Guiding Light Update Friday 9/23/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Amanda

Dinah looks sad as Edmund bursts into the faux farmhouse, flowers in hand. He’s cheerful and tells her that everything is finally going his way. He doesn’t have her sleeping pills, but that doesn’t matter. Dinah doesn’t understand why he’s so happy. He explains that he has shaped his world so that he gets everything he wants. Edmund mentions how Cassie is bonding more and more with Hope everyday. He then mentions the fact that Michelle will soon move past the hurt of her tragedy. Edmund also mentions gleefully that Jeffery now thinks someone is after him and those he loves.  He goes on to mention that Marina has questions as well. “She has a cop’s instincts, but also Danny. I don’t think she’s crazy enough to snoop around for information on a baby Michelle might share with Danny.” He says as he takes a drink of water. Dinah doesn’t want to hear it, and is convinced that someone will start asking questions. Edmund admits that Jonathan has, but that he threw him off track. While he’s talking we see images of Cassie, Hope and Harley together. We also see Jeffery looking concerned about Cassie and her family, as well as Marina sharing a private moment with Danny.

Jonathan is standing in the Beacon and watches Cassie and Harley with Hope. “Where did you get that baby, Edmund?” He asks himself.

Marina is working at Company, looking nervous when her grandfather approaches her. She immediately assumes that he wants to talk about whatever is bothering her and begins babbling. While she gets things done around the restaurant, she mentions that Michelle is leaving town and hasn’t told Danny. She goes on about how Michelle also found it necessary to tell her that she’s still in love with Danny. “Talk about too much information.” Marina rambles on, as she tells Buzz that she knows she should tell Danny. He doesn’t say much to her, and seems to be taken back by everything she is saying. She continues on, and decides, while talking that it might be best to get everything out in the open, despite what it might do to her and Danny. She confesses that she secretly wishes Danny had no past. Buzz smiles and lets his granddaughter know that he thinks she is wonderful and brave.

Marina rushes out onto the patio where Danny is seated to spill the beans. She tells him everything that Michelle has told her, and that perhaps he should go find her. He looks worried, and agrees with his girlfriend. Before leaving, Marina asks him to kiss her. He looks confused, and she explains that she wants him to kiss her once before doing what he has to in regards to his ex wife.

In the Bauer backyard, Michelle and Rick spend some time together. They comment on how quickly Jude is growing up and mention Harley’s newest job. Rick also mentions that his father called him, and wants to come home. He smiles as he tells his sister how nice it will be to have the whole family back together again. Michelle tells him that she talked to her father much more recently, and that he never mentioned anything about returning. She smiles knowing that her brother only fibbed in order to get her to stay in town longer. Michelle laments on how she is stuck, and that there is much of her past that she wished she could take back. Rick mentions Robbie, and what her move to California will do for their relationship. She assures her brother that she will see plenty of him. “But my other child….I know you don’t believe me Rick, but I’m never going to stop feeling that I didn’t lose that baby.” She tells him. In the background, Rick looks sad and upset by this revelation.

Harley and Cassie continue to watch Hope in the Beacon. They mention how they never wanted to leave their kids when they were little. Cassie agrees that this is the case with Hope as well. Harley then begins to get serious, and asks Cassie advice on how she looks. It is her first day as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. “You look powerful.” Cassie responds before asking if Harley has any idea of what she’s getting herself into. Flippant, Harley admits that she’s spent the last three days cramming for her first day on the job and admits that she will have to learn while doing some of it.  Harley then changes the subject, and asks how things are going with Jeffery. Cassie sighs and admits that she thinks he is beginning to pull away. Her fear is that, while he loves her that the baby and family may be too much for him to handle.

Jeffery is on his cell phone in the park. He demands that people get more information to him on the death threats he received. “I can’t stay away from those I care about for much longer.” He says.

Jonathan walks into Company and places an order with Buzz. He wants a beer, but is pointed in the direction of Marina as it’s too early to serve it. Jonathan sits down next to her, and asks if she will answer a question for him. They banter back and forth, and even flirt a bit. Eventually, Jonathan comes out and asks Marian about ‘missing persons.’ She looks intrigued, and definitely wants more information.

In the farmhouse, Edmund sits down as he admits that he likes have Dinah around. He tells her that she is the one person he can tell everything to, all his plans and schemes. “And you’re well positioned to appreciate my work.” He tells her. Dinah doesn’t look thrilled and lets him know that it will be hard for him to keep up with his charade. She continues talking to him as she massages his shoulders. Slowly, she pulls a towel from the rack and begins to strangle him with it. He tries to fight for air, as well as get her to loose her grip. The two struggle with one another, and eventually Edmund reaches up behind him and grabs Dinah. He throws her against the floor and breaks free. Before leaving, he tells her that he will be back with food for her. Edmund also warns her not to try something like that again.

Cassie and Harley talk about how Jeffery seems to be anything but a family man. They both agree that he doesn’t seem to be, but that Hope may have turned his opinion on kids around. Harley then gets ready for work, complete with a child’s backpack on. She warns her friend that perhaps all Jeffery needs is a little bit of time to adjust.  As she’s leaving, Cassie notices that Jeffery is in the Beacon. She grabs him by the arm and tells him that he has to come with her.

Rick continues to watch Jude, while he talks to his sister. He begs her to stay in town, and she doesn’t want to hear it. He looks frustrated and demands to know what it will take for her to stay. Just then Danny walks into the backyard looking concerned. Rick remains looking discouraged, but heads inside anyway.

Jonathan admits to Marina that one of his friends is missing, and has been for some time. She looks worried and reminds him that the first few hours are always the most important. He’s clearly worried that soon things will go downhill for his friend.

At the fake farmhouse, Dinah throws her body against the door trying to open it. She screams in irritation, as it is clear that her efforts aren’t working.

Back at Company, Jonathan and Marina are still talking when Edmund comes in. He sees the two together, just as Buzz comments on his red neck. Looking annoyed, Edmund makes up a story about shaving, and a rash. Buzz cuts him off letting him know that any more details would be too much. Jonathan sees his uncle, thanks Marina and immediately takes off. Marina looks confused, and calls after Jonathan. She wants more details.

Harley arrives at Spaulding and sees her assistant. She lets him know that he can call her Harley, and that things are going to be different with her in charge. He smiles and heads off to get her coffee. As she’s making herself at home and putting photos of the kids and Gus up, Beth walks in. She smiles and comments that Harley truly is making herself at home.

Dinah tries to calm herself down as she massages her own sore shoulder. She reminds herself that no one has a fool proof plan. “There is always a weakness.” She reminds herself.

Cassie and Jeffery are now at the farmhouse. Hope is napping, and Cassie immediately wants to spend more time with Jeffery. He begins to come up with an excuse, and she doesn’t want to hear it. The two kiss.

Edmund is about to walk in when he sees the two embraced. He pulls out his cell phone and begins typing furiously. Jonathan watches from the back of the porch.

Marina tells her grandfather that she did what he wanted her to in regards to Danny and Michelle. Smiling, he admits that he never said a word. “You did the talking for the both of us.” He tells her gently. She smiles and admits that Danny went to go see his ex wife, she rationalizes that he had to because of Robbie. “You’ve just got to roll with things and have a little faith.” She tells him.  He nods as she admits that she’s not always followed her gut. Buzz looks curious and she explains that when it comes to Michelle’s accident that something seems amiss. Trying to support her, Buzz wonders what everything she knows is telling her. “Michelle was delirious, but it doesn’t mean that she didn’t see what she thinks she did.” Marina says slowly. She slowly begins to realize that perhaps someone else was there to help with the delivery of the baby. Buzz urges her to drop it, and deal with the here and now of the entire situation. She doesn’t want to, especially if what they all know is untrue.

Danny demands to know why Michelle has decided to leave again. He has tears in his eyes as he tells her that he can’t deal with her abandoning their son again. “I don’t want the sadness.” He tells her.

Stephen, Harley’s assistant brings flowers in for her from Beth. Harley thanks her for them as Beth goes on to mention that she wanted to welcome her into the company. “I’m hoping to have a partner of sorts.” Beth says right before ridiculing Harley’s backpack. Harley snaps back, mentioning that she won’t hold Beth’s husband against her. Stephen comes in and reports that the press is waiting for a statement. Looking in control, Harley tells him to send down coffee and snacks for them. “I’ll be down in a moment.” She says. Beth comments that Harley seems to know what she is doing. Harley walks out, wondering what she has gotten herself into.

Jeffery pulls away from Cassie’s kiss and mentions that he has missed her. She reminds him that he didn’t have to stay away, and asks for a reason. “It’s complicated.” He tells her.

Out on the porch, Edmund continues to type something into his cell phone as Jonathan looks on.

Back inside, Jeffery begins to explain things to Cassie when he gets call. He looks at his cell phone and has received a text message. It reads, “Don’t forget. We’re all watching you.” Jeffery begins to head out the door. Cassie comes back from checking on Hope, and Jeffery tells her that he has to go. ‘It’s important.’ He tells her.

Buzz urges Marina to forget about Michelle’s baby. He claims that it could simply be her mind in overdrive. She lets him know that he’s supposed to be steering her in the right direction.

Michelle looks confused as she asks Danny what sadness it is that he hopes to avoid. He tells her that he doesn’t want his son to have to go through losing his mother again. He reminds her that Ed wasn’t around much when she was smaller, and how badly that affected her. He offers to give her anything she wants. Michelle begins to mention their past and gets upset. She mentions that together they have nothing but bad memories. Danny shakes his head, and tells her that they have many good stories that they can share with their son.

Edmund returns to the mock farmhouse and delivers some food to Dinah. She’s busy doing yoga as he sits it out on the table for her. Outside, Jonathan looks at the front of the door with a confused look on his face.

Stephen and Harley return to the office, both looking optimistic. They joke that the press loved them and that perhaps, it was because they were told the truth for once. Harley is now excited about her job, and urges her assistant to bring her the schedule. She’s eager to get to work.

Rick is having lunch with Jude when Beth arrives. He rushes over to her, wondering what her frantic call was about. She tells him that it wasn’t that important, just that she wanted to warn him that Harley is in over her head. She mentions that it may end up hurting her kids in the long run. Rick doesn’t want to hear it, and reminds her that he’s already gotten this lecture from Alan. Jude begins screaming about going to the zoo, and Rick tells Beth that he has to go. Beth invites herself and James, and the three take off together.

Marina looks determined as she admits that everything her grandfather says makes sense. She admits that it is probably in her best interest to drop the case, but tells him that she can’t let it go.

Michelle admits that she can’t bear to see Danny with someone else. “It’s too painful.” She tells him. With tears in his eyes, he reminds her that they can’t go back. She moves closer to him, and confesses that she misses him. Slowly she begins kissing him.

Cassie looks angry and wonders when she will see Jeffery again. He promises her that it will be soon, and that he loves her. She begs him not to go, and he reminds her that he has to.  Jeffery kisses her goodbye and leaves. Cassie stands there, still looking worried.

As Dinah inspects her food, Edmund looks annoyed. He points out that it would be stupid for him to poison her food now. To prove his point he even picks up her food and takes a bite. Suddenly, Edmund stops. He looks worried and is convinced that he has heard a noise. Dinah scoffs, telling him he’s crazy.

Outside, Jonathan wonders where he is.

Back inside, they hear someone trying to break in. Dinah makes a beeline for the door and tries to scream. Edmund, however, grabs her before she can say too much. He holds her mouth shut, while Jonathan begins to pick the lock from the inside.

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