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{Missing first few minutes due to a news conference.}

Michelle arrives at the farmhouse, which shocks Cassie to some degree. She understands that Michelle wants to see the baby, and even mentions that she knows how Michelle will get little time to spend with her at the christening. Michelle smiles and tells Cassie that somehow, Hope makes her feel so much better and at ease with the world around here. Cassie nods, and reminds Michelle that she too understands the pain of going through a miscarriage. “You have to let the people in your life love you.” She advises Michelle.

On the roof, Jeffery seems confused. He doesn’t understand what possible motive Edmund would have for wanting to hurt Marina. She looks like she doesn’t want to tell him the truth, and only hints at the fact that Edmund consistently seems like he is hiding something. In the middle of their conversation, Frank comes up to the roof. He wants to talk to Jeffery, and initially wants to do it away from Marina. Jeffery doesn’t seem to mind, and reminds Frank that Marina is almost a full fledged police officer. Frank agrees, and then mentions that they got a break in the case. “We lifted a partial fingerprint on the first threatening letter you got.” He tells Jeffery. “We ran it by immigration and got a match. It’s Edmund Winslow.” He says.

At Outskirts, Jonathan is standing close to Ava. He’s trying to antagonize Tammy, and mentions how great his new waitress is. “Since Ava’s signed on, she’s really brought something to the bar.” HE says, smiling. Tammy doesn’t want to hear him gushing about another woman. She demands to know if he is going to continue looking for Dinah, even if it may potentially hurt some of his family members. Jonathan lets Tammy know that he got a letter from Dinah, and that she seems happy. He’s going to give up the search. Tammy nods, and lets him know that it’s all she needed to hear. She leaves and Jonathan calls after her. “You don’t have to leave.” He yells after her as she walks out.

Back at Company, Sandy makes Coop and Lizzie promise that they won’t say anything to Tammy about the engagement ring. He stresses repeatedly that he wants it all to be a surprise. Coop and Lizzie agree, and she is ready to take off with the money immediately. Sandy leaves, and Coop wants to let his girlfriend now how proud he is of her for selling something she loved so much. She assures him that she’s not upset.

Cassie continues to prepare for the christening party as Michelle holds Hope. She mentions how there is a lot of things in her life that can’t be controlled, and that there is no sense for her to worry about them. As the two women fawn over Hope, they come to a disagreement over covering the baby with a blanket. “Cassie, she’s fine. I think I know what’s good for her.” Michelle says, raising her voice.

Jeffery can’t believe that Edmund has once again found a way to surprise him. Shaking his head, he reminds Frank that Edmund will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He does refuse the idea of bring Edmund into the police station though. Jeffery seems to think that given enough time that Edmund will be able to get himself into even more trouble. “There are some things I need to figure out.” He tells Frank, looking serious.

Frank decides to head back to the police station, and offers to give his daughter a lift. She too, refuses claiming that she needs to think some things out. Frank leaves, and once more Marina and Jeffery are left alone.

“Okay, let’s have it. What did you want to tell me about Edmund?” Jeffery asks Marina. She becomes emotional and begins to babble. She confesses to him that she saw Edmund acting weird. At first, she tells him that it is all and turns away. At the last minute she confesses to him that she thinks Edmund took Michelle’s baby to give to Cassie. Jeffery looks shocked.

Lizzie is upset that he would think she would be jealous if Tammy in anyway. However, Coop doesn’t seem to buy her story. He reassures her that given time, they too might some day get married. He just reminds her that now is not the right time. She smiles, and seems to be pleased with what he has just told her. Hugging him, she tells him that she wants to leave the restaurant and go to dinner with him. Lizzie mentions a new place, and he quickly reminds her that she can’t afford it. She looks confused as he tells her that they need to talk about something important. “What?” She asks nervously, fearing the worst. “A budget.” He tells her, and Lizzie looks like she is about to faint.

Tammy and Sandy hug outside of Company, and he immediately notices that something is wrong. She assures him that she’s ok, and he doesn’t buy it. “What’s the matter?” He asks, looking worried.

Ava returns to the bar, where Jonathan is. She instantly warns him to never her use her again. He reminds her that she shouldn’t be so quick to judge when she doesn’t know the whole story. Looking interested, she asks him what is going on. Jonathan is in a bad mood, and makes it clear he doesn’t want to talk about it. Not one to give up, Ava continues to pester him about it. He yells at her to drop the subject as she reminds him that sometimes men don’t know how to be in love.

Michelle immediately apologizes for snapping at Cassie. She shakes her head, not knowing what caused her to yell. Cassie is understanding, and tells Michelle that she understands that the miscarriage must be hard on her. Michelle doesn’t want the pity, and explains that she was so ready to take care of a baby that it’s hard getting used to the fact that there’s nothing there now. “You need to let yourself grieve.” Cassie gently tells Michelle. Smiling she agrees and mentions that Cassie shouldn’t have to deal with this, of all things right now. Again, she apologizes and mentions moving away from Springfield. She explains that her father is now in California, and that she’s going to go work for him. “I need a fresh start.” She explains, and Cassie understands as she promises to keep her updated on Hope’s progress. Michelle smiles and hands the baby back to Cassie. “I should get going.” She explains and then promises to see her at the baptism.

Marina continues to explain that Michelle had always thought someone was with her the night the baby was born. “Maybe it wasn’t Danny, but maybe it was someone else.” She explains as she goes on to mention that someone had to call 911. Jeffery seems mystified, and reminds her that perhaps Michelle’s imagination was simply working over time. Marina continues to babble and mentions that Michelle stayed with Edmund for a short time, and that she looked there for clues. Jeffery seems shocked when Marina mentions that she broke into Edmund’s suite at Towers, and is completely baffled when she mentions that she a labor inducing injection cap there. After his initial shock, he mentions that perhaps all Edmund did was give the drug to Dinah.

Marina shakes her head, and doesn’t want to believe that she is wrong. She tells him that she just feels that there is more to Edmund and his new daughter than meets the eye. “I’m sorry.” He tells her. “But, I will do some digging after the christening.” Marina reminds him that Michelle is leaving town, and that every minute is precious. Nodding, he agrees to get a DNA sample from both Hope and Cassie. “Then we’ll know.” He mentions to her. Jeffery also makes her promise not to say anything to any party potentially involved. She agrees, and they realize that tomorrow they will all know the truth. Both Jeffery and Marina want her to be wrong, and it shows.

Ava continues to bother Jonathan. She reminds him that he shouldn’t be embarrassed just because he’s in love. She is jealous that he loves someone, and mentions how great it feels to be in love. Not wanting to hear her be sappy, he changes the subject. He wonders why, with two jobs, she can’t afford to pay him back. She makes an excuse about having some bills and needing some clothes. Jonathan is suspicious and doesn’t buy her story. “What have you got yourself mixed up in this time?” He demands to know.

Tammy asks Sandy to take her home. All she wants to do is spend time with him, she mentions. He smiles, and then mentions that he would love that. However, he has something to take care of first. He asks her to stay put at the restaurant, and promises to return shortly.

Coop is explaining to Lizzie that there is nothing bad about having a budget. He urges her to look at it as a challenge, and that perhaps it will be fun. She’s having a hard time listening to what he says, and gasps that to her, shoes are as important as food.

Tammy walks in and sees that something is wrong with Lizzie. She immediately wonders if everything is ok. Lizzie manages to squeak out that they are talking about a budget. Tammy nods, understanding why Lizzie looks so uncomfortable and mentions that it has to be a hard thing to adjust to. She then mentions that Sandy was in an odd mood, and asks if they saw him. Lizzie blurts out that they did see him, and that he’s about to make a huge mistake.

Jeffery walks into the farmhouse and looks around nervously. He checks with Cassie to make sure that Edmund isn’t around and is pleased to hear that they are all alone. Cassie smiles and mentions that Michelle visited them, and that it’s almost time for Hope to have a bottle. She urges Jeffery to feed her. Looking between Hope and Cassie, he realizes that he needs to get some answers soon. While Cassie is warming Hope’s bottle he steals nail clippings from the baby book, and hair from Cassie’s brush. “I have to go.” He tells Cassie after promising her that he will make it to the baptism.

Cassie doesn’t want him to go, and mentions that she realizes that perhaps the whole ‘ready made’ family is freaking him out. He shakes his head, and mentions to her that he has had some threats concerning the upcoming case. “I can’t let anything happen to you, or your children.” He tells her. She understands, but still wants him to stay with her.

Ava assures Jonathan that she doesn’t have anything to hide. She does want to end the conversation soon, though and promises him that she won’t cause anymore trouble. As Jonathan continues to mention the past, she proposes that they each keep their personal lives quiet.

Back in Company, Tammy wonders what Lizzie meant by her comment. “I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest mistake of his life, but it’s pretty big.” She says to Tammy, despite Coop’s obvious protests. Ignoring her boyfriend, Lizzie continues talking and informs a shocked Tammy that Sandy has just bought her an engagement ring.

Fallon meets with Sandy once more. Sandy informs him that he wants to marry Tammy, and that nothing can complicate things. He mentions that it doesn’t have to happen anytime soon, and that in the meantime he wants Fallon to continue working for him. “You’re still my attorney, and I want you to take care of everything so I don’t have to face criminal charges.” Sandy says.

Marina runs into Michelle and wants to talk. Michelle, on the other hand, immediately thinks that it is about Danny. She doesn’t want to discuss anything, and reminds Marina that Danny loves her. Shaking her head, she mentions that she spent some time with Hope earlier. Marina looks confused as Michelle assures her that she is still leaving. Without letting Marina get a word in edgewise, Michelle leaves.

Cassie offers to help Jeffery in any way she can. He lets her know that there is nothing for her to do. They casually discuss Edmund’s addiction to pain killers, and Cassie laments that she feels bad for him. She remains upbeat though, reminding Jeffery that she once went through something similar with Tammy’s father. Before he leaves, he promises her that he will make it to Hope’s christening.

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