Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/5/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Harley walks into the Cooper’s garage carrying a large box. She says to alert the media, “Spaulding CEO carries own boxes”. As she puts the box on the table, she starts to fall over, only to be caught by Mallet right as Gus walks in and sees her in his arms.

Beth tells Alan on the phone that she isn’t in a bad mood since the news piece that Alan put into the tabloids is going to cause havoc in Harley’s life. She says that Harley isn’t going to have time to think about anything else and reflects on her past experience with Lorelei and the book to back it up. She says that this time she is causing the problems though.

Outside of Company, Bill and Olivia discuss Olivia joining Lewis Oil and the chances that it may open up for Bill. Olivia tries to push Bill into taking over a new account but he argues that he doesn’t really want to take that much time away from the family. She jokes with him if he doesn’t want to be “Master of the Universe” and he jokes back that she has been reading his diary. Bill seriously tells Olivia that he doesn’t want to take on that kind of responsibility right now and says that he thinks there is another family member who wants it anyway.

Billy and Reva argue at Outskirts about the same account and Reva pushes Billy not to turn it over to Bill and to make one last stand. Reva says that they were going to work on this self-improvement thing together and Billy tells her that she is the one trying to fix herself since he never thought he was broken.

Jonathan angrily throws the roses down on the bar and Ava asks Jonathan if the flowers were for Tammy. She asks him if he is okay and he says he couldn’t be better although his voice says that is further from the truth. He tells Ava that he has no ties and no hassles and storms off as Ava watches him go.

Tammy rushes into the ER and asks about Sandy. The nurse asks if she is family and as Tammy flounders, Josh calls to her. Josh explains that Sandy came in contact with a live wire at one of the job sites and Tammy asks what he was doing working today. Josh says he doesn’t know since Sandy said that he was going to be with Tammy. He asks if Sandy didn’t get in contact with Tammy and she flashes back to her and Jonathan in the barn. Josh brings her out of her memory by asking her if she wasn’t with Sandy, where she was.

Harley tells Gus that Mallet is a good partner since he is always there in a clutch and Gus makes a comment that it looked like he was clutching something. Harley explains to Mallet that they are getting ready to move to the “big house”, not the big house like prison, but to the Spaulding mansion. Mallet asks if they are looking forward to it and Harley says why not but Mallet isn’t sure. Gus says that the Spaulding house isn’t just any house, they have things like money, marble floors, and muffins baked just for you. Mallet asks if Spaulding couldn’t hire someone to move them instead of them moving themselves, and Gus says that Harley likes to do stuff like this. Mallet jokes that it keeps her in touch with the common people and Harley says she is “Mrs. Common People”, as her phone rings with a call from Geneva. Mallet teases that that is very common. Gus explains that they are only moving to the Spaulding house until their house is ready. Mallet asks if he and Gus are meeting up tonight to go over the case they are involved in and Gus agrees. Harley asks if they are taking off to play “cops and robbers” and leaving her to move everything herself. Gus kids that he isn’t that type of guy and says he thought that she said “boxers” not boxes. He asks if Mallet wants to stay and help them move and Mallet asks if he is just looking for a person to move heavy stuff. Gus says if he knows that person to call him and tell him to come over.

Bill asks Olivia why she wants him to take the job so much and she says she wants everything for him. Bill says he loves that about her but that he already has everything with her and Emma. Olivia agrees with Bill that she wants more, as usual. Olivia says that there is nothing wrong with it and tells Bill to picture the life they could give Emma. Bill points out that they aren’t exactly roughing it, but Olivia wonders where his old quest for power went. Olivia goes on that Lewis Oil is fine and Bill is fine but that he should want more since the stakes are higher now and he has a family and Josh and Billy are the faces of the company, not him. Bill says it isn’t important to him and he doesn’t really want this account anyway since they are “stuffed suit” businessmen who think they are just old country boys drilling for oil. Olivia challenges him to prove them wrong and says it can’t hurt to meet them. Bill does agree with that and Olivia tells him to go and meet them at the airport.

Billy says that it is time to pass on the family torch and that Bill has been waiting for it anyway. Reva asks Billy if he is going to write his own obituary also. She tells him that he is a legend and Billy does agree. Billy decides to take the account and Reva is happy he decided to take one last hurrah. Billy calls over to Jonathan to bring him more ice and Jonathan sarcastically yells back that he should get it himself. Ava butts in that he is having a bad day due to girl trouble and Jonathan angrily tells her to mind her own business. Reva goes up to Jonathan and asks if this girl has a name.

Tammy blames herself that if she would have met up with Sandy earlier this wouldn’t have happened. Josh comforts her and tells her that it was an accident and it couldn’t have been prevented. Rick comes out and tells her that they did get his heart going again but that he is still unconscious. Tammy asks if she can see him and Rick allows her to look in on him for just a second. She breaks down on seeing him hooked up to all of the machinery and Josh consoles her.

Harley discusses work on the phone as they walk into the Spaulding mansion. There is a large food spread on the table and both Gus and Harley are amazed and wonder if there is a party going on. Harley ends her phone call as Beth comes out and says that the food is for them to welcome them. She says that it is a good thing they are moving in, since Harley has been getting many phone calls at the house as well as at the office. Harley asks about what kind of work things and Beth gladly points out that it is about Blake’s book. Beth says that Blake didn’t do a good job at hiding their identities and that she thinks that Harley needs to do a news conference on the book. Harley says that she is running a company and doesn’t have time to do a statement about the book. At that moment, Mallet walks in with some of the boxes and after greeting Beth says that Mallet can just give a statement.

Harley tells Beth that she is sorry but that the press is just going to have to wait. Gus and Mallet leave to get more boxes and Beth tries to sympathize with Harley by relating about her own bout with a book written about her. She tries to suck up by saying that she knows that Harley is under a lot of pressure by being a newlywed, having a new job, and moving her kids and offers to help if she can at all. Harley tells Beth that she is doing fine and then Beth tells her that she already set up rooms for the boys. Harley again tells Beth that she didn’t have to do that and when Beth says that as Alan’s wife and head of the household it is her responsibility, Harley reminds her that as CEO of Spaulding the house is now hers. She then goes on to tell Beth that she and her children are welcome at the mansion.

Mallet looks at a newspaper with an article about the book on it as Gus moves more boxes. Mallet asks if he is okay and Gus says he is fine. He wonders if Harley is going to be okay inside with Beth alone since it seems as if Beth makes her nervous, but Gus says she will be fine. They start discussing work and Mallet says that they should use something little to bring in the guys on the case they are working on. Gus brings up the subject of trespassing and Mallet picks up on his underlying meaning that he is trespassing on Gus and Harley’s life. He asks Gus if they are still talking about the case and Gus answers sure they are.

Olivia goes to Outskirts and tells Ava to go and meet Bill at the airport to greet the new clients. Ava asks if she is now Bill’s assistant and Olivia tells her that what is Olivia’s is Bill’s and vice versa. She tells Ava to use her feminine wiles if she needs to. Billy comes up to Olivia and tells her that he never thought she would make it in the family or in the business but says that there she is. Olivia tells him that he loves it and Billy says he wouldn’t go that far but tells Olivia that Bill is going to need her help at home, since he is taking over the Venezuelan account.

Reva asks who the girl is again and asks if it is serious. Jonathan says no, but Reva persists, saying that she knows something is wrong. He asks her if she ever wanted anything so bad that it would kill you not to have it and Reva tells him yeah. He says that is the way it is with this girl but that she doesn’t want him and that is the end of the story.

Tammy cries over Sandy and says she didn’t expect to see him like this. Josh says he is strong and he has Tammy.

Reva says she isn’t going to stop until she figures out who the girl is. Since she has followed him behind the bar, Jonathan asks if she works there now. Reva ignores him and asks why he can’t be with her and Jonathan says that who wants to be with the kid who jumps in the fountain at the country club? He states that everyone in the town knows he is trouble. Reva declares that they said the same thing about him and look how that turned out. Jonathan uses that to ask how things are between her and Josh. Reva says that she sees his point but that it doesn’t matter and Jonathan tells her that this girl is too good for him and she knows it, everyone knows it. Reva says that she knows who it is.

Tammy leaves Sandy’s room and Josh follows her. She tells him that she knows he is trying to help but that he just doesn’t know. Josh says that what he does know is that her loving Sandy means the world to him. Tammy says it isn’t enough and points out that both he and Reva and her mom have problems no matter how much they love someone. Josh tells her that both she and Sandy are going to pull through this and they are going to have a great future if she only believes and has some faith.

Reva tells Jonathan that he just doesn’t believe in himself and that is his problem. She says again that she knows who it is and guesses it is Ava. She tells him that she knows what kind of position he is in since she has been there herself many times. She tells him not to give up and once he has her to never let her go.

Jonathan tells Reva that she is being too hopeful and asks what kind of drugs she has been on all of her life. Reva wonders what is wrong with her telling Jonathan to go for it and Jonathan again brings up her and Josh’s relationship. He asks if she shouldn’t be with him and she tells him that he should be coming home soon. Jonathan tells her that she can probably find him at Cedars. Reva starts to get worried and Jonathan tells her that nothing happened with Josh, but to Sandy. Reva wonders how he knows this and Jonathan plays it off to hearing things since he owns a bar. He hands Reva the roses and tells Reva to give them to Sandy, and to tell him to get well soon. Reva says that Jonathan really doesn’t mean that and Jonathan tells her to give it to Tammy then instead. He also tells Reva to tell her that he said he was sorry, Reva gives him a look, takes the roses, and leaves.

Olivia is shocked to hear Billy say he is taking over the Venezuelan account. She asks Billy if he isn’t taking on too much, with that and running the bar and Billy says that he is a big boy and can handle it. Olivia makes some comments about Billy’s age and asks if he doesn’t think that someone newer in the company should take over the account. Billy asks her whom she had in mind, herself? He tells her no offense but that it takes more than “killer instincts and killer looks” to “play with the big boys”. He informs her that one day she may be ready but not now.

Ava shows up at the airport and tells Bill she is there on Olivia’s orders to take notes and help Bill out in any way he needs. He tells her that he has been working on this Spanish to make them feel at home and that she is about to get her first lesson in international relations. Bill tries to greet them as they get off of the plane but his Spanish is faulty at best. The gentlemen start speaking fluent Spanish back to him and Bill looks lost.

Mallet tries to explain to Gus about the whole book thing with he and Harley. Gus tells him that he doesn’t have to explain since he doesn’t read the tabloids and he is cool with Mallet over the publication of a fictional story. Mallet asks Gus if he actually read the book and Gus wonders why he would. Gus tells Mallet he knows that nothing actually happened between Mallet and Harley while she was in prison, at least nothing happened on Harley’s part. He says that it is all part of Blake’s overactive imagination and they both agree they just want the whole thing to be done. As Mallet leaves, Gus picks up the paper and read the headlines.

Harley tells Beth that although she is in charge she won’t pull rank on Beth. She then tells Beth that she told the staff that Coop and Lizzie are welcome at any time. Beth asks if she approves of the relationship and Harley says that enough relationships have been broken up because of Spaulding interference. Beth tells her that some relationships self-destruct all on their own, as she holds up a copy of Blake’s book.

Jonathan flashes back to the barn with Tammy as Josh tells Tammy to have faith and Tammy responds that Sandy didn’t deserve this. Josh says that it was just an accident as Reva comes into the hospital. She gives Tammy the flowers from Jonathan. Tammy stares at the flowers and looks worried.

Reva asks how Sandy is and Josh tells her that Rick said he was stable. Tammy interrupts and wonders why Jonathan wanted her to have the roses. Her cell phone starts to ring and it is Jonathan calling her. Reva says that she doesn’t think that Sandy is really okay and Josh tells her that she is right and Tammy isn’t okay either.

Tammy tells Jonathan that he shouldn’t be calling her or sending her flowers. Jonathan says he just wanted to make sure that she was all right. She tells him that Sandy is hurt bad and Jonathan asks her to let him come to the hospital to be with her. Tammy says that she can’t do this and hangs up. Jonathan leaves to go to the hospital anyway.

Josh explains what happened and Reva says it was a terrible thing to come home to. Josh says at least he is home and Reva says that they spend too much time in this place. Reva asks what she can do for Sandy this time and Josh says she can stay there and be there for him. She asks him to stay with her.

Bill tries to cover up his mistakes but the clients wonder why they didn’t send someone better equipped to handle international affairs. Ava takes over and starts speaking somewhat fluent Spanish to the gentlemen and they smile and seem to like Ava. As they go to get their luggage the client tells Bill that they look forward to doing business with him and his wife, meaning Ava.

Olivia admits she may not be ready to play with the big boys yet but says she wouldn’t want to anyway because of the kind of guys they are. Bill asks what she means and she misdirects him from what Bill told her earlier. Billy says he is going to show them a real American time with a real American cowboy.

Gus says that they are going to make another box run and Beth comes outside offering lemonade. She tells Mallet that he and Gus being partners could lead to a sequel. Mallet says that he doesn’t think anyone wants to hear anymore about Marley and Hammer. Beth says that she knows what it is like to have your whole life laid out for everyone to see and Mallet says he doesn’t since the book wasn’t about him. Beth says except for the true parts.

Harley reads more from the book as Gus comes in. Harley jumps and Gus says that it is just him, she blames her jitters on the house. Gus puts on some quirky dance music to calm her and they start dancing and kissing. Beth walks back in and clears her throat at them. Harley yells after her that she feels like a teenager playing her music too loud IN HER OWN HOUSE. Gus tells her that he and Mallet are leaving to get more boxes. Harley asks to do it to get away from Beth and when she leaves Gus picks up the book and starts to read it.

Harley is on the phone for work again as Mallet takes boxes out of the garage. He tells Harley that the job is staring to look good on her. She thanks him for that and for helping with the boxes. Harley asks if she had a nice chat with Beth and he tells her no since Beth was bringing up the book. They both agree that they are blowing it out of proportion and no one is probably reading it anyway. As they leave an excited fan of the book comes up and recognizes them, asking them to autograph her copy of the book.

Gus reads part of the book and then puts it back down. He picks it back up again and reads some more as Beth walks in behind him and smiles. Gus’s phone rings and it is Frank needing him to meet him for a sting. He says that Mallet is back on his way over and Gus agrees to meet him. He picks up the book and puts it in his jacket to go with him.

Ava swears to Bill that she didn’t tell them that she was his wife. Bill strings her on for a while but says that he knows she didn’t do it on purpose. Ava says that she doesn’t want to step on Olivia’s toes and Bill says that if she did Olivia would probably cut her foot off anyway. He tells her that she would be proud of her and Ava is excited to hear that. Ava admits to learning a lot from Olivia and says that she is amazing. Bill agrees and says that she always gets her way no matter who is in her way, even him. They get the clients and go to leave.

Olivia tells Billy to go for it and says she will sit and wait for him to mess up. Billy says it is going to be a long wait since he plans on wining and dining them all evening. Olivia is glad to hear that and says to have fun as Billy leaves.

Tammy asks if she can see Sandy and Rick advises against it but lets her go in for five minutes. She goes in and sits next to him as Jonathan arrives. He hugs Reva and looks in on Tammy and Sandy. Tammy finds the engagement ring and takes it out to look at it. Taking it from the box, she slips it on her finger as Jonathan watches from the window.

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