Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/22/05


Written By Jen
Pictures by Amanda  

In Company, Harley sits alone at the bar staring at the Springfield Journal. The business section is open and has her on the cover. It mentions that she is a ‘corporate novice’ which thinks is another way of calling her an idiot. It is pretty clear that she’s feeling down, and all of a sudden Gus walks in. He’s in a good mood and kisses her. Together they joke about the article in the newspaper. She tells him that she’s not going to take the job because she doesn’t want to screw her life up. He hugs her, and she takes another look at the article.

Olivia is rushing around the Beacon while Ava follows with a notebook. She is trying really hard to impress her boss and it shows. “Slow down. You’re doing a lot better than I thought you would. “Olivia confesses. Ava thanks her, and mentions that she cleared the morning schedule so that she could spend time with Bill and Emma. Bill walks into the room just in time to hear that, and thanks her. Olivia tells her assistant that she needs an apology from her husband at 10:30am.

Michelle stares at the white rose bush while Rick pours them something to drink. They both mention how nice it was for Danny to plant it. Michelle gets tears in her eyes as she thinks about how the bush will bloom as her daughter was meant to with each passing year. She confesses that while she was pregnant that she had so many dreams about her daughter. Rick tells her that she will eventually get through everything. Michelle agrees and tells her brother that she wants to work with her father, in California. Surprisingly, Rick thinks that it is a good idea for her to get away for a bit. He mentions her coming back when she’s ready, and she tells him that it’s not the plan. “There are too many memories here. This time I’m leaving Springfield for good.” She tells Rick as she begins to cry.

On the patio of Company, Marina sits making some note when Mallet comes to join her. He wonders if she’s making up questions about Michelle’s accident. Nodding, she tells him that she is, but that so far all she has to go on is a gut feeling. Smiling, he tells her that sometimes it’s the best lead. He reminds her that the most important thing is that she figure out what she thinks happened and go from there. “I think that maybe her accident wasn’t that, and perhaps Michelle’s baby didn’t die.” She tells him looking worried.

Harley sits down to have breakfast with her new husband and wonders why he is pushing for her to take the job at Spaulding. He claims that for once he thinks the Spaulding board members did something right. He goes on to mention that her face lights up when she talks about the job. Harley smiles and tells him that perhaps he should take a job that makes his face light up as well, such as becoming a cop again. Gus sighs, and tells her that it’s too late for him. She tells him that if they got her out of prison that anything is possible. He thinks it over, and tells her that perhaps it is not too late after all. Gus decides that he will look into getting reinstated as a police officer only if she takes the job at Spaulding. “Deal.” Harley says and the two shake on it.

Marina paces around outside, as she tells Mallet that there are no facts to go on. She tells him that the accident seems to be just that on the books. He tells her that she should keep digging if she is feeling that strongly about it. Marina nods and then takes off. Harley watches the two of them from the steps of Company. She approaches Mallet and thanks him for being tough on her niece. “It’s good.” She tells him.

Mallet turns to Harley and asks if she knows what she is in for. He lets her know that he’s confident in her abilities to run Spaulding. She thanks him, and then asks how Marina is doing. He sighs and lets her know that Marina is doing fine. “She just needs to trust her instincts more. There’s nothing she can’t do if she puts her mind to it.” Mallet tells her. Harley smiles and walks off, realizing that he’s talking about her as well.

Rick goes over to his sister, wondering if she’s sure about what she’s saying. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea to never return home. She explains that she can’t stay home, because she will constantly be reminded of all she has lost. “I will be stuck.” She tells him with tears in her eyes. Rick walks over to his sister and tells her that he knows she will get through it all. He reminds her that she has Robbie to think about as well. Michelle seems determined to leave, and explains that she and Danny will work things out. She realizes that it’s not the best scenario, but that they will make it go as smoothly as possible. She quickly points out that being miserable in Springfield won’t be good for her son either.

Rick gets quiet as he realizes that his sister is set on the idea. “When do you leave?” He asks and looks saddened when she let him know that it will be as soon as possible.

Olivia slams her portfolio shut, and walks away from her husband. Bill begins to talk about why his wife is so upset. “She’s miffed because I forgot to take her to the airport.” Bill mentions. Olivia is furious and mentions that Buzz of all people had to take her to the airport. Bill apologizes and mentions that he called numerous times to explain what happened. It doesn’t help, because Olivia is still as furious as ever. Bill jokes around about Buzz being a ‘bird dog’ which makes Olivia madder. She wasn’t to know what is more important than her, and he explains that he was merely spending time with Michelle at the hospital when he was supposed to be picking her up.

Marina happens to walk by just in time to hear Bill mention how great Olivia was when Michelle needed a place to live when she first came to town. She listens in as Bill tries to make it up to Olivia. She begins to soften up, and tells her husband that she has to get to work.

Harley comes up to Marina and asks how things are going with the new job. She specifically asks how thing with Mallet are going. Marina assures her aunt that things are fine and then turns around to ask Bill a couple of questions. Bill, on the other hand, seems to have disappeared and only Olivia remains. Marina runs off to find him, leaving her aunt and Olivia alone in the same room.

Harley approaches Olivia, and has the business section in her hand. Olivia offers to listen to Harley and invites her to sit down. She explains that she was offered a job as CEO of Spaulding and wanted her input. Olivia begins laughing hysterically and won’t stop. Harley looks even more frustrated.

In the hallway of the Beacon, Marina makes a ‘to do’ list to help her with her investigation. She wants to talk to Michelle’s friends to see if anyone knows anything as well as stay on everyone’s good side. With a determined look upon her face, Marina then takes off.

Gus sits down with Frank at Company, and mentions that he has a favor to ask. “Let me guess, you want to borrow money.” Frank replies. Gus shakes his head, letting Frank know that it’s simpler than that. “I want my badge back.” He says. Frank gets up and leaves the table without saying a word.

Marina finally tracks Bill down in the Bauer backyard and mentions that she wants to talk to him about something. Marina is unsure whether or not they should discuss Michelle here, but caves in when Bill mentions that she is no where to be found.

Marina immediately delves into the meat of the subject and asks if Michelle stayed with him and Olivia when she first came to Springfield. He tells her that she’s right, and wonders what is up. She continues to prod Bill, wondering where else she stayed in town when Michelle comes around. She strolls up to Marina and tells her that if she has questions that she should come to her, and not go behind her back.

Olivia continues to think that Harley is joking until she shows her the newspaper. She’s a bit rude and comments that Harley is more than under qualified for the job. Harley, it seems has had enough backlash for the day and decides to leave. Olivia stops her, and agrees to give her some advice.

She warns Harley that being CEO is harder than anyone can imagine and that she will never see her family. The big difference between the two of them, she points out, is that she wanted the job and that’s why she made it work. Harley sarcastically thanks Olivia for the help, and leaves. Ava comes back to find an angry Olivia has crumpled up Harley’s paper. “You know what happens when a shark stops swimming? She drowns.” Olivia says just as Harley returns to reclaim her beloved newspaper.

Gus is perturbed by the fact that Frank hasn’t said anything yet, and begins to ramble. He mentions that if he is given another shot that he will be the best cop on the force. He explains that being a police officer is in his blood and begs his brother in law to say yes. Frank remains silent until Mallet walks in. He shows Frank a report on a class he has just taught, which seems to impress the chief. Gus and Mallet exchange a few rude remarks until Frank claims to have just though of something.

Turning to Gus, Frank tells him that he can return to the police force under one condition. Gus seems excited until Frank tells him that his new partner will be none other than Mallet. Frank then gets up, leaving the two men looking stunned.

Harley arrives in Alan’s hospital room, and he immediately thinks that she is going to gloat about ‘stealing’ his company from him. She reminds him that as of yet she hasn’t even accepted the position. Harley then gets serious. “If I take this job, does the war start all over again? Are you going to come after my family, guns blazing?” She asks. Alan surprises her, and informs her that he wants her to be the new CEO. “I can’t think of anyone else who deserves it more than you.” He tells her with a mischievous look on his face.

Marina tells Michelle that she didn’t mean to go behind her back. Michelle doesn’t accept that and demands to know why she was asking Bill questions about her. “It was for a good reason.” Marina maintains. Seeing the tension between the two of them, Bill opts to leave and says goodbye to Michelle. She stops him and informs him of her decision to leave town. He asks how long she will be gone for and is shocked when Michelle tells him that she’s not planning on returning. He immediately wonders if it is what she truly wants. She assures him that it is.

Bill’s phone rings and Olivia is on the other end. He reports back to Marina and Michelle that he’s apparently back in the dog house and has to get going. “I’m not going to let you go without a fight though.” He tells Michelle before exiting.

Michelle then turns her attention back to Marina, who is concerned as to Michelle’s reasons for leaving as well. “I need a fresh start.” Michelle confesses and lets Marina know that she doesn’t have to pretend to be upset about it. She then goes on to mention that things will be easier for her and Danny with his ex-wife gone.

Marina wonders how Michelle can leave town with so many questions remaining left to be answered. Michelle looks confused, and Marina reminds her that she had concerns about both the accident and the baby. She shrugs it off and claims that those questions were only in her head. “Everyone seems to be pretty sure about what happened that night.” She tells Marina. Shaking her head, Marina informs Michelle that she too has doubts the night of the accident.

Mallet can’t believe that Frank wants him to partner with Gus of all people. Frank smiles and claims that the two men seem to compliment one another. He then warns them that if they both want to keep their respective jobs that they have to work things out.

Harley can’t believe what she is hearing and claims that perhaps Alan has lost if after all. Smiling Alan tells her that he wants to see her fail as that would be proper revenge for Phillip. “I’m stronger than Phillip was. I’m stronger than you are. I will survive.” She tells him. Spitefully, he tells her that she might survive but his marriage won’t. She leaves after telling him that she and Gus have survived much worse.

Olivia is ranting to Ava, wondering what the board members were thinking when they elected Harley as the new CEO. Her assistant mentions that perhaps Olivia should be the one running the company, and claims that while she was president that she did extremely well. Ava continues to compliment her until a guest interrupts them. He mentions that his toilet in his room has overflowed.

Marina reminds Michelle that there are two differing stories about what happened the night of the accident, what she remembers and the police report. Michelle seems annoyed at everything and mentions that everything she thought was happening was all in her mind. She urges Marina to let it all go. “Someone had to make that phone call to 911.” Marina tells her, and then begs her to go over what happened one more time. She mentions that it might help Michelle. “No.” She yells at Marina, “Let it go.”

Marina can’t believe that Michelle no longer wants to know the truth. Michelle wonders why Marina is doing this to her. She claims that Marina is looking for a mystery that isn’t there. Marina begs Michelle to talk to her, if only for the sake of Danny. “Why? So he can know how good and selfless you are?” Michelle says as she gets angrier and throws a bat. She begins to lose it and cry, telling Marina that she was the stupid one who was driving and then left her child in the car. Marina tries to comfort her, and mentions that she only wants to help. Michelle continues crying, wishing that she were the one who died in the accident.

Gus continues to protest the partnership, claiming that they are too different. Mallet agrees, and mentions that he doesn’t like the way Gus handles things. The two begin to talk about why they can’t work together and somehow end up agreeing to try things out, on a temporary basis. Their plan is to be partners, and then later split up when the chief isn’t looking.

Frank comes back inside and seems surprised that they both come to an understanding. He welcomes them both back to the police department with a handshake.

Rick visits with Alan, wondering if he was the one who set it up so that Harley was voted in as Spaulding CEO. “Harley is the last person I want seated in that chair.” Alan replies. Rick looks mad, and warns Alan that he had better leave Harley alone. Alan mentions that perhaps Rich should be more worried about his son getting hurt than Harley.

Harley is sitting outside of Company when Zach comes up to his mother. He yells about hating another kid at school for calling his father ‘crazy’ and his grandfather a ‘killer.’ “I hat being a Spaulding.” He tells him mother.

Marina makes it known that she doesn’t want to hurt Michelle anymore than she already is. She mentions that perhaps Michelle should get her questions answered before leaving town, so that she can get some peace of mind. Reluctantly Michelle agrees to answer her questions, and Marina heads to town. She wants to know where Michelle stayed when she first came to town. Michelle mentions that she stayed with Bill and Olivia. She goes on to admit that she wanted to tell Danny she was pregnant, but that she didn’t after seeing how close he was with Marina. She confesses that she still wants her ex-husband back, and that he was her reason for returning to town. Marina looks shocked.

Harley sits down with Zach and reminds him that although his classmate was rude, that it’s not ok to hit people. She lets him know that he will have to apologize, and then mentions all the great people in his family. Harley reminds him that when people say mean things about your family that it is best just not to listen. She then sends him inside to talk to Frank as Gus comes outside.

Gus comes outside and sits with his wife. He shows her his badge and tells her that Frank reinstated him and already partnered him up with Mallet. She can’t believe it and looks shocked. She remains optimistic, and mentions that perhaps they will work well together. Gus then wonders if she made any decisions as far as her potential job goes. She admits that she talked to both Alan and Olivia, and that they thought she would be a fool for taking the job. Smiling, she tells him that she wasn’t to be a fool then because she’s going to take it. “I want Zach to be proud of his name, and where he comes from.” She tells him.

Harley admits that it won’t be easy and that their schedules will most likely collide, but that she wants to try it. Gus lets her know that he will be there for her no matter what and the two kiss one another.

Rick gets mad thinking that Alan has just threatened Jude. He scoffs at the idea, and merely reminds Rick of how little Harley will be able to see her son. Rick knows what is going on and warns Alan not to sabotage Harley. “What could I possibly do to Harley that she can’t do to herself?” Alan wonders.

At Outskirts, Olivia vents to Bill about Harley’s new job. She still can’t believe the way the vote turned out. She confesses to him that she wants a new work related challenge. He smiles, and encourages her to take it. She seems glad that he’s said that and mentions that he wants to be part of Lewis Construction. Bill’s face drops.

Michelle mentions that Danny is the reason she has to leave. She can no longer stay around and watch him be happy with someone else. She then tells Marina she needs to finish packing, before leaving she tells Marina that the one thing she should do is to make Danny happy. Michelle heads inside, and Marina vows to get to the truth and storms off.

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