Guiding Light Update Monday 10/10/05


Written By Elizabeth 
Pictures by Boo

Behind the farmhouse façade, Dinah sits in the crawlspace still searching for a cell signal. She hopes that for once her plan will work.

Edmund continues to throw gasoline around the faux farmhouse, knowing that he has to get rid of anything that would indicate Dinah was there. “No one will ever know this place ever existed.” He says before dropping a match.

Dinah finally gets a cell signal and calls Cassie immediately. She whispers on the phone that she has to tell her something important. Cassie yells that she can barely hear her. Meanwhile, in the fake farmhouse a fire rages on, and Dinah doesn’t even realize it.

Tammy sits diligently by Sandy’s bedside. She apologizes for all the mistakes she has made, and prays that he will only get better. “Just have Sandy be ok, and I’ll never see Jonathan again.” She says to herself. Sandy’s eyes slowly flutter open and she is ecstatic. She can’t believe that he is ok and rushes over to him. He looks at her with a confused look, as she gushes on how about how he is finally awake.

While Olivia watches on from the other end of the bar, Billy continues to share stories with the potential clients from South America. He is still drinking and clearly drunk. Olivia thinks back to when Billy told her she wasn’t able to hack it with the ‘big boys,’ and then to when Bill explained his one olive vs. two olives trick when ‘drinking’ with clients. Olivia then thinks back to when she ate one of the olives off the swizzle stick in the glass containing the alcohol. It looks like even she can’t believe what she’s done when Josh rushes in. They both see how clearly wasted Billy is. She explains that she didn’t know what to do, and he lets her know it is ok. “You did the right thing.” Josh tells his ex wife.

Dinah whispers that she needs Cassie’s help. Yelling at her, Cassie explains that she can’t believe that Dinah would even call her. She continues yelling at her, explaining that she can’t believe the nerve of Dinah. Dinah gets stern and explains that she needs help. Before she has a chance to say anything else, the two are disconnected. Dinah realizes that her surroundings are on fire, and calls out for help. She frantically tries to make another phone call, while trying to figure out what she should do.

Cassie is irate that Dinah would hand up on her, while Jonathan seems uneasy. He doesn’t understand why Dinah would call and then hang up. To him it doesn’t make sense, and he lets her know that. “Perhaps she called to apologize.” He tells her, “You know, people change.” He mentions.

Cassie is still mad and claims that most people don’t end up changing. Jonathan reminds her that not too long ago she was thanking him for keeping his nose out of her business. Cassie wonders why, all of a sudden, that it matters to him what she thinks.

In tears, Tammy thanks Sandy for coming back to them. Rick walks in, and is shocked to see that Sandy is back. “I was just praying and he opened his eyes.” Tammy tells them both through tears. Sandy still has an angry look upon his face and Rick mentions that he still has to do some tests. He assures her that the worst of it all is over with. She leaves the room and confesses that she will be right back.

Tammy rushes into Bill’s arms, as he is waiting for her outside. He is so happy that Sandy has awoken, and wants to know everything. He is so happy that Tammy was able to be with him when he woke up.

Inside the room, Rick does a few neurological tests which all come back fine. He tells Sandy what a lucky person he is to have Tammy and goes on to tell him that she stood by his side the entire time he was hurt. Sandy thinks back to seeing Tammy and Jonathan together in the barn. “You’re a lucky man. She must really love you.” Rick tells his patient.

Back outside, Tammy confesses to Bill that she made a promise to God that she would do the right thing if Sandy was ok. “I’m going to stick by it.” She tells him. She stands up and looks inside at Sandy.

Josh and Olivia watch on as Billy has trouble walking around. She mentions that perhaps she should go, so that a scene is not caused if and when Billy realizes she is the one who called him. Josh is having a hard time holding his anger inside, and tells Olivia to leave. He assures her that he can handle things, and thanks her for calling him. Olivia leaves, looking concerned over what has happened.

At the other end of the bar, Garcia, the potential client opts to head back to the hotel. He claims that he doesn’t want to lose all his oil to Lewis, and leaves. Billy continues laughing and seems surprised to see his brother. “Billy, what the hell are you doing?” asks Josh.

Edmund runs into Outskirts, wondering if the bartender there has seen Dinah Marler. He begins describing her, and realizes that he’s not getting anywhere. Angry, he leaves looking upset.

Back in the farmhouse, Dinah makes her way out of the enclosure. She crawls along the ground, trying to find a way out, and covers her face with her shirt when she realizes she may not be able to get out.

At first Billy tries to get his brother to forget about what he has just seen by mentioning how good things went with Garcia tonight. “I nailed it.” He tells Josh before getting ready to leave. Josh is livid, and demands to know what his brother was thinking. Upset, Billy explains that he thought he was drinking water. He explains that there was a mistake that was made, and that he simply thought he could handle it. Josh can’t believe what he is hearing, and wonders how he could throw 13 years of begin sober down the drain. “What happens now?” He asks Billy, looking concerned. Billy answers that he will simply quit, he’s done it before and he can do it again. Looking at his brother, he begs for him to have some confidence in him. “You couldn’t quit earlier tonight.” Josh reminds him. He goes on to tell a distraught looking Billy that he will be on hiatus from his job at Lewis. “I can’t afford to take a risk, and you can’t either.” He explains to Billy.

Rick comes out and informs Bill, Tammy, and Olivia who has just arrived that Sandy is doing surprisingly well. Tammy wants to rush right back inside, and Rick warns her to take it easy on him, that Sandy has been through a lot.

Tammy goes back into the room, and can’t hide her excitement over his sudden improvement. In his mind, Sandy sees Tammy and Jonathan together in the barn.

Outside, Olivia doesn’t say anything to Bill about his father. Instead, she thinks that they should head off and celebrate the fact that Sandy is doing so much better. Bill suggests Outskirts, and his wife informs him that she has a better idea. Together they head off through a hospital hallway.

Back in Sandy’s room, Tammy mentions how glad she is that he is doing better. She vows to stay by his side, until the two of them can walk out of the hospital fully recovered. He begins to say something, and she stops him. “Save your energy.” And then you can talk to forever. Again he tries to speak and manages to get out only a few words. “GO away.” He tells her.

Jonathan jokes with Cassie that the only reason he is being nice to her is in case he wants something from her in the future. She sees that he’s joking and laughs. He notices that she’s watching the road closely and wonders what is going on. She explains that she is waiting for a babysitter so that she can get to the hospital and be with Tammy. She also mentions that she needs to find a place that sells cotton candy. Jonathan looks at her odd, and wonders what she needs that for. “It’s not for me, it’s for Tammy. It’s a comfort thing.” She explains. The two smile at one another and Cassie tells him that it was nice talking to him. He leaves with her smiling.

Edmund rushes into the barn past Cassie. She flat out asks him what he is doing there, and reminds him that she didn’t want him anywhere near her or Hope. He claims that there were a few things that she forgot to pack of his. Nodding, she tells them that he needs to get them and then leave.

Before he leaves, she tells him that Dinah called. He immediately looks worried, especially after she tells him that they had an ‘interesting’ conversation.

Dinah continues to lie on the floor coughing. She is unable to get up, but through the flames she hears Mallet’s voice. He grabs her, and picks her up. Together they head out the door, through the flames. She continues coughing and manages to get out Edmund’s name. Mallet begs her to stay alive, and promises her that they can talk about Edmund later. He looks around and sees that the door is blocked by fire.

Back in the barn, Edmund demands to know what Dinah said to Cassie. He wonders what lies she told Cassie, and claims that he knew she would call. Confused, Cassie admits that she lied and that they merely got cut off. She tells him that she only managed to tell him that she needed help. He seems sure of himself now, and claims that the only reason that Dinah would have for calling would be to gloat. He reminds her what a manipulator Dinah was, and casually adds in that she did for 9 months day in and day out. Cassie doesn’t seem so sure anymore and wonders why Dinah would be trying to track her down. Edmund wonders where Dinah was calling from and mentions that perhaps she will call back. Looking both mad and anxious, Cassie admits that she hopes Dinah will call again.

Mallet assures Dinah that she will be fine. He tells her that she’s safe as he walks through the fire to the open door. Mallet gives her CPR and she slowly comes to. She looks up at him, and tells him that it took him long enough to get to her.

Bill and Olivia are in their apartment on the bed together when he stops kissing her. He tells her that something is wrong, and that he wants to make sure everything is ok. “Kiss me again, and everything will be ok.” She tells him.

Billy begs Josh not to take him off the South American project. Josh is furious and explains that he can’t see his brother spin out of control again. He reminds Billy of the accident that almost cost him his life last time he was drinking. Billy shakes his head. He doesn’t want to hear it, and clearly doesn’t like being reminded of it. Josh tells his brother that he is all he has left, and that he can’t lose him. “So it’s all about you.” Billy says looking defeated. They argue and finally Billy admits that he is a drunk. Josh offers to call his sponsor or drive him home; Billy wants nothing to do with either solution. He tells his brother that he is fine, and Josh walks out of the bar. Sitting at the bar, Billy licks his lips and looks at the drink in front of him.

Tammy looks confused, and doesn’t understand why he would want her to leave. She explains that she only wants to help him get better. He shakes his head, and wants nothing to do with her helping him. Tammy thinks back to when she and Jonathan were in the barn and slowly realizes that he saw them. She tries to explain that she went to the barn to be alone, and that Jonathan simply showed up. “I was going to propose to you.” He tells her. “Good thing I didn’t do that.” She begs him not to say such things and tries to explain that nothing happened between her and Jonathan in barn. “You kissed him.” He accuses her and she admits that she didn’t mean for any of it to happen. She goes on to explain that she’s glad she spent some time with Jonathan. “It made me more sure that I want to be with you.” She tells him. Sandy doesn’t want to believe her, and she goes trying to convince him that she truly loves him. A nurse knocks on the door and tells Tammy she has to leave. “He has to rest.” The nurse tells her. Tammy still looks hurt and urges Sandy to get some rest before leaving. He has tears in his eyes as she leaves. Tammy walks out to find Jonathan standing in front of her with cotton candy in his hand. He smiles at her, though she doesn’t look happy to see him.

Mallet continues to tend to Dinah, and lets her know that help is on the way. He begins asking her various questions about where she was, and what happened to her. He also asks her if there is anyone she wants him to call. Dinah points to redial on the cell phone and he tells her to hold on.

Back at the barn, Cassie is warning Edmund that he needs to hurry up and get his things so he can leave. Suddenly her cell phone rings.

Mallet is on the other end of the line, and explains that he wants to know what she and Dinah talked about. Cassie confesses that Dinah wanted help and that they didn’t talk about much else. She sounds worried, and Mallet lets her know that she should be. He tells her that Dinah was in a fire, and is going to be rushed to Cedars. Cassie is shocked, and wonders what exactly happened. She seems in awe when he explains that Dinah was in a building that looked exactly like the farmhouse. She agrees to call Dinah’s relatives and then informs Edmund she’s headed to the hospital. She has to see Dinah. “Cassie, don’t go. You can’t.” Edmund tells her.

In the hospital, Bill suggests to his wife that check on Sandy. Then, he tells her, they can celebrate once more. As they are talking they see Josh at the hospital. He asks to speak with Bill alone.

Alone with his nephew, Josh asks him to take over the Venezuela project. He explains that things have changed and that he needs someone strong to take it over. Looking confused, Bill refuses to take the project over. He claims that he doesn’t want to make that type of business commitment at the moment. Olivia butts into the conversation and reminds Bill that his uncle is stuck. He needs a replacement, and that he should help out the company. Bill looks to his uncle, who agrees with Olivia. “It would really help us out.” He tells Bill. Nodding, he agrees to the deal and turns to make sure that Olivia is ok with it. She is excited, and lets him know that she thinks it is a great opportunity for all of them. Looking uneasy, Bill reminds her that it’s not the best thing for his father.

Back at Outskirts, Billy asks the bartender to fill up his drink. When Bobby refuses, Billy simply does it himself. “I’ll quit tomorrow.” He tells himself.

Jonathan explains that he got the idea for the cotton candy from her mother. He continues to be nice to her, and she doesn’t want to hear it. He explains that the feelings they share are real, and shouldn’t be denied. Tammy confesses to him that Sandy saw them in the barn. “That’s why he had the accident.” She explains. She goes on to tell him that she made a promise that she intends to keep before walking out. Jonathan remains in the waiting area looking upset. He yells after her, and gets no response. Jonathan then gazes in at Sandy, still in a hospital bed.

Rick is in the ER and is checking on Dinah. He explains to Mallet that she is lucky he found her in the knick of time. Mallet sits with her, wondering what happened to her.

Edmund doesn’t think Cassie should visit Dinah. He offers to go talk to her and then report back. She scoffs at his idea. “If Dinah has something, anything to say, I want to hear it myself.” She tells him before taking off.

In the ER, Dinah begins trying to speak. Mallet is next to her, and strains to hear what she is saying. “Cassie.” Dinah manages to get out.

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