Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/27/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Amanda

Olivia paces around Harley’s office upset about Harley getting the job as CEO of Spaulding. Bill tries to calm her down and reminds her that she said she didn’t want the job. Olivia says that she doesn’t but that they told her that they wanted experience and if they want to take the company down, they can. Bill jokes that he is glad that she is taking it so well. Olivia tells him that it is good to vent. Bill tells Olivia that she and Spaulding never fit together anyway. Olivia gets an idea at this and tells Bill that it wasn’t a good fit the way that she and Lewis would be a perfect fit. Bill starts to make excuses that no matter how much he would love Olivia to work in the family business, they don’t make it easy for him to just pick up the phone and give her a job. Reva walks in at that particular moment and says that she has the wrong office, she was looking for Harley. Olivia tells her that she has really good timing, that is if she still counts as family.

Tammy and Jonathan continue their kiss until Tammy pulls away and tells Jonathan to leave. She tells him to find Dinah and Jonathan informs her that he just showed her that he doesn’t want Dinah and starts to kiss her again. Tammy pulls away again and tells him to go, Jonathan says that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks that he is sick of fighting it. The start to kiss again as Sandy walks up outside.

At Company, Jeffrey talks to Ross on the phone and tells him that they are still looking for Dinah. He tells him that he hasn’t heard anything about the death threat note either, but that he is still alive and is still staying away from Cassie and the kids. As he speaks a man sits at the bar watching Jeffrey. Jeffrey starts to leave and as he turns to go the man also gets up and starts to follow him. Jeffrey confronts him and finds out that he is his new bodyguard, hired by Ross. Cassie comes in with Hope and wonders why he isn’t at work the way he said he was going to be.

Marina frantically looks around Edmund’s room, trying to find something that links Michelle to Edmund. She finds some lipstick but wonders whom it belongs to Michelle, Cassie or Dinah. She hears Edmund outside about to come inside.

Reva says she was just stopping by to congratulate Harley. Olivia says that they are there for the exact same reason and Bill tries to stop Olivia from asking Reva about Lewis. Olivia gets rid of Bill and he tells her never to say that he doesn’t try to stop her from herself. Reva says that she can tell Olivia wants something and asks what it is. Olivia says she wants access to everything. Reva asks why she wants Reva to help her and Olivia says that they have a lot in common, like losing Josh and that she can help her get through this difficult time if she will only help her.

Tammy asks Jonathan to wait and he says he has been waiting. She asks for time to catch her breath and he tells her that it won’t help or change what she is thinking or feeling. Sandy walks in and Jonathan tells him that the hero shows up right in time as usual. Jonathan tells him not to worry since Tammy has already been giving him a hard time. Jonathan covers for Tammy after asking Sandy why he always looks so suspicious. He tells Sandy that he was bothering Tammy on what she would be willing to do to have his help with finding and keeping Dinah out of town. As he leaves, he hands Tammy a present for the baby. Sandy asks Tammy if she is okay as Tammy opens the present to find a beautiful sliver rattle. Jonathan looks back in through the window and Tammy whispers that “it is so nice”.

Jeffrey tries to cover why he isn’t a work. He introduces “Stone” to Cassie and tells her that he is someone who is helping with the counterfeit money case. Jeffrey plays with Hope and pulls Cassie off to the side. Cassie asks if he can spend a little time with them and Jeffrey makes more excuses. She tells him that they both miss him. Cassie asks if Jeffrey is going to be at the baptism and flashes back to the death threat as he says he will try his best. Cassie tells him how important it is to her. Jeffrey asks Cassie if she has seen Edmund since he had something that, he needed to come clean with her about. Jeffrey says he has to go and kisses her quickly. She stops him from leaving and tells him to put a bit more feeling into it. He kisses her for real this time. Jeffrey declares that he really would do anything for her and Hope and she makes him promise to be at the baptism.

Edmund goes back into the room and realizes someone is there. Marina tries to sneak out but Edmund catches her and tells her to stop.

Reva and Olivia enter Company and Reva says that Olivia still hasn’t told her what she wants. Olivia tells her that she wants a piece of Lewis. Olivia says she is sorry to hear about Reva and Josh and Reva tells her that they are not together but still a part of each other’s lives. Olivia tells Reva to stay strong since Josh is a great guy but changes the subject and says that she wants to talk about her. Reva asks what she wants about Lewis and she says she wants help to get past Josh and Billy. The waitress comes over and asks if she can get them anything and Olivia tells her to bring them something sweet and fattening that they can share. She asks Reva if she can count on her and Reva asks what is in it for her.

Sandy asks if Tammy is all right since she is acting odd. Tammy blames it on family stuff and says she is afraid Dinah is going to ruin it. Tammy says that she just doesn’t want to screw things up between them. Sandy tells her to trust their relationship and says that there is a time when you just have go for something you want.

At Outskirts, Jonathan is going through bills and starts to talk about if he won the lottery he would buy an island and move on his own. While he is talking, Jeffrey comes up behind him and comments on how people already live their lives in quiet desperation. Jonathan asks what he knows about desperation since he is the man who has everything and Jeffrey just laughs. Jonathan tells him that he thought all they had in common was Dinah and his “dead dad’s face”, but is shocked to hear that Jeffrey has problems also and pours him a drink. The mail on the counter shows a letter from Dinah.

Marina keeps her back to Edmund and acts as if she is picking up as he yells at her for being in her room. She acts as if she speaks no English and is starts to cry. Edmund tells her that it is his fault and just to do what she needs to do and Marina says she will just come back. Cassie starts to knock at the door and Marina runs by Edmund with her face covered into the bedroom. Edmund starts to play with Hope and tells Cassie to just let him get rid of housekeeping. He calls for Marina, who is in the bedroom and has just found the syringe Edmund used on Michelle.

Olivia tries to get into Reva’s good graces as they share an ice cream sundae. Olivia and Reva are laughing together as Bill comes in and find them. They kid about how since they are getting along Hell must be freezing over and pigs must be flying. Reva tells Olivia that since she knows what it is like to try and make a new start she will put in a good word to make things easier on Bill. Bill wonders if they are a real family now and Reva says she can give it a shot.

Tammy says that she keeps trying to get Jonathan to do the right thing and she says she knows that Sandy doesn’t understand why she does it. Sandy wants to know what exactly they are talking about. Tammy says she just wants a normal family and she thinks that is what they are about to have. She says the baptism is a good thing and that everyone seems to be getting strong. Sandy asks if she means him and her. Tammy smiles but avoids the question and says she just doesn’t want Jonathan to bring Dinah back. She asks what Sandy wanted to say and he says that it will wait for a better time. She asks if Sandy if he will be at the baptism tomorrow and he says right next to her. Sandy leaves and Tammy picks up the rattle Jonathan gave for Hope.

The mail on the counter shows the letter from Dinah again as Jonathan asks why Jeffrey is at Outskirts instead of with Cassie. Jeffrey says he can’t be with her because of work. Jonathan tells Jeffrey that he is one of a kind and Jeffrey tells him that coming from him that is a compliment. Jonathan wonders about the guy following Jeffrey and then notices that Jeffrey has on a bullet proof vest. He asks if he is planning on being a shot and Jeffrey says that he is planning on surviving being shot. Jonathan realizes that Jeffrey is being threatened and congratulates him on trying to protect Cassie, but says that knowing Edmund is there in the shadows must bother him.

Edmund tells Cassie not to leave and tries to find Marina but she is hiding. Cassie tells him to forget it and tells him they need to talk about the baptism. Edmund asks if she isn’t planning that with Jeffrey and Cassie tells him that Jeffrey is kind of busy with work. Edmund makes a sarcastic comment about Jeffrey’s priorities and Cassie advises him not to do that. He apologizes and she says that Jeffrey said he had to tell her something. Edmund tells her his made up story about being addicted to pain medication. Marina hears this from the room and thinks that Edmund has a drug problem.

Bill tells Olivia that she is incredible and she says he has to say it because he is her husband. He tells her that he knows that Harley becoming CEO hurts. She swears it was just infuriating and then admits that it did hurt. She says that she needs to be part of Lewis or something like it. He says all she needs is him and Emma to be happy. She wonders how he knows what to say to make her feel better and he says it is just because he is Bill Lewis.

Outside of Company, Reva looks at her phone and is upset that she has no messages. Sandy walks up and says he guesses that Reva is checking for messages from Josh. Reva says it is scary Sandy knowing her so well. They discuss Josh and Reva for a little while and Sandy says he knows that Josh still loves her. He says he knows how Josh feels about Reva since he feels the same way about Tammy. Sandy then tells Reva that he is going to ask Tammy to marry him.

Tammy talks to herself and wonders why she lets Jonathan do this to her since she has such a wonderful guy. She says she is going to put him aside and starts to leave the house. She make sit to the front porch before she breaks down.

Jonathan asks Jeffrey why he doesn’t have Edmund thrown in jail and Jeffrey says that he has thought about it. He goes on that he hates knowing that he can’t be with Cassie when he knows that she is probably with Edmund. Jeffrey says that he just has to keep an eye on Edmund and hope he messes up. Jonathan tells Jeffrey to continue to put the bad guys away but that he wishes that Jeffrey would get rid of Edmund and Jeffrey says he is trying his best.

Cassie says that they are going to get Edmund the help he needs. Edmund lies that for Hope he will get he help. Cassie asks what she can do and asks what kind of things he is doing for it. Edmund says that Rick has him in meetings but that he is supposed to have a good support structure, which he doesn’t have. Cassie says that he does have that and that they are still family. Edmund says to thank Jeffrey for the intervention and Cassie says she will. She thanks him for telling her about his “problem”. Cassie leaves, telling Edmund that she will see him at the church. When she leaves Edmund calls out “Marina you can come out now”. Marina exits the closet and Edmund tells her that he has one problem solved and asks what they are going to do about this.

Bill asks Olivia if she knows what he likes about being married. Olivia answers that he can get some whenever he wants any and he answers that he had that before. She jokes that he is calling her easy, which he swears he never would. He seriously asks her if she thinks that they can work together at Lewis. She says that she knows that they can do it. They leave.

Reva tells Sandy that she is glad that he can share stuff like that with her. Sandy says that Reva and Josh are the only people he can share stuff like this with since he thinks of Reva as a mother. Reva asks if he would be upset if she told him not to marry Tammy since they are so young. Sandy says that he has to ask her since he loves her and he knows that she is the one for her. Reva tells him that if he tells Cassie that exact same thing that they will have a fighting chance. Sandy says all he needs is a chance and leaves.

Cassie comes home to find Tammy and tells her that it is a nice surprise to find her there. Cassie realizes that Tammy has been crying and asks what is wrong. Tammy says that she just wants to do something normal and they sit down outside to talk. Cassie asks what is going on in her world and Tammy says too much but that Cassie doesn’t have to worry since she is a big girl. Cassie tells Tammy that she will always be her little girl and Tammy finds comfort in this. Cassie says that she won’t push Tammy to tell her anything else. Tammy tells Cassie that she really feels as if Edmund is one of the bad guys and Cassie agrees. She says that Cassie is “one of the good guys” and asks what made her fall for him in the first place. Cassie says that she thinks it was partly wanting to save him from himself. She tells her that she ignored all of the bad stuff because she wanted to be loved as much as what she was with Richard. She tells Tammy to stick with the good guys and says speaking of the good guys as Jeffrey calls her. He starts to make excuses about work and Cassie deducts that he is not going to make it to the baptism. He swears he will make it up to her and hangs up. Tammy realizes that Jeffrey is not going to make it and Cassie tells her that sometimes the good ones are almost as bad as the bad ones.

Jeffrey realizes that he is going about things the wrong way and decides he needs to meet face to face with the guys that are threatening him so he can face with the real threat that is Edmund.

Jonathan finds the letter from Dinah and starts to read it out loud. It states that she is sure that he has noticed that she is gone and says that there is a reason for that.

Marina starts to escape but Edmund stops her. He asks her what she is doing in his room and she jokes that she is moonlighting as a maid or that she is going to bust him for the controlled substance she found. He asks her if he didn’t warn her to focus on Danny and asks her if she knows what the risks are. She says she knows what she is risking and he asks if she really does. Edmund tells her that there are differences between seeing risks and taking risks. He grabs her arm as the maid from before walks in and asks Marina what she is still doing in the room. She apologizes to Edmund and tells Marina to get out. He realizes that she is holding something and forces her to give up the syringe. Once she gets outside, she opens her hand to show that she has kept the cap of the syringe. She calls the station to order a trace test on the cap as Edmund comes out to make sure she is gone. He says to himself that she is becoming quite the problem.

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