Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/28/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Edmund is on the phone with Cassie talking about Hope’s baptism. He starts to imagine that Marina is there and that she has figured out everything that he has done and that he is going down. Edmund tells fantasy Marina that she is the one who is going down.

Outside of Company, Marina wonders what was in the syringe she found at Edmund’s. She calls the lab to find out if they have results for her yet.

Blake thanks her publicist over coffee at Company, for everything she did for her new book, “Love in the Lockup”. She tells Blake how juicy the book is and Blake agrees. Maris, the publicist, tells her that it seems as if the characters of Marley, D.C. Hammer, and Russ seem so real but Blake assures her that they are all fictional.

At Spaulding, Harley wonders if they give you a chance to ease into her job, she is just getting ready to sit down when her assistant, Stephen, runs in and reminds her that she has yet another meeting in 20 minutes. Harley thanks him but wonders where her speech could be. Stephen reassures her that she will do fine since she is the CEO.

Mallet and Gus enter Outskirts arguing as usual, this time about Gus’s driving. Mallet wonders how long they have to be partners before Frank lets them separate. Gus is thinking it will probably be months to which Mallet responds that he was hoping weeks. Gus shoots back that he was actually hoping for days. He calls Harley, who tells him about her crazy day. Gus tells her that he would trade her because of his crazy partner, to which Harley responds that she has already done that. She retorts that at least he doesn’t have to wear high heels all day. Gus questions if they are going to be able to do this whole thing and Harley answers probably. Gus says that as long as at the end of the day they have each other they will be fine, as Harley gets another phone call and hangs up on Gus. Mallet watches in amusement.

Michelle stares at the invitation for Hope’s christening as Danny meets her for lunch at Company. She tells him that she has decided to go to Hope’s christening and asks if that is going to be a problem for him. He says that it is no problem, but asks if it is going to be a problem for her. She says that it probably will hurt but that she needs to start moving on with her life and face the fact that her baby is gone.

Marina wonders out loud why she is pushing this when the answers could push Danny back to Michelle. She is still on hold but wonders out loud why Michelle was in Edmund’s suite and what was in the syringe. While she is talking Edmund walks up outside Company and sees her on the phone.

Marina tells whomever she is on the phone with that the needs the results as soon as possible.

Inside, Danny tells Michelle he just wants to do what is best for her. Michelle says that she knows that is what he has always done and Danny responds that he just thinks that it will hurt Michelle to see Hope. Danny tells her that speaking of which they need to talk about what happened between them, the kiss, to which Danny agrees to as Marina walks in and overhears them.

Harley wonders why she can’t find her speech and then when she finally does realizes that Jude has drawn all over it. Alex and Beth walk in and greet Harley and give her some more papers. Beth tells her one more meeting before she can go home to Gus and the kids and asks her how she is holding up. Harley wants to know why everyone keeps asking her that. She insists that she is fine and Beth asks her if she is ready for the meeting. Harley asks if Beth is going to be there, and Beth answers of course, she wouldn’t miss it.

Maris raves about Blake’s book some more and tells her that she will be in touch about the book tour. Ross walks up to Blake after she leaves and asks her about the new book. He tells her that it is a provocative title and sarcastically asks if it is about anyone that they know.

Some of the other beat cops tell Gus that it is good to have him back over doughnuts. They jokingly ask him questions about Harley until Frank comes in and tells them that as soon as they get the warrant they are rolling on the case. He warns that he doesn’t want anyone going off on their own and playing vigilante to which Mallet tells Gus that he thinks Frank is talking about him. They all laugh.

Michelle apologizes and leaves quickly as Danny tries to explain what happened. He says that he didn’t kiss her and Marina says she doesn’t care that it happened. She asks him if she is his doormat and tells him that she knows that Michelle still loves him because she told her that she did. She asks Danny how he feels about Michelle, when Danny can’t answer right away she says that she guesses the answer is obvious. Michelle watches through the window and when she turns around to go runs into Edmund. He tells her that he thought she would be in California by now and Michelle tells him she plans on attending Hope’s christening.

Blake tells Ross that she told him that she was going to use Harley’s story as the basis for her book and Ross reminds her that she also said she was going to change the names. Ross reads over the names that are very similar to every person involved. Even the name of the town is named Summerfield. He sarcastically tells her that no one will ever guess it has anything to do with Harley or Gus. He tells her that he has one question for her, if she ran any of this by Harley first.

Harley starts to give her speech to the department heads, and uses Jude writing over her speech as the basis. She tells them that she wants the people of Spaulding to be like a family. She admits that the job is new to her but that she takes her position very seriously, and stares at Beth.

Ross chastises Blake that her story is poorly disguised truth and Blake says that not everything is true since the affair between Harley and Mallet never happened. Ross tells her that that is the one place she should have told the truth because since everything else is true people are going to think that Harley and Mallet actually did have an affair, including Gus. Blake says that no one will think that Harley will have done any of that, but does start to question herself. Ross says that with it being Harley’s first week she doesn’t need something like this happening to blow her credibility. He tells Blake that her book is going to hit her with “One big, fat sexual embarrassment that the whole world is going to see.”

Harley continues her speech as the meeting goes start to pass around a copy of Blake's book. They start to giggle and Harley asks what is going on, they hand over the book as Harley stares in horror.

Gus and Mallet discuss the case and they argue over who has been on the force the most. Mallet turns away and the beat cops throw a paper airplane made out of the cover of the book at him.

Ross tells Blake that if she is lucky, Harley will forgive her, but that he knows two detectives that won’t be so forgiving.

Mallet laughs at the title of the book, as Harley reads some of the passages to herself and calls a 5-minute break of the meeting.

Edmund tells Michelle he doesn’t think it is a good idea for her to go the christening and Michelle tells him that Cassie invited him. He asks why she would want to hurt herself like that and Michelle says that she has to move on and face that her baby is gone. Edmund tells her that she doesn’t think that she really wants to move on since she is still hung up on Danny. He tells her that she needs distance from everything and Michelle says she isn’t so sure and tells him that she told Danny that she still loved him.

Danny explains that Michelle has been sharing some painful things with him. He says that Michelle kissed him but that he didn’t want it. He claims that he loves Marina, not Michelle. He assures her that he wants to be with Marina and he could be with Michelle if he wanted to. Marina says that she is tired and starting to feel stupid and Danny assures her again that he loves her. She says she just isn’t sure that it is true as her phone starts to ring. Danny tells her to let her voice mail pick up and Marina says she has to answer it. It is the lab with the results; they give her the name of the drug Laprosin and tell her it is to induce labor. She wonders what Edmund was doing with a drug to induce labor.

Harley swears that when she gets her hands on Blake she is going to kill her. Alex asks if the story is true and Harley says that it isn’t but that it also isn’t anyone’s business if it is. Alex tells her that she isn’t the first CEO to be accused of a scandal but what is important is how she handles it. Harley worries about Gus and her kids but then decides to let the media do what they want since she is going to succeed and Alex is going to help her.

Mallet and Frank discuss the book and Mallet says that if it says what he thinks it is it is pure fiction. Mallet uses the book as an idea for him and Gus not to be partners but Frank says to do the opposite and make everyone think that he and Gus are best friends.

Marina sees Edmund talking to Michelle outside and goes back over to Danny who asks if they can discuss them again. He asks her what more he can do to let her know how much he loves her. She says that them living together tells her something but that she just doesn’t know if it is enough. Danny tells her that he understands how she feels, but that he swears she is the one that he loves.

Edmund asks how Danny responded, and Michelle says that the said a bunch of stuff, but not that he loved her. Edmund says that Michelle thinks that he still could love her and that is why she is still in town. He tells her to be realistic and realize that Danny has moved on and is happy. Michelle says that Cassie has moved on and Edmund hasn’t given up. Edmund tells her that it is different since they have a new baby together now.

Marina says she has to go and Danny wonders why. She says it is nothing, just something that could change her entire life and ruin everything she cares about. Danny asks what it is again and Marina tells him that she was just kidding. She says that she just has to pick something up at the station but that she will see him at home. She starts to leave and he calls her back and hugs her.

Edmund sees Marina leave and tells Michelle he has to go but to think about what he said about leaving. Michelle says that she will right after the christening and Edmund tells her that he thinks she is making a mistake.

Harley tells Alex that she knows that Alex wanted the job for herself but that she also knows she will never get it because of her criminal record. She says that the board wanted a new mind and that is why they chose her. She tells Alex that she would rather listen to Alex than say Alan or Olivia if she thought she could trust her. Harley declares that Alex can either sabotage her or help her out and she thinks it would be better to help her since it is the smart thing to do and Alex owes Harley. Alex tells her that if she really wants her advice, not to trust Beth.

Beth walks with a copy of Blake’s book and makes a phone call to someone telling them that she has some dirt on the new CEO.

Harley tells Alex that she figured that one out on her own and excuses herself to go take care of something, or someone.

Marina again wonders why Edmund would have Laprosin while she paces around the roof at Cedars. Frank surprises Marina and asks her what she is doing there. She says she came there to think and asks Frank if he has ever had to make the choice between the selfish thing to do and the right thing to do. Frank tells her all the time but that it is not really a choice if you want to live with yourself. Frank tells her he worries about her by herself and she promises she will go home soon. She says she needs to figure stuff out without any distractions and listens to Jewel’s “Intuition” while imagining how Edmund could have taken Michelle’s baby.

Beth comes back to Harley’s office and find’s Alex instead asking if Harley is gone. Alex says she figured Beth would know since she probably has spies watching her already. Alex wonders if she should stay so Beth won’t look through Harley’s confidential papers and Beth says why since Alex has already looked through them. Alex blames Beth for planting the book in the middle of the meeting and Beth says that she doesn’t need to sabotage Harley since she is going to fail all on her own. Beth sits down at Harley’s desk and puts her feet up, she calls Alan and tells her that Harley’s first day was a disaster and tells him that she will be there full time soon. Alex is listening outside of the door and says that is what Beth thinks.

Harley slams the book down on the counter next to Blake. Blake sheepishly asks if she wants her to sign if for her. Harley yells at Blake and asks her how she could do this to her since she told her that stuff in confidence. Blake tries to save herself by saying that she changed the names and Harley says that two letters doesn’t count. Harley asks if Blake hates her or something and Blake swears that she loves Harley. Harley tells Blake that she loves Gus and now people are going to think different. Blake says no one will know it is her and Harley says everyone already does know. Blake says that the character was a totally different person for her when she wrote them.

Mallet starts to read some of the book as Gus is on the phone in the background. Mallet says it is a little over the top, but not too far off. Gus says that there was a problem with the warrant and since there is no bust, he is going home. Gus asks what he is reading and Mallet covers. As Gus leaves, Mallet tells him to say hi to Harley for him. Harley continues to voice over some more of the book, about still being in love with the warden even after she is getting married as Mallet comments, “interesting”.

Harley starts to freak out and tells Blake that she has to tell him.

Danny finds Michelle and tells her that he needs to tell her something. He says that they can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist but that it is in the past and they can’t go back. He tells her that he is with Marina and that is the way it has to be. Michelle asks if Danny is asking for her permission and he says no just being clear with her. He offers his support because of the baby and then says that it isn’t a good idea. He tells Michelle that they can’t go backwards and she tells him that she will be leaving right after the christening. He tells her he would like to drive them to the airport so that he can see them off.

Marina sits on the roof of the hospital as Edmund comes up behind her.

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