Guiding Light Update Monday 9/26/05


Written By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Marina is on the computer while Coop stands nearby working. He asks Marina for a little help and asks what she is doing; he looks at the computer and tells her it looks as if she is investigating Michelle. Marina tells him that there is something going on with Michelle that may affect Danny, therefor affecting her. He questions her and she says she can’t talk about it yet but that if she finds what she hopes she doesn’t find, it could mean she will lose Danny. Coop closes her computer on her and tells her to quit while she is ahead.

At the Bauer house, Danny tells Michelle that they can’t go back to what they used to be. He tells her that she is running away from her life the same way that her dad did to her. Michelle says that she doesn’t see any other way since she is so unsure of things. She tells Danny that despite everything they have been through the only thing that she used to be sure of was them and since there is no them anymore, she feels as if there isn’t a her. Danny gets very emotional at this and goes over to Michelle and touches her. Michelle apologizes to him and they kiss. When they pull apart, she says she wants to go back to being a family. Danny says that they did go back the day she got her memory back and Michelle says that may be the day that they conceived a baby. Danny says that he thinks that Michelle just doesn’t want to feel the pain anymore and that he wishes he could take that away for her. Michelle tells him he can by letting himself, Robbie, and her be a family again.

Outside of Company, Stephanie rattles off a long list of things for Lizzie to do. Lizzie asks her to slow down and Stephanie tells Lizzie that there is a long line of people who would love to have her job. She starts to add more to the list as Lizzie tells her that she can’t get all of this done without spending the night at the station. Stephanie doesn’t see a problem with this, to which Lizzie gets upset and mocks Stephanie and walks away. Stephanie asks her if she is looking to get fired to which Lizzie responds that maybe she is looking to quit. Coop interrupts and says that she is not going to quit.

Tammy, who is at Company picking up an order, asks Marina if she wasn’t going to quit the family business. Marina jokes that once they have you they never let you go and Tammy starts to leave. Marina stops her and tells her that she had a weird conversation with Jonathan to which he was asking her about finding missing persons. Tammy says that he never quits and Marina asks who he is looking for as Tammy storms out. Once outside, Tammy angrily shrieks “Dinah”.

At the faux farmhouse, Jonathan is pounding on the door as Edmund holds his hand over her mouth to keep her from talking inside. Jonathan continues to knock and Dinah yells out to him but he doesn’t hear her and Edmund quickly subdues her. Jonathan yells again for them to open up.

Marina goes through order slips at Company and runs across many from Michelle while she was staying at room 625 at Towers.

Coop tries to resolve the situation with Lizzie and Stephanie and tells Stephanie that Lizzie even went so far as to say that she looks up to her as a role model. Both women are surprised but Lizzie covers and says that she will do better. Stephanie tells her that she can start by getting Josh on the phone and that while they are waiting she has a letter to dictate to Lizzie. She then gives Lizzie a drink order and then goes and sits down. Lizzie asks Coop if they have rat poison to put in her drink and Coop settles her down. Lizzie says the things she will do for love, and a new fall wardrobe. Marina asks Coop if he remembers getting a lot of orders for Michelle before her accident and he tells her that it sounds about right. Marina puts together that it must have been where she was staying after she left Bill’s. As Marina is talking to him, Lizzie tears up the letter she is dictating and throws it at Stephanie. Coop responds to this but Marina thinks she is talking to him and starts to leave. Coop stops her and asks her if this is really what she wants to do since she may lose Danny over it. Marina says she doesn’t really know but leaves to find out more about where Michelle was staying. Coop just looks upset and confused.

Michelle declares to Danny that he doesn’t deserve this and says that she doesn’t know what she was saying. Danny says that he always wants Michelle to be honest with him and blames himself for Michelle’s accident that made him lose her memory. Michelle says that she was someone else who pushed Danny away and wished that she was that person again so it would make things easier. Danny tells her not to wish that and that he is glad she is back. Her phone rings and it is Rick, he asks her where she is and she wonders why. He tells her that he and Beth were on the way to the zoo and stopped by the day care to pick up Robbie so he could go with them. Rick then tells Michelle that he turned his back for one second and Robbie was gone. Rick calms Michelle down and tells her that he was with a nurse on the roof, playing with a toy. He then tells Michelle that he started to cry when it was time to leave and didn’t want to go with them. Michelle asks what he was upset about and Rick says that he overheard him tell Beth that Michelle was leaving. Rick apologizes and says that he thought that he knew. Danny wants to know what is wrong and Michelle tells him that Robbie found out that she was leaving. Danny and Michelle leave to go find Robbie.

Jonathan continues to yell and try to get in and wonders why the windows are all bricked up. He then tries to break the door in as Edmund still silences her and tells Dinah that if Jonathan gets in he is going to hurt someone as he holds a gun on her. Jonathan’s phone rings and he answers to Tammy asking him what he is doing. He tells her that he is busy and she tells him not to busy for her. She says she is at the farmhouse alone and she wants to see him and Jonathan leaves. Edmund tries to go see if Jonathan is still there and Dinah bites his hand that is over her mouth and screams for Jonathan.

Dinah makes it over to the door and starts banging on it and yelling for Dinah but they both realize that he has left. Dinah thinks he will be back and begs Edmund to let her go. She pleads that Jonathan knows she is there and that somehow he will be caught. Edmund threatens to stop coming, therefore cutting off Dinah’s food supply.

Coop asks Lizzie how she lost her job. Lizzie says she wasn’t fired and didn’t exactly quite either. She says that Stephanie was below her and she shouldn’t have had to make her coffee. She backpedals and tells Coop that there is nothing wrong with that just that she really hated her job. She asks if Coop is mad at her and he says he isn’t, just worried because she needs a job and this one had potential. Coop says that there had to be something that she liked and Lizzie sheepishly tells him the makeup room. Coop laughs in defeat as Rick and Beth walk in. Rick is thankful to Beth for helping him find Robbie and Beth uses it as access to tell Rick that she doesn’t think that Harley should be CEO of Spaulding since it will take her away from her family. Beth tells Rick that to her there is nothing more important than the bond between a mother and child and Rick tells her to connect with her own daughter first. Beth turns around, surprised to see Lizzie in Company, where Lizzie and Coop are still arguing over the job situation.

Michelle and Danny find Robbie on the roof with the nurse, Carmelita. She tells them that he was a little upset earlier but that he seems okay now. They tell Robbie that he had them worried and ask him why he ran away. Robbie tells them that it was because he heard that Michelle was leaving. Danny tells him he understands why that would make him sad but ask him why he came up to the roof. Robbie tells them that he went up there to find Michelle since you can see everything from up there. Michelle says that he used to do the same thing when he was in Africa to try and find Danny. They make him promise that he will not run away again and instead come and talk to them and he agrees but tells Michelle that she can’t run away either.

Marina goes to Towers room 625 to check out the room that Michelle was staying in, dressed as a maid.

Dinah tells Edmund that he wouldn’t cut her out or let her die because of everything that they have been through together. She tells him that he does love her and he admits he has a great affection for her. She tells him that he has a heart and he tells her that it belongs to Cassie. She tries to reason with him some more, but he stops her telling her that he doesn’t enjoy it but that he knows if he lets her go she will betray him. She reminds him of everything she has done for him but Edmund says he has to go. She tells him that they aren’t safe since Jonathan knows where they are stops him from going, telling him that she can protect him if he gives her a chance.

Marina stands outside of Edmund’s room and thinks to herself that she should knock. She does and since no one answers she breaks out her lock picking kit and starts to enter.

Edmund tells Dinah that he doesn’t need her anymore since everything is coming into place. He tells her that as soon as Hope’s baptism takes place he and Cassie can start working on their future, but that it is not a future that she can take part in. Dinah starts writing on a piece of paper and Edmund wonders what she is doing.

Jonathan shows up at the farmhouse where Tammy wonders what the hell he is doing and why he is trying to hurt her family again.

Dinah hands Edmund the note she wrote, which is a letter to Jonathan that she says will make him leave her and the farmhouse alone forever. She begs him to read it and somehow get it to Jonathan. Edmund says that there may be a clue that only Jonathan would know. Dinah pleads with Edmund to trust her and come back and bring her food and not leave her at the farmhouse. She asks him not to go but he leaves.

Jonathan asks Tammy what she wants and Tammy tells him that Marina told her about the search for Dinah. Jonathan says that he is not trying to find Dinah to hurt Cassie. Tammy tells him that he wants him to stop looking for Dinah and he answers that he did stop when Tammy called and wanted to see him.

Lizzie tells Coop that she thought her job was going to be someplace where she could express herself, not be bossed around. Coop reminds her that when she owned Company she bossed him around and he didn’t quit. Lizzie reminds him that he did quit. They stop arguing when Beth comes over to find out if everything is all right. Coop greets Beth and Lizzie wonders when they started being on a first name basis. Coop says that they are friends now and Lizzie asks about Coop’s accident with the tires. Beth swears she had nothing to do with that and asks Lizzie about redirecting her plane to Boston the day of the Spaulding vote. Beth tells Lizzie that despite her mistakes she could still come home and earn her family’s respect to which Coop answers that Lizzie already has his respect. Beth tells Rick that Lizzie is going to have to accept that she is a Spaulding and until she does, she will have to suffer. Rick tells Beth that he knew that she married Alan but never thought that she would turn into him.

Danny tells Robbie that Michelle isn’t running away, but just going to California to help Grandpa care for sick kids. Robbie asks if California is as far as Africa and they assure him that it is much closer. Robbie declares that they can all go to California together then and Danny tells him that only Robbie will be going with his mom. He reassures Robbie that they will see each other all the time since he will fly out and visit and Robbie will come home for visits. Robbie tells them that he wants them to be together as a family.

Marina is trying to break into the room when another maid comes up and asks what she is doing. She makes up a lie that she is supposed to be cleaning a show room and she thought that this was the room and the maid tells her that this room belongs to some bigwig. The maid tells her that all she knows is that the guy didn’t want maid service anymore because of some woman who was staying with him. Marina asks if she is still around and the maid says she is not here to gossip but to work. Marina follows her and upon returning with some towels sees Edmund go into his suite.

Marina voices to herself that it is no wonder that Edmund was acting weird since Michelle was staying with him while she was pregnant. Edmund starts to clean up his room when his phone rings. It is Marina pretending to be from housekeeping and tells him that his car has been in an accident. He angrily tells her he will be right down and as he leaves drop the syringe that he drugged Michelle with. Marina enters the room and starts to look around.

Danny tells Robbie that his job is to look out for Michelle while they are in California. Robbie says he can make her smile and laugh. Danny says that he knows that Michelle is in very good hands and tells Robbie that if she gets sad or lonely to call him. Michelle says that it is going to work out and Robbie says he still doesn’t want to go. Danny tells him that sometimes everyone wants things that they can’t have and you just have to let them go.

Tammy asks Jonathan if he really thought that she invited him over for them to be together, and Jonathan asks if it would really be that crazy. He tells Tammy that she is jealous and asks why she really wanted him at the farmhouse with her. Tammy tells him that he is crazy and yells at him that he is drawn to the wrong people like his father and Dinah. Jonathan tells her that he didn’t choose his father and that he only chose Dinah because he couldn’t have Tammy.

Beth says that she knows she shouldn’t have said what she did about Lizzie but that she just feels as if she is losing her. Rick tells Beth that she is pushing Lizzie away. Beth swears that she is not going to lose anyone else that she loves. Rick says that it has nothing to do with Phillip, but with Alan and that he still doesn’t know why Beth married him. Beth tells Rick that she is not looking for approval for her marriage but just for him to stand by her. Rick says that he has no other choice to stand by her because of their history together. She hugs him and thanks him for being there for her.

Coop thanks Lizzie for backing Harley and gives her some money to help get her by. Lizzie tells him that she doesn’t want to take his money from him and decides to sell her engagement ring since she doesn’t think she will need it anymore.

Danny and Michelle take Robbie back to the Bauer house where Michelle asks Danny if it is really true that they can’t go back. He tells her no, but that they can move forward. They talk about all of their good memories until Robbie comes outside with an invitation to Hope’s christening. Danny says that Michelle can’t attend since she will be gone and Michelle says that she is considering staying and attending. She says again that there is just something about that baby.

Marina looks around Edmund’s room some more wondering what Michelle was doing there. She steps over the syringe just as Edmund starts to come back in.

Dinah swears she is not going to die by starving to death. She starts to try and open the door by prying the bolt out with a knife but falls down and passes out.

Tammy asks Jonathan why he always does this to her. He asks her what she is talking about and she tells him he knows. He admits he does and they start to kiss passionately.

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