Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/4/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Amanda

In the barn, Tammy and Jonathan continue to kiss until Tammy tells Jonathan again that she is going to say yes to Sandy when he asks her to marry him. Jonathan asks if she is going to say yes to him or no to what she really wants. Tammy again insists that she loves Sandy and Jonathan tells Tammy not to lie to herself and not to lie to him. He tells her that she doesn’t want to live with Sandy and without him. He asks her if that is what she really wants and in turn, she starts to kiss him again. She breaks away and asks what she is doing and Jonathan grabs her and says he is not going to let her go away again and kisses her once more.

Sandy looks at the ring and says all he needs is Tammy, since everything is all set.

Marina holds Hope and tells her how cute she is. Danny agrees with her and Marina says that she is true to her name also since she made her feel better about things. Danny wants to know what she means and Marina says that by looking at her she feels that happy endings are possible. Marina flashes back to Jeffrey telling her that Cassie is Hope’s mother. Marina says that not everyone is happy but says that Michelle’s seemed okay at the christening. Danny thinks she was just putting on a brave face for everyone and says that he thinks it is good that she is going to California. Marina answers that it is good for her, but bad for him. He starts to argue, but Marina says that she knows that he will miss Robbie. Danny agrees but says that he will visit Robbie and that Robbie will visit them. Marina says she likes the sound of “them” and that Robbie will visit them in their new home.

Edmund tells Jeffrey that he knows that it is hard for him to see he and Cassie happy but to threaten him with prison is a bit excessive. Jeffrey tells him that he knows what he did and he and Marina figured it out. Edmund tries to act as if he doesn’t know what Jeffrey is talking about but Jeffrey tells him that he knows Hope is Michelle’s baby. Edmund says it is ridiculous and Jeffrey tells him to tell it to the jury since he is putting a warrant together and Edmund will be put under arrest.

Cassie continues to apologize to Michelle and Michelle tells Cassie that it is okay, she wanted to be at the christening. Cassie tells her that she doesn’t understand and Michelle interrupts again that she knows that Cassie just feels bad for her. She continues to tell Cassie that she and Edmund are blessed and produces a gift for Hope. Michelle gives Cassie a few items that she was going to give to her baby that she had engraved with the name Hope. Cassie breaks down and tells Michelle that she can’t do this to her and she is so sorry.

Jonathan tells Tammy that he is through fighting this and Tammy agrees. He picks her up and carries her over to some hay and they start to undress. She says his name and he asks her to say it again since he always wanted to hear her say it without being angry or scared. She lovingly says it again and they continue kissing and undressing.

Sandy is just about to go and get Tammy when his phone rings. It is Josh, who is back and is having problems with work. He tells Sandy that he is at a chapel that they are renovating pro bono and there is a big mess. Sandy says that he got all the permits so he doesn’t know what the problem would be. Josh starts to tell him about the faulty wiring he is finding and asks how quickly he could get to the site. Sandy admits that he can’t come, and tells him that it may get him fired but that this is his priority. Josh asks if it has anything to do with his niece and Sandy says that he took Josh’s advice and is going to take the plunge. Josh says that Sandy was doing the talking and Josh was just listening and Sandy says either way he is going to do what he needs to do. Josh asks him if he is really telling him that Tammy is more important than his work and Sandy says that yes, today she is. Josh thinks that it is excellent and tells he will handle work, for Sandy to have a good time and good luck. Sandy thanks Josh and hangs up to leave and get Tammy.

Danny tells Marina that she is good with Hope and she will make an excellent mother some day. Marina says that sounds good but she is in no rush. Marina asks if Danny would want to hold her and when Danny says no, Marina apologizes for being insensitive since Danny might have just lost a baby also. Danny says that is not what he meant and tells Marina that he will hold her. He goes on that he always thought it would be great to have a little sister for Robbie to spoil. Hope makes a face, and Danny says that it was the exact same face that Robbie used to make as a baby.

Jeffrey asks where the baby Dinah was carrying is right now, if it is with her or if it ever really existed. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he wishes that Cassie could see him right now, stabbing Edmund in the back. Jeffrey tells him that his only wounds are self-inflicted and Edmund asks where Jeffrey could come up with these ridiculous accusations. Jeffrey tells him that a DNA test proved that Cassie was not Hope’s mother. Edmund says that the lab must have messed up and Jeffrey says that it was the state crime lab since it was a crime and Edmund committed it. Edmund tells him he can’t prove anything and Jeffrey says that once they get Michelle’s DNA that they will know for sure. Jeffrey tells Edmund that they know that Michelle stayed with Edmund and Edmund swears he was just helping Michelle. Jeffrey says that he wasn’t helping her by stealing her baby and Edmund asks Jeffrey just how he thinks that he accomplished that. Jeffrey says that they will figure it out and when they do, they will charge Edmund with kidnapping. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he must really hate him to come up with a story like that and warns him not to tell Cassie anything because of what it will do to her. Jeffrey tells him that Cassie already knows. She knows that he lied to her, she knows that she has to give up the baby she loves, and she knows that she hates Edmund for what he did to her. Jeffrey tells him that she knows because he told her when they first got there. Edmund claims that it is interesting that she knows and didn’t say anything to anyone and went ahead with the party as it was planned.

Cassie says that she can’t accept the presents and Michelle says that of course she can since she wants Hope to have them. She tells Cassie to stop feeling sorry for her and start celebrating that her daughter was born healthy and will have a wonderful life. She tells Cassie that she takes comfort in that and that is why she came to the christening today, so she could experience something positive before she left town. Cassie tells Michelle that she can’t leave town and that she wants Michelle to know that she loves Hope. Michelle says that she understands since she is Cassie’s child and keeps interrupting what Cassie is trying to tell her. She tells Cassie that although Cassie didn’t give birth to her she knows that Cassie’s instincts just took over and she knew that she loved her. Cassie tells Michelle that she needs Michelle to stop so she can tell her something when Edmund comes out and interrupts them.

Edmund says that Hope is fussy and says that he thinks that she needs her mommy. Michelle offers to give it a try and Edmund tells her that would be great. Michelle tells Cassie that she is going to accept her gifts or else, as she goes inside. When Michelle leaves, Cassie tells Edmund that he is sick for his “Hope needs her mother” comment. Edmund tries to lie and tells Cassie that he knows what Jeffrey told her and that it is a flat out lie. Cassie tells him that everything he says or does is a lie, she starts to attack him and Jeffrey holds her back.

Michelle comes up to Marina and Danny and says that she doesn’t know what Edmund was talking about since Hope seems fine. Danny wonders what Michelle is still doing there since her flight leaves very soon. Danny asks if he can take her to the airport and Michelle decides just to write a note saying goodbye to everyone. Marina goes to let the babysitter know they are leaving and Danny hugs an upset Michelle.

Jonathan tells Tammy that he wanted to be with her for the longest time but he just wouldn’t let himself believe it could happen. Tammy tells him just to kiss her, that she wants to be his.

Sandy who is outside with a dozen white roses for Tammy hears them and looks inside to see them together. He drops the roses and angrily kicks at a basket lying on the ground. Tammy and Jonathan hear it and wonder what is going on.

Cassie tells Edmund at even at his worst, she never thought he could do something like this. Edmund tries to lie again but Jeffrey tells him to save it. Cassie tells him that he will get his real punishment when they tell Michelle and she spits on him for what he did to them. Edmund again swears that he didn’t do what Jeffrey is telling her. Cassie asks if it makes him feel powerful to be able to rip people’s lives apart, she tells Edmund that she loves that little baby inside. Edmund grabs Cassie and swears to her on Richard’s grave that Hope is not Michelle’s baby.

Jeffrey tells Edmund to let her go and Edmund does but swears again that he is telling her the truth. He tells her not to believe Jeffrey or Marina and to believe him. Cassie tells him to give her one good reason to believe him and Jeffrey tells him just to tell his story in court. Cassie says that she is going to let him explain himself and Edmund says he will tell Cassie, not Jeffrey. Jeffrey refuses to leave Edmund alone with Cassie, but she tells him to go and stop Michelle from leaving, that she will be fine. Jeffrey leaves, only because he wants to get her DNA before she is gone. Edmund thanks Cassie for believing him and she tells him she doesn’t believe him and he has five seconds to give her his explanation and then she never wants to see him again. She asks Edmund how he could claim to love her and then do this to her. She asks him if he does love her and he tells her more than life itself. She begs then for once in his life to tell the truth.

Jeffrey goes inside to find Michelle and instead finds her note saying good bye. He says out loud that she can not get on that plane and runs out after her.

Danny, Marina, Michelle, and Robbie enter the airport as Michelle’s flight is already boarding. He starts to say goodbye to Robbie and Robbie again tells Danny he wants him to come with them. Marina tells Michelle that she just wanted to tell Michelle that she was sorry that she got her hopes up about the baby. Michelle says it is all right and that it will be a long time before she gets over it, if she ever does. She says that she is just going to focus on the good things in her life like Robbie. Danny tells Robbie that there is a little boy about his age where Grandpa Ed is so he will have a new friend. Robbie asks if he can have a little brother or sister also. Danny tells him that maybe someday down the road he can.

Tammy asks again what it was that they heard and Jonathan tells her nothing but the wind. Tammy is worried it was something from the party and goes to check it out. She looks outside but doesn’t see anyone and when Jonathan comes to get her, they start to get intimate again. They go back inside without seeing the flowers that Sandy dropped.

Josh is working around the chapel when Sandy runs in asking about the plans that Josh wanted to work on. He asks what happened with Sandy’s date with Tammy and Sandy says that something came up. Sandy wants to get right to work but Josh says that he is ready to go home and the crew has already left. Sandy tells him to go and he will stay and work and Josh wonders why. Sandy says he can handle it on his own and Josh says that it is just that working with live wires can be tricky. Josh goes to get the plans and Sandy looks at the ring again and remembers seeing Tammy and Jonathan. Sandy steps in some water on the floor and goes to lean back against the wall. Josh screams for him to watch out but is too late and Sandy falls to the floor electrocuted.

Back at the barn, Tammy’s cell phone starts to ring and Jonathan tells her not to answer it. Tammy says she has to in case it is her mother wondering where she is and finds out that it is Josh. Jonathan tells her again not to answer it and she tells him that Josh wouldn’t call unless it was important. She picks up and Josh tells her that there was an accident and Sandy is hurt pretty bad. Tammy starts to panic and Josh tells her that an ambulance is on it’s way and she should just get to the hospital. Tammy starts to get dressed and Jonathan tells her that she is not leaving.

Michelle tells Danny and Robbie that she hates to break it up but that they are boarding. Danny tells Robbie goodbye one last time and tells him that he loves him and to take care of his mommy. Marina takes him aside to say goodbye so that Danny and Michelle can say their own good-byes. They hug and as the last boarding call announces Michelle tells Danny that if the baby had lived and was his she would have stayed and fought for him. Michelle and Robbie board the plane and Danny and Michelle give each other one last look. Marina hugs Danny as Jeffrey runs in saying he needs to see Michelle.

Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah was pregnant and lost the baby. He also says that he didn’t know about it and claims that they were never intimate by his choice. He swears that the only woman he wants to be with is Cassie. Cassie swears that she saw her stomach and Edmund tells her about the rubber prosthesis stomach. He tells her that Dinah planned it all out since she still blames Cassie for Hart’s death. Edmund says he learned the truth right before the due date but didn’t tell Cassie since she would be devastated. He says he that he lied since he knew it would be the last chance with her. Cassie says that Michelle was just an easy target then and Edmund claims he is repulsed that Jeffrey would come up with that. Cassie sarcastically says because Edmund has never done anything bad in his life. Edmund swears that he has done bad things but that he isn’t a monster. He then tells Cassie that he got his lawyer to look out to adopt a baby illegally and then right out of the blue he got Hope. Cassie says that it wasn’t out of the blue because she is someone’s baby. Edmund swears that it was someone who didn’t want her and would trade her for cash. He asks Cassie if that is a person, she would want raising Hope. Cassie asks if he staged the whole thing when Hope was born and Edmund says that he kicked Dinah out of town with the threat that he would tell her father. He tells her how he staged the birth and tells her that after he saw her with Hope he knew he had done the right thing.

Tammy yells at Jonathan to let her go, that she needs to be with Sandy. Jonathan tells her it is just another excuse to run away from them and Tammy tells him that Sandy could die. Jonathan reminds her that he survived getting hit by a car so he can survive this. Tammy still wants to be with him and Jonathan tells her she can’t do anything that the doctors can’t. Tammy says she needs to be with him to hold her hand and comfort him as someone who loves him. Jonathan tells her again that she doesn’t love him, she just feels obligated to him. He tells her that what just happened with them they can’t go back from and Tammy just tells him that Sandy needs her. Jonathan asks her what she needs and Tammy says that she needs Sandy. Jonathan tells her that it is her guilt talking and she is lying to herself. He tells her to she needs him and what is happening with them. He starts to kiss her again but Tammy breaks away and stars to get dressed to leave, stepping right over the flowers. Jonathan picks up the flowers, looks at them and watches Tammy go.

At the job site, Josh starts to try and talk Sandy through it but when Sandy stops breathing, he starts CPR. He yells for Sandy not to do this to him and to Tammy.

Jeffrey tries to get Michelle off the plane but the stewardess won’t let him on unless it is for security reasons. Danny wonders what Jeffrey wants with Michelle and he covers that he and Cassie had a present for her. He leaves quickly and Danny and Marina say how odd it was. Marina says that he feels as if she got a gift and they leave to start their life together.

On the plane, Robbie asks if it is home out the window. Michelle tells him sort of and explains that from now on, home is anywhere they are together. Robbie tells her that it is if Daddy is there too.

Cassie asks why she should believe Edmund since she doesn’t have any proof of his story. He claims that he does have proof and says that Jonathan knew that Dinah wasn’t pregnant also. He says that Jonathan wanted to tell her but after Edmund explained what kind of home she came from, he didn’t want to hurt anyone else. Jeffrey runs back in at that time and asks if Cassie is okay. She says yes and asks if he caught Michelle. He explains he was too late and Michelle’s plane had already taken off. Edmund says he is happy because it just would have gotten up her hopes and leaves to go and get Hope. Jeffrey tells Cassie not to believe any story that Edmund tells her. Cassie wonders if it is true that the baby would be better of with her. Jeffrey says that they will take it one step at a time, first finding out of Michelle’s DNA matches Hope’s. Cassie says that if it does that she will give her back to Michelle, but if not Hope will stay with her.

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