Guiding Light Update Friday 10/7/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Amanda

Danny has set up a nice romantic dinner for Marina on the rooftop. She is impressed and tells him so and jokes around about him being older and more experienced than she is. He asks her if she likes it and she tells him yes and that she knew something had to be up when she was assigned to patrol the rooftop. Danny kids that he has a direct connection with the chief of police. Marina asks what she did to deserve what he has done and Danny says that she is just being her, and that there have been way to many distractions lately. They start to dance and Marina says that Michele was more than just a little distraction but Danny says that that is over now and that tonight is all about Marina. He tells her that he is grateful, excited, and honored to have her in his life. He tells her how much he appreciates her sticking by her through all of the complications. Marina says she didnít need any of it but that she wanted Danny enough to stick through it. She says that everything has proven that he wants her to and that that feels good. They start to kiss as they are dancing.

Sandy starts to code and Rick says that they need to get the crash cart. He tells Tammy to leave the room and she stands next to Jonathan at the door crying over Sandy.

Mallet knocks on Cassieís door; he introduces himself to Cassie and asks if he is coming at a bad time. She tells him no and to call her by her first name since she has heard all about him through the years. Mallet says he hopes it was all good and Cassie says that some of it was. Cassie asks what is going on and Mallet responds that he is there to see if Edmund is around. Cassie wants to know what he has done now and Mallet says that is what he is there to find out.

Edmund looks around the faux farmhouse wondering where Dinah went. Down in her hold Dinah hopes that since he thinks she is gone he will leave and leave the door unlocked.

The doctors work to revive Sandy but he is not responding. Rick finally gets a sinus rhythm and Tammy is relived but tells Jonathan that he shouldnít be there. Jonathan says that there are a lot of things he does that he shouldnít do. When Rick comes out Tammy asks if he is okay and wants to go in to see him. Rick tells her not now and that they are doing everything they can. Jonathan tries to comfort her but she walks away from him and tells him he is not making anything easier on Sandy by being there. He tells her that he isnít there for Sandy. Tammy says that it is their fault that Sandy was hurt. He asks if there is nothing that he can do for her and she says that he has done enough. He reminds her that he wasnít alone in the barn and she says that what happened shouldnít have happened and Jonathan tells her that he is just surprised it didnít happen sooner.

Marina is working on the flowers on the rooftop and Danny says that he brought her up there for a glass of wine and she is playing in the dirt. Marina says that things got to ďrealĒ for her and she needed a project to separate from it. She says that she has been doing this since a child and then she will be fine in a little while. Danny asks if something is bothering her and she finally admits that she has been on guard for so long and it just scares her to just ďgo for itĒ. Marina asks Danny if he knows whose garden they are in and Danny says he knows that it is Michelleís AIDS garden. Marina points out that she is always going to be around and Marina asks if he is really happy about that. Marina says that she wants the kind of happy where they have to be with each other at all times. She asks if he has room for those kinds of feelings in his life. Danny assures her that he does but she answers that she saw the look on his face when Michelle and Robbie left and says she may have understood if he would have gone with them. He admits he thought about it and apologizes for it. Marina says not to be, that she isnít.

Cassie asks why Mallet is looking for Edmund and he says that he had heard some stuff through Marina that he wanted to check out. Cassie assures Mallet that Hope is her baby and he asks if she is sure. Cassie tells him to ask Jeffrey if he wants to and Mallet points out that he is her boyfriend. Cassie assures him that he is fair when it comes to his job and Mallet says he never said he wasnít. Mallet goes to look at Hope and Cassie quickly gets rid of him.

Edmund calls Ross and then Bill to try and find out if either one has heard from Dinah.

Edmund tells Olivia to have Bill call him. He starts to look around again for Dinah but Cassie calls him and tells him to get to the farmhouse as soon as he can. Edmund asks if it is about the baby and Cassie says no. Edmund says that he is in the middle of something and Cassie tells him to get there now. Edmund thinks that Dinah has already made it there and runs out. Once he is gone Dinah comes out from her hiding spot to see if Edmund left the door unlocked but it is locked and Dinah is still trapped. She says that itís okay now because since he thinks she is gone he will make a mistake.
Danny asks Marina if she really didnít care that he thought about leaving with Michelle and Robbie. Marina says that she cares and she was holding her breath at the airport wondering if she was going to be going home alone. She says that she is glad he stayed with her. She goes on that she is happy because she can breathe. She tells Danny that before he was forcing it because Michelle was around and since Michelle is always going to be around now he can choose her because she is the one he wants to be with. Danny assures her that he really does want to be with her. Marina says that she doesnít want to force or try things anymore, she just wants things to be with the two of them. Danny says that is how he wants it to be also and that although he will always be connected to his family his feelings for Michelle were only because he didnít want to turn her away while she was dealing with the death of the baby. He tells her that he never meant to hurt her and she answers that things hurt and you deal with them. Danny kids her that she deals by ripping up innocent plants. He asks her if she is okay and she says that she will be now. She declares the day National Marina and Danny day since she says it is about them. They kiss until Mallet interrupts, saying that the station log said she would be there. He tells Marina he needs to talk to her about Michelle and Edmund.

Edmund rushes into the farmhouse, frantically looking for Dinah. He asks Cassie where she is and thinking he is talking about Hope, she says she is sleeping. Edmund goes to find her but Cassie says that the baby needs her sleep. He asks Cassie why she called him and Cassie says that she wants him out of their lives, he is not Hopeís father anymore and walks off.

Jonathan tells Tammy not to look at Sandy but to look at him. She canít believe she is talking with Jonathan while Sandy is lying in the hospital room. Jonathan tells her that he knows how much she cares for him and that he doesnít want Sandy to die either since he knows how bad it would affect Tammy. Jonathan says he isnít going anywhere and Tammy says that he can just watch her be with Sandy, the guy she loves and that she should have been with when she was with Jonathan. He tells her that he makes too many rules for herself and she should learn to break them sometimes so she can actually get what she wants. She asks if he thinks that is him and tells him that whatever it is between the two of them there are a million reasons why they shouldnít be together. Tammy blames herself again until Jonathan tells her that it is her fault and his fault also. He says that it wasnít from what happened in the barn but from the last couple of months of them denying what they feel for each other and they drug Sandy into it. Tammy tries to tell him he is wrong and Jonathan says that he is not going to let Tammy beat herself up for what happened. He tells her that Sandyís accident was just that an accident, what is between them isnít.

Tammy tells Jonathan that she canít and goes to sit down. He tells her he understands that she canít do t his right now, he knows and she needs to sit and wait for Sandy to pull out of it. She asks if that is what he wants her to do and he says no, but that he knows if she doesnít she will feel even guiltier. She asks him if he feels guilty and he tells her never for what they feel for each other. Jonathan says he is going to leave and Tammy says that after all of the times she asked him to leave now after dumping all of this on her he is going to leave. He tells her that he will stay if she wants him to but says that it is up to her to decide where this will end. He lets her know that what happened in the barn will happen again with them, she tries to deny it but he declares that no matter how many rules she makes, does she really think she can make this go away. Tammy answers that she canít.

Edmund wants to know if he did something to make Cassie think like this. She tells him everything he has done in the past couple of months and he asks if there is something that, he did for her to doubt his ability as a father. She tells him that she wants the questions about Hopeís parents to stop right now and that is the only reason he is still free. He asks her if she finally believes him about Hope not being Michelleís baby and Cassie tells him that she doesnít believe a word that comes out of his mouth but that Jeffrey ran a DNA test so she knows for sure. She tells him that she doesnít want to do this and as far as she is concerned, it is ďsee no evil, hear no evil.Ē Edmund asks if she really feels that way about him, that he is evil since everything he has done, he did for her. Cassie says that she just wants him to leave and let her raise her little girl and when Edmund says that Cassie is everything to him, she tells him that he has nothing. He tells her that he still loves her and that she is living in a place that he provided for her and if she wasnít still in love with Richardís face, things would have been different between them. Cassie tells him to leave and swears that she is never going to change her mind about him. She asks him if there will be no more surprises from him and he swears she knows everything that she needs to know.

Danny wants to know what is going on and Marina tells him that the questions that she had about Michelleís accident she never actually dropped. She tells him that she thought the baby was possibly alive and she checked things out but that she has proof now that the baby died. She tells Danny that she knows that this may all come as a shock to him and Danny says that that only shock is that she lied to him.

Marina apologizes and says that it must feel as if he is losing her all over again. Danny says that he didnít even know for sure if the baby was his, but that he wants to know everything that she did. She tells him that it is a long story but basically she just poked around a little bit and got Jeffrey to help her out. She swears that she only had good intentions and Danny tells her that she had to know that if she found out that the baby was alive and was his it would change things with them. Marina says that she knew that but that she wanted Danny to know the truth. She goes on that she was still hoping that he would choose her but that she couldnít live with herself if Danny didnít know what was going on. Danny is shocked that she would put Michelle ahead of them also and tells her that she has the purest heart. Marina swears that she doesnít and walks away.

Jonathan asks Tammy if she is done denying that there is something between them as Rick interrupts, telling Tammy that she can see Sandy in just a second. Tammy asks what she is doing since Sandy was going to propose. Jonathan says that they werenít talking about him and Tammy says that Jonathan said himself that they made him a part of this. Jonathan tells her that he saw her put on the ring, Tammy tells him that she was going to say yes and Jonathan points out that she doesnít have the ring on now. Tammy says that she was going to wait until he asked her and Jonathan asks her what she will say. Tammy says that she will say yes and Jonathan asks her how she can do that after what they just admitted. Jonathan tells her that she is crazy and she says not anymore. Jonathan says that he is leaving and Tammy yells for him to stop. He comes back and gently kisses her, telling her that she needs to stay with Sandy right now, he gets that but if she needs him he is there. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves as Rick says she can see Sandy now. Tammy tells Rick that she knows it is bad that Sandy hasnít woken up yet. Rick says that he doesnít want to see it. Tammy asks if he is getting worse and Rick tells her that the longer he is out, the worse it is and tells her that it may be a good thing to contact his family. Tammy says that he doesnít have any that she knows of and wonders how she canít know something that important. Rick comforts her and says it is a good thing that she is there, and that it should help him. He tells her that it is up to Sandy now, whether or not he wakes up.

Cassie sits outside with Hope and tells her that they are both having a rough night but that tomorrow is a new day for the both of them, a day without Edmund.

Edmund lets himself into the fake farmhouse saying to himself that he is sure that Dinah is out telling people what he has done. He says that there is going to be no evidence left and that no one will believe her. He brings in cans of gasoline and as he leaves to start dousing the house, Dinah checks to see if he left the door unlocked. She finds them locked again but grabs Edmund'í cell phone and hides just as Edmund comes back in and starts to pour gas all over the room Dinah is hiding in. Dinah starts to dial.

Marina swears that she is not a saint and she never put Michelle before them. He asks why she didnít stop asking questions about the baby and she says that it was because she put Danny above everything. She tells him that she knows how much he loves being a dad and she didnít want to keep that from him if there was a possibility that Michelleís baby was his and she was still alive. She says that she wanted to stop many times and she just wanted Michelle to go away. She asks Danny how much he likes her pure heart now. Danny tells her that he loves it just as much as he did before, maybe more and he doesnít know what he did to deserve her. Marina says that he is all hers and that is all she needs to know.

Jonathan is back at the barn when Cassie finds him, she asks him what he is doing there and she tells him to wait. Jonathan starts to get defensive and he says that nothing is out of place. Cassie tells him that she doesnít want to talk to him about that, she wants to talk to him about Tammy since she knows what he did.

Tammy prays that she knows what she did was a terrible mistake and that if he just lets Sandy recover she will never see Jonathan again.

An officer gives Mallet some paperwork on Edmund, including property owned. Mallet says that he doesnít need them anymore since the case is closed, but then changes him mind and finds something in the paperwork.

Dinah frantically tries to get ahold of Cassie as Edmund finishes dousing the farmhouse. He swears that no one will ever know the place existed and no one will ever believe Dinah. He lights a book of matches and leaves.

Jonathan says that he doesnít know what Tammy told him and Cassie says that Tammy didnít tell her anything. She tells Jonathan and she knows that Jon knew about Dinah not being pregnant and thanks him for not using that information against them. She also thanks him for not telling Tammy and says that she doesnít think that Tammy needs to know anything. Jonathan says that Tammy is really excited about having a baby sister and promises not to tell her anything. Cassie tells him that whatever his reasoning it seems as if he may be trying to change. Cassieís cell phone rings and when she answers it is Dinah, who is in the fake farmhouse that is now going up in flames.

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