Guiding Light Update Friday 9/30/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Cassie looks down at Hope and comments on how beautiful her daughter is. She mentions that Hope truly is a miracle, and that today is a special day for her.

Marina thinks to herself about when she confided in Jeffery about Edmund taking Michelle's baby.

Edmund walks into the faux farmhouse in a great mood. He's got groceries in his hand, and drops them immediately when he sees Dinah on the floor unconscious.

Michelle sits down and explains to Robbie that he's going to spend some time with his father before leaving for California. Danny will watch him while Michelle goes to the baptism, and then they will leave later. He doesn't want to leave home, but she reminds him that once again he will see his grandfather. As Mel and Rick come outside, Michelle sends Robbie back inside.

Michelle reminds Rick & Mel that she can't leave the house until Danny comes. He has to watch Robbie, she reminds them. They both look at her, with concerned faces and remind her that she doesn't have to go to the christening if she doesn't want to. "I'm sure Cassie would understand." Rick reminds her. Michelle doesn't want to hear it and simply tells them both that she has a strong need to see Hope before leaving. Mel sighs and reminds Michelle that she shouldn't be leaving at all.

On the phone Marina talks to her father. She mentions that she may need him at the christening for support. It's apparent that she thinks the DNA test is going to come back proving that Hope does not belong to Cassie.

As she is hanging up, Danny approaches her. He immediately tells her how beautiful she looks and they kiss one another. Together they head inside the restaurant, as Danny informs her that he's going to have some time with Robbie alone before he leaves. She comments on how calm Danny seems about everything and he shrugs it off. He reminds her that the important thing for Robbie is that he spend time with Michelle while she works through her grief. Marina nods, and then wonders where Jeffery is with the DNA results. She heads away from Danny to call Jeffery once more.

On the farmhouse porch, Jeffery answers his phone and lets Marina know that so far they have no news regarding the DNA test. As he gets off the phone he sees Cassie who is overjoyed to see him. The two walk inside and begin talking about how pretty Hope is. Cassie runs back to her bedroom for a moment and leaves Jeffery in charge. Before she leaves, he lets her know that there is something he wants to tell her. Just as he's about to mention the DNA test RJ, Reva and Billy come into the house. They all mention that they are there to help.

Cassie pulls Jeffery aside, wondering what it was he wanted to tell her before they got interrupted. Taking a look at Hope, and another at Cassie he changes his mind. "We can talk some other time." He tells her. "Hope is gorgeous."

Reva and Billy talk about Hope as they watch her sleep. They comment on how beautiful she is, and wonder who she looks more like. Cassie smiles, happy that others think her daughter is special as well. Tammy and Sandy walk in, and mention that they are there for last minute help. Tammy immediately mentions that she is her mother's fashion coordinator and the two head to the back.

Jeffery's phone suddenly rings and he heads outside to take the call.

Billy comments to Reva that she is acting odd, and wonders what is wrong. She admits that she is nervous about Josh coming back to town. "You don't have to worry. You guys will work it out." He assures her.

Back on the cell phone Jeffery makes it clear that he doesn't want to be bothered by the lab unless they have the DNA results ready.

Michelle reminds Rick and Mel that her father is expecting her in California. Even though she's convincing them that it's the right move for her, she doesn't seem sure of it. Mel reminds her that Ed will easily understand if she changes her mind. Rick sees what his wife is doing, and lets her know that she shouldn't push the issue. Mel doesn't back down easily, and makes it clear that she doesn't think that she should stand by while Michelle makes a mess of her life. "You and Danny belong together. Any moron can see that." She tells Michelle.

Sighing, Michelle reminds Mel that he is unfortunately not in love with her. Mel doesn't understand why Michelle is stepping aside and letting another woman take her place. "Stay and fight for your family." She urges Michelle. She looks defeated as she explains to Mel that she was done trying to get back together with Danny when they lost the baby. Michelle then heads inside to check on Robbie.

Rick turns to Mel, and they mention how hard it is for them to sit back and watch Michelle make sure a bad decision. They both agree that in the end they want Michelle to be happy.

Danny interrupts Marina as she is hanging up the phone. She lies to him and mentions that she called Mallet, needing some information on a case. She offers to spend some time with Him and Robbie and her turns her down. He lets her know that he will meet up with her at the post-baptism party. Marina kisses him before leaving and tells him that she loves him.

Edmund tries to get Dinah to wake up. He moves her to the couch as she wakes up. She touches her head, and sees the blood. He immediately thinks that she is faking, despite the obvious pain she is in. Edmund claims that she is fine, even though she's been unconscious for some time. He heads into the kitchen to get some bandages for her. She admits that she cracked her head open when she was trying to escape, and demands to be seen by a doctor. "I have more important things to do." He informs her, still in a good mood.

Dinah doesn't understand how he can be so cheery, until he mentions that Hope is being baptized today. She can't believe it, and mentions that perhaps people will begin to talk, and figure things out. He assures her that everyone, including Jonathan buys his story. She mentions all the people in his life who have questions which only puts him in a bad mood. She continues to antagonize him. "It is a matter of time before you're going to get caught." She tells him. He yells at her to shut up, and she realizes that she has hit a nerve.

Ross and Blake are together and mention how most parents would be happy on a day such as this. It is apparent that he's not one of those parents. "I thought it would be different." He confesses and then mentions how none of this would be possible without Dinah. Blake reminds him that in the end she did the right thing.

Edmund turns to his kidnapee, wondering what she is going to gain by upsetting him. She continues to maintain that she needs a doctor, and he agrees to bandage her. She pushes him away and he begins to leave. Before going, he tells her that he will get away with his plan, and no one will be the wiser. Alone, Dinah mentions to herself that Edmund is the devil. She can't believe that he has left her alone. As she reaches for some pills she falls to the floor and passes out.
Marina approaches Michelle and makes small talk. Michelle mentions how perfect Hope is.

In another section of the church, Reverend Ruthledge comments on how beautiful Hope is to Cassie. She thanks him, and then introduces the Reverend and Jeffery. Cassie mentions to both of them that Edmund has yet to arrive, though none of them doubt that he will be there soon.

Cassie then realizes she doesn't have something she needs for the baby. Tammy agrees to get it, even though it's in the car. Sandy is sitting next to Cassie, looking nervous. Finally he blurts out "Can I marry your daughter?" Cassie looks stunned as he explains that he couldn't wait any longer to ask her. "I'm sitting her, we're all alone, and I'm nervous. I have this ring in my pocketů" He says and she lets him know that it's ok. Cassie gives him permission to marry Tammy, and seems excited after the initial shock wears off. Sandy smiles and then comments that Tammy only needs to say yes to him. "She'd better." Cassie replies.

Outside, Jeffery has received the results of the paternity test. "Child is not a genetic match." He reads aloud. Jeffery looks stunned and then quickly shoves the test results back into the envelope as Marina approaches. She wonders if he's heard and he nods. "We're not going to say anything though." He tells her. "The truth is that Cassie is Hope's mother. The test results prove it." He lies to her. Marina looks relieved, and admits that she truly doesn't know what to feel. "Be sad for Michelle and happy for Cassie." He tells her before heading back inside.

Billy's cell phone rings. He answers it and immediately looks worried. Nodding, he looks worried and promises to relay the message. As soon as he's off the phone, Reva already knows what it was about. "He's not coming." She says looking sad. Billy informs them all that Josh's plane had mechanical trouble and that he won't be able to make it after all. They all seem upset, especially since he was supposed to be the godfather. Just as they are discussing the dilemma Edmund walks in. He too, seems upset about the situation when he finds out that Josh can't make the ceremony. Cassie reminds them all that they can simply find a replacement. She turns to Jeffery and asks if he will fill in. She goes on and mentions what an important part he is in Hope's life. Edmund doesn't seem happy about the new turn of events. Jeffery nervously says yes, as Cassie checks to make sure everything is ok with the reverend.

Tammy stands by herself thinking about the fact that Sandy might propose. From behind her, Sandy appears and hugs her. He wants to make sure that everything is ok with her. She assures him that she is perfectly fine.
Marina calls Danny on the phone and tells him that she only wanted to call and let him know how much she cares about him. She asks about Robbie and is all smiles. She is clearly glad that she was wrong about Michelle's baby. Hanging up, she tells him that she will see him later.

Reverend Ruthledge performs the baptism ceremony. He gives Cassie the chance to say a few words during the service. She thanks them all for being here for both her, Hope and Edmund. She also takes a moment out to thank Dinah for all she brought into their life. Cassie also takes the time to thank Reva, Jeffery and Tammy. The Reverend then ends the services and Cassie invites them all to come back to the farm for food.

Sandy looks nervous when Billy approaches him wondering what is wrong. "You've been smiling like a Cheshire cat ever since you got here. What's going on?" He demands to know of Sandy. Continuing to smile, he admits that he is going to ask Tammy to marry him. Billy smiles, and is glad. He mentions that Sandy couldn't have found a better girl to spend the rest of his life with.

Reva and Tammy mention how beautiful the service was, and that it was a shame Josh couldn't be there. Tammy looks uneasy, and Reva notices it. She wonders if everything is alright, and Tammy simply mentions that she simply has a lot of things on her mind lately.

Rick approaches Michelle, wondering if she's ready to head home. She asks for a moment alone, and he turns to Mel. They both comment that Michelle seems to be holding up well under the circumstances.

Michelle approaches Cassie and mentions that the service was beautiful. Cassie is all smiles and thanks her. They both comment once more on how happy Hope seems to be. Jeffery comes over just in time to see the two women talking. He looks nervous as Michelle mentions that she's headed to California tonight. The three say goodbye to one another and promise to keep in touch.

Marina and Blake see one another and mentions that Michelle is headed out of town. Blake comments that Marina must feel relieved. She mentions that it is never comfortable to see exes, but that Danny truly loves her. "I've seen the way he looks at you." She tells Marina.

Edmund makes a point to thank Jeffery for helping them out in the godfather role. AS they are talking Jeffery notices some blood on the cuffs of Edmund's shirt. He mentions it, and is given the excuse that Edmund cut himself shaving. Edmund excuses himself and mentions that he should most likely change before the party.

Seeing Jeffery alone, Marina walks over to him. She mentions again how relieved she is to be wrong. In his mind, Jeffery plays out a scenario in which he tells Cassie that Hope is not her daughter. The police come to take Hope away and Cassie is a mess. He shakes the thought off, and turns to Cassie. He lets her know that they should probably get back to the farmhouse.

RJ, Billy and Reva also get ready to head to the farmhouse. The three joke about sneaking one another extra pieces of cake.

Sandy looks at Tammy and tells his girlfriend that he hopes their day only gets better.

Michelle mentions that she might want to go to the party even though Rick and Mel can't go. They inform her that they have to get home, and even offer to watch Robbie for her if she'd like. Michelle seems excited about it, and thanks them.

Marina goes up to Edmund before leaving the church and apologizes to him for snooping around. She tells him that she's sorry and compliments him on how beautiful Hope is. He thanks her, but is still suspicious

Cassie and Jeffery are finishing up some preparations at the farmhouse, when he tells her that he needs to talk to her. "There's something you need to know." He says looking serious. "And it's about Hope." Cassie immediately looks worried.

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