Guiding Light Update Monday 10/3/05


Written By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

At the farmhouse, Jeffrey daydreams that the police come and take Hope away from Cassie and give her back to Michelle. When he comes out of his fantasy, Cassie asks him what he needs to tell her about Hope. He tells her that he has to talk about who Hope is and Cassie says that she is her miracle baby.

Jeffrey cautions Cassie that sometimes there is no miracles and begins to tell her just as Danny, Marina, Sandy, and Tammy come in. Cassie asks Tammy to look after Hope so they can finish their conversation. Tammy asks Sandy to help her with the party and asks if she can take his jacket. He tells her that he is a bit cold and leaves to go outside to get the drinks. Once outside, he pulls the engagement ring out of his pocket and stares at it.

Jonathan is blaring music at Outskirts when Ava comes in and yells at him for drinking all of the profits. She asks him what is wrong with him and he says that same thing that is wrong with him everyday. She correctly guesses Tammy and shutting off the music yells at him that he is scared.

Harley and Marina greet each other at the party, and Danny and Marina ask Harley about Blake’s book. Harley tries to change the conversation as Gus walks up, but he overhears and asks what Blake’s new book is about. Danny says it is about Harley, and she insists that it is completely fictional although it is about her experiences in prison. Mallet enters and adds that it is about her experiences with him.

Michelle prays at the church to give her strength to get on the plane to California. She asks for help in understanding why her baby was taken from her as Edmund watches from the shadows.

In the barn, Jeffrey asks if Cassie remembers that the same night Hope was born was the same night as Michelle’s baby died. Cassie calls it a horrible coincidence and Jeffrey says that it was horrible, but not a coincidence. He tells her that they don’t have all of the facts yet, but that it has Edmund and Dinah’s fingerprints all over it. Cassie is confused and Jeffrey tells her about Marina doing the snooping and finding out about Michelle staying with Edmund and the syringe with the Laprosin. Cassie wonders why Edmund would need Laprosin and Jeffrey answers since he needed a baby to give to Cassie. Cassie refuses to believe what Jeffrey is telling her and yells at him to stop talking. Jeffrey plays out how he thinks the events of the night happened and Cassie tells him that it is insane and Jeffrey tells her that the fact is that she is not Hope’s mother.

Harley insists to Mallet that the book isn’t about them. Mallet tells her that with the names Blake gave the characters it has to be about them. Gus asks if this is what the guys were laughing about at the bust and Mallet tells him no. He distracts Gus with some facts about a case and Harley blames Mallet for the talk about the book. He tells her that she was already discussing the book when he came in. Harley insists that Blake is a professional novelist and makes things up all the time. Mallet finds it funny that the events of the book are so true then. Harley asks him if he never heard the thing “what happens in prison stays in prison”. Mallet tells her that the way she is acting he is starting to think that what happened between them does mean something to her.

Tammy follows Marina outside and asks her what is up. Marina tells her that she is an idiot and almost ruined things with her and Danny with her “police instincts”. Tammy offers to talk about things if she wants and Marina says she would rather talk about Tammy. Tammy blurts out that she thinks Sandy is going to ask her to marry him and Marina is taken back but says that Sandy is a great guy. Tammy agrees and says that she is happy and everything with Jonathan is in the past.

Jonathan says he isn’t afraid of anything and Ava says that is why he is in the bar drinking and trying to blow his eardrums out. Jonathan tells her to butt out and if she has so much time on her hands to find a third job. Ava says that her life experiences have taught her that the only way to live life is to go after what you want and not worry what others think. She uses her job as Olivia’s assistant to prove her point and Jonathan brings up the money she owed the thug when he first met her. He starts to leave and Ava asks where he is going, he at first tells her he is getting away from her but then admits he is going to the baptism.

Danny comes outside to find Marina and remarks he was wondering where she ran off too. Marina says she has been doing a lot of running lately and Tammy leaves them alone. Marina tells Danny that she was just telling Tammy about how she seems to be trying to push Danny away and Marina admits that she imagined a scene where Danny would go back to Michelle. She apologizes and he asks what the scenario is that would make him go back to Michelle. She starts to tell him but says she would rather not talk about it and go back in and party.

Michelle runs into Edmund at the church as she is leaving and he wonders why she is still in town. She admits she is leaving in a little while but wanted to drop a present off for Hope. Edmund says he will take it for her but Michelle insists on giving it to Hope herself. Edmund offers to drive her over and Michelle agrees. They start to leave and Edmund glares at Michelle.

Cassie swears that Jeffrey is lying to her because of his hate of Edmund. Cassie says that looking into Hope’s eyes is like looking in a mirror since she has both her and Tammy’s eyes. Jeffrey swears he is telling her the truth but Cassie swears that Hope is her daughter and she knows this. Jeffrey takes out the lab report that proves that Hope is not Cassie’s. She replies that tests can be wrong since all of the tests that said she would never have a baby were wrong. Jeffrey apologizes and Cassie counters that Dinah was pregnant so what happened to her baby if Jeffrey is right. Jeffrey tells he that he doesn’t know but asks her to try and remember if she ever actually saw a sonogram showing the Dinah was actually pregnant. Cassie can’t answer and she starts to scream that Hope is her baby and she already has a family and she doesn't care about what the paper says. She tells Jeffrey that if he loves her how he could do this to her. She finally starts to break down and sobs out loud about what Edmund did and why he would do this.

Jeffrey divulges that he lied to Marina about the results of the test so that Cassie would be the first to know and so that Hope wouldn’t be taken away from Cassie before she was ready. He tells her that it is up to her to decide what to do with the information and when to do it. Cassie doesn’t think she can and Jeffrey insists that she can and he will be there for her through it all. Cassie cries over Hope and Jeffrey comforts her. He asks her what she wants to do and she says for right now she wants to go back inside and finish the party. She leaves and Jeffrey watches her go.

Sandy comes up behind Tammy and she jokes that he better be careful or else her boyfriend will kick his butt. Sandy jokes back that he will risk it and they kiss. Tammy tells him that she is glad he is there with her and her family and that she likes having him that way. He says that he needs to leave for some work and promises to call her as soon as he is done. He leaves and Tammy looks down at Hope, then goes to look for Cassie. She runs into Cassie at the door and Cassie asks where her “other baby girl” is.

Harley tells Mallet not to get any ideas about them since they would all be wrong as they look at Hope. Mallet says that he isn’t trying to cause Harley problems but that the book is bound to affect his future dating life. She tells him to shut up about their kiss and says that it is the opposite of the book since she and Gus are the real love story. Harley tells Mallet that everything that was about them in the book was all a part of Blake’s mind. Mallet says that he is glad that they straightened that out because he doesn’t want anything to affect his partnership with Gus. Gus walks in the door at that moment and Harley throws herself at him with hugs and kisses.

Tammy goes out to the barn and wanders around thinking of her and Sandy and wondering if she is ready to be married. Jonathan watches her from the door and then enters and he and Tammy stare at each other.

Cassie picks up Hope and tells her that everything is going to be okay. Harley walks up to Cassie and tells her how happy she is for her. Harley comment how amazing it is how fast you fall in love with them and Cassie agrees saying that she thinks she fell in love with Hope before she was even born.

Edmund and Michelle walk up outside of the farmhouse and Edmund again tells her that she doesn’t need to go in if it is going to be too hard for her and if it is getting too late. Michelle says she wants to see Cassie and possibly hold Hope again. She says that there is no harm in that as Cassie sees them out the door.

Edmund and Michelle start to come inside as Michelle spots Danny and Marina. Edmund tells her one more time that she doesn’t need to come in and Michelle says that she will come inside in just a minute. Edmund goes inside and tells Cassie that there was never a more perfect picture of mother and child. He asks if he can hold Hope and Cassie coldly tells him that no he can’t. Edmund asks if there is something wrong and Cassie tells him that she is hungry. Jeffrey comes over to save Cassie and takes her away from Edmund. He asks her what she is doing and she says she is trying not to scream since Edmund acts as if nothing is wrong. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to do something since if she doesn’t it is going to kill her.

Tammy asks Jonathan what he is doing in the barn. He tells her he was bringing the baby a gift and she reminds him he already brought her one. She tells him that the party is inside and he says he saw her coming to the barn and wanted to make sure everything was all right with her. Tammy tells him that there is just a lot going on and he says that it doesn’t seem like it. Tammy blurts out that Sandy is going to ask her to marry him and Jonathan asks what she is going to say when he does. Tammy tells him that she is going to say yes.

Harley tells Gus that it felt as if he was gone for a long time and he asks if he missed something. Mallet says they are discussing literature and Harley asks what his informant had to say. Gus tells Mallet that he is going to have to take him to dinner since he only “squeals for meals” and Mallet wonders why it has to be him. Mallet jokes he was going to stay home and read a book but that he should start making relationships with informants. Gus tells him to remember that he is his informant and Mallet says that since Gus lost street cred by marrying the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises maybe he would open up to Gus more. Harley wants to know if they are partners or an old married couple. Mallet excuses himself to talk to Marina, and Gus asks again about what they were talking about. Harley asks him if he wants to talk about Blake’s book and Gus tells her no because he is sick and he knows about it already since he is living the life. He asks Harley for a hug and she gladly gives him one.

Danny comes up and asks about taking a family photo. Cassie tries to deny him but Edmund moves and sits behind Cassie and agrees. He sits down next to Cassie and tells her that she is really beautiful, not surprising since she is Cassie’s daughter. He tells Cassie that they are lucky to have each other and Edmund of course agrees on how everything just came together. Cassie quickly gets up saying that she has to get Hope to burp before she gets upset. Cassie is having trouble and Michelle comes in and asks if she can give it a try since sometimes she has the magic touch. Cassie hands Hope over to Michelle.

Michelle rocks Hope, trying to burp her as Jeffrey, Edmund, and Cassie look on. When she burps and Michelle tells Hope that she is a good girl and Cassie has trouble watching her with Hope. Danny comes up to Michelle and Edmund takes Hope away from Michelle, saying it is time to go back to her mother. Michelle gets upset and walks away with Danny following her. She says she needs to go and pick up Robbie and finish packing. Michelle says she had to come and hold Hope one more time before she left. Michelle gets upset talking to ‘Danny and runs out.

Sandy finalizes the table setting of white roses and candles and says that the only thing missing is Tammy and one more thing. He calls Fallon and chastises him for not being done with things yet. He tells him over the phone that this was supposed to be done before he proposed so he knew he was not going to face criminal charges.

Jonathan asks Tammy if she really is going to marry Sandy Foster, or whoever he is. Tammy insists that Sandy is who he says he is. She tells Jonathan that yes she is going to marry him. Jonathan asks her why and Tammy replies that it is because he loves her. He asks if she loves him and Tammy insists that she does. Jonathan is suspicious since a week ago she didn’t even know who he was. Tammy says that Sandy is the kind of guy whom will treat her right and that is all that matters. Jonathan asks her if she is sure and tells her that there is a lot more that matters but that Tammy doesn’t like to think about it. Tammy tells Jonathan to shut up and walks away but he grabs her and turns her back to him. He says that he is not going to congratulate her and that he knows she wants him to tell her that she is making a mistake and not to marry him. Jonathan tells Tammy he isn’t going to though and he doesn’t need to say anything.

Marina goes over to Danny after Michelle has left and asks where Michelle went. Danny says on to the rest of her life and when Marina asks him if he is okay with that Danny says he is fine. He says that Marina was right when she said that it was an emotional day for everyone.

Cassie goes to the door and watches Michelle leave, she snaps at Jeffrey that he is looking at her like something under a microscope. He tells her that he is just worried about her and she says that she is worried too but that she just wants to finish the party and take it from there. Jeffrey notices that Michelle left and Cassie sarcastically says that it makes things better. Jeffrey says that she can still tell her and Cassie says that is not the only thing on her mind. Edmund comes over to find out if everything is okay and she makes a comment about how Hope came to be there is so amazing. Edmund says everything is about love and Cassie says she needs to get some air and gives Hope to Jeffrey. She goes out on the front porch and breaks down as Michelle comes up behind her to see if she is all right.

Danny sits down next to Marina and asks what she and Mallet were talking about. She says that he told her to trust her instincts. Danny asks what her instincts are telling her right now and she says that she loves him and he loves her. Danny kisses her and tells her that there is nothing wrong with those instincts. Marina says that they have nothing but hope in their future and Danny says he likes the sound of that.

Sandy walks around the table he has made up for he and Tammy and says all that is missing is Tammy. He says out loud that there is no way she can say no.

Tammy tells Jonathan that he is so sure of himself. Jonathan says he knows what he knows and asks Tammy what she knows. Jonathan asks if she knows that she could spend the rest of her life with only Sandy and not feeling the way she does when she is with him. She goes to silence him by putting her hand on his mouth but then takes it away and starts to kiss him.

Edmund tells Jeffrey that he will take Hope and Jeffrey says he is fine. Edmund says that he wants to hold his daughter and that Jeffrey has no rights. Jeffrey tells him that Edmund talking about right is funny since he will be lucky if he doesn’t spend the rest of this life in prison.

Michelle asks Cassie if she is all right and Cassie says she just didn’t expect to find Michelle out there. Michelle says she needs to get going but that it is hard since tonight is her last night in Springfield. Cassie acts surprised at this news and Michelle tells her that her flight leaves for California that evening. She says that staying in Springfield is too much. Cassie says that she understands and closes the front door so they can have privacy. Cassie says she is glad that that Michelle is still there and Michelle agrees. As Cassie starts to cry, Michelle asks what is wrong and Cassie just keeps telling Michelle that she is sorry.

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