she asks him to put around her neck. After he does that, she says that she remembered also and gets out her gift for him. Coop opens it and is shocked to find a laptop computer which Lizzie says is for his writing and it is top of the line.

Cassie tells Dinah that people think she started the fire. She asks if she did and tells her that she wants her to tell her everything. Edmund says that she is too weak for this and that they should do it later. Cassie relents but says that she will wait but that she wants Dinah to get better so that she can tell her the truth. Cassie gets up to get a doctor and Dinah grabs her arm. She tells Dinah she will make her a deal and get her some water if she gives her answers. She goes to get her water as Mallet comes in and says that Cassie shouldn’t’ be there. She asks if she has been with her the entire time and Mallet says the is investigating the fire and although he is sure she wants answers she needs to leave so he can talk to Dinah alone. Cassie refuses to leave the room and Edmund points out that Mallet didn’t give them a choice. Cassie says that she doesn’t care as Ross runs in and wonders what is going on. Cassie says that she is glad he is there since maybe he can give her some answers. Cassie remembers that he doesn’t know and tells Ross about Dinah losing the baby and pretending to be pregnant. Ross says it is impossible and Cassie says not really when you think of everything else she has done. Ross doesn’t believe it and asks Dinah to tell them the truth. Dinah whispers back “the truth” and looks at Edmund who looks worried.

Coop tells Lizzie that the computer is expensive and she can’t afford it. Lizzie says that she can since she got it at a discount and Coop wonders where she got the money. She reminds him of the ring and he tells her that she isn’t getting the point since she still has bills, like rent, to pay. He points out all of her other bill and asks how she is going to pay for them since she isn’t working right now. She begs him not to return it and he agrees not to. Lizzie asks if it means she actually did something good for once and Coop says that she does everything good but budget herself. Lizzie says she is working on it and Coop says that they just have so much other stuff stacked against them that he doesn’t want money and finances to be one of them. Lizzie promises that all of her money from now on will go towards bills and kisses him as Beth listens in from inside. She goes outside to call them in for dinner and Lizzie asks if there are no cat scratches. Beth says that she and Harley are both adults and Lizzie jokes that you could have fooled them. Lizzie and Coop go inside and Beth watches them.

Marina tells Buzz and Frank that the next time Harley calls that one of them drops what they are doing and supports her. Frank says that he thinks he knows Harley better than anyone and he thinks that she is handling things with Spaulding very well. Marina tells him that she is working overtime to prove that she is doing well so no one says she can’t handle it because she is a woman. Buzz says it is nice that she is looking out for her and Marina says that someone has to since she was way to calm and in control for her normal self and it scared her. Buzz says that Coop went to dinner and Marina kids that Coop is not a multitasker and that Lizzie is pretty much all he can handle. Frank says that they will do better with Harley but that they have to be careful so that Harley doesn’t shut them out. He changes the subject and says that maybe it is Marina who is missing her family. Marina says that she is fine and that things with her and Danny are moving forward and that she is really happy. Buzz declares that the family meeting is over and starts to go inside when Marina stops him and asks them when was the last time either of them had a life.

Edmund looks out into the hall and seeing a nurse nearby spots an opportunity and starts yelling at Dinah to tell everyone what is going on. Ross tells him to stop and Edmund says she isn’t as innocent as she pretends to be. Cassie tells him she already knows his story, now she wants to hear Dinah’s. Ross tells both of them to stop hovering over her like vultures. Edmund continues to yell until the nurse comes in and orders everyone out. Cassie says she doesn’t understand what Dinah knows and the nurse says she doesn’t care. Ross tries to stay with her since he is her father but the nurse says that she doesn’t care if he is the mayor he is leaving also. Mallet also tries to stay, citing he is the police and has Rick’s permission to stay, but the nurse says that he doesn’t have her permission and has to leave also. Ross takes Cassie out into the hall and tells her that they need to talk. Edmund goes to leave but Mallet stops him and says that he has a few answers to give, like why he doesn’t want anyone to hear what Dinah has to say.

Edmund asks why Mallet is harassing him and Mallet tells him that Dinah was found in a burning building that he owned. He claims to have no idea and when Mallet asks him why he is angry with Dinah, Edmund says that she ruined his marriage and pretended to carry his baby, which gives him reason to be angry with her. Mallet asks if that is all and Edmund tells him that he is wasting his time and claims that Dinah is a murderer. Mallet asks him if she is also an arsonist or if someone is trying to get rid of her this time. Edmund storms away from Mallet.

Ross asks what is happening since Cassie has a baby. Cassie tells him that Dinah did not give birth to Hope and Ross asks why Edmund told him that he helped deliver Hope. Cassie says that Edmund made it up since Dinah lied to him about being pregnant. Ross tells Cassie that he can’t believe that she would do that since carrying that baby was everything to her. Cassie says that she knows it was Dinah’s redemption but that it didn’t happen. He asks if they still don’t know the whole story and Cassie admits that they don’t and Dinah is the only one who does. Ross tells her that he knows she is desperate to talk to her but since Dinah almost just died, he doesn’t want her or Edmund going after her. Cassie says that Ross can be in the room with her if he wants. Edmund tries to talk to Ross and Ross screams that if Edmund goes anywhere near his daughter he will hire a police guard. Edmund starts to complain to Cassie who pretty much tells him that he wouldn’t’ understand anything about being a father and storms off. Edmund watches Ross and Mallet go into Dinah’s room and comments, “one down, two to go.”

Harley cuts a cake as Coop, Lizzie, and Gus watch. She comments that dinner was umm... and Coop interjects fruity and Gus agrees. Beth says that she liked it and Harley says that she would since she was the one who ordered it. Coop tries to make things better and Gus says that maybe they should have ate supper in the media room on trays. Beth snidely says that then they can all go for a dip in the “cement pond”. Harley glares at her as she gives Lizzie a piece of cake. Gus asks Lizzie how her job was going and Lizzie tells him that she quit since it wasn’t her thing. Gus asks if she is back at Company then and Lizzie says she is between jobs now. Beth asks if she is looking for something else because she doesn’t want her credit score to be affected. Lizzie doesn’t understand what she is getting at and Lizzie gets upset with her mother’s line of questioning and says that they need to go. Beth says that she will walk them out and Lizzie tells her no way. Lizzie kisses Harley on the cheek and thanks her for inviting them as she pulls Coop out of the room. After they leave, Gus asks Harley if she wants to get some air and once outside jokes that it wasn’t a complete disaster, but then breaks down that it was and Phillip is up laughing at her right now. She says she can’t be that close to Beth since they have too much baggage between them. Harley promises Gus that the next time they can watch the game. Gus asks her if she can take a walk with him and she says he would love to but that she has work to do. He asks her for 5 minutes and she agrees and they go on a little stroll.

Lizzie asks if they can go to Outskirts and Coop asks how they are going to pay for it. She says that maybe Jonathan will comp them and Lizzie asks if he wants to follow her. They are leaving as Coop remembers he left the computer. He goes back to get it and runs into Beth. She asks if he forgot something and he says his computer. Beth stops him by asking if that if he has a minute that there is something she wants to say.

Mallet asks Ross what he makes of all of this and Ross says he doesn’t know but that he can tell that she is trying to tell them something by the look on her face. He says he doesn’t understand what the point of making a farewell tape is if you don’t intend to leave town. Mallet asks what kind of tape and Ross tells him about the tape she made. Mallet asks if she mailed it or left it on his doorstep and Ross says that it was found at Cassie’s. Mallet asks if Edmund had access to it and Ross says that he did and asks if Mallet thinks that he was responsible for her disappearance. Mallet says that they only have his word that she left and now possibly the videotape. Ross says to keep him up to date and Mallet promises to let him know anything he finds out. Ross leans down and tells Dinah that he doesn’t care what she did, he just wants her back and kisses her head.

Edmund is outside of Dinah’s room and when the coast is clear pulls the fire alarm.

In the bedroom, Harley and Gus discuss Spaulding work and both of them realize that neither knows what the paperwork says although Gus tries to distract her while she is looking at the paperwork. Gus says that she can hire someone to explain it to her and she says that she already has people to do that but they aren’t there and he is. They kid around with each other about Spaulding work for a while longer while undressing and starting to make out.

Marina tells Buzz and Frank that both of them need love in their lives. Buzz just says that he needs a sweater. Marina tells him that he needs a loving woman to keep him warm. Frank tells Marina he won’t settle for anyone less wonderful than she is. She wonders what they will do first and mentions computer dating and the personals. Frank’s cell phone rings and he excuses himself for police business. Marina tells him that she is not going to let him forget this and he says he believes that. Buzz starts cleaning up and Marina tells him that she is serious and both he and Frank have a lot to offer. Marina says she is just happy that she has love in her life now and wants them to have the same.

Beth tells Coop that he had a close call at the garage and says that Lizzie seems to think that she had something to do with it. Coop says he never thought that and Beth says that although they got off on the wrong foot, she would never do that to him. Coop asks if there is something that Beth would like to say to him and Coop says that being out on your own is tough and that it especially is for Lizzie. Coop says that he knows that she needs her family and Beth says that she needs Lizzie also. She asks if she is happy and Coop tells Beth that he isn’t going to hurt her. He also tells Beth that he loves Lizzie and he would do anything for her, Beth asks if that includes marrying her. Coop says that they have discussed it and maybe someday but that they both realize they are too young. As he is leaving, Beth tells Coop to promise her he will do everything he can to take care of Lizzie and Coop agrees. After Coop leaves Beth smiles wickedly and says she is going to hold him to that.

Lizzie arrives at Outskirts and Ava, who is balancing her checkbook, asks what she can get her. Lizzie orders a diet soda and when Ava goes to charge her, she asks if Jonathan isn’t around. Lizzie asks what she is doing and Ava tells her and Lizzie is amazed that she can do it herself. She explains that she used to be rich but now is poor. Ava explains she is a bargain hunter and explains about both of her jobs. She says it is better than the alternative and explains about the loan shark she got money from when she first moved to town. Lizzie asks to know more.

The fire alarm sounds as Ross and Mallet both leave Dinah’s room. Edmund starts to go back in but Cassie catches him when coming back to get her purse. Edmund tries to talk her out of going in again and when she goes in finds Dinah is gone.

Cassie freaks out to find Dinah gone and asks Edmund where she is, she looks in the closet to find it empty and says that she took off and probably disappeared again. Cassie grabs her purse and leaves as Edmund says that wherever she is he knows she hasn’t gone far.

Lying in bed after sex, Gus says that he liked going over reports with her. Harley says he was frisky tonight, and Gus answers that is what a good romance novel will do to you. She asks if he was reading Blake’s book and asks him if it is really bugging him that much. Gus says it wasn’t but Harley says that actions speak louder than words. She wants to know how a romance novel of their own would start and Gus says something cheesy that makes Harley laugh and they start to make love again.

Beth speaks to Alan on the phone and tells him to come down because Coop isn’t that bad of a kid but tells her to leave everything to her. She says that Coop is already poised to break things off even if he doesn’t already know it. She says that she will make it so that Lizzie is back home with the family before they know it.

Ava finishes telling Lizzie about the loan shark and when Coop arrives Lizzie says she has a “creative idea” on how to fix their money problems.

Mallet tells Edmund he has a couple of more questions and Edmund tells him that he is all out of answers and starts to walk away. Mallet puts handcuffs on Edmund and tells him that she will see.

Cassie comes back to the farm to find the door open. She starts to yell for the babysitter but instead she finds Dinah, who falls into her arms.

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