Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/6/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Ava finishes delivering a tray of drinks at Outskirts when Bill and Olivia walk in. Olivia notices Billy sitting at the bar, and wonders how the Venezuelan clients like their hotel room. Bill explains to her that his father was the one that helped them get settled in and jokes that perhaps Billy even rifled through their underwear. Liv laughs as Bill mentions how this new group of men seems much stiffer than their predecessors. Olivia reminds him that this is supposed to be their night together.

At the bar, Billy mentions to Ava that he’s heard all about her from Olivia. He enlists her help in showing the new clients how to have a good time, and instructs her to keep the drinks coming. He stipulates that his drink have only water and one olive, as opposed to theirs that have the alcohol with two olives. Ava nods, and lets him know that she can handle things just fine.

Billy and Olivia smile at one another from across the bar, and they both look like they are up to something.

At the airport an employee reads the Springfield Mirror article on Harley being the main character in Blake’s new book. She walks away just as Buzz and Harley stroll down the corridor. Harley thanks her father for coming with her, and he reminds her that meeting a junior executive at the airport is usually what messengers are for. She laughs and informs him that it was another way for her to get out of the office. Ever the pragmatist, Buzz gently reminds her that home is usually the typical escape from the office; not an airport.

Joking with her father, she reminds him that her home is the Spaulding Mansion, and she even invites him to come stay there. Laughing at her ridiculous idea, he grabs his chest and tells her that his heart is already too weak.

Harley goes on to tell her father what a typical day is like for her. She wakes up and does business all day, spends some time with her family, and then heads back to talks to the overseas clients. Her father wonders if she has finally had enough of being the Spaulding CEO. Harley wrinkles her nose and explains that although this is the biggest challenge of her life that she’s enjoying it.

Gus leans up against a brick wall and then checks his watch before pulling out Blake’s new book. He reads a passage aloud and is shocked about her description of ‘DC Hammer.’ He slams the book shut and reminds himself that it is purely fiction. Checking his watch once more, Gus wonders where Frank is. Talking to himself, he mentions how eager he is to make the bust. Just as he’s wiping the sleep out of his eyes, he is hit on the head from behind. He falls to the ground, and turns around just in time to see who smacked him.

Tammy sits in the hospital room, with her engagement ring on. She wishes that he had asked her to marry him before everything happens and vows to never take him for granted again.

Outside the room, Cassie and Jeffery look in as Tammy spends time with Sandy. Cassie looks upset and mentions how she wishes she could take some of the pain away for her eldest daughter. “There’s a saying that says you’re only as happy as your saddest child.” Cassie relays to Jeffery and then explains that it is one of the truest sentiments she’s ever heard. She walks over to Hope and looks down at her. Cassie confesses that she wishes Jeffery had never told her about the DNA test, “I just want to hold her and know she’s mine.” She tells him, with tears in her eyes.

Jeffery reminds Cassie that Edmund’s story is full of lies, as is the information he has. Nodding, she reminds him that there is only one other person who can help them find the truth.

Dinah is laying face down on the couch at the faux farmhouse. She looks like she is in great deal of pain, and takes another drink of water. She wonders if eating something will make her feel better. Getting up she looks around the kitchen for food, and doesn’t find much of anything. She vows to herself that although she may be hungry that she will not die. “I’m not giving in.” She promises herself.

Jeffery reminds Cassie that Dinah isn’t the only way to find the truth, especially since they are having trouble finding her. He tells her that they can use Michelle’s DNA and run some tests. ‘That might shed some light on the situation.’ He explains and goes on to mention that they can search for useable DNA at the Bauer home, or at the hospital. Jeffery offers to check into it for her, and makes sure that she is ok with it. Cassie looks unsure, and closes her eyes. Finally she tells him that she needs to find out the truth about Hope’s real mother, no matter what.

As Cassie is talking to Jeffery, Edmund stands outside the doors and looks in. He sees the Jeffery and Cassie together and does his best to eavesdrop on the conversation. He hears Cassie mention that she needs know the truth, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

Billy is sitting with the possible clients from South America and is gushing on and on about some of the men in their company. Olivia watches him from across the room, and thinks back to her earlier conversation with him. She remembers him telling her that ‘someday she would be able to be a big shot, but not now.’ Billy continues talking about the past as Ava delivers the drinks to the table.

Olivia continues to watching and seems shocked that her father in law is drinking. With a smile, Bill tells her about his father’s famous ‘one olive trick’ and that in his cup is only water. She gets mad, and can’t believe that her husband is willing to stand by and ‘take a back seat’ while his father schmoozes with the clients. Bill doesn’t seem to see the problem and reminds his wife that he has everything he needs. “This deal is important for my father, and he’s doing a great job.” He explains to Olivia. He goes on to mention how he also has her and Emma as well, and that there’s not much else he wants. Bill hugs his wife looking happy, while she remains looking upset.

Buzz watches as Harley makes a few phone calls. He jokes that seeing Harley as part of the corporate world was harder on him than seeing his granddaughter join the police force. She mentions how she is determined to make Spaulding something great. He reminds her that working hard is great, but that she has to be careful and not lose focus on what is truly important. Together the two of them enumerate the many reasons that she is killing herself for the job. Harley forgets to list Gus as a reason and then quickly tells her father that he is in actuality one of her main reasons for taking on the new job. She claims that she and Gus are going well. They notice a woman with two children looking at her.

Harley jokes that people reading the financial news are getting younger and younger. She motions for them to come over and is shocked when they have copies of ‘Love in the Lockdown.’ One girl claims that ‘Marley and Hammer are the best couple ever.’ Buzz doesn’t know what to say, and Harley refuses to sign the book. She tries to tell the fan that ‘Marley’ is a fictional character. The fan leaves in a huff, claiming that Harley is stuck up.

Buzz and Harley walk away, still in awe over what has just happened. Buzz laughs, even though she’s mad. He drags her out of the airport, reminding her that people do have to read every now and again.

Gus sees a young kid approaching him, fists in the air. Gus seems cocky and fights the guy off. Mallet shows up just in time as the kid attempts to grab a gun.

Mallet and Gus dive out of the way in the same direction, and land on top of one another. The two men begin arguing over Gus coming on the roof without back up. They finally agree to charge the suspect and pop up off the ground. Hearing a noise the two men slam themselves back down on the ground. They suddenly realize that the kid has thrown a Chinese throwing star at them, and are both surprised.

Mallet comes up with a plan on charging the suspect on the count of three. Of course this conversation isn’t without bickering about who is going to take which position.

Jeffery inquires at the desk about Michelle. He shows her his credentials, and she tells him that Michelle kept a locker at the hospital just in case she came back to town. Outside the ER doors, Edmund watches on and listens to everything being said. He clearly wants to undermine Jeffery’s plan.

Jeffery thanks the nurse for her help and sits down with Cassie. He tells her that Michelle has a locker, and that with any luck they will be able to find some DNA to run a test on. Nodding, Cassie still looks upset but tells him that she’s sure about everything. While the two are talking, Edmund sneaks in past them with a group of EMTs. He heads off in a different direction.

Tammy comes out of Sandy’s room and is happy to see her mother. She shows Cassie the engagement ring she found, and then wonders why her mother isn’t more shocked. Cassie admits that she knew about Sandy’s plan because he asked for her blessing. Tammy wants to know everything, including when Sandy asked for Cassie’s permission. “Right before the accident.” She tells Tammy, who looks distraught.

Edmund heads to the staff locker room. He sees the names on the doors, and thinks that switching the names on the doors will be the easiest thing to do. He hears voices in the hallway and moves aside as two nurses come in.

Dinah lines up the remaining food she has on the kitchen table, and tells herself that she has to make it last for a couple more days. What she has is meager at best; she tells herself that she must be missing an obvious way out of this prison. Walking around, she takes another look at her surroundings. She picks up a poker from the fireplace throws a chair in disgust. As it hits one of the walls, the board moves a bit. Dinah bends down, clearly thinking that she may be on to something.

Mallet calls for help on the radio, with Gus whispering in his ear. They continue to argue with one another while huddled on the floor. Suddenly Gus stands up, bound and determined to get the perpetrator. His partner can’t believe what he is doing, and takes off to follow him.

Buzz brings Harley into Outskirts while letting her know that she’s getting a well deserved break, whether or not she wants it. Bill sees them and congratulates Harley on her new job. He talks with her, while Buzz approaches Olivia. Liv is busy watching Billy with the potential clients and seems happy to see Buzz. Suddenly she turns around, anxious to hear if Harley hates her new job yet.

Smiling, Harley mentions that she likes the way that things have turned out do far. She admits that her job is tough, but that she enjoys a challenge. Harley then asks Bill how things at Lewis are going and brings up the fact that they’ve been busy. Bill mentions that his father is taking care of the business, while he concentrates on family. The entire time that Bill is talking, Olivia stares at Harley. She is obviously jealous of Harley’s powerful position at Spaulding Enterprises. Olivia fakes enthusiasm for spending more time at home when Bill tells Harley that she can have the corporate world. He’s ready to focus on his family.

Dinah attempts to wedge a hole between two planks of wood paneling. She rushes into the kitchen to get another tool, and reminds herself the whole time that she will be able to get out. She pries open a hole and smiles as the board comes loose.

Tammy sits down with her mother, while Jeffery decides to go check on Michelle’s locker. He doesn’t say where he is going in front of Tammy, but mentions that he will be ‘taking care of business.’

Tammy looks up at her mother, and sees Hope as well. “You finally have it all, don’t you?” She asks Cassie, still looking saddened. She mentions how her mother deserves all the good things in her life, and then gets up. She begins crying and tells her mother that she screwed things up. Cassie reminds her daughter that she didn’t cause Sandy’s accident, and that it was a horrible disaster. She assures her daughter that the two of them will get through this. Hope begins crying and Cassie mentions that sadly, both of her girls aren’t happy.

Tammy sits down and tells her mother that she finally have faith in the future. She claims that as long as Hope is in their family, that they can’t forget that good things will come to them.

A nurse calls out and tells someone she will be there in a moment. She opens her locker quickly, not seeing Edmund standing nearby. She’s in a hurry, brushes her hair and then leaves. Edmund walks over to the locker and switches the names just as he hears Jeffery’s voice in the hallway. He can hear Jeffery mention that he has to get into the locker room and quickly finishes what he is doing. He hides once more before Jeffery walks in.

Jeffery walks in and opens the locker. Grabbing the hairbrush that the previous nurse used, he rips some of the hair out and puts it in an evidence bag. Edmund smiles deviously, thinking that he has gotten away with his plan. Jeffery reattaches the lock and leaves.

Dinah punches open the rest of the wood plank and a flashlight. She decides to follow the tunnel, thinking that she will be safer than she is in the farmhouse.

Cassie stands up immediately when she sees Jeffery and wonders what happened. He informs her that he has some of Michelle’s DNA, and that he will already sent it to the lab. Looking uneasy, Cassie realizes that all that is left for them is to wait. He assures her that they will find something out soon, and that he will be there for her regardless of the results.

Back at Outskirts, Bill sits down with his wife. She is discouraged with him. She demands to know why he would want to sit back while others take the reins at Lewis. “You don’t mean that.” She asks. Bill shrugs, and sheepishly tells her that he does. Olivia reminds him that power is freedom and that he needs a challenge.

As the two are talking Billy approaches them. He gloats at how well the meeting is going, and mentions that the two of them should be ‘taking notes.’ Bill seems excited for his father, but Olivia doesn’t. She excuses herself and sits at the other end of the bar, where Buzz is sitting. “How does it feel to be happy with what you have?” She asks him. Laughing he tells her that he misses the rush of wanting something so badly that you can taste it. For once, Olivia looks like someone finally understands her. He commends her for trying to find happiness earlier than he did. Harley gets off the phone and thanks her father for waiting. Buzz reminds her to be careful, and goes to sit with his daughter.

Olivia looks over at Billy one more time. The potential clients approach Ava, and let her know they want a refill. Olivia sees the drinks, with the olives and seems to have gotten an idea.

Gus puts handcuffs on the suspect, just as back up arrives. A patrol cop comes to take the kid away, leaving Mallet and Gus alone. AC informs Gus that he doesn’t want his partner putting them in danger again, and reminds Gus that they could have been seriously hurt. In fact, they were lucky that they weren’t. Gus doesn’t want to hear it, and erupts in anger. He demands that Mallet tell him what happened while Harley was in prison.

Mallet informs his partner that nothing happened. Gus wonders if Mallet somehow took advantage of Harley by being in a powerful position. AC urges Gus to talk to Harley about what did, or didn’t happen. Gus clearly doesn’t want to do that. Mallet walks off, laughing at the idea that anyone would take advantage of Harley. Alone, on the roof, Gus continues to look worried.

Harley finds Gus on top of the roof and seems relieved to see him. He doesn’t seem all that excited to see her. She lets him know that she wanted to spend some time with her. He suggests that they go home, and then seems cold. Harley looks around, wondering where Mallet is. She mentions that since they are partners she is glad he has such a good cop as a partner. Gus doesn’t take this well and stops to pick up the book he dropped before leaving. He mentions a phrase from the book, and then asks if she slept with Mallet while she was at Valesburg. Harley’s face drops.

Bill looks at his wife, and tells her that he’s ready to go home. She tells him that she needs to talk to Ava, and that she will be home shortly. Bill tells his father goodbye, and leaves.

Billy seems to be having a good time, and calls for another round of drinks. Ava has half of them set up when she has to head out back for something. Olivia takes this opportunity grab the swizzle sticks with the double olives. She glances once more at her father in law.

Father Ray gives Sandy a blessing while Tammy watches on. He begins to leave until Tammy calls out to him. She asks him if he believes in karma. More specifically that if someone does something wrong whether they get punished for it or not. He tells her that bad things, sadly, happen to good people all the time. He assures her that neither she nor Sandy did anything to put him in the hospital bed. Tammy is hysterical, and claims that she still feels responsible.

Edmund meets with Vince Russo at Outskirts. “I need fake adoption papers drawn up.” He tells Russo, who looks completely surprised. Russo resists at first, claiming that he can’t do such a thing, as he is an officer of the law. “You’re looking for someone who forges.” He tells Edmund. Not looking defeated, Edmund informs his lawyer that he needs documents and that he is willing to pay the usual fee.

Vince Russo begins to leave and lets Edmund know that he will get a phone call when the documents are ready. Mallet comes around the corner shortly after and looks suspicious. It is unclear as to what he has heard.

Cassie stares at Hope as Jeffery watches on. He apologizes for all the pain she’s had in her life. Crying, she tells him that he has been wonderful. She warns him that if she loses Hope that she will be a wreck. Jeffery vows to be there for her, regardless of what happens. “I’ve got you.” He tells her while he holds her close.

Harley grabs the book, and tells Gus that she didn’t sleep with her ex husband. She thinks back to the kiss they shared and lies to Gus. “Nothing happened.” Harley tells him. He makes sure that she’s not keeping anything from him, and she tells him that the only thing that happened was that they both gained some closure. She apologizes to him for not explaining things before. Gus interrupts her and reminds her that they weren’t really together while she was in prison. He lets her know that he will understand if something happened. Getting mad, Harley tells him that the true problem is the book. She informs him that now they can focus on themselves. She kisses him and the two take off together.

Olivia is still holding the swizzle stick with two olives in her hand while she remembers what Bill has told her about the water versus vodka drinks. She puts the stick back on the glass, telling herself that there are lines that even she won’t cross.

Olivia gets up ready to leave when she sees the men having a good time with one another. Claiming that she needs a ‘snack,’ Olivia grabs an olive, pops it in her mouth and leaves. Now there are two drinks with one olive on them. Billy grabs a drink, and takes a swig. Ava calls out, letting him know that his drink is still at the bar. Olivia watches on, as Billy barely gets out that he is fine. The look on his face is indescribable as he takes the first drink that he’s had in a long time.

Father Ray leaves, and Tammy places her engagement ring in her purse. She sits by his bed and promises to find a way to make it up to him. As she’s sitting there something beeps. Nurses rush in, and yell for a CRASH cart. Tammy doesn’t understand what’s going on and is in tears.

Mallet has a drink at Outskirts, in the background you can hear Billy having a good time with the clients. He orders another drink, and Ava grabs some more martini glasses telling him that she will be with him in a second. AC picks up his phone and makes a call. He tells the person on the other end that he wants as much information as possible on Edmund Winslow.

Edmund returns to the fake farmhouse and calls out to Dinah. He begins to get panicked when he can’t find her. Dinah returns the plank that she left through from the tunnel.

Cassie is outside the hospital and is confident that Jeffery will have good news for them. She admits that her optimism is because she couldn’t bear to give Hope back. Jeffery comes outside and confesses that Hope’s DNA doesn’t match Michelle’s. “Looks like Edmund wasn’t lying after all.” He tells Cassie who is ecstatic. Cassie is all but jumping up and down with joy over the fact that no one will be able to take Hope away from her. She decides that she wants to go, and the three leave for the farmhouse.

Edmund begins freaking out, while Dinah is in the tunnel alone.

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